6 Best Broom Vacuum Cleaners [ 2021 Updated ]

To keep our home free of dust and dirt, a broom vacuum cleaner is ideal, as it allows you to collect and vacuum a greater amount of dirt than conventional vacuum cleaners. However, we must consider certain factors that will allow you to choose the most suitable vacuum cleaner. First of all, the engine power is very important, since it determines the suction capacity of the equipment if you need it to be wireless for comfort, of a compact size, a suitable dust container, among other features.

 Among the favorite models by online shoppers, we can highlight the Bosch Athlet, an excellent wireless vacuum cleaner with 1500 W of power, the autonomy of up to 3 hours, an LED indicator display, and great practicality and lightness. Another notable model is the Rowenta Air Force Power Pro vacuum cleaner. This is an improved classic with greater suction power, more control options, and its unique diamond-shaped head to clean any corner easily.


The 6 Best Broom Vacuum Cleaners – 2020 Reviews

When you are looking to buy a vacuum cleaner, one of the options you can choose is to buy the best vacuum cleaner broom for its convenience of use and effectiveness. Here are some of the best broom vacuum cleaners for 2020, so you can compare when making the decision.


Rank#1: Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum, 350 W power, 28/100 W

It is a model with multiple options and functions for a common user, which is wireless and suitable for all types of homes.

Main Features Explained


This Dyson broom vacuum cleaner is manufactured to work with 350 watts, perhaps being a little lower than other models on the market. However, this is because the said vacuum cleaner is wireless. That is, it does not require any connection to an external power source for its operation, using only the power of its battery to work.

Despite this, it can provide the user with two levels of suction, a “normal” one with a power of 28 AW, while its option of “boost” or “high” suction has a power of 100 AW. Depending on the type of surface you plan to vacuum, or the time you want to finish the task, you can choose between one or another, knowing in advance that the high level consumes more energy and, therefore, discharges the battery in less time.


Being a wireless broom vacuum cleaner that can also be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner, it has a tank with a capacity of up to 0.4 liters, which is not large, but not small. With it, it is possible to cover a large area before requiring emptying; However, this may vary depending on the dirt in the room at the time of aspiration.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of your deposit is that it is transparent, and thanks to this feature, you will know how much space you have left or if it is fair and necessary to make an immediate emptying. Likewise, its emptying and cleaning are simple tasks, since to throw away the dust and vacuum it, you will simply have to press a button to release it. It’s that easy, fast, and hygienic activity that does not require more effort.


Although previously mentioned, this model works using a battery and not employing a plug, being, therefore, wireless equipment. It should be mentioned that of its two levels of suction, the normal level is intended to be used for 20 minutes before requiring a load, while its “boost” or high level lasts 6 minutes.

Likewise, it is a multifunction vacuum cleaner by including accessories such as a carpet brush and a corner, which will give you greater freedom of movement to reach places that with the common brush would be difficult to vacuum.

On the other hand, it includes a charging base that can be comfortably installed on the wall, so that after each use you can place the vacuum cleaner in its place and have it ready when you want to use it again.

This is A practical, simple, and multi-function vacuum cleaner at your fingertips.



  • You can work as a broom vacuum cleaner to clean your home or as a manual vacuum cleaner to remove all types of waste found in cars, furniture, or hard-to-reach areas for the broom vacuum cleaner.


  • It requires three and a half hours to fully charge, which can sometimes be annoying for large floors.

Rank#2: Bosch BBH625W60 Athlet Broom Vacuum Cleaner

 Our first candidate to consider when looking for the best quality-price broom vacuum cleaner is a Bosch wireless model.

It works with a 25.2 battery with a range of up to 60 minutes; You can vacuum your whole house without plugging in. Bosch indicates that with this model, you can get the same cleaning results with a sled-type vacuum cleaner with a power of 2,400 W.

It is a very light vacuum cleaner, so you can easily move it both while using it and when moving it from one place to another.

