10 Best Window Vacuum Cleaner [ 2021 Updated ]

Cleaning the windows and making them look good is not easy unless you equip yourself with products that help you and facilitate this task. For this, we can rely on modern glass cleaner vacuum cleaners, which not only clean but also allow us to have tools so that the excess water does not leave marks or tarnish that cleaning.

This is what we achieved with the Vileda Windomatic Set model, the user’s favorite. This is the best window vacuum cleaner that includes the sprayer and a mop vacuum cleaner with which it is easy to leave the glass clean in a single pass unless you have some experience with the system. This is the same approach of the Kärcher WV 5 Plus model, which offers a vacuum system 28 centimeters wide with a high-quality mop, made of microfiber with which you will leave your windows clean is a matter of minutes.


10 Best Window Vacuum Cleaner [ 2021 Updated ]

The cleaning of the crystals is a laborious task that, if not done properly, leaves a result not as pleasant as it could be. To avoid these inconveniences and clean more effectively, it is interesting to resort to aids such as modern vacuum cleaners, which make this process easier. If you want to know more about these products, you just have to keep an eye on our guide to buy the best window vacuum cleaner, depending on your specific needs and preferences.


Rank#1: Vileda Windomatic Set

The choice between Vileda Windomatic glass cleaner vacuum cleaners could be a great choice to consider when purchasing a product of this type being able to offer you the comfort and ease of cleaning your home without too many inconveniences.

Main Features 


If you are interested in turning the task of cleaning certain surfaces of your home into a relaxing and even a little fun task, we recommend you consider buying a glass cleaner such as the Vileda Windomatic Set.

This model has special rubber lips for water and also has a flexible neck that automatically adjusts to the correct angle. This will allow you to reach more complicated places in your windows. On the other hand, it also has an extraordinary water tank very easy to disassemble and in turn rinse, which you can do with running water and even place it in the dishwasher.

Regarding its physical appearance, this magnificent glass cleaner vacuum cleaner has a beautiful and innovative design that you can find available in red. It is made with a quality material that makes it resistant and long-lasting, thus preventing it from being damaged too easily, which allows you to use it with confidence.


When carrying out household cleaning tasks, it is very important to take into account the ergonomics and type of utility offered by the different tools on the market. In this way, you can buy products that are practical and useful so that you can take advantage of your money invested.

Therefore, we consider it relevant that you know the surfaces on which a window cleaner such as the Vileda Windomatic can perform. This model is capable of cleaning glass, tiles and other flat surfaces such as the windows of your car.

Also, this wonderful glass cleaner vacuum cleaner is designed to clean and vacuum liquids that are spilled on your floor or glass table with great ease since it is capable of adsorbing water as well as some dirt so you can turn it on for more than cleaning windows or mirrors and in this way, get more out of the product.

Weight and measurements

It is always important to consider the comfort with which you can perform performing the various tasks of your home and that is why you should take into account the weight that the object with which you are willing to work could have, as well as knowing the dimensions so that in this way you know if it is within your reach to manipulate it and find a place to rest after being used.

The Vileda Windomatic window cleaner is designed so that you can do household chores in an ergonomically special way since you should not make much effort to hold it and move it from one side to another.

This, due to the fact that it has a weight of just 640 grams so that its buyers have considered it as fairly light equipment that does not require high levels of effort for handling. In addition, it has dimensions of 17.5 x 12 x 32 centimeters that categorize it as a compact type tool.



  • This product offers you one of the highest levels of cleaning either by cleaning your windows, glass tables and all kinds of accessories such as mirrors and sliding doors very easily and quickly so you can finish quickly.


  • You should keep in mind that this model works with batteries, specifically, it uses a Lithium battery that gives it a 40-minute autonomy, so it is recommended for domestic use.

Rank#2: Karcher WV5 Premium 2nd Generation Window Vacuum Cleaner

 Since 1935 Kärcher , a leading German cleaning technology company has stood out with high-quality equipment and ingenious solutions, so it is not surprising that its products are an example of the best window vacuum cleaner.

