9 Best Shower Enclosures Reviews In 2020

There are many different showers on the market. Are you afraid that it will be difficult for you to choose the best shower enclosures that are nice but also large enough? In the ranking published on this page, we describe models that have collected a lot of positive consumer reviews. An example is the square sea-horse fresh line cabin, which has double folding doors. It doesn’t take up much space, so it’s a good choice for a small bathroom. The tempered glass used for the production is 6 mm thick and there is no risk of it breaking due to impact. A lot of flattering comments have also been published about the koło geo 6 models. Despite the small dimensions, there is enough space inside to wash freely.

Comparison Table Of 9 Best Shower Enclosures

Sea-horse fresh line

  • The cabin is suitable for a small bathroom. It is equipped with a double, folding door allowing for more free space. The chrome profiles blend in nicely with the bathroom fittings, they can be easily cleaned.
  • The glass from which the door was made was not covered with a coating limiting the formation of limescale. Because of this, you should often wash the cabin, otherwise we may have a problem with removing the accumulated layer of stone.
  • The model has a square shape and its dimensions are: 90 cm x 90 cm x 195 cm. It is mounted in the corner of the room. The glass from which the cabin is made is tempered, its thickness is 6 mm. The door opens slightly, does not require the use of high force.

Geo wheel 6

  • This model is adapted for mounting in the corner of the bathroom. It has compact dimensions (80 cm x 80 cm) and does not significantly limit the free space in the bathroom. The cabin was covered with a coating limiting the formation of sediment and other impurities.
  • Doors and walls are transparent, which makes some people complain that they feel a little uncomfortable while taking a shower. According to them, the glass used for the production of the model should have a milky finish.
  • The cabin is recommended for bathrooms in homes and hotels. A shower tray should be fitted with it. The model is considered universal, and as a result it can be easily adapted to the room, regardless of the decor. The entrance width is 44 cm.

Deante funkia

  • The cabin is easy to keep clean because the toughened glass it is made of has been covered with a special coating (active cover). The doors are sliding and have a silent closing function.
  • As consumers argue, you need to spend a lot of time installing the model. It is particularly difficult to put seals on the door that is already attached, it is better to do it before installing them.
  • We don’t have to worry about splashing the floor while showering. The cabin has seals that effectively prevent this. The dimensions of the model are: 90 cm x 90 cm x 185 cm, and the thickness of the tempered glass is 5 mm. The profiles were covered with a shiny, chrome coating.

The Best Shower Enclosures In 2019

We have prepared a ranking of shower cabins so that you can choose a product that meets the expectations of the household. After all, buying a shower cubicle tailored to the needs and design of the bathroom is a challenge that is not so easy to meet. Below are models at different prices so that everyone can find something suitable for themselves.

Rank #1:Sea-Horse Fresh Line

The modern design of sea-horse fresh line has gained recognition of the most demanding buyers. A 90 x 90 cm square shower cubicle is the perfect choice for a small bathroom, where every free space counts. Fresh line is a model with double folding doors. It has been designed to save as much space as possible thanks to the wall mounting system. Transparent tempered glass 6 mm thick is safe, therefore we do not have to worry about accidental damage to the glass.

The 90 x 90 cm shower enclosure can be mounted on either the left or the right. The versatility of the product has been recognized by demanding consumers who have focused on ease of installation. The chrome colors of the profiles match every bathroom decor, and most importantly, they are very practical in cleaning. The cabin door opens easily and smoothly thanks to the technology used to attach the hinges to the glass. This is an innovative method characterized by lifting the door during opening.

Rank #2: Geo Wheel 6

The 80 x 80 cm shower enclosure is a perfect flat for a studio apartment. The dimensions of the geo 6 wheel allow it to be installed even in a small room in a small apartment. The height of 190 cm gives the possibility of free use. The model has sliding doors and shiny silver profiles that add style and extravagance.

The 80 x 80 cm shower enclosure consists of two parts. The first part consists of sides made of prismatic glass, and the second consists of 6 mm tempered glass doors. The width of the entrance to the interior of the cabin is 44 cm, which gives quite a lot of space to comfortably use it. The presented model has a door adjustment range from 775 mm to 800 mm. According to consumer reviews, it is a product worth recommending and it will work in every bathroom.

