7 Best Deep Fryers Reviews In 2020

Equipment Philips Airfryer HD9240 / 90 is the best fryer in 2,019 years. This is evidenced by many favorable reviews about this model. The best deep fryers are very popular among consumers because it is extremely functional. The deep fryer allows you to cook, fry and grill dishes without using a large amount of oil (we can also completely give it up).

The product is equipped with Rapid Air technology, which uses air for frying, as a result of which french fries and other dishes are crunchy. The equipment has high power (2100 W) and allows you to prepare a tasty meal in a short time. For people who did not like the device, we recommend the model that comes second in the set, i.e. Philips AirFryer HD922 / 20. This is a deep fryer with a built-in timer that allows you to program the frying time up to 30 minutes. The equipment has a removable drawer with a non-stick coating that can be washed in the dishwasher, just like a food basket. The device is equipped with innovative technologies that reduce the unpleasant smell of fried oil, which is difficult to get rid of.

Comparison tableof 7 best deep fryers of 2019

Philips Airfryer HD9240 / 90

Philips Airfryer HD9240 / 90


The fryer is equipped with special Rapid Air technology, as a result of which we can fry fries or other dishes using air, which increases their crunchiness. The product does not take up much space on the kitchen countertop, and besides, it has an elegant, shiny casing.

The equipment has compact dimensions, but therefore its capacity is relatively small. Because of this, preparing a dinner for a family of several requires the division of the dish into several portions.

The device gives us the option of frying, baking and grilling dishes with a small amount of oil, if necessary we can completely give it up. The fryer has a digital screen that allows you to control the temperature and cooking time.


Philips AirFryer HD922 / 20


This model uses special Rapid Air technology. It allows us to prepare fries that are soft inside but crispy on the outside. This device looks very elegant and is ideal for modern kitchens.

The biggest disadvantage of this fryer is its price. Many people think that it is too high.

The Philips AirFryer HD922 / 20 is a 1425 W fryer. It works well for preparing many ingredients. The maximum frying temperature is 200 deg. C. However, this device could be a little cheaper.



Russell Hobbs 20810-56


The manufacturer of this device cares for our safety. The product is equipped with non-slip feet and a handle that does not heat even at very high temperatures. Another advantage is that the deep fryer parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

We cannot set the frying time precisely. The device does not have a timer.

Russell Hobbs 20810-56 is a multifunctional deep fryer that will allow us to prepare various ingredients. Its power is 1230 W. We can regulate the temperature of the model, and also fry 2 dishes at a time.

The best deep fryers in 2019

Frying french fries at home is a real nightmare. In addition to the unpleasant smell, there is also oil after frying, which is a shame to throw away. For lovers of fries, we recommend buying a deep fryer, which will facilitate their preparation. What to buy? Read our deep fryer ranking to find out.

Our recommendations

Rank #1: Philips Airfryer HD9240 / 90

The model Philips Airfryer HD9240 / 90 has a power of 2100 W. It is a low-fat fryer, which means that with its help we can prepare delicious dishes that do not have too many calories. The equipment is equipped with Rapid Air technology for frying food using air. Thanks to the product, we can fry, grill and bake French fries or other dishes with little or no oil.

The device is distinguished by modern design. The black housing is beautifully shiny and resistant to damage. The dimensions of the model are: 31.5 cm x 30.2 cm x 42.3 cm. The deep fryer basket will hold up to 1.2 kg of food ingredients. The product allows you to save settings regarding the time and temperature of food preparation.

Consumers are eager to choose the deep fryer described above, because it is easy to use. Due to the digital display on the housing, we can control the cooking time. What’s more, the removable drawer and basket for food can be washed in the dishwasher. The equipment is accompanied by a brochure with interesting recipes for healthy and quick to prepare dishes.

The low-fat Philips Airfryer HD9240 / 90 deep fryer has the dimensions: 31.5 cm x 30.2 cm x 42.3 cm. This is 2100 W power equipment. The device is equipped with a basket that holds up to 1.2 kg of food.



Digital display: The housing has a readable, digital display, with the help of which you can control the temperature and cooking time.

Functionality: The equipment allows not only frying dishes, but also grilling and baking. The dishes can be prepared without adding oil, so they are low in calories.

Option to save settings: The deep fryer gives us the option to save the optimal temperature and cooking time for specific dishes, so you don’t have to set them every time.

Recipe booklet: The device comes with a booklet full of recipes for healthy and tasty dishes that will surprise your family and friends.

Washing in the dishwasher: The basket and the pull-out drawer with a non-stick coating can be washed in the dishwasher.



No translated instruction: The instruction manual for the device has not been translated into local language which may initially hinder the use of the deep fryer.