The WV 5 Plus is the best quality window cleaner of our selection because it offers you an optimal cleaning of all types of smooth surfaces such as windows, glass, tiles or mirrors, with incredible ease and great comfort.

It works with lithium battery, rechargeable in 210 min, with the autonomy of 35 min for a performance of 105 m 2 per charge. The spray bottle with microfiber cloth allows you to impregnate the surface with detergent and scrub the dirt you may have, and the vacuum nozzle (width 28 cm) sucks dirty water directly into the tank (100 ml capacity) to prevent dripping, leaving windows and perfectly clean crystals, without spots and without scratches.

So, if you are interested in this model, considered the best glass cleaner of the moment, check out its features:




It has a weight of only 700 grams, so it is light and easy to move from one place to another while cleaning your home. In addition, it has measures of 12.5 x 28 x 32.5 centimeters, which makes it very compact equipment, facilitating its storage at home.


It includes a spray bottle along with a cloth designed with microfibers for a prior cleaning of your windows before using the vacuum cleaner. If desired, you can purchase a spare battery to continue cleaning without interruption.


Despite being a glass vacuum, it should be mentioned that it can be used for any smooth surface, be it windows, glass, mirrors, tiles or other wet spaces, as long as they are smooth.


It has a rechargeable lithium battery that is capable of working for up to 35 minutes after a 210-minute charge. The best of all is that it is completely removable, so you can place a spare and you should not interrupt your duties in case you run out of battery during cleaning.


This model has a storage capacity of up to 100 milliliters, being able to empty the tank without dirtying your hands with a simple system.


Some users comment that for 100% efficiency it is important to familiarize yourself with the vacuum and use it in the correct way, otherwise, it may leave a residue.


Rank#3: Leifheit 51114

 If you still don’t decide which is the best window cleaner, the Leifheit 51114 is another option you can consider. This electric glass cleaner is suitable for flat areas such as mirrors, shower tiles or walls, plasticized doors or surfaces, or even for tall windows, skylights, and greenhouses because it has an adaptable 43 cm auxiliary extension tube with exclusive system click

It has an automatic standby function, which allows the suction system to turn on only while the nozzle is in contact with the surface, thus saving energy for a longer runtime.

The tank is emptied and easily rinsed through a side rubber stopper. It weighs 1.3 Kg, so it can be tiring when cleaning very large areas. It includes a battery charger.

If you are looking to buy the best window vacuum cleaner  for 50 euros, then this Leifheit model could be the equipment you need:




This glass cleaner includes an extension stick with a length of 43 centimeters in length, being a very good option when cleaning windows or smooth surfaces that are located in high areas of your home, such as skylights, mirrors or tiles.


It has an energy-saving system, which allows it to only begin to aspirate once the rubber lips have touched the surface to be cleaned, so you can take full advantage of the 30 minutes of battery it has.


This vacuum has the built-in battery, which means you can take it in your car to clean your windows even when away from home, especially considering that it weighs less than a kilogram and that you can recharge it later with the included charger.




Users have let us know that this model may have problems with the retention of the liquid since if it is placed upside down or tilted too much, the water could leak and the equipment drip.


With measures of 28.5 x 10.5 x 47.5 centimeters, some Internet users consider it a bit bulky.


Rank#4: Leifheit Window Vacuum Cleaner

 One of the best cheap glass cleaner vacuum cleaners is the Leifheit Window Vacuum Cleaner model of the German brand Leifheit .

This electric window cleaner/vacuum cleaner is also useful for various household cleaning tasks such as removing steam from bathroom mirrors and shower walls, cleaning car windows or kitchen tiles, and even vacuuming spilled liquids, since it is capable of sucking dirt and water at the same time, without leaving any trace on the surface, towards its integrated tank, which is removable and easily washable, with 100 ml capacity.

