8 Best Blender For The Money Reviews In 2020

A best blender for the money, such as a blender, will no doubt help you make a healthy cocktail or a delicious soup with a creamy consistency Bosch MMB43G2B. This is a 700 W chalice model that has 5 stages of speed control.

 The capacity of the jug is over 2 liters, which is why it is suitable for large families. Blender is praised for its practicality. It allows you to quickly crush ice, crush other hard food ingredients, and even chop herbs. 

If you need equipment with a bit more power, be sure to check out the description of the 1000 Watt Braun JB5160.BK model. He has 11 speeds to choose from, so you’ll definitely be able to mix the ingredients to get the right consistency. 

Best Blenders For The Money -Reviews In 2020

Before buying, it is worth carefully examining the topic and compare the models of interest to us, check the reviews and ranking of blenders. To facilitate this task, we have prepared a list of the best devices so that everyone can find something for themselves. Here are the best suggestions prepared according to user reviews. 

8 Best Blenders For The Money

Rank# 1: Bosch MMBH6P6B VitaBoost Blende

Bosch MMB43G2B Blender is a reliable and solid equipment that will be useful in every kitchen. You can prepare soup, cocktail or excellent smoothies in it. Thanks to the SilentMixx system it is the quietest among all Bosch blenders. The model has five speed settings, as well as a Pulse function, thanks to which you can fully control the operation of the device and adjust the mode to the type of products being mixed. 

Bosch Blender can easily cope with soft vegetables, herbs as well as nuts or ice. The advantage is also a high-quality stainless steel knife that does not dull even during intensive work and will perform its function for years. 

To make using the blender easier, the KlickKnife system was used. With it, you can remove the knife with one click. The blade is also dishwasher safe. The modern design makes Bosch blender stand out from similar products. Durable materials and care for the highest quality of the smallest details makes the equipment one of the most frequently chosen equipment of this type. Opinions about Bosch blenders are positive, so it’s worth choosing this handy equipment. 

Rank# 2: Braun JB5160 BK 1000W/220V Blender

Blender Braun JB5160.BK is a professional device, equipped with the latest technology. Thanks to it, everyday cooking will be a pleasure. Comfortable and handy form, 1000 W power and 11 speeds ensure perfect blending results. 

The jug made of Thermo Resist glass allows you to mix products at any temperature. You can easily prepare soups, sauces, fresh salad dressings, mousses, creams, purees and of course fruit cocktails, which is confirmed by positive consumer reviews.

The reliable and powerful engine is equipped with a noise suppression system, as a result it works quietly. An important advantage of the Braun blender is the arrangement of the blades in a way that allows vertical and horizontal rotation of the ingredients. Smoothies and mousses are velvety and smooth, and the products do not get stuck in the blades during blending. 

Rank# 3: NutriBullet Pro 900 Hi-Speed Blender

NutriBullet Pro 900 is an innovation among kitchen appliances. It will easily extract all the nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables, and will also cope with seeds and skins. The model combines the function of traditional blenders and juicers. 

The unique design has 6 blades arranged in such a way as to ensure the rotation of the blended ingredients, which ensures a smooth, velvety texture and maximum nutrient content. The device works quickly, its power is 900 W, as a result of which the preparation of a cocktail will take less than a minute. 

The smoothie and best blender for the money has a childproof lock. To start the equipment, the cup and blades must fit tightly together. An additional advantage of the model is the small, compact size. You can easily carry it or even take it on vacation. The blender test shows that good quality materials used for its production guarantee long-term operation of the equipment. Consumers also note that operating the machine is not difficult.

Rank# 4: Magic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet Blender has an illuminated electronic control panel. The 750 W motor can easily handle the crushing and chopping of various products. from soft fruit to seeds and nuts. Blender Zelmer can handle even crushing ice. The mixer has 5 speeds, as well as TURBO, PULSE and ICE functions. 

With its help, you can easily prepare milkshakes, crush vegetables and meat, and even prepare meals for children. The 1.5-liter jug ​​is made of tempered glass, making it suitable for preparing soups or sauces. 

The model is distinguished by a modern design that will suit any kitchen. Many people think that it’s solid and nice equipment that looks great on a kitchen counter.

Rank# 5: Remington Russell Hobbs BL3100RDR Retro Style 6-Cup Blender


The Russell Hobbs Mix & Go 21350-56 cocktail blender is the perfect choice for people who live in a constant run. It’s practical equipment and a portable bottle in one. You will prepare a portion of nutritious cocktail in it, which you can take with you everywhere. The set includes two 600 ml bottles. To prepare a cocktail, simply throw in the fruit and turn on the device.

Due to the fact that the equipment is easy to use, we reduce the mess in the kitchen when preparing a drink. . The bottles are suitable for use when traveling, thanks to the size corresponding to the standard sizes of car cup holders. The device starts automatically by pressing. 

The best blender for the money has a pulsating and permanent mode. As a result, it will adapt better to our needs. A good and cheap blender has gained the recognition of buyers, as buyers note, the device engine works flawlessly for many years.

