TOP 6 Best Hand Vacuum Cleaners [Buying Guide&Reviews ]

Among the most important utility of a handheld vacuum cleaner is that it is more portable than other models, making the cleaning process comfortable and suitable for small spaces and objects. When choosing one of them, you have to look at the power and the size of the tank, in the length of the cable, in the type of materials on which you can aspire.

 All this based on the expectations of the customers, who also say that the best hand vacuum cleaners in this category are the Dyson V6 Trigger +with its power of 350 W, which represents a suction power between 28 and 100 W, which allows adjustment modes, depending on the level of aspiration needed. At the same time, it is very light, because it only weighs 1.2 kg. The secondary option but with a good level of importance is the Philips FC614X Energy Care, which has good operating power and traditional design. You can easily move where you need it.


The 6 Best Hand Vacuum Cleaners – 2020 Reviews

Sometimes, when you want to vacuum the car, a carpet, pick up the crumbs of cookies that your child has left on the sofa, or clean in hard-to-reach areas, you know that it would be very useful to have a handheld vacuum cleaner. After reviewing the opinions expressed by users, we want to suggest the best handheld vacuum cleaners of 2020.


Rank#1: Dyson V6 Baby + Child Handheld Vacuum

This vacuum is very light and powerful. With it, you can clean your car quickly because it has good suction power. It is designed to provide deep cleaning in just 20 minutes because it has the most advanced technology in the field of car vacuum cleaners.

Main Features 


In this type of artifact, power is synonymous with performance and efficiency. With a high-powered engine, you will have the guarantee of acquiring a team with high performance and the Dyson V6 Trigger Plus has everything you are looking for to quickly suck dirt from inside your vehicle

Developed with a Dyson V6 digital engine and 110,000 RPM, this equipment is three times faster than ordinary car vacuum cleaners. In addition to using Radial Root Cyclon technology, which acts as a “tornado,” concentrating the air increasing its flow, it can absorb even the finest dust particles.

Its compact size has a waste tank of 0.4 liters, enough space for a handheld vacuum that weighs just 1.6 kg. It is light and easy to use in any place of difficult access thanks to its 14.4 x 39.5 x 20.8 cm dimension, which implies greater ease for the user to have to handle a light and resistant equipment.


When using car vacuum cleaners, the power cables are very uncomfortable, or additional extensions are needed to reach every corner of the car. Still, with the Dyson V6 Trigger Plus, you will not have to worry, because it is completely wireless and has a rechargeable battery of 22.2V lithium ions that improves its performance.

This battery is currently the most used because it is light, powerful and does not suffer from the popular “memory effect,” that is, you do not have to wait for it to fully charge for using it or fully discharging it to plug it in again for fear of damaging the battery. Due to its great power, the battery life is 20 minutes, which gives you the time to deeply clean your vehicle, carpets, or another household surface, obtaining optimal results.


Among the accessories of the Dyson V6 Trigger Plus is a long extension that allows you to access the most difficult corners or places like under the car seats where a lot of garbage always accumulates.

It also includes a practical motorized brush with rigid nylon bristles that penetrate the carpets’ fibers to suck out all the dust or pet hairs deposited there. All this dirt is easily and hygienically removed by simply pressing the drain button on the bin.



  • The powerful digital engine of this equipment allows you to suck the most dirt in a limited time, ideal for cleaning the car for its small and compact size, and wireless, which makes its use even easier.


  • Many users claim that the duration of 20 minutes of their battery is a limitation. On the other hand, there is a group of customers who consider this time enough to clean the car thanks to their engine’s suction power.

Rank#2: Philips MiniVac Handheld vacuum cleaner

 Looking for the best price-quality handheld vacuum cleaner, we have found this Philips model. The people who have bought it stand out as a good option for cleaning even from day to day thanks to the aerodynamic brush it has, which guarantees a better dust collection since, by design, it even reaches hard to reach areas.

It has a double filter system, allowing more dust particles to be aspirated; this is mainly important for those who have allergies or respiratory problems that may be increased by dust.

When you finish using it, you can store it directly in its charging base since once the charging is complete, it will no longer spend more energy. It also highlights its ease of emptying, by not using a bag, discharges dust and other waste directly from the tank.

So, before deciding which handheld to buy, it is necessary to corroborate each device’s pros and cons, and that is why we show you the ones belonging to the Philips FC614X Energy Care model:




One of the advantages of this equipment is that it does not require any kind of bag because it has a drainage system where you will only have to discharge the dirt directly from its compartment.


