5 Best Popcorn Machine Reviews In 2020

This time, I give something for people who can’t imagine a movie without popcorn. We searched for the best popcorn machine in 2019. It turned out that the Ariete 2952 model is the most popular. This small machine can produce 60 grams of popcorn in two minutes. In addition, you don’t need to use fat to make popcorn in this way, so our snack will be not only tasty, but also dietary. The machine is equipped with a special mechanism that roasts corn with hot air.

 The compact dimensions of 146 x 178 x 298 millimeters, and the attractive design referring to the retro style makes the machine visually attractive and does not take up much space. The popularity of this model is also due to its design, which will interest more than one amateur of popcorn. When we add effective and quick roasting, we have a reason why this model is not only the most frequently bought, but also collects the most positive user comments. Second model,Unold Classic 48525 , it has a reputation of trouble-free. 

Comparison table

Unold Classic 48525

  • The product will hold up to 100 g of corn, so you can prepare a very large portion of popcorn at one time. Due to the lack of the need for oil, it is less caloric than a traditional snack of this type.
  • One of the few drawbacks of the equipment can be considered its original appearance. Although it can be an original addition to the kitchen, it will not adapt to any interior. The machine does not fit in a room decorated in a classic and elegant style.
  • The device is easy to clean and easy to use. Certainly, it will appeal to lovers of interesting and original kitchen products. In addition, the equipment is trouble-free and has a number of different protections.

Severin PC 3751

  • The machine prepares delicious popcorn in a very short time and does not require the use of oil or butter. This creates a light and more dietary snack. The equipment works quietly and therefore does not disturb other household members.
  • The main disadvantage is product performance. Although you don’t have to wait long for ready popcorn, it is relatively low. For this reason, make several servings to make snacks for the whole family or all guests.
  • The machine is extremely comfortable to use. This is primarily influenced by the transparent lid with the dispenser, as well as non-slip feet that increase stability. The product also has an aesthetic design as well as very high power.


Ariete 2952

  • With the help of this equipment, you can make delicious, yet low-calorie popcorn. All because it does not require the use of oil. The product is extremely easy to use and does not take up much space on the kitchen counter.
  • Lovers of popcorn may be disappointed that the device does not allow you to cook corn with salt. Because of that, you have to season the snack yourself after preparation, but its taste may not be as good then.
  • The machine looks extremely attractive because its design refers to the retro style. Therefore, even when the equipment is not in use, it can remain on the counter. It is an original decoration that draws the attention of guests.

The best popcorn machines in 2019

A trip to the cinema is often associated with popcorn. The one ready from the store does not taste as good, and preparing it in a pan usually ends with more hard corn grains than popcorn at the bottom of the bowl. That is why we have prepared a ranking of best popcorn machines so that this delicious snack can accompany us more often at home movie screenings.

Rank #1: Ariete 2952

The first position in the ranking is occupied by the Ariete 2952 model. It is an extremely interesting popcorn making machine, especially due to the style of the 50s. This retro style device is compact and very elegant. The red color emphasizes the style of the entire model and at the same time goes well with both classic interiors and modern ones.

Traditional preparation of popcorn involves the addition of oil, and this is known to increase the calorie content of the snack. Therefore, using a popcorn machine seems not only more comfortable and faster, but also healthier.

Especially since this model, thanks to the hot air cooking method, allows you to get 60 grams of light, fragrant popcorn without the use of oil in just 2 minutes. This best popcorn machine has 1100 watts of power. It is very easy to use, which has been appreciated by many users.

With the help of one button you can quickly get the right amount of popcorn. The dimensions of the device are 146 mm x 178 mm x 298 mm, so it is a really small, compact machine that will fit in any cabinet or decorate a kitchen countertop.

We are the first to present the Ariete 2952 model. This is the best popcorn maker in 2019. It is characterized by beautiful workmanship, which makes it look great in every kitchen. It is also very efficient.


No oil: This model uses the hot air cooking method, so you don’t have to use oil. As a result, popcorn is light and dietary.

Speed: The device is quite fast. Prepares up to 60 grams of popcorn in just 2 minutes. This is, among others merit of considerable power, which is 1100 W.

Simple operating system: The machine is very easy to use, just fill it with corn, press one button and we can wait for popcorn. As a result, even a child can handle this equipment.

Compact design: The big advantage of the presented device are its dimensions, which are 146 mm x 178 mm x 298 mm. Thanks to this, it is a small, compact machine that we can easily find a place in our kitchen for.

