TOP 10 Best Dry And Wet Vacuum Cleaners [ 2021 Updated ]

Finding a dry and wet vacuum cleaner is very useful, as it will help you maintain cleanliness without making too much effort and stop caring about the fact that the area is wet or dry. Thus, to choose the best dry and wet vacuum cleaners you must look at the level of power that the device has, on the storage capacity, understanding that the larger the tank is, you will lose less time when you have to empty it, have good mobility when using it, etc.

Since the offers in the market are very varied, we made an analysis and study of the different options available, finding that the Kärcher WD 3 Premium model is the most favored by users and experts, for its power of 1000 W and 17 liters of storage, in addition to a stainless steel manufacturing that makes it very resistant and with the additional blowing function. The second proposal that we must mention is the Einhell TE-VC 2230 SA model, which increases the power to 1150 watts, has a 30-liter tank, and a high-efficiency system in terms of energy consumption.


TOP 10 Best Dry And Wet Vacuum Cleaners [ 2021 Updated ]

Traditional vacuum cleaners are very useful products until they run into moisture. Few people know the advantages of a mixed vacuum and do not know its functions, so with this guide to buying the best dry and wet vacuum, we hope to answer your questions about it.

Rank#1: Karcher Wd3/Mv3 Vacuum Cleaner

Dry and wet vacuum cleaner whose power positions it among the first purchase options of the users, also, its containment bag is spacious enough to perform a long cleaning task with peace of mind. As for its mobility, apart from being light equipment, it also has wheels and even a carrying handle.

Main Features 

Power and containment capacity

Kärcher 1.629-880.0 is a model of dry and wet vacuum cleaners whose power is located in the mid-high range of this type of cleaning device. It has a force stipulated by the manufacturer in 1400 W that works together with a 230-volt voltage. It is then a team of efficiency marked and positioned among the best teams, this thanks to the positive opinions of buyers worldwide.

At the same time, it is important to refer to its container tank made of stainless steel. With an excellent capacity of 17 liters, so we can affirm that we are in the presence of a high resistance device and therefore guaranteed durability. It also incorporates a cartridge filter in charge of helping in the effective and even rapid aspiration and elimination of both waste and dust accumulated in the different spaces of the house, vehicles, and others.


An adequate mobility system is essential to transport the equipment and have sufficient stability at the time of performing each period of aspiration with full confidence and comfort. In the specific case of the dry and wet vacuum cleaners Kärcher 1.629-880.0, it is relevant to indicate that its structure has four wheels on the base with its respective brake on two of them, they work together with its ergonomic carrying handle, being able to Thus each of the users who have the pleasure of incorporating this equipment among their daily cleaning elements, achieve great and even reliable stability and mobility when using it.

These are only part of the positive reasons, which day by day have been responsible for positioning this model of dry and wet vacuum cleaners among the top places in the user shopping lists worldwide.


With dimensions of 38.8 x 34 x 50.2 centimeters and 6 kilograms, the Kärcher 1.629-880.0 model of dry and wet vacuum cleaners is presented in the cleaning appliances market. This design has a robust plastic structure that is highly resistant in black and yellow tones, and a stainless steel container, materials responsible for ensuring a long service life for such equipment.

As for their functions, they have reinforced thanks to the accessories incorporated with this product, such as a removable filter, nozzle adapters for suction of e.g., dust or sawdust, and additionally, the function of a blow to remove waste, spider webs, among others. It also provides a second adapter with interchangeable parts intended for hard surfaces and liquids, respectively. At the same time, the manufacturer adds both two extension tubes and a storage bag.



  • It has enough power and storage capacity to remove dust, moisture, waste, among others.


  • Users have agreed that this dry and wet vacuum cleaner does not have accessories to be used for cleaning areas located inside the car.

 If you want to know our opinion about which is the best dry – wet vacuum cleaner, you may need to know a little more about the Vacmaster Professional Vacuum cleaner: this excellent cleaning tool has a great power of 1150 watts, for what you can use with the security of finishing and removing all the dirt that may be present inside and outside your home.

It also has an energy-saving system, ECO Power, which will allow you to use your vacuum cleaner, consuming the minimum possible energy and producing practically zero noise thanks to its high-performance Bi-Turbo silent engine.

In addition to everything, it has a reservoir of up to 30 liters, which is incredible and quite comfortable if you do large suction work. Without a doubt, one of the best options to acquire among dry and wet vacuum cleaners in the market.

