8 Best Countertop Washbasins Reviews In 2020

If you are in doubt as to which best countertop washbasin to choose, we encourage you to read the article below. This ranking presents models that have received many favorable reviews and are considered solid and elegant. One such product is Roca Diverta – a rectangular washbasin with a tap hole. 

It is resistant to scratches, cracks and other damage, so it looks good for a long time. The Koło L91161900 TRAFFIC REFLEX model is also noteworthy . In addition to the ready hole for the battery, it also has a transfer. It should be emphasized that the sink was covered with a coating that prevents scale and other impurities that are difficult to remove. 

The best countertop washbasins -Reviews in 2020

We present the ranking of countertop washbasins. It will help you choose a good quality model that will meet all your expectations. Choosing the right product cannot be accidental. It should be based on careful thought and proven opinions. In our overview, we have described various models in each price range. We are sure that everyone will find something for themselves

Rank#1: Rectangular Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

The Rectangular Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink is the perfect choice for all those who dream of an elegant and stylish bathroom. It can be mounted on a cabinet or countertop itself. This gives an interesting and original effect. The large, practical countertop will be a place for cosmetics and cleaning products. You can also place decorative baskets for small items on it. 

Thanks to the sink, the suspended cabinet may no longer be needed, which will significantly increase the amount of space in the bathroom. The model has a hole for a single standing battery, which you can choose according to your preferences. It is made of durable material, resistant to scratches and damage. 

Buyers like the smooth surface of the sink, which is very easy to keep clean. The simple form and white, elegant color make the model can be used in any classic and modern arrangement. It is convenient to use and will satisfy the most demanding people, especially thanks to the reliability that has been appreciated by many people. 

Rank#2 : Hotis White Round Above Counter Bathroom Countertop Sink

A good countertop washbasin with a cabinet is an interesting solution. It is worth paying attention to the Hotis White Round Above Counter Bathroom Countertop Sink
model. It has a deep bowl with thick walls, so it will work in modern style bathrooms. The large and quite heavy form will beautifully decorate and diversify the interior. The sink is available in a set with a simple cabinet of the same brand. The white furniture is made of varnished board, resistant to moisture. It will surely contain everything that is necessary for the bathroom. 

An additional advantage of the cabinet is that the hinges are equipped with a silent closing system, which is why the door closes gently and the furniture is not exposed to mechanical damage. A bowl with dimensions: 44 cm x 30 cm x 50 cm will work well during everyday activities. 

The universal, white color of the ceramic bowl harmonizes beautifully with the shiny cabinet, and the whole will complement your bathroom and add modernity. The model has received many positive comments. Consumers believe that this is a stylish countertop washbasin with a cabinet that is not too large.

Rank#3: Bathroom Sink and Faucet Combo-VASOYO Bathroom Vessel Sink

The countertop washbasin test shows that one of the better choices among all available on the market is this model from the Koło brand. The Bathroom Sink and Faucet Combo-VASOYO Bathroom Vessel Sink in a simple form can be mounted both on the top of the cabinet (it matches different furniture of the same brand), as well as the countertop itself, which serves as a practical shelf. A large bowl measuring 480 mm x 600 mm allows convenient hand washing. 

The Bathroom Sink and Faucet Combo-VASOYO Bathroom Vessel Sink  is covered with a Reflex type coating, which is smooth and therefore prevents limescale and deposits. Her washing is simple and pleasant. Which rooms fit such a universal model? You will incorporate it into any bathroom decor. 

In modern rooms and classic arrangements, the washbasin will work best. So you can without hesitation decide to buy it, you will not regret your choice. This product is chosen by consumers and has many positive reviews. 

Rank#4: KES Bathroom Vessel Counter Countertop Porcelain Sink

The KES Bathroom Vessel Counter Countertop Porcelain Sink is another remarkable proposition. The white, ceramic bowl with relatively large dimensions (70 cm long) will meet the expectations of even the most demanding people. The rectangular shape will be perfect for modern arrangements, but with properly selected details, the model will also fit bathrooms in a glamor or classic style. 

The KES Bathroom Vessel Counter Countertop Porcelain Sinkhas a hole for the standing faucet, which you can choose according to your preferences. The ground bottom allows you to place the model in a specially cut hole and set it directly on the countertop. So that nothing spoils the effect, the bottom of the bowl is also glazed. The entire structure is stable, and if necessary, it can be attached to the wall.

The basin has a completely glazed overflow system, as a result it looks elegant because it has been refined in every detail. So it will satisfy even people for whom every little detail is extremely important. Opinions about Laufen countertop washbasins are positive, so you should consider choosing a product of the brand. 

Rank#5: VCCUCINE Rectangle Counter Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

If you are the owner of a large bathroom and do not care about saving space, but on a practical and comfortable sink, then VCCUCINE Rectangle Counter Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink is just for you. The large, roomy bowl is up to 80 cm wide, which is why it is suitable for everyday hygiene. It can easily fit even two people. The Cersanit countertop washbasin is made of good ceramics. 

