The Best Induction Plates Reviews In 2020

Induction plates have become an alternative with which to cook more efficiently. These plates directly heat the containers and allow you to save time and energy in that process, while improving the preparation of your food. A classic cut product with three cooking zones, up to 28 centimeters in diameter, high power and an easy control system. If you prefer a best induction plates , the cecotec full crystal 08001 board is what you are looking for. It is a compact model of 2,000 watts of power and a complete control panel despite its small size.

Comparison table

Balay 3eb865fr – 60 cm wide induction hob, front bezel, 3 induction zones, touch control, black color


  • The board incorporates all kinds of novelties, such as a giant area of 28 centimeters in diameter, a large power or a complete control panel and with which we can establish memories or schedule the deferred shutdown of the board.
  • The control panel is quite sensitive, and the plate can be activated with a simple touch. Luckily, you can lock this panel to avoid unexpected activation.
  • A product widely recognized among users and with a very adequate performance when cooking.


Cecotec full crystal – portable induction plate, crystal surface, touch control, 10 power levels, timer function, 35 x 7 x 28 cm, black



  • This portable model is ideal for when you want to have a quality induction board at your disposal in a timely manner, offering you a power of 2,000 watts and an operating system at the level of conventional plates.
  • The instructions that accompany the plate are not very suitable to understand the operation of the product, although this process is quite intuitive.
  • A solution of compact size and good performance when preparing all kinds of dishes.

Bosch puc631bb2e – 3-burner induction hob

  • This model offers three cooking zones with a total power of 7,400 watts, adjustable through a soft touch control panel, which even allows you to program the product’s cooking process.
  • The largest area has a size of about 24 centimeters, perhaps somewhat scarce for cooking with larger containers as well as greater cooking capacity.
  • It is a tightly priced plate and extensive functionality, with which it is easy to prepare all kinds of dishes.

The Best Induction Plates Reviews


Induction is the latest development that has reached our kitchens, although it has been with us for some time. It is something that leads to a wide variety of models, which makes it difficult to know which the best induction board in the market is. Just take a look to find all kinds of products, suitable for different families, and with options ranging from the most efficient to the cheapest. So that this search does not burn you, you just have to take a look at our list of the best induction plates of 2019, in which we have the most prominent models currently.

Balay induction plate


Balay 3eb865fr



When it comes to finding the best induction hob of the moment, the balay 3eb865fr model is one of the most common. The balay 3eb865fr induction hob has a classic and efficient design, suitable for the 60 cm lateral format. In this space we have three cooking zones, with a double zone of up to 28 centimeters, somewhat smaller than we found in a balay induction plate of 32 cm capacity, although equally large for large-scale cooking.

This best induction plate balay maintains other functions already habitual of the brand, such as a design that facilitates cleaning, a simple control system with boost function and even timer, so you do not have to worry about the point of your dishes.

Learn more about what is, for many, the best induction board currently for sale.



Cooking zones: the model has three cooking zones, with the usual measures.

Boost function: the boost function generates rapid heating, ideal for saving cooking time.

Giant zone : the 28-centimeter zone, dual character, makes large-scale cooking easier.

Control panel : the control panel makes it easy to activate the different functions of it.

Cleaning : the plate finish makes the model cleaning process easier.



Sensitivity : the board has a high sensitivity, which can be activated with any friction on the control panel.




Portable induction hob


Cecotec full crystal 08001



If you are looking for a portable induction board, which you can place anywhere easily, the cecotec full crystal 08001 is a very interesting option. Among other things .because the product is among the cheapest plates of our selection, without detracting from power or characteristics. Specifically, this best induction plate has a power of 2,000 watts, adjustable in 10 different levels and can reach temperatures up to 240 degrees.

The board also includes a simple control system, which combines 10 different power levels with four programs already configured and a timer of up to 180 minutes of autonomy, so you don’t have to be aware of its operation. Functions of what is close to being the best induction hob of value for money that we have evaluated.

Let us know some more detail about this product and all the functions that it puts at your disposal.



Power: despite its compact size, the model has a power of 2,000 watts, reaching 240 degrees of temperature.

Control panel : its control panel includes 10 different powers as well as four specific and quality programs.

Compact size. It is a compact and easy to store model, ideal for small kitchens or as an auxiliary plate.

Security : the plate has all the necessary security measures to cook without problems.



Instruction manual : the instruction manual included is not very clear, according to users.