With this broom vacuum, you can vacuum under the furniture or anywhere difficult to access. No bag required and uses a 0.9-liter tank. It also includes the Easy Clean system that allows you to disassemble the area of the broom and the tank always to clean it easier since you can use it on any type of surface.

So, if you are interested in the best broom vacuum cleaner, that is to say in the Bosch Athlet BCH6ATH25K, we invite you to take a look at the following pros and cons of the model:




This vacuum works with a 25.2-volt battery, which means that it does not work with power cables. Also, its battery takes only 3 hours to charge.


It reaches up to 2400 watts of power, so it is possible to vacuum all kinds of waste with minimal effort, from dust to animal hair, and therefore it has been considered the best brand of broom vacuum cleaners.


Thanks to the great flexibility of this model, you can reach these difficult places that allow you to vacuum under furniture without any problem.


This vacuum can store up to 0.9 liters, thus freeing you from the annoying task of buying bags. Also, with its LED screen, you can know when it requires cleaning your filter.


One of the best aspects of this vacuum is that it only weighs 3kg, so you can transport it wherever you want. Also, with its 74 x 24 x 24 cm, it is compact to store anywhere without being a nuisance.




One drawback you might find is that the battery can last less than 60 minutes if the vacuum is used at full power; however, it is possible that it stays in the 20 or 25 minutes depending on the power to be used.


Rank#3: Rowenta Air Force Power Pro RH8897W0 Broom Vacuum Cleaner

The Rowenta Air Force Power Pro model is an already classic product on the market and with which it is easy to clean the home regardless of the floor on which we move. It uses Air Force Extreme cyclonic technology combined with an improved filtration system that maintains suction power for longer.

The product also has three power levels, which you can adjust depending on the terrain and the level of existing dirt. Its battery charges in about six hours and offers 75 minutes of use, depending on the power level chosen.

And for you to control the cleaning with ease, it also has an indicator on the handle itself, so that you estimate comfortably how much longer you will be able to clean.

Let’s see some more details of this model, worthy of being among the best broom vacuum cleaners of 2020.




This model has a high power system that makes it even easier to remove all household dirt types, both on hard and soft floors.


The vacuum cleaner includes three different levels of power, so you can choose the one that suits you at all times and save battery power.


Its diamond-shaped head makes it easy to reach the most complex corners and corners of the home. Also, it includes an LED light to make everything easier.




The weight is somewhat higher than that of other similar models, although its comfort of use is more than remarkable thanks to its design.

Battery and power:

Some comment indicates that the power tends to reduce as the battery runs out, although it is not something that greatly impairs cleaning.


Rank#4: AEG CX8-2-95IM Broom Vacuum, 32 W, 0.8 liters

If what you are looking for is the best price-quality broom vacuum cleaner, surely the AEG CX8-2-95IM model interests you. This vacuum cleaner maintains the 32.4-watt lithium battery that includes most modern models, with which it is easy to obtain high cleaning performance on all types of floors.

A process that also helps the head’s especially flexible design makes it easy to reach any corner of your home. It also has the usual three power levels in these products and the LED lighting of the head, which allows you to see what you do at all times.

The product also improves the tank’s capacity, which is 0.8 liters, so you can clean more without worrying about emptying. It ends with a battery of 95 minutes of autonomy that charges in just 5 hours.

Designed for those who have to clean a lot, we analyze how this product will help you make that cleaning even more comfortable.



Flexible head:

The flexible head has LED light and a wide range of motion, to make it even easier to reach any corner where the dust is hidden.


The capacity of the tank of this vacuum cleaner grows to 0.8 liters, so you do not have to empty it as often.


The model has a battery life of about 95 minutes, which stands out when looking for the best broom vacuum cleaner of the moment.




The offer of accessories included with the product is quite scarce, although you can always buy them separately if you need them.

Animal’s hair:

It is possible that pet hair, especially thicker hair, can be curled in the brush.