The smooth surface of the bowl facilitates cleaning and makes the stone not settle so easily. The sink is available in a set with the same brand cabinet made of thick chipboard, resistant to moisture. The cabinet is equipped with two drawers with a silent closing system and Soft Close system, which ensures the guides durability and prevents their damage. 

The fairly large dimensions of the furniture (79.4 cm x 46 cm x 44.7 cm) make it fit everything that should be found in the bathroom: from cleaning products, through cosmetics, to fresh towels. Buyers claim that this is a nice sink that stands out with its solidity.

Rank#6: Rectangle e Counter Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Vanity Sink

A very interesting and original proposal is the Massi Doti EasyClean oval countertop washbasin. It is distinguished by modern design, which is why your bathroom can gain a more interesting look. The delicate, rounded shape of the bowl will beautifully complement a room decorated in a modern or glamor style, but in other combinations it will also look interesting. 

The sink is made of white ceramics. However, the outer layer is an Easy Clean polymer coating, thanks to which the dish is extremely shiny and it is very easy to keep it clean. What’s more, this innovative method prevents the accumulation of bacteria and fungi on the surface of the sink, and its cleaning is limited only to the use of water and a soft cloth. It is a very ecological and time-saving solution. 

In combination with a designer free-standing faucet, the sink will look even more interesting. The dish is completely smooth, there are no overflow holes, and its installation is very simple. Consumers like the fact that the set includes a click-clack cork. 

Rank#7: SHACO Modern Porcelain Ceramic Counter Sink

For owners of small bathrooms looking for modern solutions, we also have an interesting model of countertop washbasin. You will find it in the Castorama store offer, in the Goodbome Nessa 40 cm x 33 cm series. The oval bowl is fashionable. This small sink for installation does not need a large cabinet, so it will fit even in an extremely small room. The dish is made entirely of white ceramics, so it easily fits into the arrangement of any bathroom. 

The smooth surface of the bowl facilitates keeping it clean and prevents scale build-up on the walls. The sink is also extremely practical. Thanks to the high edges, nothing splashes around the vessel, and if necessary you can pour a large amount of water into it. The countertop washbasin available in Castorama is an interesting solution. 

The presented model will delight everyone who chooses it. Its significant advantage is reliability, which goes hand in hand with a relatively low price. This good and cheap countertop washbasin is the right choice for those looking for high-quality products. 

Rank#8: Giantex Vessel Sink Basin Porcelain Oval Bathroom Ceramic Sink

If you want to arrange your bathroom using the latest trends, then opt for the Roca Bol 42 round free-standing washbasin. You can place it on both the cabinet top and the suspended top. The free-standing battery and the described model make the room take on a unique character and look extremely stylish. Even a small bathroom can change into a room that you will want to show off. 

White ceramics make the sink gain elegance, and the shiny, smooth coating prevents deposits from deposits and stone. The oval shape of the bowl also makes it easy to clean. You no longer have to worry about putting stone in crevices or corners. 

The round countertop washbasin will be great in rooms decorated in a modern style, but with the right accessories you can fit it into an industrial or even a rustic bathroom.

Shopping guide

The bathroom must not lack a sink, which allows you to perform basic tasks related to maintaining personal hygiene. In the guide below, we focused on tabletop models. This type of washbasin is practical because the space under it in the cabinet is free and we can arrange, for example, storage space for the necessary detergents. Check how to choose the right product.

Material made

Washbasins, including countertops, are made of many different materials. Ceramic models are often bought, i.e. made of porcelain, precious stoneware, or refractory clay. These are relatively cheap products, but they show scratch resistance. However, during transport, extreme caution should be exercised, because a moment of inattention is enough for the ceramic basin to burst. In terms of material, we can also distinguish models:

Acrylic – they are not expensive or heavy, and they can be easily kept clean. Such best countertop washbasins are resistant to mechanical damage and yellow discoloration, but under high pressure, they can deform;

Conglomerate – because they are made of natural stone, they show increased resistance to cracks and scratches, and in addition, they are easily cleaned due to the smooth surface. You need to pay attention to what means are used to wash the sink. These must not be strong detergents with abrasive particles in the composition;

Stone – they are made mainly of marble, dolomite, and onyx. These are very expensive products, therefore not everyone can afford to buy them. The advantages of stone washbasins are mainly elegant appearance, scratch resistance and low risk of breakage;

Metal – most often their material is stainless steel. These best countertop washbasins are durable and inexpensive, they are often found in toilets of public buildings;

Glass – they are not prone to breakage, because tempered glass is used for their production. This is a very good addition to a modern bathroom. Glass sinks are available in many interesting color versions;

Wooden – they are mainly made of exotic wood. The main thing is to make such a product resistant to moisture. Wooden washbasins are original and at the same time light and durable.


The best washbasin has the right dimensions and is adapted to the total bathroom surface. It is believed that a small model (up to 4 m2) fits well with a width of 40 cm to 50 cm, and a slightly larger (up to 6 m2) – 60 cm to 70 cm. Bathroom owners with an area of ​​over 10 m2 can afford a very large washbasin, which is up to 120 cm wide.

