TOP 10 Best Bosch Broom Vacuum Cleaner [ 2021 Updated ]

Vacuum cleaners are our great allies when cleaning the home because they simplify the task and save us a lot of time. In this sense, we need to buy the best vacuum cleaner, and a brand that stands out among the others for its quality is the Bosch, which offers a large number of models, the broom types being one of the most practical.

Therefore, before buying your vacuum cleaner, you must know the characteristics you should analyze, such as the use that they allow you, the power, the deposit, and whether they are wireless. Several models are offered in the market. However, we will focus on the most important ones. The first is the Bosch Athlet BCH6ATH25K, which has a range of use of up to 60 minutes and has a removable tank of 0.9 L. The second model is theBosch BBHMOVE4, which offers 36 minutes of autonomy and two positions of use.


What is the best Bosch broom vacuum cleaner of 2020?

The broom vacuum cleaner is the last tool to leave your house untouched. So you don’t miss out on this new technology, we offer you our comparison with which to find the best Bosch broom vacuum cleaner that covers all your needs.

First of all, it is important that you consider the broom’s power, since some brooms have special capacities for cleaning carpets or carpets, while others simply serve us for uses as a general broom collecting dust present on the floor. The higher the operating power, the more cleaning capacity we will have.

Another fundamental aspect is the weight of the unit. We have to think that a broom vacuum cleaner is a self-supporting tool, unlike traditional sled vacuum cleaners, in which it is enough to just pull the device, and the wheels are responsible for taking it where we need it.

Although most broom vacuum cleaners on the market are designed to be lightweight and have a wheel system that facilitates their use, it is also true that some are lighter than others. When it is necessary to make extensive use of the equipment, the weight is It becomes an important factor.

Finally, it is important to consider the autonomy of the team. Some devices have an adjusted autonomy, so it is advisable to consider how long the device can work with its battery and if this time is enough to be able to use it according to the dimensions of your floor. The models of greater capacity allow giving a pair of passes in floors of 100 square meters, while the simplest ones are sufficient to leave a floor of about 60 meters simply.

As a sample of which is the best Bosch broom vacuum cleaner, we have chosen three models that we present below. We are talking about a first-level brand, famous both in the manufacture of tools of all kinds, especially regarding electrical machinery. Currently, the brand jump has meant a breakthrough in the manufacture of other elements such as vacuum cleaners and other equipment for home maintenance.


RANK#1: Bosch 18V Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

 We start with the most advanced broom vacuum cleaner in this comparison. The Bosch 18V Handheld Vacuum Cleaner model has an operating capacity equivalent to a 2400-watt sled vacuum.

Despite the size of the device, its wheels allow it to be easily moved so that the equipment’s use will not be a problem. Regarding the autonomy it offers, it has a battery that allows its use for 60 minutes, which, combined with a special tank of 0.9 liters of capacity, allows you to give two passes to a standard house of about 100 square meters.

Despite its capacity, this device only weighs three kilos, which added to the wheel system that incorporates allows easy and simple cleaning. As for accessories, it has different adapters to clean the most complicated areas and a flexibility that allows its users to be able to clean under the sofas or in areas of difficult access.


RANK#2: Bosch Power Tools VAC120BN 12-Volt Cordless Vacuum

 We follow our comparison of broom vacuum cleaners with a model specially designed to clean hard floors and complex surfaces.

In this case, it has a nominal power of about 100 watts, more than enough to move a high-frequency roller with which to remove all types of soil residue. Its work capacity is still high, although it is true that the autonomy is about 35 minutes, enough to give a complete pass to our 100-meter house already mentioned.

This capacity is in line with its 300-milliliter tank, enough to collect all the dirt generated during the cleaning process. Its operation has a lightweight, which is around three kilos, with which we can easily move along the ground, something that helps its two rollers and its flexible positions with which we can reach the most complicated corners.


RANK#3: Bosch Power Tools VAC120BN 12-Volt Cordless Vacuum

 We close our comparison with the Bosch BBHMOVE3 model. This broom vacuum cleaner is also designed for use on hard floors, with a high capacity roller that easily removes dirt from the floor.

It has ahead of tight size and especially flexible with which you will not have problems to access any type of hidden corner that this is. Its 80 watts of nominal power is sufficient to perform a more than deep cleaning on floors and hard surfaces such as marbles and terraces within the width of its head.

This model is designed for smaller homes, in which its folding design allows it to be stored easily, saving space. It also has a tight autonomy of 15 minutes and a deposit of 300 milliliters, with which you can have plenty to clean a house of about 60 square meters effortlessly.

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