The Best Sandwich Makers In The World -Reviews In 2020

Choosing the best sandwich makers in the world to prepare this fast food efficiently implies taking into account certain factors, such as the power of the appliance, the capacity it has, the type of bread you can process in it, if it is easy to clean, if it will be resistant according to the materials with which it is made, if it is difficult or not to do the cleaning, if it allows to regulate the cooking time and if it can be compact and easy to store.

According to the inquiries we make with users and reviewing the different proposals on the market, we find that the Krups F DK4 51It is the most appropriate proposal, with ease to clean and non-stick layer, simple handling, ability to make two sandwiches at the same time with bread and comfortable storage because it is not too large. For its part, the Breville VST051X is another alternative that you can use,  since it has 750 watts of power and a traditional format so you do not have to complicate when making your sandwiches.


Comparison table

Krups F DK4 51 Sandwich maker, 850 W, Non-stick Coating / Stainless Steel, Black

It is a simple model to use, with only two buttons for turning on and off the equipment and a quality design to work without complications.

The mechanism designed to adjust the two plates is made of plastic material, which despite being resistant to temperatures, is also a bit vulnerable to any blow, and can crack easily.

Both the upper and lower plates have a non-stick coating, so the preparation of the sandwiches will not be inconvenient because they do not stick to these surfaces, also facilitating the cleaning process for the equipment.

Breville Sandwich maker VST051X with Removable Dishes, 750 W, 0 Decibels, Stainless Steel

A model that stands out among the best cheap sandwich makers, but not for that reason its quality is low, since it offers great power and ability to prepare sandwiches.

This model has a very adequate power of 750 watts that positions it in the mid-high range of this type of appliances, and can then achieve the fast and safe preparation of up to a couple of complete sandwiches in a few minutes.

As for the top cover, after an intermediate period of use, it begins to overheat, causing an incident in the skin of the person who rubs it.

Taurus Toast & Go - Sandwich maker (700 W, non-stick surface 23 x 14.5 cm)

The dimensions provided for the plates of this equipment are set at 26.5 x 21.6 x 8.5 centimeters, which is a limitation when preparing large portions.

Due to its high versatility of use and power, this model is suitable for all kinds of preparations without complications​

The versatility of use is present in this model because it incorporates a grill type plate, so you can not only prepare rich sandwiches, but it will also be possible to make mini grills or other type of sandwiches.

What is the best sandwich makers in the world of 2019?

Having the best sandwich maker is definitely a quick option to prepare delicious sandwiches. In just a couple of minutes, you will get toasted sandwiches, being hot highlights the flavor of the ingredients so it will be the delight of young and old. Here are some of the best sandwich makers in the world of 2020:

 Krups F DK4 51

 Main Advantage:

Its interior has a non-stick coating so that the bread does not stick to the plates. In addition, after use, thanks to this coating, only a kitchen paper should be used for cleaning.

Main Disadvantage:

Some users have agreed that the closing mechanism between the upper and the lower plate is made of plastic, unlike the rest of the model, causing a sharp blow or a lot of pressure to break or break.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

This Krups F DK4 51 has everything you need to prepare two sandwiches without problems, also having an on / off switch for a better experience.

Main Features Explained


One of the most outstanding aspects of this sandwich maker is its design and that being made in black color in total, it will combine with any style you have at home, and may even go unnoticed on some occasions.

This model has measures of 31.6 x 15.5 x 29.5 centimeters, thanks to which even the slices of the bread fit properly, according to the users, so regardless of the type of bread you use, this sandwich maker He will roast them for you. Likewise, the device can be protected both horizontally and vertically, all because of the innovative style that allows it to stand up by means of its frontal design, whose handle and lower support serve as one foot.

On the other hand, in its design, you will find a handle through which you can lower the top plate or transport the sandwich maker for safekeeping or use.


A point pleasantly received by the users who acquired this sandwich maker is its non-stick coating thanks to which the sandwiches that you introduce into the equipment will not stick to the plates of the same.

This coating is present in both plates and, according to the users, even after a period of use, works like the first day. This coating not only allows the bread or other ingredients not to adhere to the equipment but also greatly facilitates the cleaning of the equipment, given that with only a kitchen paper the sandwich maker will look new.

However, if a deeper cleaning is desired, after turning off the equipment and cooling it, you can pass a soft, damp cloth through the plates to remove any remaining oil or grease. It is because of this non-stick coating that this sandwich maker has gained recognition among users.


