TOP 10 Best Rowenta 24V Broom Vacuum Cleaner [2021 Reviews]

A vacuum cleaner is a necessary equipment in a well-equipped house since its use will save us hours of cleaning. The Rowenta brand offers us different efficient models that will help you with household chores. To facilitate the choice of any of these models, we have studied the characteristics and selected the best Rowenta 24V broom vacuum cleaner for you.

The first model is the Air Force Extreme RH8771, with a powerful 24V battery, cyclonic aspiration technology, 2,200 W power, ergonomic handle, and its Air Force Cyclonic Extreme system easily catches all dust particles. The second model, the Air Force RH8570It, has a normal and fast speed to adapt to different soil types. It also has a 0.9-liter tank and a motor protection foam filter. Another highlight is that it has up to 50 minutes of autonomy, with 16 hours of recharging.


TOP 10 Best Rowenta 24V Broom Vacuum Cleaner [2021 Reviews]

To make a good investment, it is necessary to compare the options available in the market, taking into account the basic characteristics that the required product must meet, and apply them to our own needs and resources. We want to help you make the best decision in each case.

There are many brands of appliances, but only some serve as a reference in this very competitive sector, and it is because their products have a high-quality design, because they pay attention to small manufacturing details and because they guarantee the best and most innovative results, to meet the demanding demands of its customers continuously.

Such is the case of Rowenta that, for more than 100 years, cultivates an image of success, offering high-tech design and quality in all its home appliances. For example, in the case of broom vacuum cleaners, which have become an essential tool for cleaning the floors of every home, Rowenta has a wide offer for every need and focuses on developing increasingly effective designs.

When looking for a broom vacuum cleaner, you should first consider that it has adequate power, which gives you comfort and ease to vacuum both hard surfaces and clean carpets and carpets.

Then you must check the capacity of your deposit, because you do not want to be emptying its contents at all times while you are cleaning and, as most of these products work without cable, you must also check both the autonomy of the battery and the time it needs to recharge and adjust all that information to your particular case before making a decision.

To help you choose the best broom vacuum cleaner, below, we detail the basic features of 2 models of the Rowenta Air Force line, which are accepted by users.


Rank#1: Air Force Extreme RH8771

 The Air Force Extreme RH8771 broom vacuum cleaner from Rowenta is a broom vacuum cleaner that features a powerful 24V battery and cyclonic aspiration technology, developing power of 2,200 W for perfect results with a single pass. It has an ergonomic handle that allows you to tilt the vacuum under tables, beds, and sofas in just an easy movement. Thanks to the 120 cm height, you can use it completely vertically, without having to bend your back.

The efficient Air Force Cyclonic Extreme system traps all the dirt and dust particles in a continuous spiral of air, and deposits them in the bottom of the container, thus achieving a much higher suction force and greater autonomy, because it separates the air from the dirt and filters do not get stuck. It also has a high-speed motorized brush to make cleaning even easier. The removable Power Brush is easy to disassemble and clean, and the Delta Ultra Slim nozzle, due to its triangular shape, will facilitate access to corners and corners.

The RH8771 model allows you to save time on cleaning to devote to other activities. It has three speeds for all types of floors, 45 minutes of autonomy, wheels for a simple movement, and incorporates a removable tank that empties comfortably once the aspiration is finished.

The Air Force RH8771 is the best possible Rowenta 24V broom vacuum cleaner for 160 euros that you will find, due to its characteristics and its positive opinions.




If you are specifically looking for the best Rowenta 24V broom vacuum cleaners, this article meets these requirements. The suction power is quite large, which allows you to get perfect results in a single pass.


In this article, we have a product capable of running for 45 minutes in a row at full load and maximum power. A house of 80 square meters can be cleaned twice in this period.


It has an ergonomic handle and a head system that allows you to tilt the vacuum cleaner and easily access furniture underneath a simple wrist movement.


Much of the success of the product is due to its interchangeable nozzle system, among which we must highlight: the Delta Ultra Slim triangular nozzle will facilitate the aspiration of difficult places (corners and corners), the Power Brush, which is composed by a motorized brush capable of speeding up the process of cleaning carpets and other surfaces.


With a fairly affordable purchase price, it is the cheapest and highest quality models of the brand.




Despite many benefits, we must highlight the noise level of the product as a problem.


Rank#2: Air Force RH8570

 The Air Force RH8570 is another Rowenta broom vacuum cleaner that has a powerful 24V battery to provide excellent suction results, just like a 2,200W sled vacuum cleaner, for which it also has the efficient Air Force Cyclonic Extreme system, which ensures optimal and sustained efficiency over time, with great suction and greater autonomy.

This model has suction speeds, a normal one for smooth floors, and a fast one for carpets and carpets. It has a 0.9-liter tank, which is recommended to be cleaned regularly to preserve the device’s effectiveness and a motor protection foam filter, which should be washed, with warm soapy water, at least once a month leave dry for at least 12 hours before replacing. An additional foam filter is supplied so you can use the vacuum cleaner while the original filter dries.

It also has an easy-to-use ergonomic handle, a Delta nozzle to reach every corner, and a Power Brush motorized rotary brush for excellent cleaning efficiency. It removes threads, hair, and hair of animals that are usually embedded in carpets and carpets. It has up to 50 minutes of autonomy with 16 hours of recharging and a permanent vertical position to store it without support. 

This product is considered by many as the best possible Rowenta 24V broom vacuum cleaner of the moment, due to a series of outstanding features which we list below.




One of the Rowenta models’ good features is their ability to stand without stands when storing or when charging the battery.

Without cable and bag:

It has no dependence on cables or bags to operate. The article works based on a rechargeable battery system which avoids the need to connect and disconnect in each room, with this article you do not need to use bags since its removable tank keeps all the dirt collected.


The model offers a cleaning autonomy of 45 minutes at maximum power.


It is one of the most powerful models on the market, reaching 2200 watts.

Easy to use:

Its lightweight, ergonomic and easy to handle design allows access to all corners of the house very easily and with a lot of freedom of movement for the user. You can access even under low furniture such as sofas, beds, and tables.

Power brush:

The article integrates a removable high-speed electric brush that allows better cleaning of your floors.

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