What Is The Best Rowenta 25V Broom Vacuum Cleaner Of 2020?


Keeping the floor of your home clean is simple if you equip yourself with a suitable tool. These tools include Rowenta 25v broom vacuum cleaners, which have the right power, excellent mobility and a perfect design to obtain excellent cleaning results, as shown in any comparison you review. So that you know what this product offers you, we analyze for you one of the outstanding models of the brand, along with some interesting tips to learn more about this type of products.


To talk about a broom vacuum we start talking about its power. Rowenta 25v broom vacuum cleaners are in the mid-high power range offering enough power to clean all types of floors. Even so it is important that you verify that the product finally chosen is compatible with the uses you want to give it, especially if you need a model with which to clean upholstery or soft floors.

Since these products do not carry cable, but batteries, it is also important to check that they have enough charge capacity to be able to clean your home easily. Evaluate the battery life in minutes in order to allow you to pass through your entire house with a single charge. As a reference, with 30 minutes of charging you can clean a house of approximately 60 to 75 square meters.

Finally we can not forget the mobility and comfort of use. For this, the head must be able to adjust to any area of the house, fitting and cleaning any corner and having the capacity, also, to be able to move and get under the furniture so as not to leave a single corner without cleaning. The more agile the product the less you will get tired during use.



Rowenta Air Force


Main Advantage:

Its specially designed diamond-shaped mouthpiece makes it easy for you to easily reach every corner effortlessly.


Main Disadvantage:

Compared to other models in this vacuum, the body is in one piece, so it does not include the removable handheld vacuum that we can find in other products in the sector.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

This model offers almost an hour of autonomy to powerfully vacuum all your surfaces and reach those places of difficult access thanks to the compact diamond head. In addition, it has a light weight compared to other broom vacuum cleaners.



Main features explained



To offer adequate cleaning this product has a power of 25 watts, located in the middle part of the market. As corresponds to the Rowenta 25v broom vacuum cleaners, these 25 watts in broom format offer a high suction power equivalent to the sled format of approximately 2200 watts, which allows you to effectively clean your entire floor by lifting dirt easily .

A power that remains stable thanks to its battery, which also includes three different power levels, so that the product is compatible with all types of floors, both hard and soft. In all of them the power of the product is more than enough to obtain excellent results by lifting and removing dirt easily.



Battery and charge

To offer an excellent comfort to the user, this model has a power system using high capacity Lithium batteries, which offers an approximate autonomy of about 55 minutes of operation, variable depending on the power levels used. This battery offers a very simple charging system, with a simple plug, which together with the vertical “parking” position of the product does not need bases or other elements for such charging.

The product’s charging time is approximately 8 hours, so if you leave it plugged in after cleaning you will have the product ready to continue working the next day. A battery whose high quality will allow you to have a product with adequate performance for a long time.


Easy to use

So that you can reach every corner, the Rowenta 25v broom vacuum cleaner has a diamond-shaped head, which in front of straight-type models makes it easy to get where you need it easily. Something that also helps its excellent mobility, based on the wheels that includes the product for its displacement as well as a reduced weight of just 4.5 kilos, so moving around the ground is very simple.

So you can see better the floor on which you move the vacuum cleaner has LED lighting in the area of the rollers and cleaning brushes, so that you can better see the dirt to clean it more effectively. And if to all this we add the total mobility of the head with respect to the body of the vacuum cleaner, you can easily reach any corner with hardly any effort.





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