10 Best Cheap Coffee Maker [ 2021 Updated ]

There is nothing more comforting than the good coffee to start the day. Well yes, a quality coffee prepared in a simple way. Although for that you have to equip yourself with the best cheap coffee maker that is responsible for extracting the best coffee, both from capsules and from traditional ground coffee. If you have doubts, bet on well-known brands and quality products. That way you will never be wrong.

 This is what happens with the DeLonghi EC 680.M model, a classic of the market and the favorite of the users. This traditional aluminum coffee maker prepares a perfect coffee the length you want and that you can finish off with its specially designed frother. If you prefer the capsules you have the NespressoEssenza Automatic Earth XN2140 Krups model, which with its 15 bars of pressure extracts in a few seconds all the aroma and flavor of the KrupsNespresso capsules with which it works.

10 Best Cheap Coffee Maker [ 2021 Updated ]

In the market, we can find capsule coffee machines, Italian style, to prepare espresso, plunger or drip coffee. In this guide to buying the best coffee maker, we refer to coffee machines with filters, also known as drip or electric coffee makers.

Knowing which coffee maker is better is the first step in enjoying excellent coffee at any time of the day.

Drinking coffee for many is a ritual, everyone has their tastes regarding how they like to drink this wonderful drink.

For this reason, we show you some of the best-selling coffee machines so you can compare their characteristics and choose the best cheap coffee maker of 2020.

 De'Longhi EC 680.M

Avant-garde coffee maker with a removable water tank made with certified and high-quality materials. Its dimensions and weight allow the practical mobilization and placement in any area of the kitchen. In addition, it incorporates filters that allow different measures of coffee, adaptable to each taste.

 Main advantage

It is an extremely versatile coffee maker since it allows the production of different types of coffee, such as espresso, cappuccino, mochaccino, late, among others.

Main disadvantage

The only point against this model is how cumbersome it can be when cleaning the metal filters available to the team, this taking into account the opinion of a few users.

Main Features Explained


As usual, De’Longhi always at the forefront of technology and design, is given the task of developing the EC 680.M model belonging to the range of coffee machines, the same position in the existing broad market, thanks to good performance highlighted by all those followers of the brand.

For its part, this equipment has a manufacturing raw material consisting of stainless steel, which in turn has a chrome finish, thus guaranteeing part of the extension of its usefulness, due to the high quality present in the aforementioned materials. Its stylish and elegant design adapts perfectly to any area of the kitchen, providing a touch of distinction, due to its great visual appeal. Among other features is its removable water tank, and already referring to the internal part of the device, it should indicate the standby technology, responsible for saving energy.


When purchasing a coffee maker it is important that you offer several service options, apart from the realization of a delicious coffee. This coffee maker model is equipped to allow, in the first place, the production of various types of coffee, among which the well-known traditional black coffee, mochaccino, cappuccino, beats, among others.

At the same time, it has a mechanism for the production of foam, which mixes steam, air, and milk, producing a rich and creamy foam, which is of great pleasure both visually and tastefully for users. For its part, it also has a water filter, which added to the rapidity of liquid heating, allows the production of other beverages, giving the team more versatility. Finally, it has an anti-drip control, which helps in improving performance, since it will not be necessary to clean between cups and cups served.


For those who enjoy drinking a good cup of coffee, preserving the original flavor will always be important, and the different filters used in coffee makers will determine if that much-desired flavor is maintained or altered. In the market, there are permanent filters, paper, and even plastic, each with their respective contributions to the development of the popular drink.

However, if we refer to the paper filters we can say that they facilitate the cleaning of the apparatus, since they are disposable in contrast to the permanent filters, that if they are not cleaned once each cup is prepared, they tend to accumulate the oil contained in the coffee, which generates an unwanted change in taste. In the case of the De’Longhi coffee maker in its EC 680.M model, it incorporates a permanent professional filter, environmentally friendly, and also integrates a device for the cream.

Delonghi Dolce Gusto Piccolo EDG200R

This automatic coffee machine works with capsules and allows you to prepare not only coffee but also other hot and cold drinks. It is equipped with a pressure system of 15 bars which will allow you to prepare coffee in just a few seconds with a professional coffee maker quality.

The Dolce Gusto system offers you a wide variety of different types of capsules: espresso, cappuccino, chococcino, etc.

