7 Best Buy Electric Cookers Reviews In 2020

Are you looking for a good oven and do not know what equipment to choose? If so, you’ve come to the right place. On our site you will find detailed information regarding the purchase of these best buy electric cookers. We’ve included some interesting suggestions in the ranking, including the Amica 57CE3.315HTAQ cooker. It has a large oven that fits a large dish. The heating up time is short. The user has a choice of several oven heating modes. The surface of the oven is smooth.

The knobs on the front work smoothly, so there is no problem with setting the desired temperature. The housing has a small display on which we can set the time. Consumers appreciate the defrost function, as well as the ability to increase the diameter of the cooking zone. However, if you are looking for a tourist model, without an oven, light and mobile, we offer you Eldom . It is a simple to use equipment equipped with non-slip feet. It heats up very quickly, which is why it is considered efficient.

Comparison table

Amica 57CE3.315HTAQ


  • The electric stove has a cool front consisting of up to 3 panes. This has a positive effect on the safety of use of the device and protects against accidental burning of the hands. The oven has 10 heating options, so you can use it to prepare various dishes.
  • Careful equipment care is time consuming. Food residues and a layer of fat appearing in the oven cavities are difficult to remove. Sometimes the oven cleaner should be left on the surface for a few minutes to get rid of stains.
  • The device is energy efficient. The oven has a large capacity, so large size dishes and baking forms mix in it. At the base of the model there is a drawer on guides.

Eldom PG10


  • It is an electric cooker with compact dimensions, so you can take it with you to the plot or to the summer house. It is characterized by smooth temperature control and durability. It has a scale on the thermostat.
  • Users pay attention to the fact that the oven maintains a high temperature for a long time after switching off. Remember to avoid getting burned accidentally.
  • The model is ideal wherever we do not have access to gas. Heats up quickly and consumes little energy. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the oven takes up little space and is easy to keep clean.

Sencor SCP 5404GY


  • This two-burner induction cooker has high power, thanks to which it heats up quickly. It is equipped with an LCD display, on which we can see the set heating temperature. It also has a sensor that will automatically turn off the heating if the device is left unused for 2 hours.
  • Consumer’s note that the fans installed in the device work quite loudly, which can bother some household members.
  • The oven is often chosen by consumers who appreciate its ease of use and maintenance. It is safe to use as it automatically turns off if left unused.

The best buy electric cookers in 2019

We can’t do without a stove in the kitchen. Which one we choose depends only on us. However, if you are thinking about an electric stove, be sure to read our ranking. Maybe after reading you will be able to indicate which of the presented by us the best buy electric cookers is.

Our recommendations of best buy electric cookers

Rank #1: Amica 57CE3.315HTAQ

It is worth considering buying an Amica 57CE3.315HTAQ electric stove equipped with 4 burners. One of them for the Dual HiLight function, which means that with one touch you can increase its diameter (from 12 cm to 18 cm). The energy class of the equipment is A. Its dimensions are as follows: width – 50 cm, depth – 60 cm and height – 85 cm.

The electric stove is equipped with a large capacity oven. It has a fast heating function, so you don’t have to wait too long to insert a dish. The oven reaches a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius in just 4 minutes. It has 10 different modes of operation, which can be adjusted depending on the dish being prepared. The cooking zones have a perfectly smooth surface.

Users agree that the Amica 57CE3.315HTAQ is functional kitchen equipment that proves to be reliable both when preparing dinners and delicious pastries. The device has a simple design and is safe to use.

Amica 57CE3.315HTAQ is an electric stove with 4 burners. The dimensions of the device are: depth – 60 cm, width – 50 cm and height – 85 cm.



TA programmer: The model has a TA programmer that allows you to set the time after which the device should turn off automatically. This is a great help, e.g. when stewing meat for dinner or cooking pasta.