Bosch induction hob


Bosch puc631bb2e



The induction plate bosch puc631bb2e is another interesting model, within the cheap options that we have within our reach. This product offers us the usual design of 3 fires, with measures of 28, 18 and 15 centimeters respectively. It is areas for which this product includes a combined maximum power of up to 7,400 watts, controllable by 17 different levels of heat. These levels are easy to control, using the built-in soft touch panel, which simplifies the process of choosing both the fire and the specific intensity of the fire.

In this panel we also have a child lock as well as a memory function and automatic start, to automate cooking. It is all this in a model of 60 centimeters wide, suitable for standard furniture, and that has an easy installation and in line with that of other products on the market.

We leave you below the result of our analysis of this plate, from which it is for some users the best brand of best induction plates on the market.



Power: the equipment has a total power of 7,400 watts, for efficient and quality cooking.

Control: the control system of the board makes it very easy to control and program its functions.

Value for money: the product has an interesting combination of tight price and high quality.


Zone marking: the zones are marked with crosses and not with circles, which requires some adaptation to change.

Large cooked: some users lack some power when cooking with high capacity pots.




Siemens induction hob


Siemens eh651fdc1e



The induction hob siemens eh651fdc1e is our choice of this brand. It is a model that incorporates interesting developments, such as an area of 32 centimeters in diameter with which to prepare all kinds of dishes with greater comfort. We also have the fryingsensor function, which controls the temperature of the oil and prevents frying from burning. Regarding its approach, this conventional width plate has 3 cooking zones and a total power of 7,400 watts.

All these functions are controlled by a sliding panel, with which to choose the operating power of each fire in each of the 17 levels to which we can access. Also from this panel we can activate the sprint function, with which to considerably reduce the heating time of the containers.

If you prefer a siemens board, this is the model that we have highlighted from its extensive catalog.



Giant zone: the model includes an area of 32 centimeters in diameter, ideal for cooking for the whole family.

Fryingsensor : this function controls the temperature of the fritters, preventing food from burning.

Slider: the slider is easier to use than the conventional keypad of most plates.



Mounting: if mounted with an oven underneath, it can cause plate failures due to the heat emitted.

Distribution of zones: the cooking zones are somewhat together, which can make it difficult to locate the containers.




Teka induction hob


Tekaiz 6315



The teka model iz 6315 is one of our proposals for those looking for a teka induction hob. A product with the three usual cooking zones, which have measures of 28, 18 and 14.5 centimeters respectively, in line with other market models. These zones have a power of 3600 or 2500 watts in the large area, depending on whether it is extended or not, as well as 2,100 watts in the medium and 1,500 watts in the small. All these fires are controlled by the sliding panel and with independent control for each of the burners, which further simplifies the process. 

In this panel we also have other aids such as the timer, up to 99 minutes, or the child lock, for greater security. It is a product that ends with a conventional size and frameless design, for easier installation.

We summarize below the most outstanding features of this board, as well as its main functions.



Power : the model has up to 3,600 watts in the largest burner.

Design : the beveled finish gives the plate a more elegant and easy to clean finish.

Slider: each burner has an independent and slider control, to use it more comfortably.



Design of the zones: the zones are marked with an x and not with a circle, as usual.

Instruction manual : the instruction manual is not one of the best, as indicated by the users.


Induction gas mixed plate


Electrolux egd6576nok



The electrolux egd6576nok is an interesting mixed gas and induction plate, with which you have everything you need when cooking. Specifically, this model has an induction plate of 2 fires, 14 and 21 centimeters in diameter, along with two other gas fires of 10 and 14 centimeters, although its support area makes it easy to place all kinds of containers.

All this while maintaining the design that we have on any electrolux induction board, with respect to what is the crystal design and all other control and safety elements. It is a plate that has a power of 2,900 watts, in the electric zone, as well as a total power of about 4.6 kilowatts equivalent in the gas zone. All this in an easy to control model on both sides, with electronic ignition for gas and stop + go function for induction, common in almost any electrolux induction hob.

If you are not sure which induction board to buy, perhaps this mixed model is the most appropriate solution.



Mixed cooking: this product has two gas and two induction zones, for greater versatility.

Control : control functions make it easier to light and regulate all fires.

Finish : the model features a typically induction finish, with an elegant integration of gas fires.



Technical service: some user comments that the response of the technical service is improved in terms of waiting time.

Installation : the installation is somewhat more complex than that of exclusively electric models, as expected.

White induction hob


Tasting ib 6203 wh


Unlike the black plates, which are the majority in the market, the cata ib 6203 wh model is an interesting white induction plate, with which we can give a different touch to any kitchen. It is especially considering its finish in raw tones, which gives a different image to the product. In addition, thanks to the quality of its glass you will not have problems to keep it clean without much effort.