The Piccolo coffee maker will not take up much space in your kitchen. It has an adjustable dropper that can be adapted to any cup or glass and a removable water tank of 0.6 liters.

The Thermoblock system allows the coffee maker to be used quickly. To save electricity, its stand-by mode will be put into operation after five minutes of no activity.

In case you do not want to invest too much in a coffee maker or be first, we also have for you the best coffee maker for 100 euros or less:



This excellent option has as the main advantage of its design, which by having a minimalist and practical style, occupies very little space in the kitchen so you can use your counters without problems.


Another advantage is the fact that this coffee maker has a lever that allows you to adjust the water temperature, so you won’t have to worry about getting too hot coffee to drink.



One or another user, has expressed dissatisfaction in the opinion that the coffee maker does its job but is not silent enough.

Nespresso XN2140 Krups

The KrupsNespressoEssenza XN2140 automatic coffee machine is used with capsules, this option allows you to prepare coffee in many different ways since Nespresso offers a wide variety of capsules for both espresso and coffee “long”. This coffee maker can “remember” thanks to its memories the length of coffee you prefer, this feature can make it the best cheap coffee maker for you.

It has a water tank of 0.9 liters and a container of used capsules of up to 14 capsules.

Another characteristic of the Essenza that turns out to be very useful is its ability to automatically disconnect. You will not have to be aware if the last one who used the coffee maker has turned it off. It is suitable for both your home and offices.

It is characterized by being very simple to use coffee maker, with an ergonomic design and capable of offering a coffee in all its essence thanks to its 19 bar pressure.

If you still have doubts and have not been able to decide which coffee maker to buy, perhaps you should know a little more about this excellent option that we have chosen especially for you:

Automated system:

It has been a very pleasant experience for users that this coffee machine has an automatic system for preparing coffee by means of which, just by adding a prepared capsule and pressing the power button, you should not worry more about Her until the moment you decide to enjoy your drink.

Special functions: 

In addition to everything, it has the ThermoBlock system, which prevents more water from heating than necessary and also the Flow – Stop function, which prevents spills from occurring, so you will keep your kitchen impeccable effortlessly.


Continuing with the advantages of this coffee maker, we must highlight its speed, since it is capable of heating the water and having the coffee ready in just 25 seconds!

Grille material: 

However, some users consider that the grille material, which is made of plastic, can result in faster wear than if it were made of steel or aluminum, although this does not affect at all the correct functioning of the machine.

Expensive capsules: 

The fact that some customers find the price of special capsules a bit high has also come to light, however, their taste is exceptional.


Krups Dolce Gusto Piccolo KP1000

One of the Krups coffee makers that use the Dolce Gusto capsule system, its 15-bar pressure pump along with its modern design makes it a great choice when looking for which coffee maker to buy.

It will serve you to prepare all kinds of drinks: an espresso, a cappuccino, a latte machiato, and also chocolates and teas.

In addition, it can be used not only to prepare hot drinks, but this coffee maker also allows you to prepare cold drinks such as a Nestea (cold tea) or a Capuccino Ice.

Available in red and black so you can choose the one that best matches the decoration of your home or workplace. One of its important features is that it has an automatic shutdown system. This coffee maker is a great choice for its quality and design.

On the other hand, the options among cheaper coffee makers are still a great choice if you know what to look for before buying:



If you are a nature lover and you are in favor of ecological maintenance, you will be pleased to know that this coffee machine has an energy-saving mode with an automatic shutdown programmer.

Easy washing: 

Also, its water container is very easy to extract, so you can clean your coffee maker thoroughly without any problem.


Noise level: 

Depending on your tolerance level, the noise that this coffee maker makes can be a bit annoying, according to the opinion of some people who acquired it.

Cost of the pills: 

As well as, some users have expressed their dissatisfaction when considering that the cost of acquiring the special Nestlé pills is a bit prohibitive.

Tassimo Bosch TAS2002

This Tassimo coffee maker from Bosch works with T-discs allows you to prepare a large number of drinks such as coffees, tea as well as drinks with chocolate (more than 40 types), being able to adapt the desired intensity of them.

Easy to use, you can prepare a high-quality coffee thanks to INTELLIBREW® technology that will read the T-Disc bar code to regulate the amount of water, temperature and preparation time needed.

It is available in a variety of attractive colors for you to choose one of your choices and has an ideal size.