A very important aspect of this type of equipment is the security they are able to provide, this being the reason why Krups has decided to include an on / off switch in this model. Many sandwich makers must be disconnected from the power to turn them off, being able to wear the plug or the cable and causing accidents.

In this case, just by pressing the switch, the device will shut down without disconnecting the device. Likewise, for those who prefer to keep the cable out of the reach of liquids or where they can deteriorate easily, this sandwich maker includes a space to keep it safe and keep it safe at all times.

As if that were not enough, its handle, or handle, stays cold at all times so you can open and close the sandwich maker without the temperature affecting you.

   Breville VST051X

 The main advantage offered by this sandwich maker is that it has removable plates so you can clean them directly in the dishwasher or directly under the tap. Everyone who has had to clean a sandwich maker will know that this feature of removable dishes is undoubtedly the best thing you can have.

Its storage is facilitated because it can be stored vertically to occupy less space like the previous model, it also has room to store the cable.

It has a locking latch so that it does not open while stored vertically.

The handle of this sandwich maker does not get hot, so you can move it while it is still in operation if you require it without risk of burning. A very good option among the best cheap sandwich makers.

This Breville model is one of the cheapest sandwich makers, and then you can check its most important features:


Power: this great sandwich maker option has a working power of up to 750 watts, which makes it a powerful appliance capable of having your sandwiches ready in a short time and with an incredible flavor.

Capacity: it has a capacity to toast two complete sandwiches at the same time, which will allow you to enjoy a shared dinner in half the time and with half the effort.

Suitable for dishwashing: and best of all, the dishes for sandwiches can be unmasked and are suitable for washing dishes in the dishwasher, so you will not need to do practically anything to keep them clean and always ready to use.


Cover heating: users have expressed some dissatisfaction when experiencing that the top cover can become quite hot and this can result in accidental burns. 

Taurus Toast & Go

 With this modern design, Taurus is included in this list as a possible best sandwich maker. It’s more than a sandwich maker because Taurus introduces the Toast & Go concept that involves a mixture of sandwich maker and grill.

In it, you can prepare sandwiches but also use it as a grill to prepare other types of snacks. As its top cover is tilting, it adapts to the thickness of the sandwich/sandwich you prefer. In the background, it is approximately 16 cms, and about 20 cms wide, so you will have the possibility of making good-sized snacks.

You can also prepare hot dogs, paninis, quesadillas, etc. Finally, we would like to refer to cleaning, just by passing a damp cloth once the plates are cold, you will remove the few residues left on the plates.

If you have not decided which sandwich maker to buy, we invite you to know what the Taurus Toast & Go offers you:


Plate: the best of this model is the presence of its plate with grill design and non-stick surface that will be able to give a special touch to your meals.

Special tray: in addition, it has a special tray to collect the fats that can be left by the meats.


Size: however, due to its small size (26.5 x 21.6 x 8.5 centimeters) this sandwich maker can hardly toast two loaves at the same time.

Resistance: in addition, some users claim that the level of resistance and is very low and can break easily if the closure of the lid is forced.

Breville VST026X

 This is a different concept of the sandwich maker because, in addition to being able to use bread, you can make hot sandwiches of French bread, prepare hot dogs, paninis, etc.

This product has a high power so your sandwiches or sandwiches will be crispy. You can also prepare other types of foods such as fajitas, pita bread, even tea pastes. It has a polished steel lining and handles that do not heat up when it is in operation, which will make it easier to take out the snacks when they are to your liking. Informal dinners at your home will be a delight, everyone will want to repeat.

One of its great advantages is the adjustable hinges that allow you to put sandwiches of different thicknesses without fear of breaking the sandwich maker. Very easy to clean and store since you can place it vertically so it takes up less space.

If you are interested in acquiring the best sandwich maker for 40 euros, you should definitely know more about this Breville VST026X:


Power: this sandwich maker has a high level of power capable of reaching 2000 watts, so you can enjoy your breakfast, dinner or lunch in record time due to the quick toasting of the bread.

Capacity: another of the advantages offered by this option is its ability to toast four sandwiches or sandwiches at the same time, so you can prepare your meal and that of your guests with a single pass through the sandwich maker.


Lack of shutdown button: however, we must mention that this sandwich maker does not have a shutdown button so if you have finished using it, you can turn it off by unplugging it only.