Safe use: The oven door has a cool front, which is possible thanks to the use of 3 thick glass panes. Don’t worry about accidentally burning your hand when pulling out food.

Dual HiLight: The stove has a Dual HiLight field, which diameter can be increased from 12 cm to 18 cm. If you have to use a large pan, you can do it without any problems.

Hot air: The hot air function in the oven ensures a uniform temperature, which translates into better baking results.

Drawer: At the base of the electric cooker is a drawer arranged on smooth-running rollers. You can store the necessary kitchen accessories in it.


Care: According to some people, cleaning the oven takes a long time, and despite the manufacturer’s assurances, fat adheres to its surface.

Rank #2:Eldom PG10

Eldom PG10 is an ideal product for people who like camping, because its weight does not exceed 2 kg. Due to the low price, it is also a great option for students. This one-burner electric cooker is also a product of a Polish company. It has dimensions: width 22 cm, depth 24 cm and height 8 cm.

The diameter of the burner is 16.5 cm, and the heating power is 1500 W. The oven operates on mains electricity. The built-in knob allows you to adjust the heating temperature. In addition, the manufacturer also placed a control light on the device, which indicates whether the oven is turned on or not.

The safety of use is also enhanced by the non-slip feet that this model has been equipped with. Opinions about electric stoves Eldom PG10 are positive. Consumers indicate that the burner heats up quickly and maintains the temperature for a long time after switching off, which can be useful when eating a meal in installments.

In addition, there were opinions that the oven takes up little space, is easy to clean and can be purchased at a very attractive price.

The Eldom PG10 tourist electric cooker weighs only 2 kg. Its dimensions are as follows: width – 22 cm, depth – 34 cm and height – 8 cm. The heating power of the device is 1500 W.


Mobility: This is a very mobile equipment because it weighs only 2 kilograms. In addition, it has small dimensions. As a result, it is an excellent proposition for camping or as a cottage equipment on a plot.

Adjustment: The built-in knob allows us to adjust the work intensity and choose the heating level to suit our needs.

Construction: The presented model is not only small and very comfortable to use, but also has non-slip feet.

Heating: Many people notice that the burner quickly heats to the right temperature, and after switching off the temperature for a long time, so the cooked dish is warm longer.



Only one burner: This is a typical tourist model, with only one burner, not recommended for everyday use, unless it would complement, for example, a gas stove.


Rank #3: Sencor SCP 5404GY

We continue the ranking of electric cookers with a two-burner model. Sencor SCP 5404GY is an induction model. This means that heat is generated directly in the pan due to induction. This type of cooking saves us up to 60% of the time and up to 50% of energy during cooking. This model has dimensions of 31 x 60 x 7.1 cm.

Its connection power is 2900 W and its weight is 4.5 kg. We have here two burners with a diameter of 14.5 cm and 16.7 cm. The oven will automatically detect the vessel set on the burner. Remember, however, that not all pots are suitable for cooking on induction cookers.

The set heating temperature will appear on the LCD. In addition, the device has a sensor that will automatically turn off the oven if it is not used for 2 hours. During cooking we have a timer. We can set it for a maximum of 180 minutes.

After the set time has elapsed, the timer will automatically turn off the oven and inform us about it by sound. This model receives good marks from people who bought it. They say that the device is easy to use and easy to clean.

The Sencor SCP 5404GY two-burner stove is a 2900 W device. This equipment weighs 4.5 kg and its dimensions are: 31 cm x 60 cm x 7.1 cm. The presented model has an LCD display.



Induction: This is a two-burner induction cooker characterized by energy efficiency. It allows us to save up to 50% more energy and 60% more time than gas or electric models.

Display: The presented equipment has an LCD display. This element is well done, so reading the information from the display will not cause us a problem.

Timer: The device has a built-in timer for a maximum of 180 minutes. After the time we set has elapsed, the oven will turn itself off or an audible alarm will sound. We can also program the equipment so that the device turns off and informs us about the end of work.