Other features that place the Tassimo Bosch TAS2002 among the best capsule coffee makers are automatic cleaning between drinks and drinks, automatic descaling and cleaning program, stand-by mode to save energy, adjustable cup/glass holder, removable tank 1, 5 l.

And last but not least, we have the most important specifications so that you know the best coffee maker of the moment:



  The biggest advantage of this option is the possibility of preparing multiple drinks, both cold and hot, among which are mocaccinos, capuccinos, hot chocolate, teas and many more.


It also has an excellent capacity in its water tank by having 1.5 liters, which is more than enough to prepare coffee for all your guests in a few seconds.


Expensive capsules: 

You could say that for some people, the price of special capsules is a bit high compared to buying coffee in the street.

Drinks not very strong:

  Some users think that sometimes coffee does not end up being as strong as they would like, although they also admit that it may be due to misuse or lack of purity in the capsules.

DeLonghi EC 680.M

This coffee maker allows you to prepare both espresso and cappuccino coffee with a quality that nothing has to envy to the best professional coffee makers. This is a factor to consider when deciding which coffee maker to buy.

It works with both ground coffee and single-dose “Easy Serving Espresso and its function” Flow-stop “allows you to choose the length of coffee.

It is a small but powerful coffee maker, only 15 cms. wide but with 15 bars of pressure in the pump which will allow you to prepare a delicious coffee.

Other features are: Heats cups, quick warm-up time, supplies hot water which will also allow you to prepare other drinks, easy cleaning (removable water tank), anti-drip system, It has a standby mode that will allow saving energy when not in use.

If you are interested in giving your kitchen an elegant and exclusive touch, nothing like complementing it with a good and beautiful coffee maker and what better way to achieve it than by investing in the best coffee maker brand read a little more and know the specifications of this incredible model :



This may be one of the best options to consider to acquire an excellent coffee maker because of the materials, made of stainless steel, you will be buying a coffee maker that will last you for many years.


DeLonghi has always been known for offering its customers quality products and this coffee maker is no exception. You will have an irrefutable guarantee of a German product.


Thanks to its exclusive design, you can prepare all types of coffees you want, from capuccinos, espressos, mocaccinos and much more. In addition, it also has a device to create that foolproof foam.


And not least, we must emphasize the beautiful design that this coffee maker has. Made of steel with chrome finishes, you will give your kitchen that touch of unsurpassed elegance and distinction.


Cleaning and maintenance: 

However, some customers have expressed their dissatisfaction as the cleaning of the filters is a bit cumbersome but, they add, everything can be solved if you read the manual carefully.

The most popular brands

The consumption of coffee is already a habit for millions of people in the world and for this, a coffee machine is a great help because it allows you to have this drink ready in just minutes. Therefore, to choose the best coffee maker that suits your needs, we have collected the information of the three most demanded brands: Nespresso, Oster, and Saeco.

It is part of the Nestlé group, of the Nestlé Nespresso SA division, which is a series of Nestlé products aimed at coffee production. Nespresso machines are aimed at a wide range of customers from the most modest who want to enjoy coffee from the comfort of their home to the most demanding who prefer to share a cup of coffee in spaces such as hotels or offices.

Nespresso products can be purchased through various stores around the world, and the capsules are patents of the Nestlé brand, which translates into the fact that you are only in specialized stores that sell this product, it should be noted that the capsules are packaged with coffee 100% natural and with a Gourmet quality in its grains, that is, it is a great experience for the senses to consume a Nespresso, much more if it is made with one of its machines.

A favorable point of the brand is found in the variety of the prices of their coffee machines, so you can buy a Nespresso machine from $ 90, which makes it ideal for saving and enjoying quality coffee.

 John Oster Manufacturing Company is named after its founder John Oster which was launched in 1924, and is one of the most recognized manufacturers of household appliances, especially in the kitchen area. Its products have had the ability to meet the needs of many consumers worldwide, due to the quality of their products.

Its biggest strength is the appliances designed for the kitchen, with different models and finishes that give a good look to your spaces for the kitchen. The brand has adapted to various markets in different countries and its cuisine, developing products such as TostyArepa and Tosty Empanadas, devices adapted to the reality of the South American market, with high demand and leaving large dividends to the company, in addition to the recognition of its consumers

Oster is a manufacturer highly recommended by customers, with appliances for every need. And although the brand is especially famous for its kitchen appliances, Oster also has electronics for everyday tasks, such as irons, dryers, and even fans to cool the spaces in our home.

