The Best Electric Ovens For Baking Of 2019

Among many appliances available in the market, the best electric ovens for baking are always a good option to have a practical and efficient product in your kitchen, ideal for cooking some foods while maintaining the temperature control you want at all times. Thus, we present some models such as the Moulinex OX464810 with 6 cooking modes and a temperature regulator from 100 to 240 degrees. Also, its capacity is 33 liters. For its part, the Cecotec Bake & Toast 450 model offers you a power of 1000w, as well as an adjustable temperature up to 230 degrees Celsius.

Comparison table of best electric ovens for baking 

Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven

  • This electric oven has a power of 1600w, as well as a total capacity of 33 liters to cook the amount of food you prefer. In addition, its dimensions make it fit into any space easily.
  • Users miss the presence of an interior light to easily see the process of cooking food when necessary.
  • If you want to have at your disposal a practical and functional electric oven, you could opt for this option, which in addition to offering you quality is available at a good price.

ZLMI Mini Electric Oven, Household Multifunction Oven

  • If your family is small and you want to spoil it by preparing your best baked recipes, you could purchase this model sponsored by the Cecotec brand, as it offers you a total of 10 liters of capacity, as well as reduced dimensions.
  • Although it is a very practical oven, some users mention that its exterior can get hot, and can cause burns if care is not taken.
  • If you are looking for a small oven, functional and capable of satisfying your needs, the Bake & Toast 450 model might be the right choice for you.

Oster French Convection Countertop & Toaster Oven

  • Being able to enjoy a comfortable and safe use of this electric oven will be very easy, thanks to the telescopic guide system available inside it ideal for you to easily insert and remove the trays without risking burns.
  • Some users comment that the controls available in the structure of the oven are made of plastic, which they consider could be less resistant than metal, for example.
  • This electric oven could offer you the functionality you need to prepare your favorite recipes and spoil your family thanks to the capacity and power level with which it works.

The best electric ovens for baking of 2020

The best electric ovens for baking have always been considered an essential appliance in the kitchen, since they are a very efficient device with which to be able to carry out the cooking of different meals in a comfortable and simple way. In this sense, there are many options available in the market, each with totally different characteristics capable of adapting to the requirements of each one. Thus, we invite you, then, to meet some models that might well meet your needs and those of your family.

Rank #1: Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven

If you are looking for the best price-quality and best electric oven for baking this could be a good option for you. It is an electric oven with a modern design ideal for desktop with dimensions of 53.6 x 33.4 x 37.7 centimeters.

It should be noted that it includes 6 cooking modes including the pastry mode, traditional cooking, grill, defrosting function, convection and water bath with which to prepare the richest recipes at home.

As for its power, it is 1600w, therefore, this small electric oven will give you the functionality you need to cook your recipes. In addition, its total capacity is 33 liters while its temperature can be regulated from 100 to 240 degrees Celsius.

This best electric ovens for the baking model has a 120-minute timer, a light connected to the thermostat that will be activated when the oven reaches the indicated temperature. In addition, it is supplied with reversible grilles and a baking tray.

If you are not sure which electric oven to buy you could look at the details it has to offer you this model sponsored by the Moulinex brand.


Dimensions: This electric oven has dimensions of 53.6 x 33.4 x 37.7 centimeters that could easily fit in any space.

Cooking modes: In terms of its operation, this oven includes 6 cooking modes that will allow you to prepare different recipes.

Practical: A very practical model thanks to its 1600w of power and 33 liters of capacity, which offers you quality operation before the preparation of each recipe.


Interior light: This oven does not have an interior light, therefore, for some users, it is difficult to see the process of cooking food.

Rank #2: ZLMI Mini Electric Oven, Household Multifunction Oven

Among the cheapest ovens on the market is the Cecotec Bake & Toast 450 model, an electric tabletop oven capable of satisfying your needs thanks to its 10 liters capacity with which to cook a considerable amount of food.

It is also a cheap electric oven made of lacquered steel, while the door has a double glass of great resistance and special to maintain the temperature inside.

For its part, the operation of this model depends on a halogen protected resistors that will be heated instantly using a power of 1000w to cook your favorite foods. Likewise, its temperature is adjustable up to 230 degrees Celsius.

It should be noted that thanks to the timer included in this oven you can cook the best recipes indicating a maximum time of 60 minutes while taking up your time in other tasks. In addition, it includes with its purchase a baking sheet, a grill and a clamp with handles.

If you want to carry out the purchase of a good electric oven but your pocket is tight, you could opt for this model considered among the cheapest in the market but with a variety of details to offer.


Capacity: This electric oven offers a maximum capacity of 10 liters with which to prepare different recipes in considerable quantities.

Manufacturing: As for its manufacture, the structure of the oven is lacquered steel, while the door has a double glass of great resistance.

