What Is The Best Winbot Glass Cleaner Robot Of 2020?

The advances in the world of cleaning allow us to be able to save more and more efforts and time in the maintenance of the home. This is what allows us, for example, the modern Winbot window cleaning robot with which leaving your windows as new is much simpler. So that you know the best of the Best Winbot Glass Cleaner Robot we offer you in analysis of the most important model of our Winbot window cleaner robot comparison, along with some ideas for your next purchase that will surely be very useful.

To evaluate the robot it is necessary to start knowing its operation. Generally these products simply place the robot on the glass after having sprayed the mirror with the cleaner, activate it and let it do its job. In this regard, it should be seen that the operating system is the traditional one, also having elements that guarantee adequate sliding through the mirror and that its behavior is adjusted according to the type of glass and the degree of dirtiness of the mirror.

Another issue to consider is the maintenance required by the robot. Some models include tanks in which the liquid corresponding to the cleaning is collected, being therefore necessary to empty them with a certain frequency. Other models perform the drying directly so that you save the trouble. It is also convenient to see what is the system for assembling and disassembling the cleaning cloth, so that you can easily wash it or replace it when necessary.

The last aspect to take into account is the control and feeding system of the product. On the control side, this should be simple, with a button for activation and if appropriate, an element with which to establish some additional control of the operation. As for the power, there are battery and cable models, it is advisable to choose according to your preferences, considering that the battery models can fall if it runs out and they are in action.

Ecovacs Winbot

Main Advantage:

In addition to cleaning all types of mirrors, this product can also be used in general for cleaning any type of smooth surface vertically without any problem.

Main Disadvantage:

The product has a somewhat higher noise level than other models, approximately 68 decibels, so that in its operation it can be annoying.

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

Since it includes a type of intelligent aspiration, you can also use this robot on horizontal surfaces. In addition, it has a compact size to make its use more practical in small windows.

Main Features Explained

Product operation

The Ecovacs Winbot window cleaning robot offers a very simple operation in which we will hardly have to do anything to make them perfect. The first step will be to spray the cleaning liquid that we want in the window in a good amount, and then proceed to place and activate the robot.

Once activated the intelligent system of operation of the product is responsible for reading the surface and proceed with cleaning it, using both the suede system that includes as the vacuum cleaner that is responsible for drying the glass as it is cleaned. Once you have finished cleaning you just have to stop the product and disassemble it from the window to conclude the cleaning process.

Product maintenance

Another advantage of this product is that it offers a simple cleaning system, which also does not require great efforts at the time of maintenance. Specifically, this maintenance simply requires the disassembly and cleaning of the suede included in the window washer, so that it is always clean when you go to clean your windows.

Compared to other models, the product does not require having to empty water tanks, since the cleaning itself is responsible for evacuating the liquid that is directly collected in this suede. A suede that should also be replaced with a certain frequency, as you see that it is necessary to do so, it is not difficult to find the corresponding spare parts.

Control and power system

So you don’t have to worry about learning how the product works, its activation system is really simple. To do this you have a button with which you can proceed to activate or stop the operation of the product, being stuck a few seconds to the wall, so that you have time to remove it.

As for the power supply this is done through the plug and the cable included with the product, which offers a sufficient length to move through the windows. However, if the plug is too far you just have to look for an elongate to be able to extend its range according to what you need.

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