As a special feature, this model has a flexible automatic adjustment head to offer you comfort in cleaning, especially at the corners and edges. Each time the battery is recharged, it offers a yield of up to 60 m² of dry surface, in a single pass.




This vacuum has rubber lips that are a good option to suck the water and if that were not enough, it is designed with a flexible neck suitable for reaching more complicated angles where a stiff neck would not be useful, thus facilitating cleaning.


It is capable of sucking water from glass, tiles, tiles, car windows and other flat surfaces, without dripping or dripping. On the other hand, the water tank, like the previous model, supports up to 100 milliliters of water, and can even extract its tank and clean it in the dishwasher.


With measures of 17.5 x 12 x 32 centimeters and a weight of 640 grams it is a compact, lightweight and easily transportable model, so taking it from one side to another will not be a problem.




The tank can be somewhat annoying when cleaning certain areas since turning it horizontally can spill water from the tank.


Several users comment that it leaves marks on the sides when it passes through glass and it requires that it be reviewed with a mop several times or else it will be stained.


Rank#5: Karcher WV 1 Plus Window Vacuum

The Kärcher WV 2 Plus is a compact and easy-to-use glass cleaner vacuum cleaner, which provides quick cleaning of windows, stained glass, and other smooth surfaces.

Main Features 

Size and weight

The Kärcher WV 2 Plus glass cleaner vacuum cleaner is a compact device of small dimensions and lightweight, with 12 cm long, 28 cm wide, 32 cm high and 600 gr in weight, which make it easily manageable for cleaning crystals with greater comfort. In addition to being lightweight, it is a silent device, with a maximum noise level of 50 dB, so you can also use it with total comfort.

The WV 2 Plus also has an ergonomic design, an easy-to-grip handle, and works with a battery to clean all types of wet and smooth surfaces such as windows, doors, mirrors, tiles, glass tables and walls or screens. shower, which is also done in a very hygienic way, because at no time is it in direct contact with dirty water.

Autonomy and capacity

This glass cleaner vacuum cleaner, in comparison to the traditional method, offers a much simpler cleaning, since it efficiently aspirates the dirty water that remains after the glass is cleaned, without drops falling to the floor and with a minimum trace of marks, thanks to the fact that It has a double rubber lip on the mouthpiece. And, since it has a light design and works with batteries, its use is more enjoyable.

The battery needs a maximum charging time of 140 min and provides 25 min of use per full charge, which approximately provides a performance of 75 m 2 , equivalent on average to 25 windows. The vacuum nozzle has a useful width of 28 cm and the dirty water reservoir has a capacity of 100 ml to complement the speed and autonomy of work. In any case, the dirty water tank can be easily and quickly vacated, when necessary.

Other features

The Kärcher WV 2 Plus apart from the vacuum cleaner, comes with a spray bottle, a microfiber mop and a dose of concentrated detergent, as well as includes the battery and its charger, and the instruction manual with the characteristics of the device.

The spray bottle allows you to spray the detergent, previously diluted in water, and also remove dirt from the glass through the microfiber cloth that fits the head. The microfiber sponge has abrasive fibers, which give off dirt, even the most glued, and also has soft fibers, which collect the detached dirt in an unbeatable way. The detergent helps remove stubborn dirt such as grease adhesions or insects.

The vacuum cleaner also has an LED indicator, integrated into the on / off switch, which lights to warn when the battery has to be charged.



  • The greatest advantage of this device is the versatility of use, which helps to clean, in addition to glass, all types of smooth surfaces.


  • Many users agree that this glass cleaner vacuum cleaner leaves watermarks, although they agree that it makes cleaning much easier.

How to use a glass cleaner vacuum cleaner

A practical way to keep the windows of your home or office clean is with the help of a glass cleaner vacuum cleaner, a device that will facilitate the work without having to scrub, clean, or collect cleaning utensils from one window to another, as It is an appliance that cleans and dries crystals through a microfiber scraper connected to a vacuum cleaner, which is usually autonomous, using its own battery. That is why we are going to give you some recommendations on how you can efficiently use a glass cleaner vacuum cleaner.