Operation: This model works by means of protected halogen resistors that heat up instantly to start cooking your food.


Cooking: Some users comment that during the cooking of food, this oven is usually improperly heated outside, and may cause burns on the hands when accidentally touched.

Rank #3: Oster French Convection Countertop & Toaster Oven

When you see so many models available in the market you will surely ask yourself which is the best electric oven that you could acquire to prepare different easy and simple recipes at home.

That is why we present the electric oven Oster French Convection, an appliance that gives you the possibility to make comfortable and safe use of it thanks to the telescopic guides that it has inside. Being removable you could easily place the trays, as well as take them out and put them in without risking burning.

It should be noted that it is a resistant and quality product thanks to its stainless steel fabrication and its ideal interior enamel to facilitate the cleaning process after each use.

The total capacity of this oven is 57 liters while its function modes are 5 in total so you can prepare different meals.

Teka could undoubtedly be the best brand of electric ovens available in the market. In this way, we present some advantages available in your Oster French Convection model.


Telescopic guides: Thanks to the telescopic guides that this electric oven has, you can easily slide, remove and insert the oven trays.

Resistance: This best electric oven for baking could give you the resistance you need, thanks to its stainless steel fabrication.

Cleaning: Due to the enameling available inside the electric oven the cleaning process will be much easier and faster.


Controls: Users comment that the controls available in the oven could be more resistant, as other models offer. However, it has other attractive features.

Rank#4: Hamilton Beach 31104D Countertop Oven

If you are looking for a simple and functional oven, it will always be necessary to have the right information to find the model that suits your needs.

In this sense, the Hamilton brand presents a simple but efficient model with which to carry out the cooking of simple recipes at home, since its power is 800w, while its capacity is 8 liters in total.

Like other models, it also has a 15-minute timer, which can be especially useful for those who cook and perform different tasks at the same time. Also, the best of all is that if you own a small kitchen, the existence of this mini electric oven in it will not be a nuisance thanks to its reduced measures of 43 x 24.6 x 24.6 centimeters.

If you are looking for an electric oven with which to prepare simple recipes, we invite you to learn a little about the advantages offered by this specific model.


Power: This oven offers a power of 800w with which to enjoy proper operation for the preparation of different recipes.

Capacity: The capacity of this model is 8 liters in total, ideal to prepare a special amount of food for one or two people.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this electric oven are 43 x 24.6 x 24.6 centimeters. So it can be considered as a suitable model for kitchens.


Door: Different users ensure that the door has to be forced a little to close properly. Therefore, you should consider this detail before purchase.

Rank #5: GASLAND Single Wall Oven

GASLAND has for you what could be the best electric oven available in the market, it is the ES606MB model, which offers you conventional cooking due to the simultaneous heat fusion that is generated in the oven once it is turned on. This allows you to carry out the preparation of different cakes, as well as cookies and other recipes that you need that have a crunchy surface.

It is also a built-in electric oven with a power of 9500w, ideal to prepare the recipes you prefer to spoil your family. In addition, its capacity is 65 liters in total, which can be enough to make multi-portion dishes.

If we talk about its design, this oven is available in black with silver, while in its structure you will find a small LED screen where you can observe its programming. Likewise, its dimensions are 56.7 centimeters wide, 59.4 centimeters long and 59.5 centimeters high.

For those looking for a built-in oven, this option could be the one indicated. Thus, then, you will be able to know some of the advantages offered by the theES606MB model of the GASLAND brand.


Power: This model offers you a power of 9500w with which to enjoy the best operation of the oven during the cooking of the food you need.

Capacity: The total capacity of this electric oven is 65 liters, therefore, you can prepare the number of meals you want without inconvenience.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this built-in oven are 56.7 x 59, 4 x 59.5 centimeters capable of adapting to the space available in your kitchen


Accessories: Some users may miss some special device to prepare roasted chickens.

Pyrolytic electric oven

Rank #6: Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef's Convection Toaster Oven

Among the best electric ovens of 2019 is the EOC3430FOX model sponsored by the Electrolux brand. This same one is characterized by the practicality and functionality that it offers to be able to carry out the cooking of different foods, at the same time that it facilitates the cleaning process in its interior for greater comfort.

It is a pyrolytic electric oven that offers two cleaning cycles to leave your interior as new and ready for a next use. In this sense, you could start the function by pressing a key, in this way the waste will become ashes that you can then easily remove.

Likewise, its advanced technology, the oven will even indicate when cleaning inside is necessary. On the other hand, this model offers you a total of 72 liters of capacity while its energy classification is of type A +.

Among so many options available in the market this model could be the best electric oven of the moment, therefore, we invite you to know some of its most relevant features.


Cleaning:  Being a pyrolytic model, you can enjoy two very useful cleaning cycles to keep the oven always in excellent condition.

Advanced technology: This oven will indicate when necessary the cleaning of its interior so that you activate the cleaning cycle.

