7 Best Shower Curtains Uk Reviews In 2020

For people who have a big problem finding the perfect and best shower curtains uk shower curtain, we decided to make purchasing a bit easier. We have created a list in which we presented the best products. It is worth mentioning that our choice was not accidental. We did it after analyzing consumer reviews published on the internet. Based on this, we were able to deduce that the sealskin spa multi 233551303 model is the most popular. This shower curtain is distinguished by an extremely elegant design. Due to the colors used, we can easily adapt it to the interior of the room.

The most important advantages of the product include durability as well as resistance to moisture. What’s more, the above model is a great bathroom decoration, which will certainly pay attention to guests invited to the house. Second place belongs to rea brooklyn . This is an original shower curtain that will definitely appeal to people who like original accessories. The product prevents the floor from splashing and dries very quickly. The mentioned model was sewn from good quality materials; therefore it is resistant to damage and wiping.

Comparison table of best shower curtains uk of 2019

Sealskin spa multi 233551303


  • We present a model made of 100% polyester, which not only will not break, but is also water resistant. So you don’t have to worry about the veil becoming black or moldy. The product is easy to keep clean as it can be washed regularly in the washing machine.
  • Because the curtain is mounted on wheels, you should be careful when bathing so as not to break it. A firm pull of the material is enough to make the model fall.
  • Many people liked the floral design – thanks to it the bathroom becomes more colorful. In addition, the material from which the product is made is durable. What’s more, the product protects the bathroom floor from splashes.


Rea brooklyn


  • The curtain is fully waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about flooding the bathroom floor while bathing. The model is made of a textile material that is known for its high strength. The fabric dries quickly and does not fade. Full comfort during washing ensures that the curtain does not stick to the body.
  • Although this is an elegant veil, consumers complain about its dark colors. Due to the many elements in black that have been printed, the product will not look good in small and darkened rooms.
  • When buying, the consumer will receive all the necessary mounting elements. The manufacturer used plug-in fasteners that are easy to use. The curtain was made carefully, with great attention to detail. Thanks to durable materials, the product will serve you for a long time.


Sealskin pvc 212021300


  • The product has an elegant appearance, which is why it will look good in the bathroom. The curtain is made of plastic – pvc – which is spill-resistant and, what’s more, it is durable. In addition, the model is very easy to keep clean. Any dirt should be wiped with a damp sponge.
  • Unfortunately, buying the presented model, we will not receive wheels for mounting on the rod in the bathroom. Buying this item yourself not only generates additional costs, but more importantly, not every consumer knows what wheels to buy.
  • It is not only an elegant, but also a cheap model that will look good in every bathroom. The veil is durable, so you don’t have to worry about tearing or mechanical damage. The product has quite universal dimensions, so you can easily adapt it to your bathtub or shower tray.


The best shower curtains in 2019

Even if you don’t have a shower tray or shower, you can enjoy showering. Just buy a good shower curtain and hook it over the bathtub. It can also replace a classic shower cubicle. To facilitate your purchase, in this ranking we decided to present the 5 best products of this type.

Rank#1: Sealskin spa multi 233551303

Sealskin spa multi 233551303 is our number one. This best shower curtain is a product of a well-known dutch manufacturer of best shower curtains uk and bathtubs, including many other bathroom accessories. This is an excellent proposition for every bathroom, valued by consumers for quality and attractive design.

It is a model made of 100% polyester. It is characterized by high resistance to external factors. In addition, this material is very easy to care for – you can easily put it in the washing machine and wash. Its dimensions are 180 cm x 200 cm.

It is available in pink. The curtain is mounted on wheels, and these hangs on an ordinary spreader bar (these elements must be purchased). The curtain perfectly protects the bathroom from water, so you can forget about the splashed floor.

The sealskin spa multi curtain 233551303 has the dimensions: 180 cm x 200 cm. It has an elegant floral pattern.


Strength: the product was made of a durable and moisture-resistant material. The fabric does not fray and stretch.

Fashionable design: the curtain looks great and is easily matched to the bathroom decor.

Easy assembly: the above model is mounted on wheels, so putting it on does not cause any problems.