What characterizes this model is that it is an extremely light handheld vacuum since it barely weighs 798 grams, which also means that you can transport it wherever you go, and that, if that were not enough, it has some measures 50 x 16 x 16 centimeters, which means that it is also small and does not require much space for shelter. On the other hand, it can reach those places of difficult access, and since it has a power of 22 watts, its absorption is just and necessary.




Its main disadvantage is that the battery only lasts 10 minutes or less, while it requires a total charging time of 8 hours, so it is suggested to be cautious in case of travel.


It is a vacuum that is only used dry; that is, it cannot absorb liquids. Also, it also has no blowing function.


Rank#3: Holife Handheld Vacuum Cordless Cleaner

 Handheld vacuum cleaners are versatile tools with which to clean everything you need without complications or discomfort. Products with which to remove all dirt no matter how hidden it is. In this work, you can help with models such as the Holife LSHLHM036ABEU-ESAR2 vacuum cleaner.

It is a product with a power of 100 watts that makes it much easier to absorb all kinds of dirt without complications. Something that also helps your ability to clean dry and wet being even able to aspirate liquids. An efficient product with a capacity of 100 milliliters of liquid in a tank with a filter makes the cleaning process much easier.

And so that nothing stops you, the product has a range of 30 minutes, along with a complete set of accessories and nozzles that make it even easier to reach those complicated corners.




The model has a power of 100 watts with which it is easy to clean everything you need without worries.

Wet sucked:

Thanks to its power and characteristics, the product can be used for both dry and wet cleaning, even being able to aspirate liquids.


Having no cable, the product is much easier to use. Also, it allows you to clean for about 30 minutes without discomfort or worry.


The holding handle makes it much easier to move the vacuum cleaner and take it where necessary to clean every last corner.




Some users miss the fact that the product has a power regulator to adjust it when necessary.

Filter assembly:

Although emptying and assembling the filter is relatively simple, you may need some practice to be able to do it properly.


Rank#4: BLACK+DECKER Vacuum Cleaner

 If you are looking for a car vacuum, consider this Black and Decker model, which might be the best handheld vacuum for you.

Its mechanism equipped with cyclonic technology will cause the sucked dust not to return to your vehicle in the process. It has a pivoting head that allows cleaning those difficult areas easily, since cleaning the car does not have to be heavy.

It has a cable with a length of 5 meters, so you will have access to the trunk without any problem. Its translucent deposit will let you know when it is time to empty it, an extremely simple process.

Finally, we mention that many users consider black & Decker as the best brand of handheld vacuum cleaners. Therefore, you will surely want to know the qualities of its PAV1205-XJ model before thinking about its acquisition.




Weighing only 1.45 kilograms, you can take and load this model wherever you want. Also, being a car vacuum cleaner is perfect for reaching all the small sites that are difficult to access. Likewise, it should be mentioned that it has a tank capacity of 0.35 liters, having measures of 19 x 36 x 16.5 centimeters.


Bring along various accessories such as a flexible tube, an extra-long nozzle, a standard nozzle, and a round brush, making cleaning your car much easier.




It includes a 5-meter cable for use with electric power since it does not include any battery, unlike some of the models already described. However, it includes an adapter for the car, so its use in travel will not be a problem.


Its power is 11v, so it is ideal for the car, but not to be used otherwise, since it may not have the necessary power.


Rank#5: Black & Decker PAD-1200 Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, 12V

 If you are one of those who like to have your car intact, this is the vacuum you need. When we try to clean the interior of our car with the typical vacuum cleaners that are in the washing centers or gas stations we always have problems because the hoses are thick and do not reach certain places; With this handheld vacuum, you will no longer have that problem thanks to its long tube tool.

It is very small, so having it in the trunk if you decide will not represent a problem. Its window system in the filter allows seeing when it is necessary to empty the vacuum, a very simple process to do.

We also mentioned that it can be connected directly to the cigarette lighter and has five meters of cable that will allow you to clean the entire car.

Also, if you are interested in knowing a little more about what could be the best handheld vacuum cleaner for 80 euros, then maybe you should review the pros and cons of the Black & Decker PD1200 handheld vacuum cleaner model that we present in the following list:




Although it is a handheld vacuum, it has an integrated hose that will allow you to access all the areas that you believe necessary without much effort.


The best feature of this equipment is that it can be used as a handheld vacuum, or you can use it as a conventional vacuum when placing the hose and having a 5-meter power cable, you should not worry about reaching any area you want.