Rank #3:Deante Funkia

The half-round shower enclosure with a deante funkia shower tray will be perfect both in the private bathroom and in the hotel, where hundreds of different people use bathrooms each month. Carefully finished, with good quality material, it makes it the best solution for people who are looking for an easy solution for their bathroom. It has been carefully made of 5 mm thick tempered glass covered with an active cover coating.

Two-door, sliding shower cubicle with a shower tray with the function of silent closing is a proposal for people who like modern solutions used in everyday objects. The special design of the rollers with bumpers is an advantage of this model, which allows for many years of using the door without fear of damage. The cabin has a height of 185 cm and an arc radius of 55 cm. Its side dimensions are 90 cm. Frosted glass allows you to easily maintain cleanliness, and the chrome finish is practical to maintain.

Rank #4:Rea Madox

The rea madox shower enclosure has been made of thick glass, which guarantees safety of use. The 6 mm thick glass is coated with easy clean, which makes it easier to clean dirt. The coating ensures easy removal of dirt from the surface of the pane and prevents dirt from sticking. The manufacturer ensures that you only need to rinse the glass with water. Testing shower cubicles with this coating confirms that this is easier when cleaning the bathroom.

The model is equipped with a special silicone gasket on the bottom edge. Thanks to this method, the shower enclosure can be easily mounted directly on the floor, without having to buy a shower tray. The product has dimensions 80 cm x 100 cm x 190 cm. Available in a version with doors opening to the left or right, depending on your needs. The opening door is equipped with chrome hinges and a magnetic seal, which prevents water from leaking out of the shower cabin.

Rank #5:Cooke & Lewis Onega

The onega – cooke & lewis shower enclosure is a comfortable solution for years. Castorama shower enclosure is made of good quality materials such as aluminum, glass and abs. It has been designed to meet the requirements of consumers who decide on practical solutions in their home. A good shower enclosure has sliding doors that guarantee full privacy and, most importantly, do not allow water to get outside the shower enclosure. Simple installation and quality convinced consumers to choose this particular shower enclosure. An additional advantage of the product is an attractive price, giving everyone the opportunity to buy. Opinions about the product are positive, many people decide to buy it.

The cabin has dimensions of 90 cm x 90 cm, it is large enough to move freely inside. The height of the model is 190 cm, thanks to which we gain a lot of space above the head. The tempered glass used for the production has a thickness of 5 mm. Transparent color makes it much easier to care for the aesthetic appearance of the cabin.

Rank #6:Sanplast Kpl-L-Kp4 / Tx5b

A corner shower is a great compromise between a bathtub and a lack of space in the bathroom. The sanplast kpl-l-kp4 / tx5b half-round model has a sliding door with a roller system, which is an excellent and durable solution. The 80 x 100 cm asymmetrical shower enclosure is made of safety glass covered with a special glass protect coating. The thickness of the glass pane is 5 mm, which made it possible to attach a set of bearing rollers to slide the door.

The shower enclosure is airtight thanks to the magnetic seal that guarantees good adhesion on both sides. Chrome handles allow you to comfortably move the door, which is important because you do not have to bother with moving these elements. The cabin can be bought with the shower tray included. The model is available in two variants: right and left. It is 80 cm wide and 205.5 cm high.

Rank #7:Mexen Rio

Good and cheap mexen rio shower cubicle dimensions 70 cm x 70 cm, which gives us a lot of space saved in the bathroom. The model was designed to use every centimeter in the room. Frosted, tempered glass with a thickness of 5 mm definitely facilitates the work associated with cleaning and scrubbing dirt. The pane is covered with a special coating for greater comfort of use.

The 70 x 70 shower enclosure is suitable for mounting on a shower tray and directly on tiles. Thanks to special profiles, we can mount the cabin even when we have uneven walls. The model is sold with a shower tray made of sanitary acrylic, but you can buy the cabin itself. Cabin rankings show that this is a good quality product.

Rank #8:Duschy 5305

The duschy 5305 half-round shower cabin with hydromassage is a product of a well-known swedish manufacturer, which has enjoyed a reputation on the market for years. The model consists of four parts to limit the possibility of water leaking out of the walls as much as possible. Double-leaf doors allow free entry and exit of the cab. It is a massage and spraying equipment, which means that when we decide to buy, we gain a home spa. A pleasant massage guaranteed by 6 jets and a double shower will prevent us from stopping the bath.