Rank# 6: Philips Kitchen Appliances HR3868/90 High Speed Power Blender

The  Philips Kitchen Appliances HR3868/90 High Speed Power Blender high-speed blender with ProBlend 6 3D technology has a power of 1,400 W, which generates up to 35,000 revolutions per minute. This makes it possible to mix fruit, vegetables, nut seeds and even crush ice. Smoothies and creams are smooth and delicate, without inaccurately mixed elements. 

To make using the equipment easier, it has the function of manually selecting the blending speed. You can decide for yourself what consistency you want to get. It is also possible to use several permanent programs. Making a cocktail then requires a click. The glass jug will hold 2 liters of drink. You can prepare a smoothie for the whole family at once.

The large jug capacity, efficient engine operation and durable components mean that the equipment is positively evaluated by many buyers.

Rank# 7: Remington Russell Hobbs BL3100BKR Retro Style 6-Cup Blender

Remington Russell Hobbs BL3100BKR Retro Style 6-Cup Blender will help you enjoy healthy food, and save a lot of time. It is a good choice for all those who want to enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal. The Russell Hobbs blender is equipped with a serrated blade for grinding cheese, chopping nuts or grinding coffee beans. As a result, you can have fun in the kitchen and discover new flavor combinations. 

Nutri Boost allows you to make delicious cocktails, cut onions without a single shed tear, and even grind fresh coffee or spices (using the included grinder). The blades are made of stainless steel and guarantee even grinding of even hard products. Most of the elements of the set can be easily washed in the dishwasher, which will significantly save your time. 

The mixer has a continuous and pulse mode, so you can better control the fineness of products. A very important protection is a lock when folded incorrectly. The mixer starts only when the blades and other elements are in the right position, which many parents appreciated.

Rank# 8: Vitamix 780 Blender

The  Vitamix 780 Blender with two goblets is one of heat-resistant glass and the other made of highly durable Tritan plastic allows you to prepare both hot and cold dishes. 

The mixer uses 6 stainless steel blades, as well as a 1300 W motor. This combination allows for a smooth consistency of the ingredients being mixed. The high-speed and best blender for the money is also equipped with an innovative technology that by pumping air from the cup before blending minimizes its impact on the ingredients. 

The model has as many as 10 automatic programs (soup, smoothie, mousse, compote, warm sauce, milk, milkshake, ice crushing, nuts and sorbet). This guarantees the best taste of the dishes. According to buyers, the device is solid and reliable, and it’s easy to

Which best blender for the money to buy?

Shopping guide

Blender is one of the kitchen appliances that can be very useful. It is often used not only for grinding fruit and vegetables for cocktails, but also for crushing ice, chopping herbs or preparing meals for babies. Below are tips to find the right power device with all the features you need. 


Hand blender

With the help of a hand blender, we can mix ingredients in various dishes, e.g. pots or glass bowls. These types of equipment have compact dimensions, and thus are comfortable to use and easy to store. As standard, these devices have a mixing foot, but sometimes there are also additional accessories in the set, such as special tips. The hand blender has a relatively low power engine, therefore it is not adapted to long-term work. However, it will be useful, among others for chopping nuts for dough, making a creamy soup or mixing fruit for a healthy cocktail.


Chalice blender

The cup equipment is larger than the manual model because it is equipped with a glass jug in which the ingredients are mixed. The devices belonging to this group can work without interruption for a long time and often have a lot of useful functions. Although the cup blender takes up a lot of space on the kitchen countertop, but when using it, you do not have to hold it in your hands, which often turn out to be a convenient solution. Among such devices we can distinguish the so-called smoothie makers, i.e. models designed for making smoothies. The cup is often replaced with a smaller bottle in which we can store the finished drink and take it with you to work or for a walk.



What is the best blender? It depends, among others on engine power. In the case of hand-held devices, it is on average from 300 W to approx. 500 W, as a result of which we can mix soft food, chop nuts and herbs, and sometimes also ice. Chalice blenders have more power, exceeding 1000 W, and sometimes even 2000 W. The more powerful the equipment we choose, the more practical it will turn out, because it can be used in many different situations.


Rotation speed

Rotational speed gives information about how quickly the knives of the device rotate in a minute. It is recommended that it be as large as possible, because it makes the preparation of a cocktail, soup, etc. simple and does not take much time. The rotational speed of some models is over 20,000 revolutions per minute (high-speed equipment). They are well suited for the preparation of peanut butter, sandwich spreads or sorbets.



Most blenders are mains powered. This means that you need to check the length of the cable so that it does not turn out that the equipment must stand next to the socket (which sometimes negatively affects the convenience of use). Wireless devices with a built-in battery are gaining popularity. Although they can be used anywhere, sometimes, due to their low power, they turn out to be too weak.



If we buy a device that is too loud, it will not be pleasant to use it. In addition, other household members may accuse us of continuing to disturb their peace. The best blender for the money works so quietly that you can easily turn it on early in the morning or late in the evening. It is assumed that the more powerful the engine, the more noise it generates. Some manufacturers use special soundproof enclosures or other solutions, but this is not always effective enough.