It protects the floor from splashing: hanging a product in the bathroom is a way to effectively avoid splashing the floor and having to wipe it.

Easy to clean: due to the material, the curtain can be machine washed.

Rank#2: Rea Brooklyn

A good and cheap rea brooklyn shower curtain with dimensions of 180 cm x 180 cm is another product in our combination. It is a model with a modern design that can act as a shower cubicle or bath screen.

The curtain was made of a textile material that is impermeable to water. It is also very important that it dries quickly, does not wipe and does not fade. In addition, it will not stick to the body during bathing. The set includes detachable decorative shaped hooks that facilitate installation.

The rea brooklyn shower curtain is machine washable. The product has gained great recognition due to its water resistance and other properties, as well as an attractive price.

The rea brooklyn model is distinguished by its unique design. It has a print of the famous brooklyn bridge. This good shower curtain up to 50 dollars has dimensions: 180 cm x 180 cm.


Enliven the interior: consumers argue that the product enlivens the bathroom and makes the room more stylish.

Impermeable to water: the curtain effectively protects the floor from splashing water.

Good workmanship: the production of the above model uses appropriately selected materials that do not fray and do not fade.

Quick installation: the curtain has special detachable hooks for easy installation.


Too dark colors: not all consumers like the product being in dark colors.

Rank#3: Sealskin Pvc 212021300

Sealskin pcv 212021300 is a beautiful shower curtain that is attached to the shower bar. This is a 180 cm x 200 cm model. It is made of 100% pvc plastic.

The curtain has a careful finish. This is a durable product with very good quality. It is waterproof. Opinions about sealskin shower curtains are very flattering.

Consumers agree that this is a high-quality proposal that has a really attractive design, beautifully highlights the decor of any bathroom. 

Sealskin pcv 212021300 is a shower curtain with dimensions: 178 cm x 200 cm. It is decorated with original grooves on the surface.


Interesting appearance: the product looks very interesting and has a decorative function.

Suitable dimensions: due to the size, the curtain is ideal for most shower trays and bathtubs. So it is easy to adapt it to the room.

Strength: the presented model shows high resistance to mechanical damage.

Easy to clean: if soiled, simply wipe with a damp cloth.


No wheels for mounting: the set does not include wheels that are necessary for mounting the curtain on the rod. Therefore, this element must be purchased separately, which generates an additional cost.

Rank#4: Wenko 3d disco peva

Wenko 3d disco peva is a good shower curtain made of waterproof peva plastic, which is environmentally friendly.

Perfectly protects the bathroom from splashing and provides comfort during showering. It allows you to keep the bathroom in hygienic conditions and makes it look nice. The curtain print was made in such a way that it looks very spacious – like 3d printing. The set includes 12 hanging hooks (the set does not include a rod).

Consumers in their ratings emphasize that this curtain is easy to clean – it can be put into the washing machine to ensure maximum hygiene. In addition, they highly rated not only the durability of this product, but also its attractive appearance. Curtain dimensions are: height – 200 cm and width – 180 cm.

The product wenko 3d disco peva has dimensions: 180 cm x 200 cm. This transparent model with a structure resemble a hologram.


Easy to clean: the curtain is extremely easy to clean because all you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge.

Easy assembly: as the set includes hooks for mounting, the product suspension does not last too long.

It provides comfort during bathing: installation of the curtain near the bathtub means that we can bathe in more comfortable conditions and take care of your privacy.

Water resistance: wenko brand model is resistant to moisture.


Too transparent: some consumers think the veil is too transparent and does not allow adequate shielding.

Rank#5: Rdder Fleur 473500

The fifth place went to the ridder fleur 473500 model. It is a waterproof curtain made of 100% polyester. It is available in white with a beautiful floral pattern. Product size is 180 cm x 200 cm (can be shortened).

It has reinforced holes for hanging wheels, so even if you pull the curtain, the material will not tear. The product can be washed in the washing machine without worries and even ironed at low temperature. The model we present is widely appreciated by consumers.

In their assessments, they emphasize that it is a solid proposition that is highly waterproof. In addition, it has a beautiful design, emphasizing the decor of the bathroom.

