Best Cheap Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

What Is The Best Cheap Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Of 2020?

Compared to traditional sled vacuum cleaners, large and complicated to use, vertical vacuum cleaners have become a reasonably priced and much more functional alternative to clean your home. If you want to save money without giving up anything, you are probably interested in knowing the first product of our comparison of the best cheap vertical vacuum cleaners, based on the opinions of consumers. And if you want a second opinion, check our tips so your purchase is always perfect

We start talking about power. In vertical vacuum cleaners the power is measured differently than those of sleds, so keep that in mind when comparing. The higher the power, the more suction capacity the product will have, although with greater energy consumption. That is why it is convenient to look for models with adequate power but that offer sufficient autonomy to clean your house in a single pass.

One aspect that helps that cleaning is mobility. Moving the vacuum cleaner should be a simple task, both in open spaces and when accessing more complicated areas such as under chairs, tables, and other furniture. If the product is also lightweight and has quality scroll rollers, the cleaning operations will be much more comfortable and simple to perform.

As a third element, we talk about accessories. One of the main accessories of this type of vacuum cleaners is the 2-in-1 system, which allows you to disassemble the motor from the main body and have a handheld vacuum cleaner with which you can more easily reach the complex corners, expanding your cleaning possibilities. It should also be evaluated that the product includes other nozzles or brushes for other cleaning tasks than the traditional one.

Tristar SZ-1917

Main advantage

This model has a dust destroyer that makes cleaning much more efficient, especially when emptying the tank.

Main disadvantage

According to users, the product has autonomy for homes of about 70 to 75 square meters, so if the surface of your house is larger it may not be enough to clean in one pass.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

Tristar continues to be at the forefront in home cleaning with this vertical vacuum cleaner that is disassembled to become a handheld vacuum cleaner and to be able to clean different surfaces with the accessories it includes.

Main features explained

Power and load

Compared to sled vacuum cleaners, the power of cheap vertical vacuum cleaners, like other vertical models, is measured at a lower level of voltages. In this case, we talk about a model with a power of 9.6 volts, which places it in the mid-range of this type of product.

This power is generated directly in a rechargeable battery with the capacity to use the product long enough to clean a house of about 70 square meters in a single pass.

The charging system is performed directly vertically, without using stations or other complicated systems. Simply plug in the product so that it starts charging. And thanks to its fast-charging system you just need to spend half a night plugged in to be fully available the next day.


In order to offer you the best possible mobility, this model has an articulated upper arm that allows you to turn it in virtually any direction.

In fact, you can move it sideways but also from back to front, so it will be much easier for you to clean between furniture, under tables or sofas, as well as reach the most difficult corners with little effort. This mobility is increased if we take into account the reduced weight of the product, just 2.5 kilos, as well as the support system on the front rollers, which makes it much easier to move the product on the ground, also saving time for cleaning.

And if this were not enough you can disassemble the handheld vacuum included in the product to have an even more practical and reduced tool for those surfaces that require it.


As we mentioned before, although we talk about a cheap vertical vacuum cleaner, we really have two products in one. On the one hand the vertical vacuum cleaner or broom vacuum cleaner and on the other hand a handheld vacuum cleaner where the main body of the product is mounted and that we can remove to use it independently, as it happens in the big brands.

So that cleaning remains simple we also have several nozzles that will allow us to reach the most complicated corners just by mounting them on the nozzle of the handheld vacuum cleaner.

These nozzles are ideal for upholstery and hard to reach areas. Finally, let’s not forget the main brush, with its turbo system, which is placed at the foot of the vacuum cleaner and that lifts all the waste so that it is easier to aspirate.

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