It is an important Italian appliance company, whose foundation is due to Messrs. Sergio Zapella and Arthur Schmid, in 1981. It is a company dedicated to the production of espresso coffee machines. Saeco belongs to Philips, this being the manufacturing matrix, based in Bologna.

Saeco makes the official launch of its first express machine in 1985, being completely autonomous in terms of its operation, focused on home consumption. Years later they expand their product lines reaching a variety of international markets. 

Philips buys from Saeco in 2009, and since this date, the manufacturer of espresso coffee machines has remained with the same or even higher levels of quality, which explains why its products have significant support from European consumers, thanks to the quality of the beverage produced by their espresso machines.

Undoubtedly, Saeco is a brand that specializes in the design, and the quality of its products, in addition to the high level of coffee that is prepared in its appliances and is highly valued by users with more experience in the consumption of espresso coffees.

How to use a coffee maker

A coffee maker provides a simple and quick way to make coffee. No matter the time, or your occupations, coffee makers always help you have that coffee that will help you continue the day. If you want to know how to use it, in this article you will find the recommendations you were looking for.

Read the instructions carefully

To use a coffee maker read the instructions, some are already very modern and have many more functions than making a simple coffee. In any case, read not only to use it correctly but to be able to take care of it and clean it so that it has a long lifespan.

You must familiarize yourself with the coffee maker

Familiarize yourself with the coffee maker and its different parts, filters, jug, on, off, everything that has to do with before, during and after brewing the coffee. This will not only be done faster, but your coffee will be better because the potential of the coffee maker will be known. 

Features offered

Depending on the functions of the coffee maker, you can make several types of coffee, heat, and froth the milk, all with the same coffee, but according to its functions. Therefore, it is important to know all the functions that the coffee machine has to expand your coffee menu.

 Prepare the coffee according to your tastes

Once you know everything about the coffee maker, you can not only prepare coffee, but you can prepare YOUR coffee. Already knowing its operation, prepare the coffee to your liking, more or less dark, for the whole day or freshly brewed; Anyway, as you prefer or the group where you are.

Pay attention to the operation

It is important to know the operating system of the coffee maker if it is coffee capsules, metal filters, disposable or permanent if it is programmable if you can keep the coffee warm, what capacity does it have. These details will make the difference between having a functional coffee maker or having one more coffee maker in the pantry or closet.


Some coffee makers are very versatile and can be used not only to prepare coffee, but cold drinks and tea can be prepared in them. If you are lucky enough to have one of them do not leave it relegated only to make coffee, take advantage of its versatility to please your tastes and that of your family and friends.

Don’t be afraid to innovate

After knowing the operation and characteristics of your coffee maker, do not be afraid to innovate. From the simplest to the most modern, all allow you to let your imagination fly. There is a whole world around coffee, which apart from being fascinating is delicious. 

Clean it after each use

The cleanliness and cleanliness are always relevant in everything that concerns the kitchen and the preparation of food and drinks. No less important is the cleaning of the coffee maker. To have the coffee maker always ready and extend its useful life, it is convenient to clean it after each use. All parties directly involved in the preparation of coffee should be washed or cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Shopping guide

 How much does a coffee maker cost?

The answer to this question will depend on the design of the coffee maker as well as its own characteristics.


The first thing is to determine if you really need a coffee maker that prepares between 8 and 12 cups, or if you are one of those who prepare a cup from time to time.

If your case is the second, probably a family coffee maker might seem very large … until you get visitors and you don’t have how to make the coffee. So think that it is always better not to make the whole coffee maker and prepare only one or two cups, than not to have five.

Some features that are interesting when evaluating which coffee maker to buy are:

Capacity:   Most of this type of coffee maker can accommodate between 8-12 cups. Obviously this also depends on the type of cups in which you usually drink coffee.

Anti-drip valve:   If you are preparing a full coffee maker, it is interesting to be able to serve a cup in the middle of the coffee-making process, without spilling or stopping the process definitively.

Water filter:   If the coffee maker has a water filter, your coffee will probably come out better by removing some of the lime that so much affects the taste of the water.