The cabin has dimensions 80 cm x 80 cm. The whole consists of a shower tray and a part of the housing with the frame. Additional equipment is a mirror, electric lighting, fan and cosmetics shelf. The tempered transparent glass from which the cabin is made is safe for the user and can be easily cleaned. In the middle of the model there is a comfortable seat to be able to relax and unwind during bathing.

Rank #9: radaway eos ii dwd + 2s 120


Radaway eos ii dwd + 2s 120 is a proposal for people who like modern solutions. A freestanding shower cabin with the possibility of mounting directly on tiles can completely change the look of the bathroom. Its dimensions are: width 120 cm and height – 197 cm, it is a compromise between style and comfort of use. 6 mm thick tempered glass is covered with a special easy clean coating, which is designed to facilitate surface cleaning.

Chrome fittings and refined details have made the product appreciated by many people. Swing, swinging doors are adjustable to compensate for curvature of the walls. The manufacturer allows you to order another variant of the handle, ultra clear coating and showerguard. Opinions about shower cabins confirm that this is the model eagerly chosen by buyers. In addition, we can easily choose from many color variants.


What shower cabin should you buy?

Shopping guide

It is not always a good idea to install a bath tub in the bathroom, especially when the room size is small. Sometimes a shower cabin works much better, allowing even a reduction in water consumption. Not every model available on the market is equally spacious and easy to clean, so before buying, we should find out what distinguishes a good cabin. We’ve provided information on this subject below.


There are 3 basic types of shower cabins: corner, free-standing and wall-mounted. The one we choose depends largely on the size of the bathroom and the way it is arranged. Corner models are often found in small rooms, although they also fit in bathrooms with a lot of free space. As the name suggests, this type of cabins are mounted in the corner, using two walls for this purpose. Most often they have a semi-circular, square or triangular shape, however, in the offer of some manufacturers we will also find asymmetrical and pentagonal cabins.

Free-standing models are intended mainly for large rooms. They do not touch the walls, which can look very interesting. If you dream of a free-standing cabin, its installation must be planned already at the design stage of the installation, because it is necessary to prepare the sewage and water approach in the right place.

In turn, wall-mounted cabins are placed next to one of the bathroom walls, they require the installation of side walls. They take slightly more space than the corner ones, but they are often said to provide more comfort when taking a shower. The wall-mounted shower enclosure can be triangular, semi-circular or rectangular.



To find out what the best shower enclosure is, we should measure the space in the bathroom intended for its installation. Then we will see what its optimal width and length will be. Currently, the most popular models are 90 cm x 90 cm, but cabins with other dimensions are also available, sometimes unusual: 70 cm x 70 cm, 80 cm x 80 cm, 80 cm x 120 cm or 80 cm x 100 cm. Their height usually ranges from 175 cm to 200 cm.



The shower cabins have different shapes. Most of us have semi-circular, rectangular and square models in our bathrooms, but it is worth emphasizing that there are also some more fancy cabins on the market, e.g. Round and oval (this applies mainly to free-standing ones).


Material made

The cabin walls must be solid and thus resistant to breakage. If we want to provide ourselves and other household members with an appropriate level of security, choose a model made of tempered glass. Its thickness is several millimeters. Even if the wall accidentally breaks, we don’t have to worry about getting hurt, because the glass will break into very small and more importantly, out of focus fragments. Cheaper cabins are made of plastics, such as polystyrene. It is a material that admittedly has a high resistance to cracks, but is susceptible to other mechanical damage, such as scratches.

Regardless of what the walls or the cabin door are made of, we can decide on the finish. We can choose models transparent, matte or with small patterns, for example, drops of water.


Each of the cabin walls is placed in profiles. The most durable are aluminum ones that have an elegant chrome finish. Although this is not the most important element of shower construction, it can affect its appearance. Chrome profiles are universal, because they blend nicely with the bathroom fittings. However, lovers of original solutions will definitely like models in stronger colors, for example black.