Easy cleaning: Consumers confirm that cleaning the disc does not take much time. All you need is a wet cloth to clean the surface of the device.



Service: For some people, operating equipment is problematic. Others, although they have no problem choosing options, note that the control panel sometimes hangs.

Rank #4: Amica 58EE1.20

Another proposition of Polish Amica is Amica 58EE1.20. It is the cheapest free-standing cooker model in our ranking. This four-burner stove with oven has a power of 7.8 kW and is in energy class A. Its dimensions are: 85 x 50 x 60 cm. The user has at his disposal two cooking zones with a diameter of 14.5 cm and two cooking fields with a diameter of 18 cm, and an oven with a capacity of 69 liters.

A very important function, especially for people with small children, is the cool front. By installing 3 glass panes in the oven door, they remain cool, even during use. And to facilitate cleaning, the oven has been covered with a special easy-clean enamel that prevents fat from sticking.

In addition, the equipment includes a drawer under the oven chamber on roller guides, a drying ladder or an ergonomic handle with a hanger.

Those who bought this model in their comments emphasize that it is a good and cheap electric stove. According to users, the device is functional, easy to use, and also has a nice design.

Amica 58EE1.20 is a very good electric stove up to 1000 PLN. The device has a connection power of 7800 W. This model has an oven with a capacity of 69 liters. It is equipment with standard dimensions 85 cm x 50 cm x 60 cm.



Cool front: Up to 3 windows in the oven door provide protection against high temperatures. They remain cool even during operation. This is important if you have children.

Easy cleaning: The oven is covered with enamel, which prevents fat from sticking and is very easy to care for. Thanks to this, cleaning the oven will not take us much time.

Equipment: The device has a roller guide, drying ladder and handle with a hanger. The set also contains two plates and a grate.

Price: Many people decided to buy this model because of its very attractive price. This is one of the cheaper proposals in our statement.



Quality: As consumers note, this is not an investment for many years. After some time, the stove becomes quite emergency.

Rank #5: AEG 47095VD-MN

For contrast, we will now present the most expensive model in our statement – AEG 47095VD-MN. The oven measures 50 x 85.8 x 60 cm. The user has 2 HiLight ceramic boxes, 2 expanded HiLight ceramic boxes and an oven with a capacity of 57 liters. The device’s connection power is 9,135 kW, and its energy efficiency class is class A.

The oven in this freestanding oven has nine functions and an electronic programmer, which also turns off the oven after the preset time. In addition, the included electronic display makes it easy to select the appropriate program and shows the time that has elapsed since switching on the oven. In the set with the stove you will find a deep metal shelf, a metal shelf and a mesh shelf.

We will be able to easily manipulate them, because the manufacturer has installed telescopic guides. The manufacturer also thought about the cleaning comfort. Therefore, the oven door has been coated with Antyfinger Print, which is more resistant to scratches and easier to clean compared to standard coatings.

User reviews confirm that the oven works very well. As the main advantages indicate the heating rate and precision of the buttons.

AEG 47095VD-MN is a 50 cm x 85.8 cm x 60 cm oven. The device has a connecting power of 9135 W. It has 4 cooking zones. The oven in the oven has a capacity of 57 liters.



Heating zones: Two HiLight cooking zones and two expanded HiLight ceramic cooking zones make the equipment functional and allow us to cook several dishes at the same time.

Features: The oven has a total of nine baking options and an electronic programmer with an automatic switch off. Its operation is very simple.

Coating: The special Antyfinger Print coating is scratch resistant and easy to clean. It is thanks to her that we do not need to scrub the board for a long time to remove grease and other dirt.



Price: Consumers note that almost PLN 1,600 for such equipment is quite a lot.

Lack of self-cleaning system: People who were interested in buying this product emphasize that for a product for this price, the lack of a self-cleaning system is a considerable oversight on the part of the manufacturer.