A model that, color apart, has everything you need to cook. Thus, on its surface we have three cooking zones of 28, 20 and 16 centimeters respectively, depending on what we need to prepare. These areas are controlled independently, with a keypad dedicated to each fire. The plate is finished off with conventional measures and a simple installation, suitable to replace any already installed plate.

Change the image of your kitchen with this interesting white induction hob.



Color: the darkened white finish does not clash and better conceals dirt on the plate.

Distribution : the model has three zones of 28, 20 and 16 centimeters, for cooking with great comfort.

Control panel : the control panel is independent for each fire, making it easier to regulate each one separately.



Power : the power is slightly lower than other models, although it remains efficient in its mission.

Regulation : compared to other models, the regulation of this product is only 9 different power levels.



Aeg induction plate


Aeg hkl65310fb



The induction hob aeg hkl65310fb is the model chosen by this manufacturer for our selection. A high power product, with a total installed load of 7,400 watts, which allows cooking comfortably in all types of containers and sizes. It is something that helps a very innovative rectangular area, in which we can place several dishes at once and even cook with roasters and other rectangular containers.

Areas where we can cook better thanks to the optiheat function, which manages waste heat better. Also interesting is the stop & go function, with which to achieve rapid and efficient heating. It is as easy to use as the timer of each of the fires, which you can set to forget to turn off the plate when your dishes are already in place.

Enjoy high power and versatile cooking with this interesting aeg plate.



Load: the power is considerable, reaching 7,400 watts in total in terms of installable load.

Optiheat : this function manages the residual heat, making the plate even more efficient and saving you energy.

Rectangular zone : the left zone, of rectangular design, is very versatile when cooking.



Learning: learning to use the model is complex, although it will not take you too long.

Installation : due to its power, it is essential to take precautions during the electrical installation of the product.




Zanussi induction plate


Zanussi z6233iok



The induction plate zanussi z6233iok is one of the most recognized models of this italian manufacturer. It is a product that maintains the traditional configuration of three cooking zones, with a double zone of up to 28 centimeters in size. This major zone has a power of 3,700 watts, in line with the high power offered by the rest of the plate’s cooking zones. All these areas are controlled by a very efficient control panel and the one that we have booster function, fast heating.

The panel also incorporates additional functions such as its timer, with which to turn off the cooking when necessary, as well as the child lock, to give you greater security at all times. As for cleaning, thanks to the surface of the product it is much easier to leave the plate as new after each dish.

So that you do not get lost among data, we leave you our analysis regarding what this induction board offers you.



Power: the different zones reach powers of up to 3,700 watts in the largest, to cook better in less time.

Double zone: the double cooking zone allows working with large containers and reducing energy consumption.

Boost function: the boost function is responsible for quickly heating the cooking area, saving you time and hassle.



Arrangement of fires: fires are placed upside down, with the large one on the right. It is a minor detail that you will get used to in a short time.

Control panel : the control panel is somewhat complex, having to go from level to level of power little by little.


 Beko induction hob


Beko hii64500fht


If you want to get out of the conventional when it comes to cooking, the beko hii64500fht induction hob is a very interesting product. This model breaks the usual design of the three circular fires, with a total of four fires available. Two of these fires, located on the left side, can be joined to form a rectangular cooking zone, in which to use containers in this way, in front of the usual round containers.

This product also gives the size with respect to the control system, being easy to choose the fire and its power through the included touch control system, with sliding regulator for said power. It is finished off with details such as its eco function, which cooks with less energy, or fast modes, to boil water and heat the containers before, saving you time in the preparation of your dishes. Just as you would do the best induction plate you can find.

Change the way you cook with all the functions that this modern induction hob offers you.



Flex induction: its flexible design allows cooking with square or rectangular containers, as well as circular ones.

Control system: the control system is highly flexible and offers up to 19 different levels of power.

Design : the design of the plate is very elegant and gives a special touch to any kitchen.



Learning: due to its characteristics, you must dedicate time to know how the board works to get the most out of it.

Power : the total power is somewhat lower than other models, although it meets properly when cooking.


Guide to buy an induction hob


Induction has already become the most demanding technology when cooking in front of gas or ceramic hobs. It is something that has to do with its greater energy efficiency and versatility. But to enjoy all these functions it is key to have quality products, such as those that you will find with our guide to buy the best induction board, in which we guide you so that this purchase does not burn you.