Rank #2: Philips AirFryer HD922 / 20

The next product in our list is Philips AirFryer HD922 / 20. This is a deep fryer that we can use without a gram of fat. This is possible thanks to the “Rapid Air” technology used, which makes the prepared dishes crispy on the outside and delicate on the inside. The device has also been equipped with a timer that can be set for a maximum of 30 minutes.

After the set time has elapsed, the equipment will be automatically turned off and we will be notified by a sound signal. In addition, we can choose the right frying temperature up to a maximum of 200 degrees Celsius. It is a multifunctional deep fryer, we can easily grill it or bake cakes in it. For convenience, a recipe booklet has been included.

This model has a drawer in which heat treatment occurs. This drawer has a non-stick coating, it can also be washed in a dishwasher. The capacity of the device is 0.8kg, and the power is 1400W. Let’s check what this fat fryer has gained customer reviews. The ability to prepare non-fat dishes is definitely a favorite feature of this product. Users also appreciate the high quality and multi-functionality of this device.

Our next proposal is Philips AirFryer HD922 / 20 – a fat fryer with a power of 1425 W, which is equipped with many attractive functions. Thanks to them we will prepare delicious fries and other dishes in the device.



Rapid Air technology : The use of this technology means that the temperature inside the chamber during cooking is maintained at the same level. The dishes prepared in the device are crunchy on the outside, and at the same time very tender on the inside.

Automatic switch off: This equipment has a 30-minute timer. When it finishes setting the countdown, the fryer will automatically turn off and we will hear a sound signal.

Multifunctionality: The deep fryer can be used not only for frying french fries, but also for grilling dishes and baking cakes. The set includes a recipe booklet that will tell us how we can use the device.

Drawer: The presented model has a removable drawer covered with a non-stick coating that can be easily washed in the dishwasher. This makes cleaning the equipment much easier.

Design: In their assessments, consumers emphasize that this model has an attractive, modern look, which makes it look good on kitchen cabinets.



Price: The above proposal is one of the most expensive in our ranking. The cost of purchasing a deep fryer is about PLN 900, but it translates into the quality of a multifunctional product.

Rank #3: Russell Hobbs 20810-56

The next best deep fryers we wanted to introduce to you is Russell Hobbs 20810-56. It is a medium size deep fat fryer with a capacity of 2L and a power of 1230W. An interesting solution used in this model is the drawer with a basket and the possibility of its scale. So we are able to prepare two different dishes at the same time.

The possibility of washing loose parts in the dishwasher may also appeal to you. This model has been equipped with a timer with the option of setting the frying time to 60 minutes. We can also adjust the temperature ourselves to a maximum of 200 degrees C.

If we want to prepare food in this deep fryer without adding oil, it is possible thanks to the fast circulating air technology. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a non-heating handle, non-slip feet, and a lock that is very important for people with small children to protect the drawer against accidental removal.

Users admit that it is a cheap and good fryer. Consumers considered the quiet operation of the device as well as the lack of unpleasant smells of burnt fat when preparing the products as the best features.

The next device in the ranking is Russell Hobbs Purifry 20810-56 – deep fryer with a capacity of 1230 W. This device is very practical, because it is adjustable and can be washed in the dishwasher.



Adjustable basket: The presented model has a drawer with a basket that can be divided to prepare two different dishes at the same time.

Washing in the dishwasher: The components of the device can be washed in the dishwasher without fear, so cleaning difficult dirt will not be a major problem.

Regulation of work: This equipment is equipped with a clock with regulation of work, up to a maximum of 60 minutes. It is also worth emphasizing that the frying temperature is regulated. Its upper limit is 200 degrees C.

Protections: The fryer has a number of protections, including non-slip feet and a non-heating handle. In addition, the device is equipped with protection against overheating, as well as a lock protecting the drawer against accidental extraction.



Countdown timer: In their ratings, consumers emphasize that the device does not allow you to set the cooking time precisely.

Rank #4: Caltronic FR 3586

The Caltronic FR 3586 deep fryer is a traditional deep fryer. This means that we use oil for frying. If you like deep fried foods, this may be the product for you. The device itself can hold 3l of oil, and the basket can hold 1kg of food at a time. The product itself is nicely made. The external elements are made of stainless steel.

The handles were also made of non-heating materials. The manufacturer also took care of the cooking comfort in this fryer. Thanks to the fact that the heating element has been placed in the same chamber where we pour the oil, no unpleasant smells will come out during frying. In addition, it is possible to remove the heater, also made of stainless steel, and the grease container itself. The removed elements can be easily washed under running water.

