10 Best Moulinex Broom Vacuum Cleaner [ 2021 Updated ]

The aspirators broom are the result of the perfect cross between a traditional upright vacuum cleaner and broom, which have a great acceptance in public and the market because they are easy to maneuver, offer great cleaning power, and are capable of handling even the smallest dirt. Another aspect for which they are usually considered in homes is because they offer an easier cleaning method than the traditional broom and dustpan; In addition to being very easy to store.

With the growing popularity of this type of vacuum cleaners, many users on the internet ask us which are the best Moulinex broom vacuum cleaners, understanding that the Moulinex house has been manufacturing a whole collection of high-quality appliances for the kitchen and home for years; Its most popular products include coffee makers, toasters, blenders, kitchen accessories, and household items. Our expert team compared their best articles to determine which is the best Moulinex broom vacuum cleaner, based on the following debugging concepts.

10 Best Moulinex Broom Vacuum Cleaner [ 2021 Updated ]

The first thing to consider when looking for a broom vacuum cleaner is whether or not the product is easy to handle; A heavy model with movement limitations of some kind will make the cleaning task unnecessarily complex.

The power of the model is the most important component when talking about looking for the best Moulinex broom vacuum cleaner; A product without enough power to handle or vacuum the waste that could spread in our home will be entirely useless after a while.

Continuing with the list of points to consider, we find that the criticisms issued by users on the Internet are another important factor in the purchase of this type of product. Observing the comments of those who have used us helps us create a certain atmosphere of reliability around a particular article. Finally, it never hurts to assess important issues such as product design and the presence of some accessories that add greater utility or appeal to the model.

Next, our experts present the product chosen as the best Moulinex broom vacuum cleaner of 2021.


Rank#1: Moulinex MS 552501

Its large brush is combined with its operating system’s power to clean the floor without complications.

Main Features 


One of the most required aspects on our website, when the best vacuum cleaners on the market are analyzed, are the design features of the products; This mainly because our readers always seek to get the most attractive designs.

In the model Moulinex MS 552501, we have a product of aesthetic lines quite careful, a model of bagless vacuum cleaner in which black and red colors predominate as the main theme. This product is a two-in-one vacuum cleaner model with interesting features such as a floor mop brush and a tank with an average capacity of 0.5 liters.


When we had the opportunity to analyze the Moulinex MS 552501 vacuum cleaner model, we found that the most striking feature around the product is that we have a vacuum cleaner model that can be used thanks to the addition of a battery NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) as a recharge system wirelessly.

Based on the information provided by both users and the developers of the model, we could deduce that the battery requires an approximate charging time of 16 hours, giving the product a cleaning autonomy of more than 15 minutes.


At this point we mention a series of interesting features around the product such as The addition in the high capacity HEPA H12 filter model and a cyclonic system; The model works connected to a current of 12 volts in addition to having one of the quietest systems you can find in the market.

Finally, it should be noted that it is a fairly light and easy to handle product that perfectly fulfills the purpose for which it was designed.



  • After analyzing several of the best Moulinex vacuum cleaners on the market, we had the opportunity to observe that the most valued feature in the Moulinex MS 552501 product is the good quality of the knotted materials how easy it is to handle the item.


  • We certainly could not find disadvantages associated with this type of product; This is one of the reasons we have placed you like the best Moulinex vacuum cleaner of 2020. However, we consider it prudent for our readers to consider that it is a product for domestic use and small homes.

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