Appearance: This is a very attractive retro device. It has a beautiful red color, referring to classic popcorn machines. It fits perfectly with various interiors.

Rank #2: Severin PC 3751

The third product is the Severin PC 3751 model – an excellent device for preparing popcorn. Its power is 1200 W, so it is one of the strongest proposals in our ranking. Despite the greater power, it prepares popcorn a little slower. However, it is still a homemade popcorn machine, which without the use of oil or butter in 2.5 minutes turns ordinary corn into a perfect snack that many people like.

The device has a transparent lid with a dispenser. The machine also has non-slip feet, making it more stable to use. The transparent cover also allows you to observe the entire process of preparing popcorn and dispense subsequent portions. This is great fun for the youngest.

The great advantage of the device is that it doesn’t burn the beans. The machine is quiet, so quickly and without disturbing others in watching a movie or match, let’s prepare another portion of a delicious snack. The advantage of the device is not only that it prepares popcorn without oil in a few minutes, but also its small size.

As a result, it has received many favorable reviews from users who often mention product reliability and simple operation.

Another product is the 1200W Severin PC 3751 model, so it is one of the strongest proposals in our ranking. It is a good popcorn maker up to PLN 100.



Fast working time: The device prepares excellent popcorn in just 2.5 minutes. So if you’re watching a long movie, you’ll quickly refill a bowl of popcorn.

Comfortable solutions: The manufacturer of this equipment has used a number of convenient solutions. First of all, the device has a transparent lid with a dispenser, so we always pour the right amount of corn. In addition, the machine also has non-slip feet. In addition, the cover is transparent, so we can observe the process of preparing popcorn.

No oil or butter: You don’t have to use oil or butter to make delicious popcorn. Thanks to this, the snack is healthier.

Quiet operation: In their assessments, consumers emphasize that the device works very quietly, so we will prepare popcorn without disturbing the session.



Efficiency: As users emphasize, the machine prepares relatively little popcorn at one time. However, this compensates for the relatively short roasting time of the maize.

Rank #3: Unold Classic 48525

The Unold 48525 popcorn machine needs just a few minutes to prepare crunchy, homemade popcorn, which is why it could not be missing in our ranking. The device is extremely easy to use. An additional advantage is the fact that roasting does not require the use of oil. It is a decent German model that is easy to use.

It is also very convenient that the device can be dismantled and washed thoroughly. The preparation of popcorn in a pot often ends with burning the beans on the bottom, and the packaged beans for preparation in the microwave are not so delicious and aromatic, which is why this device is extremely attractive.

It is a small model with one button, thanks to which even a small child can handle it. The power of this popcorn machine is 900 W. The Unold Classic 48525 model is red and white. The machine can fit a maximum of 100 g of corn.

To protect the user from pouring too much grain into a container on a special scale. You also can’t forget that this red and white popcorn machine has very good ratings from users who in their reviews mention the failure of the product.

The second place in our ranking was a very practical popcorn popping machine Unold 48525.



Simple operating system: The device is easy to use, so preparing popcorn will not be a challenge for us. Just pour the corn inside, close the clipper, and then press the start button.

No oil: The advantage of this equipment is that it allows us to prepare popcorn without the addition of oil. As a result, our snack will be healthier and less calorie.

Lots of popcorn: The device will fit 100 g of corn, so you can prepare quite a lot of delicious popcorn at one time. In addition, the device frying corn kernels in just 2-3 minutes.

Easy to care: This equipment can be easily disassembled into first parts and then thoroughly washed. As a result, his care will not cause us a big problem.

Security system: The machine has a special scale, so there will be no situation in which we pour too many beans into the machine. In addition, this model has overheating protection.

Rank #4: Camry CR 4458

The fourth position is Camry CR 4458 – another machine that allows you to prepare delicious and aromatic popcorn without the use of oil or butter. The device prepares one serving in just 2.5 minutes. It’s a good and cheap popcorn machine that is really easy to use, even for a small popcorn fan. Just pour the grains into the machine, press one button and it’s ready.

The transparent lid with the container perfectly helps in measuring out portions, and additionally allows you to track the process of preparing popcorn, which will delight many a child. It is also worth mentioning that the device has a switch and a switch with a control lamp.

Non-slip rubber feet in the device are also a convenient solution. The device power is 1200W. The Camry CR 4458 popcorn machine is a great choice for people who value saving time and avoid cleaning pots with burnt corn. Preparation of popcorn is quick and easy due to the fact that the device uses a warm air system.