Smooth plates: in addition, smooth plates will only serve to crush the loaves because they do not have the designs of other plates in the market.


 Tefal’s best quality sandwich maker is this model that stands out for being very compact as well as very economical. It has a locking device that on the one hand makes the sandwich better pressed when made and on the other hand it is a safety measure so that children do not open the sandwich maker in their operation.

Its steel lining on the top makes it look very elegant in the kitchen, especially if there are other stainless steel appliances. In addition, because we are sure that you will use it a lot, this sandwich maker is robust so if you take care of it you will undoubtedly have a sandwich maker for a long time.

This sandwich maker has just what it has to have to be able to enjoy very well prepared sandwiches in the shortest time possible and without the need for major complications or when preparing or cleaning.

Some think that Tefal is the best sandwich maker brand; Check your Ultracompact SM 1552 model to form your own opinion:


Lock: An excellent advantage of this sandwich maker is that it has a locking device that allows you to close the lid by force if the content is very large.

Materials: made of stainless steel, this model offers you a very good level of resistance and durability in addition to having non-stick surfaces on the heat plates.


Difficult cleaning: some users have expressed that due to the design of this sandwich maker it is a bit complicated to clean the plates and the remains of food are difficult to remove.

Size: In addition, it has been mentioned that the size offered by this model can be a bit small to locate the two complete sandwiches.

Krups F DK4 51

 If you are looking for a robust sandwich maker that does not seem about to break every time you prepare a couple of sandwiches this is the best option. In addition, it will allow you to prepare sandwiches with large bread because the slices fit perfectly.

Made in an elegant black color it is very simple to operate and clean; Thanks to its non-stick layer you will not spend hours cleaning the traces of cheese in the sandwich maker, it makes no sense to save you so much time preparing the sandwiches and then use it by cleaning the device.

By its design, you will have the facility of being able to store it vertically, taking up considerably less space.

Considered the best sandwich maker in the world of the moment, the F DK4 51 of Krups, offers you a series of advantages that will allow you to enjoy excellent sandwiches that nothing should envy to those of the stores:


Design: This sandwich maker model has a very original and modern design that is very practical to locate anywhere in the kitchen without requiring much effort because it has dimensions of 31.6 x 15.5 x 29.5 centimeters.

Coating: In addition, it has a coating of non-stick material which will prevent the sandwich loaves that you try to prepare in the appliance from sticking to any of its parts.

Safety: it also has a pair of anti-slip feet that will prevent the sandwich maker from moving to avoid accidents or burns, which could happen if on some occasions it is desired to apply pressure to further crush the sandwich.

Weight: and best of all, its low weight of just about 2.7 kilograms makes it a really light appliance that will allow its transfer and storage requiring hardly any effort and time, so you can place it where you want without much trouble.

The most popular brands


 For breakfast, for an informal dinner or to give a different touch to your meal, a good sandwich is a real pleasure. But for that, we need to have a sandwich maker that facilitates the task and allows us to give the plate the perfect point. So that you have more information to make the best decision we present three well-known brands in the sector with which any purchase becomes a success.

 The story of Taurus begins in a small town in the Spanish Pyrenees, where two entrepreneurs went ahead of the famous garage theory, but in this case with household appliances such as coffee grinders or hair dryers. Over the years this company would become the first national manufacturer of home appliances with 100% national capital.

During this time, great products such as the famous Bapi Taurus blender or Tropicano fans arise. In front of other manufacturers that had worse and ended up disappearing or being absorbed, Taurus went shopping, incorporating different companies in the sector internationally as well as opening subsidiaries in countries around the world. It is a growth that would lead to the creation of the Taurus Group to combine and facilitate management. And as an auction in 2006, the My cook line emerges, which would be a precursor to integral food processors.

In this context, it is not surprising that Taurus products, such as their sandwich makers, are on the front line of the market, with products such as their 3 in 1, which include a grill, sandwich maker and even waffle maker. Products that are made of high-quality metal that guarantees that nothing sticks and that we can get perfect results to our liking.

Within the line extensions of the Philips manufacturer, a growing and important line has to do with the small appliance. And is that although Philips began manufacturing equipment dedicated to image and sound, its technology and advances have been advanced in different directions such as lighting or medical diagnostic equipment, among others. Within the field of appliances, we find different product lines, such as the Daily Collection line, with adjusted cost products designed for daily use, among which we find sandwich makers of all kinds.