Rank#5: Cecotec Duo Stick Conga Duostick Easy-Aspirator Vertical 2 in 1

 The Cecotec Conga Duostick Easy broom vacuum cleaner is a product that makes cleaning your home easier thanks to its efficiency and dual design. We are talking about an 800-watt vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, which prevents dust from returning to the environment once we have cleaned.

This model also offers you a broom system, which lifts the dust and facilitates the operation of the product on all types of surfaces. But when this system is not enough, you can also disassemble the hand model to reach the most complex surfaces using a simple and efficient format when moving.

In both cases, you can enjoy a tight energy consumption, a lightweight, and everything you need to leave your home unpolluted without too many complications. Without forgetting a large tank, easy to empty.

Clean your home comfortably with everything that this Cecotec model offers you and that we list below.




The 800 watts operating power helps clean the home comfortably, with a class A energy expenditure, which does not trigger your electricity bill.

HEPA filter:

The HEPA filter makes it much easier to remove dust from your home and prevent it from accumulating in the environment, which will be appreciated by allergic users.

Dual character:

This product can be used in traditional broom mode and in handheld vacuum mode, to achieve more efficient cleaning.




The offer of accessories is somewhat tight, limited to a narrow nozzle for corners and corners, although it is possible to find compatible accessories.

Technical service:

Some users commented that the efficiency of the technical service is improved, especially in response time.


Rank#6: Bosch BBHMOVE4 Broom suction, 18

 Among the best cheap broom vacuum cleaners, this Bosch model stands out. It is a less powerful vacuum and, therefore, ideal for when you need to give a quick pass to the house. It is especially suitable for hard floors.

You can also use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean those corners where the broom does not reach, even the interior of the car, curtains, and windows.

It has an autonomy of about 36 minutes, although, as in all the equipment that works autonomously, the duration depends on the power used.

The filter is washable, and in general, this Bosch vacuum cleaner has been designed to carefully treat the floor by its rotating electric brush and its rubber profile wheels that do not scratch the floor.

To store it has the capacity to fold, so it takes up very little space, and this is something very valuable when we have little space at home.

If you have a limited budget, the Bosch BBHMOVE4 may be just the appliance you were looking for:




As in previous models, the Bosch BBHMOVE4 vacuum works without the need for plugs or cables that can be annoying so that you can have freedom of movement with this equipment.


It includes an indicator with which it is possible to know the battery that your vacuum has so that you proceed to charge at the right time or know when it is fully charged.


The best of all is that it is designed for quick cleaning. With it, you will easily do the work of sweeping in the houses’ spaces.




Its biggest point against it is the fact that it only stores 0.3 liters of dust, becoming a bit limiting; however, it is useful for small rooms where not much waste accumulates.


Another factor to consider is that it can last only 30 minutes after being fully charged.


How to use a broom vacuum

For those who are bored of passing the broom and prefer to keep control of their home’s cleanliness, having a broom vacuum cleaner is a good alternative. A cleaning device that facilitates this process saves you time and hassle to leave your home clean, with less effort and work. Let’s see how is the process of cleaning with these vacuum cleaners.

Execution of cleaning

The main advantage of a broom vacuum cleaner is that you only have to move the product on the floor to clean it. The included brushes are responsible for lifting the dirt, so you just have to take a simple pass to remove the dirt. On soft floors or carpets, you may have to take a few more passes, although accessories usually simplify the cleaning process.

Choose power

Some vacuum cleaners have different levels of power and speed, adjustable depending on the floor and the existing dirt. If necessary, you will have an additional speed with which to clean the floor more effectively. However, do not abuse too much of this maximum power since it reduces the battery’s autonomy time and therefore requires a more frequent charge.

Taking care of the details

For cleaning to be more effective, you must know how to properly dump the vacuum cleaner and access the most necessary corners. Luckily, quality models have a tilt system that makes it easier to access under furniture, chairs, and more complicated corners when cleaning.