Charge the battery

The first thing you should do when opening the package is to read the instructions that are included in this type of device because it will depend on the good use you can give the appliance and its durability over time. Once you have soaked how it works, you have to put the battery to charge for the first time, so it can be used wirelessly.

Said charge generally consists of keeping the equipment plugged into an outlet for a period of at least 6 hours. Once the device has been charged you can put it to work to clean windows, it is recommended to disconnect it from the mains before performing any cleaning task.

Wash the microfiber cloth

Before starting the cleaning process, it is necessary to clean the microfiber cloth beforehand, in order to avoid damage to the surface that you want to clean by using these dirty clothes. In this sense, it is advisable to check the cloths before using it, you should even wash the cloth before the first use to achieve a good water distribution and optimal cleaning results.

To do this, you must remove the cloth from its packaging and wash it with a mild soap, without softeners or bleach, place it in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 60ºC and then let it dry, although it is possible to dry these microfiber cloths in a dryer.

Place the microfiber cloth

Once the microfiber cloth is clean and dry, you have to place it with the cleaning side on the tray, so that it coincides with the edges of the tray, placing the glass cleaner vacuum cleaner on the cloth and you must hold the back against the back of the tray

Next, you must tilt the glass cleaner forward until the vacuum nozzle is in the tray cavity. Next, the vacuum cleaner must be lifted and check that the microfiber cloth is ready for use and placed firmly. Keep in mind that the suction nozzle should not be obstructed by the microfiber cloth because if it is placed incorrectly the nozzle may be damaged and stop working.

Another thing you should do before turning on the equipment has to do with filling the water tank, for which you have to use clean water and concentrated glass cleaner liquid. Generally, these devices have a water tank that can be removed simply by pressing a button quickly and easily.

Turn on the appliance

Once the previous procedure is finished, it is then necessary to press the on/off button to start the glass cleaner vacuum cleaner, you will see that the function indicator lights up according to the state of charge of the battery.

Then, you have to pass a damp cloth with detergent to the glass surface to be cleaned and once it is rinsed, you apply the glass cleaner vacuum to suck up the excess of dirty water, after a few passes you will see that the glass is shiny and without stretch marks or spots

Remember that because of the danger of electric shock, you cannot vacuum with this device on surfaces with water, other flammable fluids or substances, let alone immerse it in water or any liquid because you run the risk of the device exploding.


The most popular brands

The best way to choose a good glass cleaner vacuum cleaner is to carefully review the characteristics of the best models and compare them with the opinions of the users who are already using them. But there is another important point that we must take into account, we refer to the brand, so we will briefly analyze three of the best: Karcher, Vileda and Leifheit.

This family business began its operations in 1935, dedicating itself initially to industrial heating, producing years later a calcination oven to make alloys. Kärcher is currently one of the leading companies in the design and manufacture of efficient cleaning systems.

The success of this company is due to the legacy of Alfred Kärcher, an engineer graduated from the Technical University of Stuttgart, founder of the brand. In 1950, the cleaning equipment business began, with the creation of the first high-pressure washer that operated with hot water.

Among the Kärcher products currently available are electric and combustion engine pressure washers, water pumps, hand sweepers, vacuum cleaners, electric brooms, portable window washers, steam cleaners, and other household tools. But it also produces professional devices for the use of public and private institutions, among which we have high-pressure washers, street sweepers, steam cleaners, vacuum tanks and other products used primarily by municipal cleaning municipalities.

As for the Kärcher window cleaner, it must be said that it has very good comments on the Internet. It is lightweight, easy to use, perfectly fulfills its function and has an affordable price.

This brand is an essential part of Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions (FHCS), a company with a wide range of mechanical cleaning devices. For more than 60 years FHCS has remained in the market, providing confidence to many users, who highly recommend their products.