The basin is usually installed approx. 85 cm above the floor. It is important that it is not too close to the bottom edge of the mirror. Otherwise, when washing your hands, water droplets will spray onto the pane and it will be necessary to clean it often. The products available in the stores are so diverse that certainly, everyone will find a suitably large model. If you do not want to buy one, a very wide sink for the bathroom, you can choose two smaller ones. This solution is often used in bathrooms for couples located near the bedroom. When checking what the best countertop washbasin is, you should also remember that the narrower it is, the greater its depth should be. Otherwise, it may not be sufficiently comfortable and practical to use.


The basin can have a round, oval, square, rectangular, and even asymmetrical shape. Which model you choose depends on your own preferences and the size of the cabinet in which you want to mount it. It is important that the washbasin interacts with the other bathroom equipment. If the room is small and you want to get a little more free space, you should opt for the corner model.

Hole and transfer

The opening and transfer are the elements that must be checked when we decide what countertop washbasin to choose. Not all models have cutouts in which the battery is installed, which is sometimes forgotten. We should consider what kind of fittings we want to choose for the sink so that later it does not turn out that the purchased products do not match.

An overflow hole is not a necessity, but it can be very useful. It drains excess water when it cannot drain through the main drain. This can prevent the bathroom from being flooded. However, stone and other impurities often accumulate in the overflow hole, so you should not forget to wash it often.


Sometimes we do not have to choose the cabinet for the sink because it is included in the set. This is a very good choice for people who do not want to buy all the bathroom fittings separately. It is often the case that the models available with the cabinet save a lot of money. However, it may happen that the furniture will not be fully matched to the bathroom decor.

Easy to clean

To make the sink look nice, you need to wash it regularly. It does not always have to be a tiring activity, because more often its surface is covered with a coating preventing the formation of scale deposits. Then you do not need to use strong detergents for cleaning, sometimes wiping with a damp sponge is sufficient.

Best Countertop washbasins at good prices

The cheapest sinks cost less than 200 euro, but most of them have very small dimensions. If we want to buy a larger model or one made of original-looking material, we must be ready to spend PLN 500. Sometimes the price is slightly higher, especially when we buy a sink of a very popular brand.


Q1: Where to put the best countertop washbasin?

The best Countertop washbasins are very popular and present very modernly, but it is not without significance on what countertop we will put it on. Choosing the right material is very important because of its durability and reliability. For the countertop, stone (granite, slate, or marble), lacquered MDF with protected edges, stone, wood, glass, ceramics, drywall and OSB boards covered with bathroom glaze work best. Remember that the thickness of the countertop should match the weight of the sink. 

Q2: How to prepare for the installation of a countertop basin?

Before installing the countertop washbasin, carefully read the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer and follow the guidelines. Let’s start with planning where the washbasin should stand. Let’s choose a place with access to the water installation and enabling the connection of sanitary facilities. Then you need to make accurate measurements and determine at what height to mount the sink. It is assumed that the upper edge should be approx. 85-90 cm above the floor. Let’s also consider whether the sink should be away from the wall or should it adhere to it. In the case of the first solution, we should ensure free space for cleaning. 

Q3: How do you cut a hole in the counter for a countertop basin?

Before attaching the sink to the countertop, cut out the holes for connection. To do this, place the sink on the countertop and use a pencil to mark the places where the holes should be. Their number and location must match the type of faucet – in the case of the wall version, one hole in the countertop is sufficient, while the standing model requires drilling two holes (one for drainage and the other for connecting the fitting). The tools used are also important. A drill with a hole saw or a jigsaw will be useful for wood and MDF. For marble or stone countertops, you need a professional diamond drill bit. 

Q4: How to connect a countertop washbasin to a water installation?

To connect the countertop washbasin to the installation, first, turn off the main water valve in the apartment. The battery should be placed directly on the countertop or in the designated hole in the sink, and then connected to the installation using flexible connecting hoses or copper pipes. In the next step, connect the drain, starting with the installation of the automatic plug. Then we should screw the siphon and install a drain pipe. Finally, we need to check all connections for leaks. If everything is OK, we can take care of mounting the drawers and shelves in the cabinet under the sink. 

Q5: How do you attach the sink to the counter?

Attaching the sink to the countertop is a very important step that will prevent it from sliding. The process does not require any complicated tools, because the only necessary product is sanitary silicone, intended for use in rooms with high humidity. It is best to use a colorless preparation, but you need to be careful because the substance leaves stains difficult to remove. In the beginning, it is worth turning the sink upside down and cover the outer edges with silicone. Then carefully turn it over, place it in its final location, and press it down gently. Excess silicone can be wiped off with a wet cloth. Before we proceed to the next work, we must wait at least 24 hours for the silicone to dry thoroughly. For a glass sink, place it on a metal ring and secure it with silicone or rubber gaskets. 

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