Hand blenders are usually equipped with 2, maximum 4 knives, and the cup blades have 4 to 6 blades. It is important that they are well shaped and sharp, and at the same time resistant to rapid blunting. Knives should be made of solid material such as stainless steel. 



The housing, like the knives, is to be durable. If it is susceptible to mechanical damage, the equipment will quickly cease to be elegant, besides, internal parts of the building may fail. The casing material is also important when deciding which best blender for the money to choose. It is good if it is steel or good quality plastic.


Mixing utensil

The mixing container is not only attached to the cup blender, but is also often included in the set with hand equipment (although it is not a regular jug). The most important is its capacity. If the dish is small, preparing a meal or cocktail for the whole family will take more time, because the ingredients will have to be divided into several smaller portions. By default, the container attached to the hand blender has a capacity of 0.5 to 1 l, and for the cup model from 1 to 2 l. The mixing container should be made of thick glass. Portable water bottles are an exception. They are made of plastic, without BPA and other toxic substances in the composition.


Available functions

It is said that blending equipment should have speed control so that its work can be adapted to the hardness of the ingredients being mixed. Turbo mode is also useful. After pressing the appropriate button, the knives immediately start to rotate at maximum speed, as a result of which you can quickly crush ice or crush frozen vegetables and fruits. Many blenders have an additional pulse mode, thanks to which we maintain greater control over the degree of mixing of ingredients. When looking for the perfect equipment, you should not forget to check the options that increase the safety of use. The blender, especially the cup one, must be secured against being switched on when the individual parts have been incorrectly attached or when the lid is not on the jug.


Easy to clean

After using the blender, you need to wash thoroughly, which is not always easy. Increasingly, some components of the device can be washed in the dishwasher, which is a great convenience. However, this usually does not apply to the mixing foot itself or the cup with knives, so it is worth making sure that we can rinse these parts without water or wipe with a sponge to get rid of food residues.




Additional accessories

Additional accessories that can be found in the set with a blender are replaceable tips, e.g. for whipping egg whites or frothing milk for coffee. As already mentioned, some equipment comes with handy water bottles in which you can directly prepare a healthy cocktail.


Blenders at good prices

Although in terms of price a lot depends on the manufacturer, construction of the device, power and rotational speed, we will not usually pay more than PLN 300 for a blender. There are also slightly more expensive models, costing about PLN 500. These are devices offered by renowned brands, enabling mixing, grinding, grinding and comminution of ingredients, and even blending in a vacuum (by sucking air from a dish).





Q1: How to fix the blender?

Repair of the blender, just like any other electrical device, requires the help of a specialist who will solve the problem with a non-working equipment in a safe and effective way. Servicing your kitchen instrument includes a number of activities, such as replacing the ON / OFF switch, replacing the speed control knob, replacing the fuse, servicing the engine or blade assembly. The most common failure in electric blenders is damage to the drive wheel, which causes the cup of the device to rotate in the wrong way. To repair the device we need tools that securely screw the base to which the cup is attached. 




P2: What is a blender?

Blender is one of the most popular kitchen appliances in the world. Housewives use this device to mix and mix different types of food. They are equally often used to make fruit, vegetable and alcohol cocktails that look good and taste better. Blended vegetables or fruits contain a large dose of vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the whole body, so it’s worth investing in a good quality blending product. Manufacturers offer us two types: manual and chalice.  


Q3: How much does the best blender for the money cost?

Prices start from 30 zlotys. For a person who cooks very little and rarely uses the help of a blender, a cheaper product will be sufficient. A qualified chef will choose a food processor for several hundred zlotys, which will be equipped with a cup with blades for mixing. Good quality hand-held kitchen equipment costs about 100-150 zlotys, depending on whether we decide on a reputable brand product or something equally good for little money. A branded blender with accessories can cost from 200 PLN up, depending on the offer of the store in which you plan to buy the product. 


Q4: How much watt should a good blender have?

When choosing a blender, we should be guided not only by price and functions, but also by power. It influences what products we will be able to blend without having to manually crush them. Most models have a power of 300 W. This is the optimal value for hand blenders, which we usually make cocktails or soups for children. However, if you are looking for a device that works in the most demanding conditions and mixes literally everything, it is much safer to invest in a 1000 W product. Devices with such power are able to crush ice and also allow chopping raw vegetables and fruits 




Q5: How to use the blender?

A beginner chef often wonders how to use a kitchen blender. The answer is very simple. Regardless of whether we have a hand-held device or a cup, the operating scheme is similar. If we want to prepare a delicious strawberry cocktail, all you have to do is wash the fruit, cut out the stalks, and then throw the strawberries into the cup. By adding a bit of natural yogurt 3% we will get a cocktail with a silky texture that refreshes us on a hot day. It will also be useful for making delicious soups or vegetable purees. However, it is important to wash the fruit or vegetable thoroughly before mixing. If necessary, they should also be peeled. 

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