10 Best Rowenta Broom Vacuum Cleaner [ 2021 Updated ]

 If you want to clean your house easily without pulling the traditional sled vacuum, the broom vacuum cleaner is a good alternative. With this comparison, we help you know what to look for and which is the best Rowenta broom vacuum cleaner according to your needs.


What is the best Rowenta broom vacuum cleaner of 2020?

When looking for a broom vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to consider the size of your home and what type of floor you intend to clean. First of all, because the softer the floor, if it has carpet or carpet, for example, the more complex it is its cleaning. Hard floors are easier to clean and require less powerful equipment for this.

Another aspect is size. The larger the house, the more space the broom vacuum cleaner should have in its tank, and the greater the autonomy of the device, so that you can clean your house completely in one pass, without having to recharge or leave the cleaning halfway.

On the other hand, comfort is also important. It has a lot to do with the weight of the device and its design, where its capabilities are established.

The weight is fundamental because although the equipment has wheels and is supported on the ground, it is also true that the lighter, the easier it is to use and access the complex corners. Precisely the design also helps in this aspect, since if it has the necessary turning capacity, it will always be easier to access corners or under furniture and sofas than if the best broom vacuum cleaner does not have this function.

To make this comparison, we have chosen three products of the Italian manufacturer Rowenta. A manufacturer specialized in the manufacture of all kinds of first-class products for the home and especially focused on innovation in its products. If you finally choose one of them, you will have the peace of mind of having a high quality and first quality product level.


RANK#1:Rowenta Air Force Extreme

 The Rowenta Air Force Extreme is one of the most powerful models in the entire range of Rowenta broom vacuum cleaners. This model has a 2200 watts power, perfect for all types of hard or soft floors, which leaves impeccably in a very short time. For this, the team has three different speeds, which adjust the power and extend the life of your battery.

Thanks to its cyclonic aspiration system, this broom vacuum cleaner does not require a bag, so you have to empty your tank and filter regularly to keep it in perfect condition.

On the other hand, it’s diamond head system facilitates the cleaning process and especially being able to access complicated places such as corners or under furniture and sofas.

This model has an approximate autonomy of about 45 minutes and a weight of 4.5 kilos in total, although thanks to its support system, the operating weight is somewhat lighter.


RANK#2:Rowenta Air Force

 The intermediate model of the Rowenta range, which compared to the Extreme model, has an approximate power of 2200 watts equivalent in the sled model, somewhat lower than the previous one. What it does share with this vacuum cleaner broom is the diamond head design that facilitates cleaning and access to complex corners.

As a difference, we find that compared to the 45 minutes of use allowed by the Extreme model, this model extends this service life to approximately 55 minutes.

On the other hand, if it is true that the special design of this equipment is around 25% lighter than the Extreme model, which facilitates its use by being lighter in its design and approach.

The secret is in its lithium battery, lighter and stronger than the model we have raised. Beyond this approach, the rest of its characteristics are very similar.


RANK#3:Rowenta Air Force Compact

 We close our comparison of the best Rowenta broom vacuum cleaners with the Compact model, designed for those who do not have such great needs or requirements as to opt for any first-level models, nor need to spend so much on their broom vacuum cleaner.

In this case, we are talking about a 12-volt model, compared to the 24-volts of those already presented, which still incorporates a power equivalent to 2100 watts in sled format. Designed primarily for hard floors, it has two cleaning positions and total autonomy of around 25 minutes.

This autonomy is combined with a tank of 0.9 liters of capacity, which allows you, like the rest of the equipment, to clean homes of about 100 meters without problems.

Its ease of use is still remarkable thanks to its weight of 3.5 kilos, its diamond head that we have already mentioned, and the flexibility of its handle, which allows it to be moved more easily.

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