If you plan to make this purchase with a defined budget, then we will show you the pros and cons of the Vacmaster Professional Vacuum cleaner, which is the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the opinion of many users for 150 euros.




It is designed with ecological technology to achieve low energy consumption, reducing it by up to 50% less than usual to be friendly to the environment.


It is a very silent device, so you can use it comfortably without generating noise pollution.


Its waste storage tank has 30 liters, so you can do several cleaning days without having to empty repeatedly.


It includes a three-meter long suction tube, so it has a good reach for ease of use.


It has the function of blowing to remove the dust or clean various surfaces with the vacuum cleaner without making great efforts.



Rank#3: Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

 If you are still not at all convinced, it may be convenient for you to know a little more about the details of a largely dry and wet vacuum cleaner such as the Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum: this excellent vacuum cleaner has a series of accessories of different nozzles that they will allow access to places that are difficult to reach to guarantee total cleaning even in the most remote corners of your home.

It has a power of 1300 watts and an airflow of 35 dm3 / s, which is more than enough so you can blow all the dirt you can have in slits, recesses, gutters, and many other corners.

The dimensions of the 6131, which are 55 x 35 x 53 centimeters, will allow you to easily store it in any corner without taking up too much space so it can go unnoticed and will not break the harmony of your decoration.

Now, we present the pros and cons of the Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum. If you still don’t know which dry and wet vacuum cleaner to buy, this can help you decide.




It includes various accessories that facilitate cleaning various surfaces, including a special accessory for grooves, a washbasin head, and a combined brush.

Water tank:

It has a water tank, in addition to waste, with a capacity of four liters that will allow you to clean more comfortably.

Washing shampoo:

Several of its accessories have a special compartment to add the shampoo or washing soap, to have better results in the cleaning process.


It also has four wheels and its respective handle, to provide good mobility at all times.




The water tank capacity is insufficient for some users, but this will depend on the amount of water you spend in each space.


Rank#4: Karcher WD5/P Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

 Continuing with this selection, we want you to know the details of the best dry and wet vacuum cleaner that you can acquire in the market when studying the characteristics of the Kärcher MV 5 Premium: this magnificent vacuum offers you suction and blows power of 1800 watts, which is quite high and guarantees a deep and correct cleaning of all your furniture, carpets, fabrics, curtains, etc.

It has a 25-liter tank, which gives you the possibility of using your vacuum cleaner several times without the need to empty it every time, so you will save time and effort and also, its flat filter with automatic cleaning, will prevent you from changing it before of time and will extend its useful life. Do not hesitate and acquire one of the best water vacuum cleaners of 2020!

The Kärcher MV 5 Premium has been located by users of the best brand of dry and wet vacuum cleaners, so we will show you its pros and cons so you can consider it.




To provide a high level of performance, the vacuum cleaner has a power of 1800 W, so it will take less time to vacuum, and the results will be better.

Easy transport:

It has a strong handle and four wheels to have a better mobilization while using it.


It has an internal filter to prevent the machine from deteriorating due to the entry of particles that cannot be processed.


It is made of stainless steel and plastic, so it is resistant and should not be replaced in the long term.


It has the capacity to store 25 liters of garbage or waste, so you don’t have to empty it constantly.




Some users point out that the fact of not including more accessories is a negative aspect.


Rank#5: Karcher WD4 Vacuum Cleaner

 And finally, we have for you this excellent option among the best dry and wet vacuum cleaners cheap; the Kärcher MV 2: this large vacuum cleaner has a special nozzle to be used on the floor, so you can use it to clean wood, cement, concrete, ceramic floors, among others. It also has an easy transport handle that will allow you to comfortably move your vacuum cleaner throughout your home, and its ergonomic design guarantees comfort and ease of handling.

In addition to everything, the MV 2 of Kärcher, presents a compact and simple design, so you can easily store it anywhere without taking up too much space beside that, thanks to its design, its use is facilitated even more and even more inexperienced will be able to put it to walk very simply. Do not hesitate and acquire this excellent tool to have the cleaning of your home ready!

This option also occupies an important place among user preferences, as it is one of the cheapest vacuum cleaners in the market. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.



Compact design:

It is a vacuum cleaner with a compact design that allows it to be used easily, as it is light and not too voluptuous when transporting it.