In this best deep fryers model, we can adjust the heating temperature in the range of 130 – 190 degrees C. For our convenience, a control lamp has also been installed. The fryer also has an overheat protection mechanism. People who bought this product praise, in addition to the affordable price, solid performance of the deep fryer, and its rapid heating.

Another deep fryer is Clatronic FR 3586. This is a traditional model, i.e. one where we use oil to prepare dishes. Such classic equipment is a great offer for people who appreciate the taste of deep-fried French fries.



Countdown timer: Consumers emphasize in their ratings Capacity: The device has a container that can fit up to 3 liters of oil and as much as 1 kg of food, thanks to which we can prepare quite a lot of food at once. that the device does not allow you to set the cooking time precisely.

Price: This model costs less than PLN 100, so it is a very cheap proposition. It is an ideal model for people who are not necessarily looking for expensive, and at the same time good quality and efficient equipment.

Regulation: The device has a heating temperature control system in the range from 130 ° C to 190 ° C.



No advanced solutions: There is no timer in the device to regulate the device’s operating time.

Large oil container: Pour up to 3 liters of oil into the machine at a time.

Rank #5: Severin FR 2408

The last in our ranking is the Severin FR 2408 product. It is the best deep fryer for people with limited space due to its dimensions. The capacity of the bowl to which we pour the oil is 1L, while the basket itself has a capacity of 0.2Kg.

A non-stick coating was applied inside. This is the device with the lowest power in our list, but if you take into account its size, 840W is completely sufficient. It is possible to regulate the temperature in the range 80 – 190 degrees C.

In addition, overheating protection and a control lamp have been installed. The lid is equipped with a window that will allow us to assess the state of the prepared food. An interesting addition to the deep fryer is the fondue set, i.e. 6 pieces of forks, and the cap that holds the forks in place and prevents the splashing of fat.

To turn the deep fryer into a fondue device, remove the lid. Place an overlay in its place. Consumers like this device for its small size. An additional advantage was low oil consumption and easy cleaning.

The last product we want to present is Severin FR 2408. It is a practical device with a fondue function that has gained the recognition of many consumers.



Protections: The device has a control lamp informing us about the equipment’s operation, as well as protection against overheating. An interesting solution is also a window through which we can observe the next stages of the preparation process of our dish.

Fondue: A fondue set has been added to the fryer, i.e. 6 forks, and an overlay that holds the cutlery in place and prevents oil from splashing.

Easy cleaning: Severin FR 2408 is small, it can be easily disassembled and cleaned.



Capacity: The oil pan has a capacity of only 1 l and the food basket is 0.2 kg. If you care about functionality, this suggestion may not be enough.

Failure rate: Consumers note that this model has quite a lot of failure rate.

Rank #6: Tefal FZ701015

Our ranking opens the Tefal FZ701015 with Actifry system. The best deep fryers will allow us to prepare 1 kg of French fries in just 1 tablespoon of oil. The presented equipment has advanced technology of distributing hot air, thanks to which the fries are crispy, tasty, healthy and evenly baked.

This best fryer has a very simple operating system. We can easily set a work program on it, and the process of frying dishes can be observed through the window.

The device is equipped with removable bowls that have a non-stick coating, which makes them easy to clean. The deep fryer components can be washed in a dishwasher. The high power of this model – 1400 W – will allow us to prepare tasty dishes in a short time.

In the deep fryer we can prepare not only fries, but also meat, fish and vegetables. Thanks to this equipment is multifunctional.

In their assessments, consumers emphasize that the device is very easy to use, characterized by high resistance to damage. At the same time, it has an attractive, modern design.

The first product we want to present is Tefal FZ701015 – one of the best deep fryers available on the market right now. This model has a power of 1,400 W. To prepare French fries in it, you only need 2 tablespoons of oil. So it is an ideal device for people on a diet.



Actifry technology: The device has a patented technology for distributing hot air, so we can prepare fries without the use of oil. Importantly, the temperature in the entire chamber is kept constant.

Price: This is a good deep fryer up to PLN 500. Considering all functional solutions and attractive design, this is a very interesting proposition.

Multifunctionality: The presented deep fryer is an ideal solution for preparing many dishes – meat or vegetable. Cooking in a deep fryer will be facilitated by a special recipe booklet from which we can draw inspiration.

Capacity: The equipment holds up to 1 kg of product, so we can prepare a dish for several people at one time.

Bowl: The bowl attached to the device was covered with a non-stick coating. Its removal is easy, and thanks to the fact that we can put it in the dishwasher, the care of the equipment becomes very simple.