This is a really good, strong proposition that should be found in the kitchen of every cinema or sports fan who is looking for an alternative to unhealthy snacks. So, no surprise is the numerous positive opinions of pop-maniacs. They note that the product is not only solid, but also easy to use and clean.

The fourth product worth attention is the Camry CR 4458 with a power of 1200 W.



Easy handling system: To prepare delicious popcorn, just pour the grains into the machine, then press one button and wait for the machine to roast the corn.

Transparent lid: The device has a transparent lid that serves as a dispenser for measuring portions. At the same time, it allows us to observe the entire roasting process.

Security: This model uses several security devices that guarantee us comfortable and safe work. First of all, the device has a switch and a switch with a control lamp, so you always know when it is working. In addition, it has non-slip rubber feet.



Working volume: In their assessments, consumers emphasize that this device is not a quiet device. Unfortunately, the corn preparation process is quite noisy.

Rank #5: Kalorik PCM 1001 NYC

The Kalorik PCM 1001 NYC popcorn machine is the fifth device of this type that is worth attention. Its power is 1100 W, thanks to which it will prepare a large portion of popcorn in just a few minutes. The device has a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. It is an extremely easy to use popcorn machine that allows you to prepare a healthy snack without the addition of fat or butter.

The model has a Cool Touch system – thermal insulation, thanks to which the device does not heat up during the preparation of popcorn. This additional protection means that the machine can also be used by children. The set also includes a measuring spoon, thanks to which we can easily pour the right amount of popcorn into the machine.

In addition, the device has a simple on / off switch, i.e. only one button separating us from preparing delicious popcorn for an evening movie show or meeting with friends. The product has an interesting modern design and small dimensions, so it is easy to find a place in the kitchen wardrobe or put on the countertop.

Reviewing reviews of best popcorn machines we will find many favorable opinions about this model. The most frequently cited advantage is durable housing and simple operation.

The last popcorn machine is Kalorik PCM 1001 NYC 1100 W.


Cool Touch system: The device uses thermal insulation, thanks to which the machine housing does not heat up. This protection is particularly important when children are to use the razor.

Kit Contents: The device is sold in a set with a spoon that has a special measuring cup. Thanks to it, we can easily sprinkle the right amount of corn.

Small dimensions: This model has dimensions of 30.5 cm x 18 cm x 15 cm, so it takes up little space.


Price: This is one of the most expensive popcorn machines in our list.

Working volume: When preparing popcorn, the device makes quite a lot of noise.

How to clean a popcorn machine?

If you already know what popcorn machine is recommended by popcorn lovers, you will definitely buy the right device. Importantly, you need to learn not only how to properly operate your equipment, but also how to clean it. By washing the machine, you extend its life and reduce the risk of breakdowns. Check how easy you can get rid of corn debris.

How often do you wash your popcorn machine?

The popcorn maker should be washed after each use. Although for people who often use it, it is relatively troublesome, you should not leave contaminated equipment. All because we may have a problem with thorough cleaning of the machine later, microbes can also develop through the leftovers. Because of this, popcorn may not taste as good as before, and the likelihood of a device engine failure or other important components failing.

We cannot forget about washing the machine, especially before its first use. In this way, we will get rid not only of the characteristic, unpleasant smell of the equipment, but also of pollution that arose during production.

What should I clean the equipment with?

The exact way to clean the machine can be found in the instruction manual. The main thing is not to use strong detergents that can damage the housing or the internal parts of the equipment. It is also inadvisable to wash with a rough, wire washer, which could lead to the top layer covering the device rubbing off. So it’s best to reach for a soft sponge or a microfiber cloth and soak it in water, we can add a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid to it.


Before washing the machine, make sure that it has been disconnected from the power supply. This is very important, because in this way we will prevent electric shock. In addition, after turning off the device, we must wait several minutes until the machine has cooled down completely. Otherwise we can burn ourselves. The equipment should not be completely immersed in water or any other liquid. Usually, it is also not possible to wash individual parts of the machine in the dishwasher, which is why we have to clean everything manually.

How to wash a popcorn machine?

When the machine has cooled down, the first step to clean it is to remove any remaining corn kernels. Depending on the construction of the equipment, we can do this by turning the machine upside down or carefully choosing dirt with a cloth. When pouring corn, we must be careful not to drop the machine on the floor by accident. So we should firmly press the equipment together, hold the lid with one hand and the side wall of the housing with the other.