Capacity: The capacity of this oven is 72 liters. Therefore, you can prepare enough food for the whole family.


Instructions for use: According to the comments of some users, the instructions for using the oven can be a bit complex in terms of programming.

Rank #7: Toshiba AC25CEW-SS Digital Oven

Toshiba offers you an electric oven with a comfortable, fast and ecological operating method. In this sense, you can keep it in good condition thanks to the cleaning function that includes called aqualysis.

As for its design, it is a steel model that could easily combine with your modern and dynamic kitchen, taking into account that the dimensions of the oven are 59.4 x 59.5 x 54.8 cm. Also, the oven has two controls and a touch display for programming.

It should be noted that this model has special guides with an innovative brake mechanism, which will allow you to easily position the trays without getting burned. In addition, thanks to the swing door of this Balay electric oven you can position it where you prefer since this opening system easily adapts to any type of kitchen.

Considering each of the features that this best electric oven for baking can offer you will help you choose among all the most suitable for your kitchen. Therefore, do not miss any unnoticed details.


Aqualisis: Thanks to the cleaning function called aqualisis available in this oven, you can enjoy an easy cleaning process.

Design: This oven has a special design for modern kitchens thanks to its steel finish that assumes quality and resistance.

Guides: The guides that have this electric oven will allow you to carry out an easy positioning of the trays in the oven every time you go to use it.


Rosticero: To mention a fault about this product, it should be noted that the oven does not have a roaster unlike other models available in the market.

Rank #8: Panasonic FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven

Among a wide variety of electric ovens available in the market, a model sponsored by the Panasonic brand could not be missing, since it offers a large line of special appliances to meet your needs, and this is no exception.

This time,  this Panasonic electric oven offers you a capacity of 71 liters, while its 7 cooking modes allow you to prepare a variety of recipes easily.

Also, as for the telescopic guides that this model has, they will allow you to easily insert and remove the tray from the inside of the oven, therefore, you can enjoy a much more comfortable and safe operation.

On the other hand, it is essential that you know that thanks to the smooth surface and no recesses available inside the oven, you can enjoy a much easier and simpler level of cleaning. Likewise, for greater safety, this product is provided with child insurance.

If you want to buy a good electric oven you should look at all the details that the model that most attracts your attention can offer you.


Capacity: The capacity of this oven is 71 liters, therefore, you will have the opportunity to prepare the amount of food you want.

Cooking modes: There are 7 cooking modes that this electric oven has for you to make different recipes easily.

Telescopic guides: The telescopic guides available in this oven, it will be much easier to insert and remove the trays.


Cost: To mention a fault about this model, it should be noted that its price is a bit high.

Guide to buying an electric oven

The ovens have always been an essential appliance in the kitchen to carry out the preparation of the family’s favorite recipes. It should be noted that today there are many types of them, among which are those electric and capable of providing you with the functionality you need to have the food ready and with the flavor you are looking for. Thus, if you are in the search for a specific model, then we will show you a guide to buying the best electric oven, where you can know each of the aspects that you must take into account to achieve a successful purchase.

Shopping guide

Types of electric ovens

At the time of carrying out the creation of a comparison of electric ovens, you must take into account each of the types available in the market, to corroborate which of them fits your needs.

In this sense, there is those electric ovens ideal for small families or couples, it is that desktop model characterized by facilitating the task of heating some food, as well as carrying out the cooking of simple but rich and nutritious recipes. These generally have small measures so they tend to adapt to any space where you decide to place them.

On the other hand, there are also multifunction ovens that stand out for the practicality they offer before each use. Well, as the name says, they include in your system a variety of functions that will allow you to prepare different types of recipes in the easiest and most comfortable way possible. These are considered mid-range in the market and have a fan in the rear, special to distribute heat evenly to each space of the oven. In this way, you could always enjoy uniform cooking in all your foods.

They could not miss the pyrolytic type, named for its cleaning system included among the variety of functions they have to offer. In this sense, it is a special oven that facilitates its cleaning by being able to reach a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, in this way all food waste is burned and then can be cleaned more easily.

Power and capacity

In addition to looking at a good and economical electric oven, you should take into account such important details as for example the power and capacity offered by the model that most attracts your attention.

Therefore, do not miss this characteristic, since some models offer you from 800, 1600 and up to 9500w of power. It also happens with the capacity of the oven, while large, the greater the possibility of cooking a considerable amount of food to please the palate of the whole family.

Easy to use

Like any user, you will surely want to purchase an oven that is capable of giving you the ease of use you need, to enjoy a pleasant experience before each use. That is why, you should consider this detail before making the purchase.

It should be noted that in the market there are many brands of electric ovens and each of them puts at your disposal an appliance with really functional characteristics, however, some models are always more complex than others, so looking at each detail will not hurt.