The tank has a capacity of 500 ml, being the largest in this list, but what makes it ideal is that it includes a window, which will allow you to see the moment when it needs to be emptied.


Another point in its favor is that it can be used in the car because it has an adapter for the cigarette lighter, and therefore you will not need to worry about the need for electric power.




Some users claim that its potency is not ideal, because it does not have much suction capacity for small stones or even for pet hair.


Rank#6: Bosch Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Bks4043 Solid And Liquid, 400 W

 Among the cheap handheld vacuum cleaners, this Bosch model stands out as it serves to vacuum dry and wet at the same time. With this vacuum, you will be prepared to clean in any way simply since its autonomy of 15 minutes will allow you to vacuum important areas in your home or car.

In addition to serving to vacuum solid waste, it also includes a nozzle for vacuuming liquids, a brush for cleaning joints, and an upholstery brush that will allow your armchairs, chairs, and sofas be as new at all times.

Another point in favor of this handheld vacuum cleaner is that its filter is removable and washable, which is essential when we talk about a vacuum cleaner that also vacuums liquids. It also has a charge indicator so you will know when you can use it.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest handheld vacuum cleaners, you will be interested in the pros and cons of the Bosch Bks4043 Wet & Dry found below:




The biggest advantage of this model is that it can be used to absorb both dry and humerus simultaneously, so it can absorb liquids without any problem. As if that were not enough, its filter is removable, so you can empty it, wash it, and use the vacuum again. Also, with measures of 38 x 10 x 14.5 centimeters and weighing only 1.6 kilograms, it should be mentioned that it has a capacity of up to 0.3 liters.


Bring with you a mouthpiece to suck liquids, especially. Similarly, it has a brush for cleaning and a brush for use in upholstery, making your armchairs, sofa, and furniture impeccable without much effort.


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Rank#7: Dyson V6 Trigger Plus-Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with 2 Suction Modes

 The vacuum has 350 W of power that gives it the appropriate level to achieve an ideal suction of dust, particles, and other waste that you want to remove from your common transit areas, achieving a suction power that ranges between 28 and 100 W, depending on your needs.

Using the energy correctly and at the same time, offer the level of operation required for each case and context, it gives you the option to choose between two basic modes.

Simultaneously, its size and shape make it very easy to reach areas that other vacuum cleaners cannot easily reach, such as carpets or car upholstery.

The general handling of the device is not very complex, and you will not get tired of holding it because it barely weighs 1.2 kg. On the other hand, it has a tank with a simple emptying mechanism that you can release with the press of a button and continue with your cleaning tasks for as long as necessary.




They have 350 W of power, which allows their suction power to be higher, making the suction process complete in less time.


It admits at least two modes or speeds so that you choose what you consider most appropriate according to the level of dirt of the surface that you must clean.


The deposit can be emptied as many times as required, having a very simple mechanism, which involves only pressing a button.


Since it weighs 1.2 kg, it will not tire of holding it, no matter how long the aspiration day is, so that you can handle it with a certain comfort level.


Its compact design makes it easier to use in corners and hard-to-reach spaces, so that many people find it ideal for cleaning their car inside, including seats, carpets, and upholstery in general.



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How to use a handheld vacuum

Handheld vacuum cleaners are tools with which it is easier to clean your car, your sofas, or any complicated area in which conventional vacuum cleaners do not yield or do not arrive. These products have an adequate power level, a good capacity for garbage, and the necessary accessories to improve their performance and remove more dirt. A process in which our advice on how to use one of these vacuum cleaners will undoubtedly be useful.

Product Activation

Starting up a handheld vacuum doesn’t have many secrets. Simply mount the vacuum, if it is not already, putting the filter and the tank in place, as well as hit the activation button.

In the models with several speeds, it is necessary to choose the appropriate one regarding the intensity of cleaning that we have or the dirt that we must collect. In battery models, you may need to charge the battery first to start cleaning, while in plug-ins, this will not be necessary.

Use of the vacuum cleaner

Although it is obvious, obtaining efficient cleaning requires a certain left hand. To achieve this and absorb more dirt, it is necessary to focus the air outlet area directly on the area we want to clean at the shortest possible distance.

This prevents dirt from scattering or heavier dirt, not getting into the tank. To do this, it is convenient to take advantage of the product’s grip, thus focusing the air zone better. By the way, remember to leave the vacuum for a rest after several minutes of use, so that the engine breathes and does not overheat.

Use of accessories

When the dirt is hidden, it is time to use the different accessories available. Accessories that allow you to concentrate the aspiration on dirty areas or access hard-to-reach areas.