Rank #6: Beko CSS 57000 GW A

The last free-standing cooker in our ranking is Beko CSS 57000 GW A. It has dimensions: height 85 cm, width 50 cm and depth 60 cm. Here we have a choice of 4 burners placed on a ceramic plate. Two with a diameter of 14 cm and a power of 1200 W and two with a diameter of 18 cm and a power of 1700 W.

Its connection power is 7.7 kW, and the energy class is class A. The user also has an oven, with grill and four baking programs, with a capacity of 55 liters. The oven has guides built into the walls, and the manufacturer additionally adds a deep tray and a standard tray.

The interior is lined with enamel, which should facilitate cleaning. In the kitchen, where there is not much space, you will also need a storage space for dishes built into this electric stove.

Consumers who have decided to buy this product in their opinions state that it looks nice. In addition, users found a useful storage space for kitchen accessories as a plus.

Beko CSS 57000 GW A is a stove whose dimensions are as follows: height – 85 cm, width – 50 cm and depth – 60 cm. The device has 4 burners. It is equipped with an oven with a capacity of 55 liters. Connected load of the product is 7700 W.



Functionality: Four burners of different power, an oven with grill function and four baking programs, timer, clock and the ability to adjust the baking temperature are the advantages of this device.

Easy cleaning: The inside of the oven is covered with enamel, which facilitates cleaning. The surface of the plate is also relatively easy to care for.

Storage space for accessories: The oven is equipped with a very useful storage space for kitchen accessories. By buying this model, you gain additional space for storing various things.



Design: Not everyone likes the look of the product.

Small oven: For equipment of this size, this model has a very small oven.

Rank #7: Amica 58CE1.30HMQ

Our first proposal is an electric cooker from the Polish manufacturer – Amica 58CE1.30HMQ. This freestanding stove is equipped with four burners and an oven with a capacity of 69 liters. Its dimensions are 50 x 85 x 60 cm. It is a fully electric model with a connection power of 7.8 kW.

The stove, however, is energy-saving, its energy class has been described as A, which means it received one of the highest marks. All cooking zones have been equipped with the latest technologies, which are designed to save us time and energy. And this is because they heat up quickly to the selected temperature.

During cooking, we have a choice between two HiLight fields, each with a diameter of 14.5 cm and a power of 1.2 kW, and two HiLight fields with a diameter of 18 cm and a power of 1.8 kW. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the device with a practical kitchen timer that can be used when cooking or baking.

Recipes placed on the oven door may also be useful, which will prompt you about the cooking time and temperature of selected dishes. Users are satisfied with this product. In their comments they inform that the burners heat up quickly and the whole device is solidly made.

The Amica 58CE1.30HMQ cooker is a device with four burners and an oven with a capacity of 69 liters. The dimensions of this equipment are 50 cm x 85 cm x 60 cm, so it is the most standard model available on the market and will be suitable for most kitchens. The device’s connection power is 7800 W.



Energy efficiency: The oven has A energy efficiency class, so it doesn’t consume too much electricity. In addition, as consumers note, the device heats up quickly, which also has a positive effect on electricity consumption.

Heating zones: The cooking zones are equipped with the latest technologies to minimize power consumption. They heat up quickly, which speeds up cooking. In addition, they have different sizes, and this, as is known, allows us to set pots with different bottom diameters.

Capacity: Consumers are positive about the capacity of the presented model. 69 l is a very good result. It allows us to put a large size dish in the oven.

Oven door: Double, non- heating door provides adequate protection against burns. This is an essential element in such ovens.

Execution: The product was appreciated, among others, for very solid performance. Consumers in their assessments confirm that the equipment is resistant to damage and looks beautiful.


What best buy electric cookers to buy?

Our guide showed you which electric stove is recommended and what to consider when choosing it. However, many people are still wondering whether electrical or induction equipment is better. In this part of the article, we’ll show you how the two models differ, and explain which one to invest in better.