If we want a higher level product, we also find it in its Advance line, with more careful designs while maintaining the same quality line that we have proposed. In both cases, these products guarantee perfect closure, quality materials with adequate resistance and a non-stick system that facilitates cleaning. It is so easy that a child could use it, although it is obviously not a child product.

 Ufesa, less known as the union of manufacturers of household appliances SA, is a company created from the union, never better said, of different Basque manufacturers who, seeing the market situation, chose to combine their efforts by offering a wide common catalog of small appliances such as blenders, sandwich makers or toasters among others.

However, the forecast of problems by the company had not been erroneous and it is that with the arrival of the Asian competition the company’s sales suffered. The solution was to return efforts, being, in this case, Ufesa absorbed by the manufacturer Bosch, which thus added a well-known brand to its portfolio and with a broad market presence.

Many quality products have been created from Bosch’s technology transfer, both with the traditional two-piece design and with 4 cavities for large or hungry families. In any case, they are products with high power, with non-stick materials that facilitate cleaning and with which to give the perfect point to any sandwich.

How to use a sandwich maker

The preparation of the meal is one of the activities that demand more time, therefore, the sandwich maker is a great help to quickly prepare breakfast, a snack or dinner. In this article, we tell you how to use it to make your days in the kitchen easier and happier.

Read the instructions

Before you start using your sandwiches, read the instructions; there you will find out all the details related to its operation and maintenance. As simple as it may seem, do not skip this point, as this can be the big difference between low and high product performance. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and enjoy your sandwich maker.

Harness its power

Depending on the power, the sandwich maker will do its job in more or less time. Once you know the time necessary for your bread to be perfect or to your liking, do not leave them over, take them out in the right time, you will prevent them from passing, you will save energy and time.

 Pay attention to the capacity of the sandwich maker

Learn to use the capacity of your sandwich maker in your favor. If it is small, then place everything you can at one time to save time if, on the contrary, it is very large, then, if possible, use the remaining space for other foods that can be placed in it, advancing and completing the dish preparation

Pay attention to the type of bread you can toast

It is important to pay attention to the type of bread you can use, it will depend on the purchases you make and the planning of the meals you prepare in the sandwich maker. It is recommended not to buy a type of bread that cannot be prepared in the toaster, it is an unnecessary consumption of money and a waste of time.

It has a time regulator

If you have a time regulator or indicator light, be attentive to the corresponding signal, in this way the whole process is much simpler and we will not lose our concentration in the activity we do. It is advisable not to get away from the kitchen since there is a risk that we can forget that the sandwich maker is working and we are too far away to see the light or the regulator.

 Clean it after use

The maintenance of the sandwiches is important to preserve it and extend its lifetime, it is also important to maintain the necessary hygiene in the preparation of food. It is recommended to clean it after each use to always have it ready when needed.

 Locate it in an accessible place

The practicality of use will depend on the size and location, if you are one of the people who often use it, then place it in an accessible place, where you can use it without complications. If you keep it in a closet, it will be quite an odyssey to take it out and store it several times a day.

Use the right utensils to avoid accidents

Sometimes, some parts of the sandwich maker usually get too hot, so it is advisable to use gloves and wooden pallets when handling the bread in the sandwich maker or when removing it. It is not recommended to use your hands to prevent burn accidents. 

 Power and control of it

If we take a look at any comparison of sandwiches that we have on hand, we will see how power is one of the most common aspects to order them. Something that has to do with the ability to generate heat of the product and, therefore, determines both the time needed to cook your sandwich and what you will be able to do with it if it has any additional function.

In this case, the power matters and, in part, must be related to the measurements of the cooking zone. The more space, the greater the power must be in order to keep the cooking capacity in good condition. Obviously, this has a price, both in how much the sandwich maker costs and in its electricity consumption, although this is not very high either.

As a reference, the power starts from about 600 or 700 watts in the basic models up to 1,000 watts in the highest. The good news is that you can also find products with thermostat and power adjustment, which makes it easier to choose the temperature at which you want to cook. This system usually consists of either a wheel to choose the temperature or a sliding selector with which to perform the same task. It is ideal to prepare your sandwiches with the perfect point according to what you like.

Additional cooking functions

If we think of a sandwich maker, the conventional split plate model in triangular format and little else will surely come to mind. The good news is that we currently have more versatile sandwiches, thanks to elements such as the double cooking surface or the interchangeable plates with which to prepare more dishes easily.