Rank #7: Tefal GH8060

We will start our ranking with a description of the Tefal GH060 deep fryer. Tefal is known on the Polish market for the production of home appliances. The presented device has been equipped with a patented technology of distributing hot air inside the frying chamber, which guarantees even cooking of prepared dishes. Thanks to this, we can make French fries with almost no oil.

The manufacturer assures that only 1 tablespoon of oil is needed to prepare 1.2 kg of fries. The fryer can also be used to prepare many other dishes. For those who have no idea what else to cook in a deep fryer, there is a recipe booklet to use.

This model is roomy, it can hold up to 1.2 kg of fries. In addition, the lid is equipped with a glass through which frying progress can be viewed. The bowl in which the food is prepared is easily removed and has a non-stick coating. It is also adapted for washing in a dishwasher.

The set also includes a stirrer. Also, a power of 1400W is sufficient to prepare any dish. Consumers really like the option of frying with minimal fat while maintaining excellent taste. Users also praise the deep fryer for its large capacity and rapid heating.

What best deep fryers to buy?

Shopping guide

Most of us prepare fries in a pot with oil or in a non-fat version – in the oven. It is worth knowing, however, that there are better solutions that will turn a regular potato into tasty fries. Also remember that you do not have to buy frozen food, you just need potatoes and the right device. In this guide we will tell you which fryer to choose and why you should buy such equipment that will find many applications in your kitchen.

Fryer types

Fryers are associated with fat and in fact in classic models it is used in a large amount. However, you must know that fat-free equipment is also available on the market. Such devices allow you to prepare fries without the addition of oil. Among them, two types of equipment can be distinguished – with an air circulation system and a combination of a grilling system with hot air. In some models, we use a tablespoon of frying oil in others without using it. Unfortunately, very often in the case of this type of equipment, preparing a dish takes over 20 minutes. As a result, classic models are still the most popular.

Deep oil frying is not the healthiest choice. However, if you have to choose between a pot and a deep fryer, opt for the second solution. Why? Tests show that deep fried fryers are less saturated with fat, and therefore healthier. How it’s possible? Very high constant temperature is achieved in this type of equipment. For pots, we don’t have insight into the temperature. As a result, we fry in cold oil many times, so dishes prepared in this way soak up fat and are more caloric and difficult to digest.

However, in the case of an oven, you must purchase the right type of fries. You will not make them yourself – the taste will be different. In addition, the disadvantage of such a solution is that potatoes and French fries harder to burn from the edges, and even often burn at the ends, and inside they remain soft and not crispy.

Why is it worth buying a best deep fryer?

You are certainly wondering whether it is worth investing in such equipment for french fries. Remember that this device will not be used only for frying potatoes. We also fry donuts and angel wings in deep fat, as well as tempura prawns, various chops, pancakes and similar dishes.

Device power

The power of the fryer affects our work, and basically the time we spend on it. The greater the power, the faster the oil heats up. Usually, this type of equipment has approx. 1200 W, but you will also find 700 W or 2400 W. If you do not have much experience in working with such devices, do not choose very strong models, because it is easy to overheat the oil and thus burn the prepared dish.

Security – which best deep fryers is the best?

Like all other electrical equipment, the deep fryer must be equipped with certain safeguards that will provide us with protection during work. The basis is overheating protection. This is important in both fat and non-fat models. For the first type of equipment it is extremely important that oil does not ignite (remember that in such cases never extinguish a fire with water).

Another protection is a lock against opening the lid during operation. This is an essential element when you have children. It is also useful to lower the basket after closing the lid to reduce the risk of burns. Good equipment must also have a heat-free housing.

Housing – material

The housing is also an important aspect. The external should have thermal insulation so that it does not get hot during operation. In addition, it must be highly resistant to damage. As for the interior, it should be made of stainless steel or aluminum. The material must be resistant to high temperature, but at the same time it should be easy to clean dirt.

It’s best to choose a non-stick coated bowl. This will limit the amount of cleaning after work. Handles are an indispensable element of the housing and should be solid, preferably folded, to facilitate storage of the device. This type of equipment should also be equipped with non-slip feet.

Bowl size

The size of the bowl is important above all for large families. Large equipment, with a bowl over 5 liters, will allow you to fry more delicious fries and other dishes. On the market you will also find mini versions with a bowl with a capacity of less than 1 liter. The advantage of small devices is not only the small dimensions, but also the fact that they require the use of a small amount of oil. So if you don’t have big needs and don’t use the deep fryer very often, it’s a good idea to choose a small machine. Also remember that the smaller the bowl, the faster the oil heats up.