Some models also have upholstery or textile brushes, so if your vacuum cleaner includes them and you are cleaning these objects, they will also help you. Do not forget to clean and properly store the accessories once you have used them.

Emptying the tank and cleaning

As a final step in using this handheld vacuum, it is necessary to empty the tank and clean it. For the emptying, it is convenient to have the garbage can at hand, trying to open the tank on the bucket so that the dirt does not escape.

As for the emptying, it is convenient to know the process properly, so that you know how to disassemble it and access the dirt. Take this moment to also clean the filter and leave it ready for the next use. And in case your vacuum is rechargeable, it is also a good time to proceed with that load until its next use.


The most popular brands

Compared to traditional sled or vacuum cleaners, the handheld vacuum cleaner has become an excellent alternative to clean where others do not arrive with modern, high power and very lightweight products. To know more about these products, we present some of the largest manufacturers in the market whose handheld vacuum cleaners are highly recommended.

The company of James Dyson was born from a personal effort to end the jams in his vacuum, and that led him to lock himself in his garage to improve traditional vacuum designs.

The result of those studies is known by all today: Dyson vacuum cleaners are some of the most powerful on the market and offer continuous suction thanks to the cyclonic technology common today in all these products, both the brand and other manufacturers.  

From here, Dyson has developed a wide range that goes from household vacuum cleaners to car vacuum cleaners, with a design that leaves almost nothing to battery-powered vacuum cleaners that are still sold for the car. Its products are also equipped with an additional image point so that the quality goes far beyond the mere product. If you are willing to pay the extra for this technology, buying a Dyson device will be helpful.

With more than a century old behind it, Electrolux remains one of the leading companies. The company was founded in Sweden in 1910 and shortly after that gets its first success with a kerosene lamp that would even be used in the headlights for a long time. The first vacuum cleaner would arrive in 1912, selling through the door-to-door system and having considerable success in the market.

Subsequently, other advances such as the first refrigerator in 1930, the first freezer in 1956, and the first refrigerator in 1959 will arrive. From this point on, the group continues to focus on development and buying different companies in the sector worldwide to consolidate its current position with 28% of the world market and sales of more than 100,000 million Swedish kronor.

In the vacuum market, we have already seen how those one hundred years are also those of experience in the product, so it is not surprising that Electrolux products are technologically advanced and offer excellent comfort and cleanliness to users.

Ufesa is one of the many brands of household appliances that have been based in the Basque Country. Emerged as a cooperative of manufacturers (Ufesa means Unión de Manufacturers de Electrodomésticos SA), the company was taking positions in the market of small appliances with all kinds of products until leading the market in Spain and Portugal.

All this resisting the famous envy of Asian manufacturers that shook the company but did not tear it down. However, to obtain better results, the company was sold in 1998 to a subsidiary of the Bosch group, which with this purchase, was made with a traditional brand and gained market share while Ufesa accessed the new top-level know-how.

This is where their new products come from, such as their motor vacuum cleaners, inspired by Bosch’s powerful design and have even been embodied in some steam models, perfect for cleaning and disinfecting in a single pass.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: A hand spiradora or a robot?

When it comes to offering optimal cleaning to the home and with a minimum of effort, technology puts at your fingertips various adaptable tools according to your needs. In the case of handheld vacuum cleaners, you will have a light and practical device that favors daily cleaning in places where a conventional vacuum cleaner does not arrive. The robot vacuum cleaners are often used as an ideal complement to clean the floor of the Busiest areas of the home. You can have both devices since their functions are different and can be complemented to achieve deep cleaning.

Q2: For what was the handheld vacuum designed?

The handheld vacuum cleaner emerged from the need to offer a lightweight, compact, easy-to-use product with the ability to clean quickly and keep the home always impeccable. With these vacuum cleaners, you can perform daily cleaning of furniture and floors and occasional aspirates of some accidental spillage.

Thanks to this, more work and effort are avoided by preventing dirt from accumulating. Today these devices can offer modern designs with wireless technology and models that work traditionally connected to the mains.

Q3: Are handheld vacuum cleaners useful?

These cleaning tools have made a dent in many homes around the world. Its benefits and utility have no discussion since they are efficient at the time of cleaning, but they are also comfortable to use, and their costs are very competitive. They are multifunctional vacuum cleaners that offer great performance when it comes to vacuuming, both at home, in the office, as well as they are ideal for keeping the car free of dirt.

This appliance is the most suitable for keeping the sofa free of crumbs or pet hair. It is also capable of efficiently vacuuming the ashes and dust; They are also effective in cleaning the laptop keyboard, window rails, blinds, and any other corner of difficult access.