Shopping guide


Cooking zones

The first thing to consider when purchasing a good and economical induction hob has to do with the available cooking areas. It is something that allows you to adjust the design of the board to our specific needs, as well as access the latest developments that manufacturers are launching on the market.

Starting with these developments, the last to arrive is the flexi induction cooking zone. It is an area in which the circular design of a lifetime is replaced by a rectangular area, which allows cooking with roasters, square pans and other similar containers. It is a flexible design that can also be used in the conventional way, with round containers, depending on what you prefer.

On the other hand, conventional design also remains present. This translates into induction hobs with three cooking zones or three burners, with a double or extensible one. However, the variety of formats and sizes for these burners is considerable, so you will have many options to choose the product you like best.


Operating power

From the hand of the cooking zones comes the operating power. It is an aspect that is balanced with respect to the size of these areas, said relationship being well adjusted. However, there are also products, sometimes of economic cost, in which the power output of the product is not sufficient for the size of the containers to be used on the plate.

In general, the total connected power of the plate is usually around 7.5 kilowatts, of which 3.5 kw are destined for the largest burner. The medium is usually around 2 to 2.4 kilowatts, while the power of the small area is around 1.5 kilowatts, adding in total the connected power we have mentioned. This configuration is suitable for a product with standard measurements, 28, 20 and 15 centimeters in diameter, being somewhat less acceptable for more compact areas, although it is not usual. By the way, this aspect does not influence too much how much the best induction plate that we are considering acquiring costs.

Since we are talking about power, it is also worth checking if the chosen model has special functions. Among them we have the boost function, which heats the container in just a few seconds, applying a very high power. They also help the functions that allow to control the temperature of the oil or those that serve to boil water, controlling the temperature so as not to waste energy. They are very practical additional options in the kitchen.

Control system

Power without control is useless. That is why it is also key that our induction board has a control system that is up to par. In this aspect there are several options, which have their detractors and fans.

One of them is the centralized system, in which we have to choose the fire we want to activate and control it once we have selected it. Another system is the independent one, which has a separate control for each fire with its own power regulator. In both cases, the power control is executed by either a sliding system or a +/- selector. Here the choice depends on what each one prefers.

In parallel, it is also worth checking that the rest of the board options, regarding the control, are accessible. Among them we have the advanced functions that we mentioned before, but also other basic ones, such as those of the timer, the child lock or even the delayed start, which for now is rare but is already in some modern plate. Functions that today are easy to control in any product that we see in a comparison of induction plates. Even so, the verification of this extreme will always be interesting.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: How To Use An Induction Hob?

Using an induction plate is a simple process. Simply place the container on the plate, always checking that the container is compatible with this system, and turn on the plate using the control panel. In a few seconds we will have the hot bowl and we can start preparing the food . It is important to always use tight or reduced powers, so as not to waste more energy than necessary or overheat the containers. Once we finish cooking we just have to turn off the plate and clean it, if necessary.


Q2:  How To Clean Electric Cooker?

The use of the induction plate requires a lot of care and specific products for this type of appliances. To begin, we must pour the cleaning liquid on the plate, even if it has embedded dirt, since the cleaner helps to soften it. It is a process that must always be done cold so as not to damage the plate. Next, we remove those larger or embedded remains, using a scraper for such plates. Finally, we clean the entire plate with a soft cloth, in order to remove the rest of the dirt and give it a touch of shine.


Q3: How To Unlock A Balay Induction Board?

If the plate is locked with the child safety system, simply press and hold the padlock key so that the product is unlocked. If the problem arises from a blockage of the plate, resulting from a failure, the easiest way to unlock it is to cut the electrical current to it and wait a couple of minutes before turning it on again. That is why it is so important to have your own line for the plate’s power supply.


Q4: Which Is Better, Induction Hob Or Hob?

In general, the induction plate has some advantages over the ceramic hob . One of them is the heating rate, since the induction directly heats the container on which we cook but not the surface, saving heating time. This also saves energy during the cooking process, making it more efficient. On the other hand, the process of cooking an induction has some complexity over the ceramic hob, although it will not cost you work to get used to it.


Q5: How To Install An Induction Board?

In general, current induction plates can be installed just by plugging the product into a nearby plug. However, other models consist of a splice card, in which to introduce the power cables. It is important that this feed is in a separate line for the plate, due to its high power. The assembly process is finished by fixing the plate on the countertop, for which it usually has an adhesive, with which to achieve more stability and prevent dirt from penetrating inside.


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