It includes some basic accessories such as a special slot nozzle and the upholstery brush to help you perform your cleaning tasks with greater precision.


You can get far enough when vacuuming the surfaces you want, thanks to its cable measuring four meters.


It allows a good level of mobility since it has its handle and four wheels at the bottom.




For some users, the machine is noisy, but this varies according to the conditions of the place where it is used.


Rank#6: Karcher Wd3/Mv3 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

 The best dry and wet vacuum cleaner should be a high-power and easy-to-use device, and that is something offered by the Kärcher model, the WD3 Premium:

Listed as the best dry and wet quality vacuum cleaner, the premium Mv3 has a suction power of 1400 Watts, so you can be sure to thoroughly clean all those corners, carpets, ceilings, furniture, and more.

The deposit capacity of the filter is 17 liters, which allows you to aspirate moisture without any inconvenience and for the time you require without the need to empty the tank at any time.

Also, the blowing function allows you to use this vacuum cleaner even to clean your porch from those dry trees that fall from the trees and residual dust and spider webs from the corners.

To make a wise choice, we invite you to learn about the pros and cons of the Kärcher WD3 Premium, which has been listed as the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner on the market.




It is a very efficient vacuum cleaner since it has a suction power of 1400 W, so you can eliminate dust and debris in less time and with a greater degree of effectiveness.


To store waste has a tank made of stainless steel, with capacity for 17 liters, so you should not empty it constantly, and it is also made of stainless steel, so it is highly resistant.


Its cartridge filter allows you to aspirate different types of particles, even the finest, so they are very versatile vacuum cleaner.


It also has the function of blowing, which will allow you to clean your spaces easily when you need it, having a good level of power.


It has four wheels and its respective hand handle, so you can move it without problems when using it.


How to use a dry and wet vacuum cleaner

There is nothing like enjoying a clean, dust, and moisture-free stay, especially if you are allergic. Dry and wet vacuum cleaners facilitate cleaning any environment, removing almost all types of dirt that are capable of sucking this practical equipment.

Determine the power you need 

Dry and wet vacuum cleaners are recommended to clean places of considerable size, although this does not necessarily determine their use. If you have a basement or garage at home, you probably have to clean it periodically. 

If these spaces are prone to get very dirty with any type of material such as plaster, pebbles, and, also, there is humidity. You will need a team with at least a power of 2000w to obtain efficient cleaning. If the dirt that you must remove is more extreme, then you will need equipment with greater power.

If your house is small and only receives the usual dirt that generates dust and some moisture, you can save some money with a vacuum cleaner, whose power does not exceed 2000 w.

How to use vacuum cleaner accessories 

If you are not used to using a dry and wet vacuum cleaner, you may not know that they include accessories designed to clean different surfaces, furniture and to treat certain soils.

The first accessory that you will find is the hard floor brush with cells, which you will use to remove traces of materials such as plaster, stones, sawdust, and even glass. With the interchangeable nozzle tube, dust, and water, or any other liquid you wish to remove, it is sucked.

With the slot nozzle, access those most difficult corners to clean, usually between the wall and some furniture in the house.

Start vacuuming your house. 

After knowing the function of each accessory, it is time to start cleaning. It is advisable to start cleaning in the room and go back in an orderly manner until you reach the place where the vacuum cleaner is stored.

Locate the equipment near an outlet; The length of the cable that vacuum cleaners usually have will allow you to cover a good radius of the house. If you are only going to vacuum dust, use the brush provided for it. For a systematic and, therefore, more effective cleaning, start from the wall and move the brush until it reaches the other end, avoiding leaving spaces without vacuuming, sliding the brush slowly, and trying to leave it the necessary time to vacuum all the dust. If it seems convenient, you can pass the brush a second time through space.

If you breathe in moisture or a lot of liquid, put the nozzle where the dirt is and wait for the suction to eliminate everything. If you are removing water from a waterlogging in the basement, for example, move the nozzle slowly until you see that the floor is completely dry. During this process, you should make sure that the vacuum tank has not exceeded its capacity to avoid major inconveniences.               


The most popular brands

Compared to the traditional vacuum cleaner, the dry and wet vacuum cleaner offers greater versatility, allowing cleaning in a single pass in those circumstances in which dirt is mixed with liquids. Instead of having to dry first and then vacuum, we can do the entire operation in one pass. To obtain the best results, it is necessary to bet on products of recognized brands and that excellent offer quality, such as that offered by brands that we present here and whose products are widely valued by consumers. 