Q4: How should I repair a handheld vacuum?

First of all, it is recommended that you make sure that your vacuum cleaner still has its current guarantee. In which case do not try to fix it yourself, take it to the technical service, and there the experts will be in charge of repairing the damage or, in any case, they will exchange it for another team. If the warranty has expired, you will have to look for the fault in question and proceed to solve the possible damage.

First, read the manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, verify that the plug and the cable work correctly; Also, check that it is not overheated, as some models stop operation when they are overheated. Make sure it does not have any object causing an obstruction, it is also important that you check the dirt container, and if it is full, you must empty it.

Excess dust or lint could prevent proper operation and decrease suction power. If the problem continues, it is best to take the device to a specialized store.

Q5: A hand or broom spirer, which one is better?

The floor cleaning has its ally in a broom vacuum cleaner. These devices are the most recommended for vacuuming carpets, tapestries, ceramic floors, parquet, vinyl, or any other material.

These cleaning tools include a deposit that collects dust and dirt and keeps it away from our hands. Many vacuum cleaners are battery-operated, which favors freedom of movement without relying on a plug.

Nowadays, technology has designed models of broom vacuum cleaners that can easily be converted into handheld vacuum cleaners, thanks to a design that allows the extraction of basic parts. For this reason, the cleaning task is not only complimented but also becomes a task that you can do in a short time and with a minimum of effort.


Buying Guide – What is the best handheld vacuum cleaner on the market?


Dust accumulates anywhere in the house, especially in areas that are difficult to access due to its height or design; Reaching them with any device is complicated. Therefore, many people are looking for handheld vacuum cleaners to reach these sites without much effort.


Depending on the power, these devices’ suction capacity can vary; for that reason, it is important that when making your comparative of handheld vacuum cleaners, you look at this aspect.

Before determining which is the best handheld vacuum, you must consider the utility that you will give it. If you need to perform demanding tasks, such as vacuuming the car or areas where too much dirt accumulates, it would be best to choose powerful models.

Depending on the type of work to be done, it may be sufficient to use models that work at 350 W of power, which can probably suck a considerable amount of dust quickly, which will allow you to complete the cleaning in less time.

But, on the other hand, if the cleaning work that you are going to carry out is simpler, then it will not be necessary for you to use such powerful equipment, it will be enough with those models that operate at a maximum power of 22, 65 or 100 W.

On the other hand, since each job is different, you need to adjust the power level to their demands. There is equipment that allows them to regulate it; thus, they contribute to achieving better results during the cleaning process.


The more movements the machine allows you to perform, the greater your chances of accessing elevated or very remote areas. For that reason, in this guide to buying the best handheld vacuum, we recommend evaluating if the equipment to be selected guarantees you good mobility.

There are vacuum cleaners with or without wires. The former get their energy directly from the power grid, which allows them to work at a higher power level, but because they must remain connected to the plug, their mobility will depend on the cable’s length.

If you do not want to miss the advantages offered by a powerful handheld vacuum, nor do you want to give up maintaining a good level of mobility, then you can try those models that have long cables, some measure up to 5 meters of Length, for that reason, allows you to move more freely from side to side.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who avoid the cables, it will be better to do the cleaning with the wireless vacuum cleaners, which allow you to move around all the rooms without ties.


This aspect is more related to cable-free models, as the other type of vacuum cleaners can be used for as long as is considered necessary.

Wireless handheld vacuum cleaners must be charged for a considerable time and, depending on the level of autonomy they offer. They can be used continuously for 30 minutes or more.

If the period during which it is in operation is very short, you will have to notice that the charging process does not take long, so its energy can be increased in just a few minutes and thus continue with cleaning the house the car.

How much a vacuum cost is a question that may arise when making your purchase. Still, the price of these products varies depending on their different characteristics. Although some models are expensive, you will also be able to find a good option in the market and economy that fits the budget you have available.


Performing cleaning can be complicated. Therefore, in addition to ensuring you have the equipment to facilitate this process, you also need to evaluate the level of comfort they provide.

If you do not want to make an excessive effort to clean, it is necessary that you look for a device with an ergonomic grip that you can hold comfortably, and that it is light, so you can manipulate it more easily and without getting tired in excess.

The dimensions of the suction fittings, tubes, and other similar elements also deserve to be checked. Vacuum cleaners with small nozzles are suitable for absorbing accumulated dust in confined spaces not reached by larger equipment.

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