After putting the device on the counter top, open the lid and wipe the chamber thoroughly with a cloth, then wipe dry. We can repeat this action several times if the dirt is persistent. Let’s not forget to carefully wash the so-called integrated spoon in which grains are placed. This element can be immersed in warm water, wait a few minutes until the impurities dissolve, then rinse and wipe.

Cleaning the machine with a heating display

Commonly encountered, among others in cinemas, machines with a heating display must also be washed regularly. Despite the large dimensions, cleaning such equipment is no more troublesome than in the case of home appliances. The most important is the use of appropriate detergents. It must not be a solvent, soap or chemical agents, especially since the machine is in constant contact with food. The water used for cleaning should not be too hot, because just like the wrong cleaning agents, it can damage the housing and cause corrosion.

What popcorn machine to buy?

Shopping guide

Until recently, popcorn was associated only with an unhealthy snack consumed during a cinema screening. However, American scientists have proved that the antioxidants it contains effectively fight free radicals that are responsible for the aging process of our body. Roasted corn is therefore not only a tasty snack, but also an elixir of youth. Popcorn without additional salt or other sauces, prepared at home, will turn out to be much healthier than ordinary chips or salted sticks. To enable yourself to prepare a healthy snack without oil, you must invest in a special popcorn maker.

First of all, because the corn prepared in it will have less calories. For all popcorn fans we have prepared a guide that will tell you which popcorn machine to choose.

Types of popcorn machines

There are many variants of popcorn equipment on the market. Home-made versions are available that allow you to prepare a snack in 3 minutes, but also more professional ones from a funfair. Such devices also have different power supplies:

Electric – power supply is the simplest solution in every kitchen. This type of equipment will allow you to quickly prepare popcorn, and a special lamp will inform you about the end of work.

Gas – is new on the market. This type of equipment is more professional. LPG supplymakes equipment more difficult to install. Many of these models also have the option of switching to electric power. Gas-powered popcorn machines are great at gastronomic establishments, cinema stands or during local festivals.

Capacity of popcorn machines

The capacity of popcorn machines depends on their purpose. Small models for home use are usually 30 cm high, of which a Teflon container in which corn is roasted, about 20 cm. This means that the element into which we pour the corn is only 10 cm. Of course, in such a device we will prepare popcorn for the whole family, but we need to make several approaches. It is worth emphasizing, however, that the machine roasts corn quite quickly. In professional models, a Teflon pot will hold up to 6 kg of corn, which will be roasted in one hour. This is a serving for more people.


The power of the popcorn machine is a very important parameter that affects the performance of the equipment. Household machines have a power of 1200 W. This allows roasting the corn quite quickly. Whereas professional versions have more power – about 1600 W.

Lower calorific value

A good popcorn machine is one that will meet all our expectations. Its most important function is to prepare a snack that will be perfectly roasted. It is also important whether the device absorbs fat from corn, which reduces the number of calories. The device should also be selected in terms of capacity and its performance.

Working time – what is the best popcorn machine?

If we are looking for a popcorn machine to diversify the evening screenings, small equipment will be great. These types of models will roast popcorn in just 3-4 minutes. Our snack will be not only tasty, but also healthy.


Such machines often have an interesting design, which is why they will definitely decorate our kitchen. Retro-style machines, stylized like those of American bars, are particularly popular. 

Professional equipment

For the needs of the gastronomic establishment, we suggest buying a professional popcorn machine. We are talking about electrically powered models with very high capacity. Such equipment will allow you to prepare a portion of popcorn for up to a dozen people at a time, and continuous heating of corn will ensure its freshness for a long time. In addition, many of the models have a very interesting and original design, thanks to which they attract the attention of every customer.

This type of equipment, despite its dimensions, often occurs in a portable version on wheels, which will be great at various types of events and festivals. LPG fueled popcorn machines are equally professional. Although the installation itself can be troublesome, its performance is much higher than the electrical version. In this type of equipment, we are able to quickly prepare popcorn for a dozen or so people.

Popcorn machines at good prices

Depending on the type and brand, prices of  best popcorn machines can vary significantly. We will pay the least for home appliances with low capacity and relatively low power. Such equipment can be found on the market for about PLN 30, although you need to pay about PLN 100 for a solid, high-performance model. For a professional popcorn machine powered by electricity, we have to pay up to around 1000 zlotys.

However, these types of models are very large, so their price is proportionally higher than tiny home appliances. The most expensive popcorn machines are those powered by LPG. Such models cost even over 2,000 thousand zlotys. Remember, however, that this is not the equipment that you put on the kitchen cabinet; this model will interest rather professional gastronomic points or cinemas.

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