The ridder fleur 473500 product was decorated with a colorful floral motif. Its dimensions are: 180 cm x 200 cm.


It does not wet: the curtain is sewn from polyester, therefore it does not get wet and is not damaged by moisture.

Possibility of washing and ironing: in case of dirt, the product can be washed in the washing machine. If after drying it will be very creased, then we can also iron it.

The possibility of shortening: because the curtain can be shortened if necessary, it is much easier to adapt it to the bathroom.


No wheels for hanging: wheels needed to hang the presented model on the rod must be bought separately. For many consumers this is a big obstacle.

Rank#6: Sealskin 232161365

The textile curtain sealskin duchess 232161365 is another product that we want to present to you. It is a model made of 100% polyester. Importantly, this material is impermeable to water. Kotara is finished with a lead thread loading the bottom hem.

Its upper part has also been strengthened. This product has 12 eyelets to hang on a curtain rod. The size of the curtain is 180 cm x 200 cm. It is a product distinguished by modern design. Thanks to the fact that the sealskin offer includes other bathroom products, you will easily create a coherent and attractive interior.

The product is valued by consumers primarily because of its appearance, but also a great value for money.

Sealskin 232161365 is a curtain with dimensions: 180 cm x 200 cm. Its distinctive feature is interesting design reminiscent of Asian culture.


Reinforced edges: the edges of the product (upper and lower) have been reinforced with lead thread. Thanks to this, the veil looks beautiful and is resistant to fraying.

Easy hanging: at the top of this model there are 12 eyelets to hang the product on the rod.

Damage resistance: the material used to make the curtain has been impregnated, which ensures exceptional durability.


Limited machine washability: the product may only be washed at low temperatures.

Several color versions are missing: the above model is only available in one color.

RANK#7: AWD 02100852

Our ranking of best shower curtains uk closes awd02100852. This is a solid offer from awd interior. Kotara was made of polyester.

This material is highly waterproof and resistant to damage. The curtain can be washed in a washing machine without worries, thus ensuring maximum hygiene. The dimensions of this model are 180 cm x 180 cm. As emphasized by people who decided on this model, it is characterized by high quality.

In addition, it should be emphasized that this best shower curtains is available at a very attractive price. The design of the curtains has also gained great recognition from consumers, thanks to which it is a very interesting decoration of any bathroom.

The awd 02100852 shower curtain is multi-colored and has circle-shaped prints. Its dimensions are: 180 cm x 200 cm.


Interesting bathroom decoration: due to the color and design used, the product looks great in the bathroom. It performs a decorative function and makes the interior more cozy.

Keeps privacy: this model can perfectly cover the bathing person and if someone enters the room unexpectedly.


It does not match the elegant interior: some consumers have noticed that the curtain is difficult to fit into a very elegant bathroom.

The need for frequent washing: the product should be washed frequently to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria.

What Best Shower Curtains Uk Of 2019 Should I Buy?

Shopping guide

Many of us, when organizing the bathroom, are thinking about choosing the right shower curtain. In addition to fulfilling the basic task – isolating the water leak on the floor, we want it to be an interesting decorative element. Manufacturers meeting the expectations of customers come up with newer and newer models that delight with design and functionality. For this reason, buying the right product is becoming an increasingly difficult task. In this guide, we will help you decide which shower curtain to choose so that everyday bathing is a pure pleasure for you, without worrying about flooded tiles.

 Soft or hard – which shower curtain is the best?

The most general division of shower curtains is to categorize them as soft and hard.

The first are characterized by a flexible structure that we can knead, fold and adapt to your bathroom. They are quite universal because they usually fit in most showers. Too long or wide can be cut or tucked, so that consumers often decide to buy them before finishing the bathroom. In addition, they are relatively cheap, which means that you can change them often.

Buying hard shower curtains requires more preparation from us. They are usually mounted to the wall, which means that they must be properly measured. Too long or short become useless, and the open product on which the adhesive was applied will be very difficult for us to replace with a new one. Nevertheless, they are much more functional than soft curtains. They will perfectly match your bath or shower and are much easier to clean. Compared with flexible curtains, they are more expensive, but they certainly do their job with due accuracy.

