Best Ducted Air Conditioner

What Is The Best Ducted Air Conditioner In 2020?


There is a wide variety of models of air conditioners and you must be very clear where you will install the design you are going to acquire. This will help you make your choice more appropriate to what you really need, but you should also know other of the most important features to consider when buying an air conditioner that we will show below.

A very prominent and valuable aspect in an air conditioner is its cooling and heating air system. If you have the opportunity to get adequate temperatures to regulate both cold and heat in a single product, it would be ideal.

The functionality of the air conditioning will be important to consider. You can count on a portable, split, ducted air, among others. This will depend on the utility you are going to give and the space you need to cover.

You must also evaluate the energy efficiency of the equipment. The greater energy savings, the greater your contribution to environmental conservation. In addition, it will always be important to reduce costs that will surely serve for additional expenses at home.

The noise level is an aspect that may not attract your attention before buying, but you will definitely appreciate it after having the equipment installed in your room. It would be very pleasant to enjoy excellent freshness without disturbances or constant noise that interferes with the rest.

You can not fail to evaluate the area that can cover that air you are going to buy. It is an aspect that will tell you if you will be able to bring cold or hot air to those spaces or rooms that you wish to reach. You can find this value expressed in cubic meters per hour.

We present below a model that will be a great help, which we have added to this comparative guide of the best air conditioners ducted, based on the opinion of the users.



Fujitsu ACY71UiA-LM


Main advantage

The cooling, heating and cooling levels of this ducted air conditioner allows you to offer adequate performance based on your design and structure.


Main disadvantage

The 40 kg of equipment weight may become too much in areas where there is not enough space, but this is not a big limitation.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

A team with an A ++ energy classification, which helps you to cool or heat your home efficiently and with less impact on your electricity bill.



Main features explained


Design and dimensions

It is designed to be adapted to any network of ducts with high pressure so that the air flow reaches the last places you want to reach.

You can work with a wide range of pressure, which allows you to develop your full potential to expand through the ducts and reach all corners with the same performance of the first meters.

The indoor unit has dimensions of 113.5 X 27 X 70cm so that you can locate it with great comfort and precision, in order to have a proper operation and reach the end of the ducts efficiently.

The outdoor unit has the measurements of 79 X 57.8 X 31.5 cm, which you can easily place and thus achieve the desired operation.

The weight of the indoor unit is 38 kg and the outdoor unit is 44 kg, so that you take it into account when making the installation or the base on which you plan to install them.



To know exactly the capacity of this air conditioner, you should know that it is capable of covering up to 1100 cubic meters per hour, with which you can determine if it will be adequate for what you have planned or if it adapts to what is under construction .

It is classified as a great energy saver in the A ++ category, so you can use this equipment for longer than other models without altering the level of consumption.

It is a quite silent product that can develop its maximum power without producing annoying noises that alter the calm and tranquility of the users of this air conditioner.

It can work excellently even on very high ceilings, so its capabilities will not be reduced and you will enjoy them at all times and in a wide variety of rooms.



It has a remote control that will allow you to make all the necessary adjustments and changes for a better operation of the air conditioning.

This accessory will allow you to work in a very easy and practical way.

You can also adjust the temperature levels both cold and hot. Therefore you will enjoy all its benefits in different climates and in the presence of very low or very high temperatures without affecting its operation.

For the temperature in refrigeration it can go from -15 to 24 ° C and thus adjust according to your need, your tastes or those of your family, to maintain a pleasant stay.

For the heating temperature you can make the necessary adjustments from 10 to 46 ° C and thus avoid and combat those very low temperatures that in some occasions can cause hypothermia if the corresponding measures are taken.



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