What Is The Best Samsung Air Conditioner Of 2020?

To keep your house cool during the summer, or even hot in winter if you bet on a dual model, the best Samsung air conditioner are excellent quality products with adequate energy consumption and full functionality. 

As an example, we can highlight the consumption and performance of the outstanding model of our Samsung air conditioner comparison, with excellent quality and a tight consumption for your stay. If you want to continue knowing what these models offer you, we accompany some tips to know how to choose better and make a successful investment.

In air conditioning equipment, one of the keys is the power of the equipment. This power determines the refrigeration or heating capacity of the product, so that the higher the power, the greater the capacity to cool larger rooms. However, the product must have fundamental technologies such as the Inverter system, which saves energy and saves functions with an energy rating of the product. Elements that help you save the use of this product is much more efficient and economical.

Another important element is the functions that the chosen air conditioner includes. It is increasingly common to find products that are cool and can also heat our home without taking up too much space and simplifying product installation.

All this can also be accompanied by other functions such as air ionization, which cleans it before pouring it back into the room, or the possibility of humidifying or dehumidifying to adapt the room’s conditions to what you need.

Finally, we talk about the control system. In these wall models, it is essential to have a remote control to have easy access to all product functions. Functions that go from the establishment of a specific temperature to the management or activation of each of the functions we have spoken to facilitate its use exceptionally.


Rank#1: Samsung AR5000M

A model of 3300 refrigerators and adequate performance, with which it is easier to heat rooms of small and medium-size without spending too much on energy.

Main features  


According to current models, this product has a general power of 3300 watts with which to be able to refresh and heat the room easily. A power that works using the system Inverter that is in charge of stopping the cooling when an objective temperature is reached, avoiding the continuous flow of air, and saving a good part of the product’s consumption.

The Samsung AR5000M model is classified as an A + product, which reduces energy consumption. On the heating side, the product has a nominal power of 2400 watts to heat the room, depending on what you set in the product configuration. All this with a consumption of 0.9 kilowatts on the part of the heating and 0.67 kilowatts on the part of the refrigeration, with an adjusted cost for each hour of operation of the product.


So that you can fully air-condition the room using a single product, this air conditioner has dual functionality, which on the one hand, allows you to cool the room in summer but also includes a heat pump heating function for cold winter days. It incorporates additional functions such as dehumidification of the room, which is responsible for removing excess moisture from it.

Finally, the product also has an additional element to ventilate the room easily, so when the room’s heat does not make it necessary to use the air conditioning in the room. All these functions are very easy to activate and use, as we will see below.

Control system

You can keep the different functions of the Samsung AR5000M model under control. It incorporates a control system using the remote control, which is intuitive and easy to use to keep under control all the elements and functions thereof. This remote control allows setting the target operating temperature and the different additional functions that we have already mentioned.

The product also incorporates a programming system to establish a remote shutdown to have complete control over the operation of the product. If you do not have the remote control at hand in doubt, you can always check its elegant screen, located at the bottom of the external unit.



  • Its Inverter technology allows us to achieve an equally efficient cooling but with a significant saving of electricity during use, with an A + energy rating.


  • It does not include air ionizer, despite being a high-end model, so you lose this system that cleans and improves the air’s quality expelled by the product.

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