Electric cooker

Electric stoves are becoming increasingly popular – more people choose them than gas models. What convinced many people is the simplicity of making such a model. In addition, operation of the device is not difficult.

The disadvantage of electrical equipment is certainly the risk of burns from a hot disc, although they are safer compared to gas appliances. Cleaning the disc itself is not difficult either, but you have to wait for it to cool down. Owners of electric cookers must also watch out for malfunctions that can affect electronics.


Induction cooker

Although induction devices are still quite expensive, they are much safer than other models available on the market. These types of products are often chosen by people who care about environmental protection. The equipment saves energy, because as soon as the oven is turned off or the pan is removed from the burner, the plate switches off automatically and cools down. Induction devices are also very efficient. It takes less time to prepare the dish, because all heating energy is focused on the bottom of the pot. In addition, the user can easily and quickly control the cooking temperature. Another advantage of induction products is simple care. In addition, only the bottom of the pot is heated, so the risk of burns is quite small.

Unfortunately, for induction equipment to work properly, you must have a three-phase socket. It should also be emphasized that the magnetic waves generated by the device may interfere with pacemakers, insulin pumps and hearing aids. Induction devices are quite expensive. In addition, the owner must also invest in a new set of pots that will work on the hob.



What is the difference between an electric and an induction cooker?

The main difference between induction and electric cookers is safety. Unfortunately, the second of these appliances stays warm for a long time, even after cooking. Because of this, it’s easy to get burned on a disc. In turn, induction devices quickly become cool after removing the dish from the burner.

The difference between these devices is also in the simplicity of cleaning. When the water boils or we just accidentally get the electric stove dirty, we must wait until the burner is cool to clean it. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to wait a long time, which causes the food to dry out, which makes it difficult to remove it. In the case of induction cookers we don’t have such a problem. These devices have been designed so that only the ferromagnetic bottom of the pot is heated. Therefore, removing the spilled water will not be difficult for you. It is worth emphasizing, however, that more and more manufacturers are placing thermal switches and a dish detection system in electric cookers. Induction cookers, on the other hand, can automatically switch off the burner in case the food boils over the plate and you need to remove the liquid and dry the burner to switch it on again.

It should also be mentioned that installing an electric cooker at home is usually simpler, although some models are also 3-phase powered. For induction models, it is always necessary to connect to a three-phase system. In addition, electrical equipment is much cheaper than induction.


Shopping guide

Choosing the right stove for your home is just as important as buying furniture or other home appliances. Such a device should be solid and functional so that it can serve you for several or even several years. Gas, gas-electric or electric cookers are available on the market. In the electric version you will find different types of plates. Usually they are ceramic, although induction versions are also available. This type of device is becoming more and more popular every year.

First of all, due to the comfort of use and attractive appearance. It is also worth noting that in many housing estates, gas connections are being dropped, which automatically involves the need to purchase electrical equipment. In this guide we will tell you which electric stove to choose so that it is functional and will serve you for many years.



Free-standing or built-in?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. It will allow you to limit the search area. Free-standing models are integrated. This means that the hob is connected to the oven. Built-in models, on the other hand, can be topped with top, thanks to which we get an interesting effect. When choosing such a device, you need to remember about furniture. They will come into direct contact with the oven and therefore must be highly resistant to high temperatures. Of course, manufacturers offer various safeguards and ventilation systems to protect against overheating, but furniture will also be important. Some do not like high temperatures and over time the top layer begins to peel off.


Cooker dimensions

Another issue is the amount of space you have. Freestanding devices are usually from 50 cm to 60 cm deep and up to 100 cm wide. A lot depends on how big and advanced equipment you buy. The most popular are 60 cm wide models, but you will also find 30 cm wide ones. When it comes to height, it is about 85 cm. If you have higher tops and want to keep the right proportions, choose a built-in model. Then you will achieve the best effect.