Again, the accessories are the perfect complement in case you need to reach more complex areas and clean on certain types of materials.

Emptying the tank

After cleaning your home, it is time to empty the deposit. Generally, you do not need to empty it half clean thanks to the product’s capacity, being necessary only to do it at the end.

Emptying the tanks is usually simple, so you just have to remove them from the vacuum cleaner’s main body and follow the instructions for emptying. It is also recommended to clean the filter so that the product is ready to use the vacuum again with full efficiency and satisfaction.

Loading and storage process

Once we have finished cleaning and emptying the tank, it is time to leave it ready for the next use. In this case, simply connect the product to the charger so that the battery stores energy for the next use, in case it has a battery, of course.

In this process, the storage function is activated, allowing the product to be placed in the parking mode, saving space when storing the vacuum cleaner.


The most popular brands

Within the extensive catalog of products of the German company Bosch, we find mechanical tools, DIY, and also cleaning products such as broom vacuum cleaners. Something that is not new, since its founding by Robert Bosch at the end of the 19th century, the company demonstrated a wide versatility that today had led it to produce even components for cars or mobile phones. However, this last product lasted Little in its catalog.

Currently, Bosch’s experience in power tools has completely turned to clean products such as broom vacuum cleaners, many of which also have a new two-in-one design, which allows the vacuum cleaner to be used directly as a complete part or remove the mini vacuum that powers it and can be used as a conventional handheld vacuum.

The advantage is obvious since we can clean more and more easily with a single machine. All this, as always, with the quality of this great business group.

Continuing with the traditional German companies, we talk now about Rowenta. The company was founded in 1884 by Robert Ferdinand August Weintraub, who used an acronym for his name to create the brand. From the beginning, the company has been dedicated to creating home care products, starting with an electric iron launched in 1919. Over time it has launched other products such as coffee makers, irons with thermostats, and dryers.

As for the vacuum cleaners, its first launch appears in 1974, while the first bagless vacuum cleaner arrived in 2001. Although it seems a short time, the truth is that Rowenta has done his homework well since within his current range the broom vacuum cleaner Rowenta 24v is one of the most appreciated by users for its quality and efficiency, while Rowenta 12v models are an attractive and cost-effective proposal for those who wish to start in this world.

Therefore, it is not surprising that all their products are really appreciated, both for their power and cleaning capacity and for the comfort of the operation they offer.

Within the world of bagless vacuum cleaners, James Dyson is the “father of the invention.” A curious character who has even become considered the Steve Jobs of the vacuum cleaners. Its history begins in 1978 when Dyson, tired of seeing how his vacuum cleaner lost suction, decided to apply to its operation the cyclonic system typical of large industrial procedures. Five years later and after many prototypes analyzed, his first bagless vacuum was born, which would also be the first in the market.

A new product had just been born in the market. However, the inventor did not find anyone who wanted to manufacture his product, so he took the second leap to create his own company. And although the early days were hard, their vacuum cleaner did not include a bag was the basic argument to leap to success. The formula adds some products of extreme quality that usually occupy the first positions in the rankings of effectiveness that make different specialized means.

The Dyson broom vacuum cleaner is known for its high power, high-quality battery-free system, and suction capacity, allowing for obtaining excellent results with a small effort. Therefore, if you are looking for the highest quality and are willing to pay it, this is your choice.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: I don’t know which broom vacuum cleaner is better, Bosch or Rowenta. What do you recommend?

Suppose there is a pioneer company in the market of broom vacuum cleaners that is Rowenta. It is the brand that opened the category with its first products and remained the most cutting-edge company with elements such as its diamond-shaped brushes, which make it easier to reach the most complicated corners and places with little effort.

And although Bosch products are indeed subject to continuous improvement, with more and more power and cleaning capacity, it is also true that Rowenta models are one step ahead. However, we recommend that you compare prices and specific needs since you also do not need to spend more to have the latest, and a simpler Bosch model can be more than enough.