In this sense, you could consider an electric oven with digital controls, these in addition to being the most modern today, are capable of giving you an excellent appearance while you carry out comfortable and simple programming to cooking your food easily.


During the search for an electric oven in addition to looking at how much a specific model costs it would also be appropriate to measure the level of practicality that it can offer you before each use. In this sense, the most appropriate would be to confirm if you have a timer and temperature control.

Thus, having an electric oven that has a timer will let you carry out the preparation of your favorite recipes and can control the cooking time you want for each meal. In this way, you could even take advantage of your time in other tasks by being sure that you will not run the risk of food being burned.

Similarly, in terms of temperature control, this characteristic is undoubtedly one of the most important when deciding on an electric oven, since only then could you adjust the level of heat you need inside the oven, to provide to your meals the level of cooking that they deserve to leave them in their point?

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to make homemade bread in an electric oven?

To prepare some homemade baked bread you must make the corresponding mixture using water, sugar, salt, flour and finally the yeast. Once you achieve a spongy consistency in the dough you will have to let it rest for a few minutes in a large bowl, covering with a dishcloth that is dry and clean. In this way, it is time to preheat the electric oven by placing its temperature at about 250 degrees Celsius. Subsequently, introduce the dough into the oven and let it cook for about 25 or 30 minutes observing through the glass every so often that the dough is not toasting much. If so, lower the temperature a little until the bread is finally ready.

Q2: How to roast suckling lamb in an electric oven?

After having chosen the piece of the lamb that you want to roast in the electric oven, you must prepare it not before putting said oven to heat at a temperature of 220 degrees Celsius. In this way, proceed to place water on the lamb, at least one or two glasses. Then, add salt to taste and then put it in the oven. The cooking will last an hour and a half approximately, therefore, at the end of the hour and ten minutes, it would be ideal for you to turn the lamb so that the other side of it can be roasted, thus achieving uniform cooking.

Q3: How to clean the electric oven?

There are different ways to clean your electric oven after each use or even when you have neglected your toilet for days. Some people recommend cleaning with baking soda. To do this you would first have to pour a few tablespoons of baking soda in a container accompanied by a little water, so you should make a mixture until you get a paste, the same that you will have to spread throughout the interior of the electric oven. Now, let stand for 15 minutes and then proceed to remove all the mixture together with the dirt with the help of a damp cloth and ready, you can enjoy again an electric oven in excellent condition.

Q4: How to use an electric oven?

According to the recommendations of some users, if you use the electric oven for the first time, it would be best to read the instruction manual where you can find the most relevant information about the functions included in the model you have purchased. Also, you would have to position it in a safe place where ventilation is not cold since even the temperature that may exist outside could influence the operation of the oven before each use. If you are going to prepare a meal, you would have to define what type of use you will give it, therefore, do not exceed its maximum capacity, so that you can enjoy excellent cooking of the food. In this way, every time you finish using the oven, open the door slightly and let stand for a few minutes until the oven cools,

Q5: How to connect an electric oven and a vitro to the same outlet?

Before the connection of these two appliances such as the electric oven and the vitro in the same outlet, many users wonder if an electrical problem could occur. The truth is that as long as a good connection of the appliances is carried out there will be no risk. In this sense, the only thing you should confirm is that the plug has a capacity in watts compatible with the connection of these two products and that’s it. The rest could be left in charge of a professional who can perform the complete installation, making sure everything works perfectly.

Q6: How to install an electric oven?

Performing the installation of an electric oven is easy and simple as long as you take into account every detail available in the instruction manual. In this sense, the first thing that you will have to confirm is that space where you are going to mount it is in optimal conditions and that, of course, it has the appropriate measures to be able to fit the oven without inconveniences. Now, as for the electrical connection, you must verify if the electrical network is prepared to receive the power of the same and if it has the special grounding to avoid inconveniences. Generally, manufacturers of these products recommend leaving this job in the hands of a certified and professional electrician.

Q7: How to roast a piglet in an electric oven?

To roast a piglet in the oven in your kitchen you must clean it beforehand and remove the bowels, then open it in half from the head to the spine and with the help of some planks place it with the ribs up on the plate of the tray preventing the crust stick to it and then spray the coarse salt and add half a liter of water right on the tray and between your ribs. While the piglet is getting ready put the electric oven to preheat to about 180 degrees Celsius and then introduce it for 1 hour 30 minutes. As time goes by, verify that the piglet does not run out of the water, and once the previously named time has passed, turn the animal over,

Q8: How to grill peppers in the electric oven?

The first thing you should do is place aluminum foil on the baking sheet. Then turn on the same and set to about 200 degrees Celsius to warm. Now, place the peppers on the tray and sprinkle olive oil and a little salt on each. Insert the tray in the oven and lower its temperature to 180 degrees Celsius. Let them cook for 50 minutes and that’s it.

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