Paper or plastic filter: Although permanent filters save you money in the long term as well as being more environmentally friendly, paper filters make it easier to eliminate coffee waste (brush).

But, even more important, according to some studies, permanent filters can retain coffee oils for you, to prevent this from altering the taste of the drink, we must clean the permanent filters frequently. To highlight the taste of coffee, disposable (paper) filters on permanent ones are recommended.

Material:   Most are made of plastic but it is clear that some have a higher quality plastic than others which will probably result in greater durability of the appliance.

In fact, some electric coffee makers are made of plastic that prevents them from sticking to the dust making cleaning easier. Similarly, the material of the jar/glass also varies. If they are made of glass, care should be taken when washing them to prevent them from breaking.

 Convenience and security

When you have decided on the features you want, check those features related to the safety of the device. For example, when you make the comparison of coffee makers, check if that model that attracts you so much has the feature of automatic shutdown, we have all had to run away from home and without wanting to leave the coffee maker on.

What the automatic shutdown does is turn off the coffee maker when it has not been touched in a certain time.

Other features that may be convenient for you in terms of buying cheap but efficient coffee maker are that the device emits an alert that warns you that the coffee is ready (if the delicious smell has not already made you notice it), or Know how much water is in the tank, and if you ask, why not choose one where you can schedule the coffee to be made at a certain time, so when you get up you can go straight to pour your cup of coffee.


Just as some prefer coffee in a large cup or a small cup, some with milk and others only, the choice of the glass or jug where coffee will be made is a matter of taste.

Some people prefer the glass cups that keep the coffee hot on a heat plate of the same coffee maker, others prefer a thermos jug that keeps the coffee hot by itself.

Given the fragility of the glass glasses, it is important that the coffee maker you buy has a good technical service that allows you to buy spare parts of it if it breaks, although in the market there are standard jugs that are worth almost any cheap coffee maker although they can be Incompatible with the anti-drip option.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 Which coffee maker is better: Nespresso or Dolce Gusto?

If you care about the quality of the coffee maker, you can not worry, because, because both devices are manufactured by the same company, in this case, Nestlé, the two models follow the same quality standards to give them the same resistance and durability as Need for constant use.

If you need practicality, ease of use and lower price, the best coffee maker is the Dolce Gusto, because it prepares chocolate, coffee with milk, black coffee, and other hot drinks. However, if you don’t mind paying a little more and you will only make coffee, then the Nespresso can serve you better since it has a larger water tank, automatic stop and allows you to prepare milk with foam for your coffee.

Q2 What is the best coffee maker: Krups or Delonghi?

Despite having very different names, Krups and Delonghi really are brands that offer almost the same coffee makers, changing the external design. Both brands produce machines of the best quality and are always around the same prices, therefore, many times the choice between one and the other is based on the colors of the coffee maker or the user’s knowledge of the brand.

The opinions are very diverse, therefore, it is practically impossible to say that one is better than the other. If you want to bet on the new, then Krups is your best option, however, if you prefer a known name, run and search for your Delonghi.

Q3 When to turn off an Italian coffee maker?

With the common and how easy it is to use a coffee machine with capsules, it is understandable that many people still do not know how to master the Italian coffee maker to prepare an exceptional coffee.

Remember that, as a first step, you should keep in mind that the coffee must be heated with a slow and constant fire to give it a unique flavor. Therefore, always keep the flame low. When you see that the coffee is being ejected to the other tank, wait for it to fill and proceed to turn off the coffee maker. Never turn it off when you see bubbles, or when you feel it has been long enough.

Q4 How to clean a Nespresso coffee machine?

Unlike dishware or any other kitchen appliance, the cleaning of a Nespresso coffee machine is not only based on using water and detergent, because to achieve complete hygiene it is necessary to descale the machine.

For this, you need to use the Nespresso descaling kit or buy another product

When you have it, proceed to empty the capsule container and fill the water tank with half a liter of the liquid next to your decalcification product.

Turn on the machine and after a few minutes, when the lights go out, place a container of one liter, approximately, under the coffee dispenser. Press all the buttons on your coffee maker simultaneously until they flash to indicate that descaling will begin. Before the tank empties, add the water with the water softener again to continue cleaning and, when finished, discard it to fill the tank with clean water that will cause the coffee maker to rinse.

By deactivating the descaling process, you can now use your coffee maker.cheap

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