Q2: I want to know how it works and what a broom vacuum cleaner is for.

As the name implies, the broom vacuum cleaner is a fusion between the lifelong broom and the traditional sled vacuum. Now, at the time of sweeping, we not only lift dirt from the ground but also collect it directly when aspirated. Its operation is based on a large brush, with several rotating elements inside, which are responsible for lifting and rubbing the dirt on the floor and taking it to the tank where it is stored until we decide to empty it.

Its operation is very simple and light, and because of the power of the aspiration, it is complicated that the remains that we find in the ground resist, which allows us to save time and effort when cleaning the floor of our home. They even have accessories for hard floors, pet hair, and other complex jobs, depending on the type of vacuum cleaner chosen.

Q3: How do I clean a vacuum cleaner broom?

Cleaning a broom vacuum cleaner is a process that we must carry out with some frequency depending on what the product instructions tell us, which are the basis for good maintenance. First of all, it is necessary to empty the dirt filter, which usually has a button to remove it from the broom’s body and empty it in the trash. It is also necessary to wash the tank’s internal filter with some frequency so that it maintains its suction capacity without problems.

The more frequently the vacuum cleaner is used, and with the dirt of less granulometry or diameter, the more frequently it should be cleaned. On the other hand, this tank must also be cleaned with water to remove dust and dirt that may accumulate from its walls. Do not forget to clean brushes and other accessories to remove fluff and other debris from it and reduce its effectiveness. And to clean the broom’s body, just pass a damp cloth with which you can easily remove the dust and other remains from it in a simple way.

Q4: I have to empty my broom vacuum cleaner, but I don’t know how to do it. How do I do it?

To empty the tank of your vacuum cleaner, it is first necessary to remove it from the main body. Since each vacuum cleaner is a world, as always, it is best to consult the instructions on how to do it. In any case, the usual thing is that within the broom’s body, you have a button that will help you to be able to remove the tank from the main body of the broom.

If a 2-in-1 model connects a broom and handheld vacuum cleaner, this button will release the handheld vacuum cleaner part. Once the tank is loose, it is advisable to see if it is closed or not since if the tank is removed, it must be handled carefully so as not to pour the dust. If it is closed, it is easier to take it to the trash and empty it properly. Remember that you should never force the plastic parts of the tank and the body of the product to avoid damage to it or breakage any of the support brackets or tabs of the equipment.

Q5: Broom vacuum cleaner or normal vacuum cleaner

Normal vacuum cleaners are the so-called sled type, use wheels for their movement and require a cable that facilitates the ability to perform their functions. On the other hand, the broom vacuum cleaners, are the models designed with the vertical format, are light, ergonomic, easy to use and even do not need cable, since they work with a battery.

A sled vacuum offers you more power, more capacity, and is recommended to clean large areas. They also include several accessories, and not having a battery, provides greater performance. Its disadvantage is due to the limitation that the cable represents since they depend on a power outlet, and its body is usually large and heavy, so it is difficult to handle when it comes to cleaning stairs or ceilings.

The broom vacuum cleaners, meanwhile, are light equipment, since their weight hardly exceeds 3 kg. Some modern models are easily transformable in a handy handheld vacuum cleaner; Also, cleaning and maintenance are very simple. They are ideal for vacuuming curtains, upholstery, stairs, ceilings, and walls. However, its limitation is that they are not as powerful as a sled model, and its battery reduces vacuum time.

Q6: Broom or robot vacuum cleaner

Both devices have in common that they are designed to clean the floors of the home periodically efficiently; however, they have some aspects that substantially differentiate them. Starting with the robot vacuum cleaner, this device is equipped with intelligent sensors and memory capacity. It is a team that allows you to program it easily and without any effort on your part, it is capable of mapping the floor, memorizing the routes and cleaning all the rooms and rooms.

