The Best Rowenta Electric Broom- Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

Household cleaning is a primary factor in the lives of many people and an article that should not be missing among our cleaning tools are vacuum cleaners. Rowenta’s broom type may become the most recommended for ease of use and effectiveness in removing dirt. In this sense, these products provide a comfortable and novel way of cleaning different surfaces with a single device.

 Therefore, it is important to know well its fundamental characteristics, such as size, weight, and power. Currently, there are several interesting models in the market, however, we have prepared a list of the most important. The first is  Air Force, which has 3 different operating positions, gives you 55 minutes of autonomy and brings a 0.5-liter tank. The next model is the  Air Force Extreme that has a maximum of 45 minutes of autonomy and brings an ultra-thin nozzle for hard to reach places.

What are the best Rowenta brooms vacuum cleaners of 2020?

A broom vacuum cleaner is an excellent help to keep your floor clean easily. If you also choose a quality and first-level manufacturer such as Rowenta, then you will have a perfect tool to help you maintain the hygiene of your home. So that you do not have problems at the time of choosing, we offer you the details on which you have to notice to succeed with your purchase and incidentally a comparison of Rowenta broom vacuum cleaners with different models perfect for any need.

First, you should consider what is the necessary power of the Rowenta broom vacuum cleaner you want to choose. Greater power will allow you to clean more easily on hard surfaces, while if the power is higher, you can even clean carpets or rugs so that you will clean any surface easily.

Secondly, it is important to consider the capacity of the Rowenta broom vacuum cleaner you want to buy. Normally, these products have a tank without a bag that collects dirt, so you will have to look for one with a suitable tank for your home so that you can clean without having to stop emptying it.

And to complete these issues that you must take into account, we must also talk about the capacity and autonomy of the battery. The battery of these products is usually made of lithium-ion and offers you a capacity that goes from 30 to 60 minutes at normal power. As a reference, a capacity of 30 minutes of autonomy allows you to clean a house of about 100 square meters in a single pass, so keep that in mind when buying.

And so that you can choose the Rowenta broom vacuum cleaner model that most interests you, we will present three selected models that we will analyze next in our comparison.


Rank#1: Air force

 We begin by analyzing the Rowenta Air Force model, which offers a power equivalent to that of a traditional 2200 watt vacuum cleaner, but with the ease and simplicity of a handheld broom vacuum cleaner.

By its power, we can clean all types of hard floors as well as soft textile surfaces such as carpets or carpets. Thanks to its active rollers and triangular head system we can clean much more comfortably, even in those hidden corners and complex access.

To give you greater capacity, this Rowenta vacuum cleaner has a battery life of 60 minutes that allows you to give a couple of passes to that typical 100-meter house that we mentioned.

Combined with its one-liter capacity tank, you can leave your house completely unimpaired easily without having to stop or recharge or empty the tank. All these elements, combined with a weight that is now 20% less than the previous model, allow for a comfortable and easy-to-use cleaning system.


Rank#2: Air force extreme

 The second Rowenta product we have chosen is the Rowenta Air Force Extreme broom vacuum cleaner.

It shares many of the characteristics of the previous model just mentioned, such as an autonomy close to one hour or the deposit of a liter of capacity with which you can vacuum the soil quickly and easily.

The power of its 2200 watt motor allows you to clean any type of hard or soft ground and its active brushes make cleaning much easier. On the other hand, the triangular head, different from the traditional brushes of broom format, also helps you to access the most difficult corners, which also collaborates with its wide torsion capacity and its reduced weight, which barely exceeds four kilos.

Because of this reduced weight and ergonomic design, you can move it easily throughout your home. A somewhat simpler and cheaper design so that your floor can be impeccably simple.


Rank#3: Air force compact

 We close with the simplest model in the range, the Rowenta Air Force Compact broom vacuum cleaner. Its power of 2100 watts is suitable for both traditional hard floors and carpeted floors, with two speeds and specific operating modes for each of these floors.

In this case, the roller adapts to the type of floor to make everything impeccable. It has a battery capacity of about 25 minutes of autonomy while its 0.9-liter tank is enough for you to clean the entire house in one pass. 

The cyclonic system of its operation guarantees you perfect operation at all times simply by cleaning the inner tank regularly with a maintained suction. And thanks to its charging system once you use it you will have it available the next day ready to work again.

A model for smaller homes or simply for those who do not have excessive demands or too much money to invest in such a vacuum cleaner.

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