10 Best Fujitsu Air Conditioner [2021 Updated]

The air conditioners have many designs that can confuse you and leave you in doubt about which air conditioner to buy. We have designed this guide to help you choose and let you know the most important features you should consider before going to the store to pay or make your purchase online.

Due to the extremes in the temperatures of the different seasons of the year, it will be important to have an air conditioner that gives you great cooling in summer and gives you important heating in winter. Not all equipment has this double functionality. However, the fact of not having it does not mean that the equipment does not work.

The electrical consumption of the product is another aspect to evaluate. You will not want to have the best climate and atmosphere of freshness or heat at home, with excessive amounts in billing for electricity consumption. Also, with low consumption, you will be helping and favoring the environment.

When you are looking for a Split model, you should consider the size of both units of the equipment, because that way you will know if you have the right place and space to install them.

The noise level will be a good aspect to take into consideration. Surely, you want to place it in the room to sleep and rest pleasantly, but it will not be the most appropriate for the team to generate a level of noise so high that it takes away the tranquility and comfort that the air flowing from the device can give you.

Your choice is adjusted to your needs, and you get a quality product for the good climate of your home. We present a comparative guide of Fujitsu air conditioners, with a model of relevant characteristics, which could be adjusted to those you want.


Rank#1: Fujitsu Split 3NGF8700

This dual equipment is smart to invest your money since it has cooling and heating power to adjust to your needs and at different times of the year, so you won’t have to spend more money.

Main features  


It has a power of 2500W for cooling so you will feel a pleasant and exquisite cold that will make you feel, like, calm and very relaxed after a hard and busy workday.

It has 3200 W during heating. This indicates that it can reach high levels of heat at the time you require it. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy it during the day or night to get the heating necessary to combat the low temperatures that nature offers.

The noise level of this model is very low. Users have indicated that they are satisfied with their purchase and point out that being a very quiet team is an excellent advantage.

Design and dimensions

It has a design that allows great energy efficiency and thus contributes to the environment. Currently, it is very important to have equipment that has this characteristic and thus contribute to safeguarding the land and increasingly reducing uncontrolled energy consumption.

The indoor unit dimensions are 820 x 206 x 262mm, so you must make the corresponding measurements and know if you have the right space and location to enjoy this great Fujitsu 3NGF8700 air conditioner fully.

After you have calculated that if you can locate it in the living room, the room, the kitchen, among others, you can verify the measurements of the outdoor unit that reaches dimensions of 663 x 293 x 535mm. However, this unit is easier to locate but requires more conservation and care as it will be exposed to receive both rain and sun.


During its operation, you can adjust the cold or heat you want to receive from the equipment in degrees Celsius. This will depend on the environment and your particular needs every day.

In refrigeration, you can vary from +18 to + 43 ° C, so you can adjust according to what you find most comfortable; It should be noted that not all people can withstand the same temperature levels.

While in heating, its temperature ranges between -15 and + 24 ° C. This will be an important aspect because it is difficult for many people to withstand the cold weather that takes over the towns and cities in the winter.

With this equipment, you will reach high levels of operation that will allow you to give it a very practical use both at home and in the office. A good taste for you and yours, with an ecological efficiency, would not be bad at any time of the year, so we always look for a product with the quality of this Fujitsu air conditioner.



  • Among the benefits of this issue, it is notable its high levels of cold and heat, so all users expect its performance.


  • Some clients point out that assembly can be difficult, but they recommend that there are tutorials on the web about how to complete the process correctly.

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