The German company Karcher, opened in 1935, is one of the queens of the market in terms of cleaning products using pressurized water. The machines of this company are the ones that have opened this line of products that are currently very popular among the general public. However, in the early years of the company, it focused on producing all heating elements for industrial purposes, especially for the steel industry.

The first high-pressure cleaning product would arrive in 1950, marking the company’s path since then, which currently has more than 400 patents in this area. Among these products, we can find high-pressure cleaners, scrubbers, sweepers, and dry and wet vacuum cleaners that we are commenting on.

It is a wide range of products aimed primarily at professional users, but it is also perfect for those home users who need their functions. In the dry and wet vacuum cleaner, it offers a wide suction capacity of the filter system that improves the results, separating liquid and dry residue for better elimination of them.

With over 125 years of history behind it, the German company Einhell has become one of the largest European manufacturers of power tools on the market. The company has even been able to overcome the problems arising from the arrival of Asian products in the 80s, and large companies in the sector took the lead.

For this, the company’s commitment is clear: to offer products of high quality, of European manufacturing duly controlled and with a broad guarantee of ten years, the largest in the market of tools of the moment. This approach is added to offer tools designed for the European public and adapted to their specific needs, as in the case of dry and wet vacuum cleaners currently sold by the company.

These professional tools are available to domestic consumers to improve their results without having to make a large investment in a higher cost product.

Although the Bosch business conglomerate operates in a wide number of markets and product segments, the truth is that its power tools, both domestic and professional, remain one of the group’s flags. It has been happening since the end of the 19th century when the company was created by Robert Bosch, having at that time in these tools, the first manual and then already electric, their first star products.

The brand’s commitment to research and the development of new products and options to make any task easier is one of the keys that has allowed the company to obtain its growth. A growth that has also led him to be at the forefront in sectors such as appliances.

Thus, considering that the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a product between the professional power tool and the domestic product, in the case of Bosch’s offer, it constitutes a high-quality product adapted for all types of domestic or professional uses also facilitating the task of cleaning in complex environments.


Shopping guide


As with other appliances, when establishing a comparison of dry and wet vacuum cleaners, power is the first element that we must take into account. Mainly because the power is what will allow the device to have more or less capacity to absorb dirt, liquids, or even to clean on surfaces such as floors or carpets without a problem, a dry and wet vacuum cleaner that does not have enough power to cover the jobs that we require will hardly be useful.

The power type ranges between 1000 and 2000 watts, and any equipment that is below this level is likely to have problems when facing certain jobs. Therefore, you can get a cheaper option with less power, but always verifying that this choice will allow you to use it for what you want.

The deposit

When we work with a dry and wet vacuum cleaner, everything we collect will end up in a tank. This deposit requires frequent and more frequent emptying the smaller, so we must choose a product that has a deposit suitable to our needs, to avoid having to be making more visits to the garbage bin than necessary. Generally, the tanks, measured in liters, have a capacity related to the power of the apparatus, so that the greater the power, the greater the capacity of said tank.

If you plan to use it intensively, it is convenient to verify that this deposit is going to be enough to meet your needs, to avoid having to stop cleaning more frequently than is due to empty the tank.

As a reference, the tanks start from 10 liters of an economical and simple model to 30 liters of the most powerful equipment. And although the capacity is similar to that of a traditional vacuum cleaner, remember that the absorbed liquid generally has a much greater volume than the usual dry equipment dust.

Cleaning and filter

Let’s recognize it. A dry and wet vacuum cleaner is designed to help with cleaning, so if the time we save on cleaning with it, we have to dedicate it to cleaning. The device does not compensate us for having it. Therefore, we must seek to make our dry and wet vacuum cleaner easy to clean in all its aspects.

Both on its outer surfaces, which must be of good quality material and that facilitate that cleaning and internally and especially in its filter. At this point, it is important that we know, in addition to how much it costs, what filter system the dry and wet vacuum cleaner we are evaluating uses. The filters are usually round or rectangular depending on the size of the machine and can be used multiple times if properly maintained.

But for that, it is essential that the filter is easily accessible and that we do not have to disassemble half a machine to access it. Only then can we have a vacuum cleaner always in perfect condition.

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