 Soft curtains

There are several types of soft curtains, which differ mainly in material. The cheapest model is curtains made of polyethylene. They are quite thin, which makes them weak against strong water jets. This is the right product for people who prefer bathing and the shower is only an accessory for them. Undoubtedly, their biggest disadvantage is low resistance to dirt, which leads to the appearance of fungi. They are hard to wash, which is why they are rarely recommended by consumers. Despite this, many of them are eager to reach for polyethylene curtains, because this is the cheapest option possible. For this reason, users do not focus on cleaning the material, but exchange it for a new one.

If you care about a more durable product, consider buying a vinyl curtain. It has a much thicker structure and is more resistant to dirt. An additional advantage of this type of material is ease of cleaning. Some models can be washed even in the washing machine at a temperature of about 30 degrees celsius without spinning. Thanks to this, you can clean your bathroom comprehensively and quickly, without wasting time on manual scrubbing.

The most expensive but the most elegant and modern soft bathroom screen is made of fabric-like materials. These are special textiles whose fibers have been enriched with waterproof properties. The dense structure means that we can easily wash them in the washing machine, without fear of tearing or loss of color. This curtain model will certainly look good in any bathroom, giving it style and class.

Hard drapes

Hard curtains are made primarily of two materials: plastic and special tempered glass. It’s no secret that the basic difference between both models is price.

Plastic has been beating consumers’ hearts for a long time. It is light, nice and cheap, which is why it fits perfectly with every type of bathroom. Plastic screens are relatively light, which means that their installation does not require professional knowledge or specialized equipment. Certainly, most of us alone could glue individual walls to tiles, without the risk of the curtain falling off and hurting us. In addition, we will find various patterns and colors of this type of curtains on the market, thanks to which we can easily choose a design that will perfectly complement the decor chosen by us. Nevertheless, remember that plastic finishes are quite delicate – they are easy to break, scratch or damage.

A slightly more elegant alternative to plastic is glass. Curtains of this type are much more durable and comfortable to use. In addition, modern technology has improved the material to such an extent that it is resistant to moisture, dirt and even evaporation. This is because the surface is covered with a special coating that does not attach to water molecules. In addition, manufacturers temper all glass components to make them more resistant to scratches or breakage. Of course, if used improperly, the material will be damaged, but much more strength is needed.

 Design – the best shower curtain

Undoubtedly, its construction is quite an important feature of the shower curtain. Nowadays, there are many models on the market that differ from each other in the way they are extended. This is a fairly important factor that should be adapted primarily to the size of the bathroom.

The simplest variant is  soft curtain that is suitable for any type of room. It doesn’t take up much space and we can hang it virtually anywhere. Sometimes it curls up like a blind, which further optimizes the occupied surface. A sliding screen is another classic solution. Like a soft curtain, it will fit in both narrow and very wide bathrooms. Nevertheless, if you want a more effective solution, think about buying a harmonica-shaped screen. This type requires a little more space, but properly shaped will also fit in a small room. Another, very fashionable option recently is screens with doors. They are equipped with two wings usually opening outside the bathtub. It is a luxury solution,


Each type of shower curtain has a different attachment. Some are more complicated, others less, but all require minimal interference in the wall structure.

The simplest solution is to install an elongated plastic or metal tube in the recess where the bath is located. In this way, simply glue both ends to the wall, and then hang the curtain.

Plastic and glass curtains are much more complicated to install. They have a kind of skeleton, which is the most important element of the whole structure. It usually consists of several guides, which are the basis for individual screen elements. Inadequately i.e. Uneven and poorly bolted sides can lead to serious consequences. While the plastic is quite light and we can easily stick it to the wall, glass requires much more specialized knowledge. Because of the weight, many specialists recommend screwing the construction to the wall, because the adhesive alone is not sufficient.

Shower screens at low prices

Shower screens can be both very cheap and very expensive decorative element of our bathroom. You can buy the simplest curtain for 5 dollars. It is a thin foil, which is suitable for several uses. Materials with a slightly more durable structure cost min.  40 dollars .however, if you care about a decent screen that will be a purchase for years, be prepared for an expense of 200 to 500 dollars.

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