10 Best Small Ash Vacuum Cleaner [ 2021 Updated ]

Cleaning your oven and grill can be a little easier by using useful solutions that you can buy in the market, such as buying the best small ash vacuum cleaner. This device specializes in cleaning fine ashes from chimneys, barbecues, grills, stoves, and ovens, among others.

In this type of product, it is not recommended to work on hot ash, rather it must be cold or temperate, since, although it has heat-resistant elements, as it is a fine ash vacuum cleaner, the life of the device may have been affected.

The capacity of the container must be a maximum of 18 liters since this type of device is supposed to be a tool for cleaning over not very large areas, however, according to the opinion of users, an 18-liter ash vacuum cleaner has a high performance, since to reach that amount of dirt you have to perform several cleanings for a good time.

The filter is an important element for the acquisition of an ash vacuum cleaner since it must be removable and replaceable, for when you need it. Cleaning it should be simple so that cleaning is as efficient as possible. The engine’s power is a very important aspect because it will depend greatly on the suction capacity. In small ash vacuum cleaners, a power of 1200 to 1500 W is recommended, which will allow you to have excellent suction capacity.

Knowing all these aspects, you already have enough information to acquire a small ash vacuum cleaner. We invite you to review our comparison of the product Einhell TC-AV 1200, which is emerging as one of the best small ash vacuum cleaners on the market.


Rank#1: Einhell TC-AV 1200

A compact design model that, however, has an operating power of 1,200 watts and a tank capacity of up to 18 liters.

Main Features Explained

Filter system

The Einhell TC-AV 1200 is a quality product with an efficient filtering system to perform an impeccable vacuum in your chimneys or grills to keep them clean, free of ashes.

The filtering is carried out through the extraction of the air taken through the suction hose and passes through the filter cartridge that traps the fine ashes, sending the remaining dirt to the container.

The internal part of the filter is made of durable material, but continuous use can lead to its replacement, and you can easily find it in specialized online stores. Through this filtering system, your chimney and any device that generates ash will not have the possibility of having fine dust and ashes through the replaceable filter cartridge.


This small ash vacuum cleaner is a type of wet-dry vacuum that allows dirt and germs to be trapped more easily and hygienically, preventing dust from rising to pollute the air. The aspiration is done through a 38mm diameter hose.

The device works with a power of 1200W, which provides excellent suction to leave your environments free of dust and fine ashes. In addition to fireplaces, this appliance allows you to clean barbecues, grills, and the oven, being a very versatile appliance.

The device has an ON / OFF button that allows you to turn the vacuum on and off. Once turned on, the vacuum starts the vacuum, sucking the air to clean the places of fine ash and dust. The vacuum cleaner is a device that is very easy to clean because emptying is quick and then easily washed.


This vacuum cleaner model is of good design and has excellent finishes because the container is metal and has a striking red color. The lid of the vacuum cleaner is also metallic, but it is a black color, making an interesting contrast in the product.

The suction hose is black and is reinforced with metal for better flexibility and durability, and the tip of the suction tube is aluminum. At the top, it has two quick-release metal fasteners, which allows you to open, empty, and close quickly to continue the process. The dimensions of the product are 31.6 x 32.1 x 35.1 cm and weight 3.54 kilos.

It also has a practical carrying handle and is easy to store anywhere in your home.



  • This Einhell model has a metal tank of 18 liters capacity, so you can vacuum as many ashes before emptying it again.


  • This model is only and exclusively for sucking fine ash particles since if you need a larger ash vacuum cleaner, this model is not appropriate.

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