The basket is also important, because in fact its size influences the amount of French fries we can fry at the same time. On the market you will find a device with a 4-liter bowl, but if the basket is too small, you will not fry a large amount of potatoes, shrimp, faworki and other delicacies in it. Manufacturers offer models with baskets with a capacity of 0.5 kg to 1.3 kg. If you like interesting, innovative solutions that reduce operating costs, you will definitely be interested in a rotary basket, thanks to which you can reduce oil consumption.

Such models are more expensive, but it is worth investing in them. In addition, each best deep fryers should have a basket hang. This solution allows it to be hung with the dish over the bowl. In this way, you will drain excess fat and the dish will not lose its temperature.


Filters that are important for our home are another important issue. It can not be hidden that smells from the kitchen can be unpleasant, especially if they are associated with frying. That’s why a good filter is the basis. Thanks to it, you will forget about airing rooms after you prepared fries for dinner. Two types of filters are used in this type of equipment: oil – absorbing the smell coming from fried oil and carbon, which additionally absorbs the generated vapor.


Deep fryer manufacturers, wanting to encourage consumers to buy their equipment, use many interesting solutions that improve work in the kitchen. When choosing such a device, it’s worth looking at what additional options it has. Among them are:

Control lamp – indicates the readiness of the frying device and the end of work,

Countdown timer – ideal for forgetful users. Sets the operating time of the device. After a few to a dozen or so minutes, an audible signal will sound to inform you that the frying is over,

Window – enabling frying control,

Temperature controller – irreplaceable when you want to prepare various dishes in the fryer. Not all products need much heat. Some need to fry longer, at a slightly lower temperature, others quickly, but at a high temperature,

Information system – about the need to change / add oil,

LCD display – for easy selection and tracking of operating parameters.

Best Deep fryers at good prices

Among manufacturers of deep fryers, the most popular, both in traditional and non-fat models, are the brands Philips, Tefal, Zelmer, Berlinger and Russel Hobbs. When it comes to prices, you will find fat-free models on the market for around PLN 400, and fat models for PLN 150. The larger, more advanced the equipment, the higher the price of the product.

Is it worth buying a deep fryer?

If you love to eat fries, you’ve probably wondered many times over whether there is a way to make them easier to prepare. The deep fryer is the answer. This device is valued by many consumers. However, some Internet users are still wondering if it is worth buying such equipment. Is it better to prepare your favorite fries in a pot and save money? In this part of the article we will try to answer these questions. In the text you will find the pros and cons of this type of equipment, as well as a comparison of two models – fat and fat free fryer. The information obtained will make it easier for you to decide whether it is worth investing in such a device. 

Why is it worth buying a deep fryer?

At the very beginning it is worth considering, which is why buying a deep fryer is a good solution. Consumers value this equipment primarily because it takes less time to prepare their favorite snack. So you don’t have to wait too long for a meal. An additional advantage is that the fries made in the deep fryer are always crispy. So there is no fear that the snack will not be tasty. In the device’s user manual you will also find all necessary information, including on how much oil should be used so that the fries are properly fried (if you choose a fat fryer). This solution is a great help, and also protects us from wasting food products.

Fat fryer – pros and cons

It is worth looking at the most basic models, i.e. fat fryers. These types of devices are relatively cheap, which, according to consumers, is their indisputable advantage. As a result, quite a few people can afford to buy them. The equipment is also easy to use. In fat fryers you can usually also prepare other snacks, e.g. faworki or donuts. This makes the device more functional. Nevertheless, many Internet users emphasize that the dishes prepared in the fat fryer are very caloric, and therefore hard to digest. Therefore, the device may be suitable for people who follow a diet. In this case, an interesting alternative is to buy a fat-free fryer.

Is it worth buying a fat-free best deep fryer?

Devices for preparing fries without the use of fat are very popular among people who adhere to a healthy diet. The indisputable advantage of this type of equipment is that it allows you to prepare snacks that are not too calorie. Functionality is also mentioned. Usually, more extensive models have many interesting options – they not only allow you to prepare perfectly crunchy, soft inside fries, but also roast meat or fish. This means that using the device, we can prepare a full-fledged meal for the whole family. Answering the question, which deep fryer is recommended by users, it must be said that the most popular are functional models that can also be used to prepare other dishes. However, it should be noted that that the non-fat fryer works like an oven. So if you only prepare fries from time to time, you may not need to buy the device.


If you are a real fan of French fries and you want to prepare a snack quickly, buying a deep fryer will certainly satisfy you. However, you need to think about whether you prefer a traditional snack with a lot of fat, or maybe you are interested in a healthier option. If you only prepare fries from time to time, you have little space in the kitchen and do not want to spend too much money, a cheaper alternative will be to buy a large pot with a removable grid for easy removal of fries.

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