Energy class – which electric cooker is the best?

As with other electronics, you need to pay attention to the power consumption of the oven. The energy class is marked with letters from A to G (A means the most economical device and G the least). It’s worth choosing equipment in energy class A. This is especially important for people who cook a lot.

Number of burners and their adjustment

For standard 60 cm cookers, we usually have 4 burners. Smaller appliances sometimes have 2-3, and large 100 cm usually 6 or 5. It is worth paying attention to the size of the burners. In principle, all devices currently available have a variety of burners, usually everyone is different, but we will also find devices in which two have a standard size. The most popular versions are the ones in which we have a small burner, a large, large with a double diameter and a roasting dish, also with a double diameter.

This solution is the most functional. If you choose an electric cooker with an integrated induction hob, then you can choose area induction or on the whole hob, which further affects functionality. It is also worth paying attention to the issue of adjusting the burners, so that the device allows us to both quickly heat the water and slowly cook sauces.



When buying a stove, you should think carefully about its style. The cheapest are white models, which will be suitable for kitchens with white cabinets. Inox, black or brown cookers are becoming increasingly popular. The color should be selected taking into account the style of the kitchen, while also remembering the details, i.e. knobs or the appearance of the touch panel.


Service system

On the market you will find models with a touch system, which is becoming increasingly popular. Not only the simplicity of use, but also the elegant appearance and protection against launching by children, it is best. Some models have a hidden panel, while others need to enter a code that will allow us to take further action. There is no denying that the panel on which you can choose all cooking or baking options in the oven is more accurate than classic knobs.


The size of the oven and its operating system

The size of the oven is also an important issue when choosing a stove. The most standard 60 cm models are very roomy, but if you don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen, choose 45 cm – 50 cm equipment. If you have a large family and you can afford a larger device, certainly an interesting alternative is to buy equipment 90 cm, which by the way will have more burners. When it comes to the way the door is opened, it is usually used in the ovens from the bottom. However, in the case of large equipment, for example 100 cm, we will also find models opened from the side. The next issue is the guides. The most popular are ladder guides that facilitate sheet metal ejection.

However, an increasing number of manufacturers focus on telescopic guides, which not only facilitate the ejection of sheet metal, but also minimize the risk of burns. It is also worth checking the device’s operating range, and precisely the temperature. Usually it is around 240 degrees Celsius, although some ovens have a narrower or wider range. If you like to bake a pizza, we recommend choosing a model that reaches the highest temperatures. Remember, however, that such equipment is not cheap to operate.



A good electric stove must have some safeguards that will protect the device against malfunctions and protect you against burns. Among the most popular solutions to protect users are:  automatic switch off for too long operation,  blocking against accidental switching on,  cool oven front,  operation indicators informing that a given burner is on,  housing cooling system,  fast plate cooling system after work,  heat indicator residual.



For devices of this type, it is worth checking the functions of the oven. They also contribute to easier use or cleaning of the equipment and allow us to use it in various ways. Among such functions it is very popular:  automatic switch off after baking,  pyrolytic or catalytic cleaning – you will forget about the hours spent cleaning the oven,  choosing the program for the dish being prepared,  delayed start  function, accelerated heating  function, grill function with or without grill,  microwave function,  steam cooking,   baking only from below or only from above,  baking with a fan, double chamber, which allows simultaneous baking of different dishes at different temperatures and prevents the mixing of odors,  hot air,  timer.



Usually, additional elements are attached to the oven. Most often they are two sheets (two flat or one flat and the other deep), as well as a grill and special move for roasting whole meat.


Electric cookers at good prices

Most companies producing large home appliances offer electric stoves. The prices of such models start from 800 dollars and can reach up to 15 thousand dollars. Usually, however, this applies to equipment from brands that are known for designer designs. When it comes to good, functional ovens with a lot of functions, you will find them in stores for just 1,200 dollar.


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