On the side of the double surface, some sandwich makers allow the upper area to be opened completely, which by means of support is supported on the table, doubling the cooking area at the moment. These two areas are heated so that we can cook different foods on them, which may well serve us later to prepare our sandwiches.

This function is usually accompanied by the second one we have mentioned, such as interchangeable plates. In this case, the product is usually accompanied by different plates, in addition to the traditional smooth ones, which we can extract and mount on the product. These plates have a diverse design, which is used to prepare waffles or to cook thanks to a grill or grill type design. It is something that makes the cooking process more efficient so that you can make even more complete dishes without staining anything else.

Product cleaning

 The good news is, if you make a careful selection, this process will be much simpler. This aspect has to do mainly with the materials, in addition to the design of the product, as we will see below.

A good and economical sandwich maker must be made of high-quality materials, both in the cooking zone and outside. In the cooking zone, it is essential to have a quality nonstick, which prevents the food from sticking and also makes the cleaning process easier. This process is also easy in the models of removable plates, which we have mentioned before, that can even be washed directly in the dishwasher to save you more time in the process.

Another important aspect of cleaning is the product design itself. It is very important that the product does not have recesses or complicated areas to access when cleaning. Since these products should not be submerged in water, the entire process must be done manually, so these hard-to-reach areas tend to become dirt nests. The more linear and simple the design of the product, the better when it comes to leaving it unpolluted 

Frequently asked questions


Q1: When the sandwich maker was invented

The first designs of this appliance are attributed to Charles V. Champion, who developed a mixture of bread press and electric toaster before 1920, patenting his work in 1924 under the name of “Tostwich”. However, Mary A. Thomas and Bernhard M. Beskow, filed for a patent for an electric toaster, on July 11, 1919, their sketches show how a sandwich with “toasted cheese” was prepared.

Later, in March 1934, Benjamin H. Smith with Michigan Wire

Goods Company signed the patent for a “hand grill”; which was based on two plates supported by a bar. Currently, sandwich makers follow the style of the Maxi Sandwich press, which introduces the design of separate compartments in triangular portions, patented in the USA by Richard George Wheeler on May 30, 1978.

Q2: How to clean a sandwich maker

So that the cleaning work is less laborious it is important that you do it once you use your sandwich maker. To do this, the first thing you should take into account is to turn it off and let it cool a bit to avoid burns. Then, remove with a damp cloth the remains of cheese, bread or any other ingredient, in order to prevent them from sticking to the surface.

Once the appliance is very cold, using napkins or paper towels removes oil residues. If you want to do a deep cleaning, help yourself with a silicone spatula to avoid scratching the non-stick surface, which is the one that prevents the ingredients of your sandwich from sinking and finally, pass a damp cloth both inside and outside.

Q3: How to make a sandwich in a sandwich maker

Sandwiches are one of the most popular dishes worldwide, given the versatility of ingredients that you can use when preparing them, time and ease of preparation. However, when preparing a sandwich in a sandwich maker, you must take into account the quality of the products you buy, in order to avoid that the result is not quite what you expect.

Generally, they are prepared following the same trend. Use basic bread, which is recommended that you put a little butter on the outside of it, as this will allow you to get a better toast. Then, place the filling of your choice (cheese, ham, turkey, vegetables, tortillas, sauces, etc.) and finally, place everything in your sandwich maker, turn it on at a medium temperature and avoid burning.

Q4: Which is better, sandwich maker or grill?

The grill is one of the appliances that have made a place in homes, given the ease of use at any time of day and the organoleptic characteristics that our food acquires; Thanks to the pressing system, it is as if we had a grill in the comfort of our home.

On the other hand, the sandwich maker has become multipurpose equipment in our kitchen thanks to its manageability, speed, and quality. It is a product that not only has the function of toasting bread with some ingredient but, we can also prepare delicious recipes easily and quickly. You just need to adjust the time and temperature to get a healthy dish.

What is the best sandwich maker on the market?

Who are fond of sandwiches and sandwiches, we have in the sandwich maker a perfect companion to prepare all kinds of dishes. The preparation of these sandwiches is something simple, as long as that product has the quality and functions necessary for cooking. Something that will be easier for you to find thanks to the guide to buying the best sandwich maker that we present below.

Shopping guide

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