How to open the door

The shower door can open in several different ways. We should think carefully about which model we will choose so as not to regret the purchase later. The best shower enclosure guarantees comfortable entry and exit, and its opening method has a significant impact on this. We distinguish doors:

Swinging – they open inwards as well as outwards. Interestingly, the axis of rotation of the swing door is shifted towards the center;

Swing – it opens like a normal door in a house, inwards or outwards. They are made of one or two wings;

Sliding – they slide parallel to the cabin, and this is possible thanks to special rollers and guides. This is a good solution for a very small bathroom, when there is not enough space in front of the cabin to use swing or swing doors;

Accordion – they open in a similar way to sliding doors, but are made of more elements.

It is interesting that not all showers are equipped with doors. We are talking about fight in models, which also have no shower tray. They look modern and elegant, and in addition they are a significant facilitation for the elderly moving on a wheelchair or using a roller.


Easy to clean

People who want to buy a shower cubicle often fear that it will be more difficult to clean than a bath tub. Fortunately, this is not always the case. Increasingly, the walls are covered with a special coating that prevents the formation of scale deposits, which is why it is enough to wipe them from time to time with a damp cloth or rinse with water. In addition, sometimes the door can be easily removed to reach all corners.



Although cabins without a shower tray look stylish, models equipped with this element are still popular. It is useful, among others in homes inhabited by small children, because it allows you to bathe your child quickly and comfortably. However, the shower tray must have a well-chosen depth. Usually it is about 15 cm, but you can also find much deeper models, up to 35 cm. The shower tray, just like the material for the walls or the way the door is opened, can also affect which shower to choose.


Shower cabins at good prices

The cheapest shower cabins cost about pln 500, but not all of them turn out to be durable and stylish enough. If we want to buy a model that provides a lot of free space inside and is very elegant, let’s get ready for an expense of several thousand zlotys. The choice of shower enclosure must be well thought out.




Q1: how to seal the shower enclosure?

Sealing the shower enclosure is a very simple operation that should not take more than 30 minutes. However, before we get to work, it will be necessary to visit a building store, where we will buy white silicone sanitary ware. Depending on whether you have a silicone gun in your home, it’s a good idea to reach for a juicing pack. If you do not have or cannot use a gun, you can easily buy a silicone in a tube, which you can easily squeeze without using other tools. Apply silicone to a cleaned and dry surface, gently spreading the white goo in places requiring sealing. After applying silicon, wait a few hours for it to set well.


Q2: how to clean the shower enclosure from mold?

Anyone who has had contact with the shower cabin has certainly noticed how quickly mold builds up on it. Most often it appears in places that are most exposed to constant contact with water and steam, so it is very important to regularly ventilate the bathroom. However, once mold has appeared, the best method is to buy a special mold and fungus remover. It helps to safely remove black coating and thoroughly clean moldy place. Regular use of specialized spray preparations will help minimize mold formation.

Q3: how to install a shower enclosure with a shower tray?

Mounting a shower enclosure with a shower tray may be easier than it seems. The most important thing is to start by placing the cabin next to the shower tray. Installation is best started by sliding the side wall into the bottom profile and then into the top profile. All elements are screwed together using the screws supplied. Vertical profiles are attached to the frame, which are then attached to the bathroom wall. The assembled cabin without doors can be placed on the shower tray, and then proceed to install the hinges. Remember to use a spirit level all the time, which will greatly facilitate correct installation. Finally, insert the door and seal the cabin with sanitary silicone.


Q4: how to renew a shower enclosure?

Shower users have surely wondered how to renew a dirty interior. It does not require a large financial contribution. All you have to do is go to a household chemistry store and purchase special cleaning agents for removing scale and mold. If you decide on a more comprehensive renovation, it is worth considering removing old silicone, which after years needs renovation. The store also has preparations available which, in addition to cleaning, are intended to impregnate the surface of the shower cubicle. You can try to replace all cracked plastic parts with new ones, but you should think whether it would be cheaper to mount a new cabin.


Q5: how to clean the shower cubicle from stone?

Cleaning the shower cubicle from stone is a task that requires a lot of patience. The easiest way will be to buy a special spray for removing scale from bathroom fittings. In stores and drugstores you will find a lot of products at different prices, but it is worth choosing a safe agent for the cleaned surface and our health. For removing heavy dirt from stone it is also worth choosing a steam device that will help in the fight against pollution. Water vapor is safe for health and will effectively cope with the build-up of limescale on the walls of the cabin and on the shower head.



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