Several independent institutions have awarded prizes and certificates to Vileda products, for maintaining the highest quality standards in the design and manufacture of cleaning solutions. One of the concerns of Vileda developers is to build products that have a stable and long-lasting operation. Innovation is one of the fundamental values of this brand, as well as the optimization of its existing products.

FHCS has its own quality control laboratory where the products undergo very rigorous tests of operation and resistance under different conditions. Vileda glass cleaner vacuum cleaners have quality, modern design, durability and value for money that should be taken into account if we are comparing brands and models.

Germany is one of the countries that have more experience in manufacturing cleaning machinery. Leifheit is an example of this, the company has almost 60 years in the market and is currently one of the leading suppliers of household cleaning products in Europe.

One of the main objectives in Leifheit is to create products that can make people’s lives easier, so it manufactures innovative and high-quality products that really benefit the user.

Currently, this company has around 1000 employees, and its products reach more than 80 countries worldwide, with 15 branches and branches. Its main production plants are located in Germany, France, and the Czech Republic.

The electric window cleaner Leifheit has a very good score on the Internet thanks to the positive comments of many users. It is wireless and works with battery, which allows total mobility and one of its special features is that it has a handle or long handle that allows access to tall windows.


Shopping guide

Cleaning system

If there is an element that makes the difference in any comparison of glass cleaner vacuum cleaners, it is the cleaning method they use. And, although all these models share the approach of a system of aspiration of the spilled liquid, it is possible to find some variations that make the work more effective.

In practically all the models that we find in the market, we have a system of rubber lips that are in charge of moving and directing the liquid inwards, making its aspiration easier.

These lips should have a good quality to avoid problems of premature deterioration or water leaks during the process. They must also be orientable, to make it easier to absorb water or cleaner in those more complicated areas of your windows.

This base system can be improved in those models that incorporate a cleaning element. This element is nothing more than a suede, usually made of microfiber, which makes it easy to move and distribute water effectively in a prewash process, which is then finished off with the absorption of the liquid. It is a good alternative that does not mean an increase in how much the product costs and instead improves the results of such cleaning.

Product Autonomy

Since we do not all have the same need for use and cleaning at home or in our business, the autonomy of the glass cleaner vacuum cleaner is another element that we should value in our search for the most appropriate product. An autonomy in which we have to talk about both the battery power and the capacity of the tank for the liquid.

Starting with the battery, its capacity is measured in minutes of use, so that each product can work for a certain time without recharging.

As a base, it is advisable to adjust the process to the number of windows to be cleaned, being recommended models that start from about 20 or 30 minutes at least. The larger capacity models can reach an hour of operation, which allows cleaning a good amount of windows with a single load.

The other element that we must assess is the capacity of the tank, which is also related to the battery. This capacity starts from about 0.1 liters in the compact and economical models to about 0.25 liters or more offered by the products of greater capacity. By the way, deposits that can be washed in a dishwasher are more recommended than those that are not, as they facilitate the cleaning process.

Comfort of use

As the last aspect, not least, we now look at the comfort of use offered by the product that we are selected. Something fundamental, since if the model is not comfortable to use, it is possible that the final result is not the best we can get. Above all, if this discomfort prevents us from completing the cleaning process as it should be.

To avoid this, we have already commented that the first element to consider is the ability of the product to adjust to the window, through a system of rubber lips that we can orient as it suits us.

It is also necessary to have support or handle that helps to move the vacuum cleaner efficiently during the cleaning process. Generally, these supports have ample space for this support, although it is also convenient to see that the materials give a firm grip for moving the vacuum cleaner.

To conclude, it is convenient to see what the specific weight of the product is. The lighter it is, the easier it will be to load it and move it across the surface of the windows.

However, the greater the capacity for autonomy and deposit of the product, in general, the greater the total weight of the equipment. In any case, as a reference, a model with a weight of about 600 to 700 grams enters the light products, while the heaviest ones can exceed a kilo of weight, which requires more effort to load them.

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