Robots are also designed to dodge obstacles, such as furniture and fixtures. Some of you are gifted with the intelligence to get to your base alone, once you have finished your task, or in cases where you need to recharge your battery. You can go to work and when you return you will find your home impeccable.

Broom vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, offer greater comfort in use compared to traditional vacuum cleaners. Thanks to them, you can clean not only the floor of your home but also facilitate the task of cleaning the upholstery of the sofa, carpets, and even, you can efficiently vacuum the inside of your car; things you can’t do with a robot vacuum cleaner.


Buying guide – What is the best broom vacuum cleaner on the market?

This guide to buying the best vacuum cleaner broom will help you choose a product with excellent value for money that fits your needs and budget.

You may have chosen to buy a broom type vacuum cleaner because it is light or because it takes up little space or you want a vacuum cleaner that is easier to handle than the sled type you already have, which seems very handy want to perform quick cleanings. The important thing is that you evaluate the different options beyond how much a broom vacuum cleaner costs.

Which broom vacuum cleaner is better?

If you compare broom vacuum cleaners, you may find models so varied that they are hardly comparable. This is where we want to insist that the best broom type vacuum will be the one that meets everything you need.

Most broom type vacuum cleaners are very light and are not usually very large, so these characteristics are usually considered points in favor when deciding on a type vacuum cleaner.


In general, broom vacuum cleaners are less powerful in terms of suction power compared to sled type. Therefore, they are recommended mainly for small houses or when you want to vacuum for quick cleaning.

However, a good broom vacuum cleaner should be able to properly suck dust, pet hair, and other types of typical rubbish.

Take into account the amps, volts, and watts associated with the vacuum, since they all affect the motor’s power. In general terms, the higher these numbers are, the more power they will have. The more power, the more suction power.

The types of soil you plan to clean should also be taken into account when considering the power and suction power. If you want to vacuum carpets, you should know that you will need a more powerful vacuum than if you are only going to use it on hard floors.

Do not forget that the suction power will also be affected if the vacuum cleaner has filters, and these are not clean or if the tank is full.


Check that the vacuum works properly for the type of floor you have, most broom vacuum cleaners have the option of activating/deactivating the use of the roller brush to clean carpets or hard floors as required.

Some broom vacuum cleaners are 2 in 1 because they can be “disassembled” to be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean armchairs, cars, etc.

Wireless or wired

Regarding this decision, several factors must be considered. In the first instance, will the broom type vacuum cleaner be the only means to vacuum, or is it support for quick cleaning? If it is going to be your main cleaning equipment, it is recommended one with a cable that will not leave you lying in the middle of the process. Still, if you want the vacuum cleaner for small cleanings, it will be enough to acquire a basic model with or without cable.

If you have a very large house, you should also consider if so, once again those with cable are more recommended to finish the entire vacuum. A cordless vacuum is very useful in places with few plugs, but care should be taken to have a plug in the area where the vacuum will be stored for loading.

If you decide on a broom type vacuum cleaner with cable, make sure it has a cable long enough, so you don’t have to be connecting and disconnecting as you clean the house.

Battery life

If you prefer a cordless broom vacuum cleaner, don’t forget to check the battery’s autonomy. Most work between 7 and 15 minutes per charge, but some can last up to more than 40 minutes, more than enough time to clean a house. It is also important to consider the charging time because some batteries require many hours before having a full charge.

Suction nozzle size

The width of the suction nozzle is really important. If it is very wide, you can finish vacuuming faster by covering more area on each pass. However, a narrower nozzle can allow you to maneuver better between furniture, corners, etc.


They don’t usually have a very large deposit, so if you have a lot to vacuum, you probably have to empty it before you finish vacuuming. Check that the tank emptying system is simple and as clean as possible.


Some vacuum cleaners of this type also include accessories for cleaning corners or upholstery.


One of the great advantages of broom type vacuum cleaners is that they are light and take up little storage space.

If you have little space to store the vacuum, you should know that there are models that can be folded, making storage even easier.

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