8 Best Bathroom Mirrors Reviews In 2020

One of the best bathroom equipment is a mirror. Its shape, sheet thickness and dimensions play an important role. How do you find a suitably large model in which you can freely browse? Our best bathroom mirrors ranking presenting noteworthy mirrors will help you with this. The first place in it is occupied by the : B&C 24×36 inch Super Slim Bathroom Mirror . 

This is a model with a withdrawable mechanism, which is why we can change the distance between the glass and the wall. It is equipped with a small shelf, which will contain the necessary cosmetics or hair accessories. The advantage of the mirror is also that it can be easily kept clean, cleaning the glass does not take too much time. 

In second place is Tonffi 32×24 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror – a rectangular model that is easily assembled. Its minimalist design makes it fit into any bathroom, regardless of the decor. The mirror is protected against defragmentation, so there is no risk that we accidentally destroy it.

Our recommendations of 8 Best Bathroom Mirrors Reviews 2019

The mirror is an inseparable element of the bathroom equipment in every home. It is hard to imagine doing everyday tasks such as arranging a hairstyle or makeup without it. The market offer is very wide and adapted to the individual needs of buyers. 

The purchase of the most suitable mirror should be approached in a thoughtful way so that the choice turns out to be accurate. For this purpose, we have prepared this ranking of best bathroom mirrors that will tell you which model to choose.

Rank#1: Tonffi 32x24 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

At the beginning of our ranking was the Tonffi 32×24 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror model. It is a product made of laminated chipboard in the color of light ash and the highest quality panes with a thickness of 3 mm. The mirror has a mechanism thanks to which it can be extended from 7 cm to 26 cm from the wall. In this way, it provides comfort when performing daily care and protects our spine, because we do not have to bend over.

The product is finished with a shelf that allows you to set handy cosmetics and accessories, and is perfect for a small number of cabinets in the bathroom. The rail attached to the shelf effectively protects the items placed on the shelf from falling down and falling over. It is also an aesthetic ornament. The mirror has dimensions of 50 cm x 65 cm and should be mounted vertically.

This best bathroom mirror has a very attractive look due to the simple, traditional design. Consumers agree that this is a universal product, characterized by high quality and full functionality.

Tonffi 32×24 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror  has the dimensions: 50 cm x 65 cm and is adapted for vertical mounting. The model is equipped with a retractable mechanism.


Easy cleaning: Washing the mirror surface does not take much time.

Practical shelf: The model is equipped with a practical shelf, on which you can place the necessary cosmetics or decorative elements.

Quick installation: Mounting the mirror on the wall is not troublesome, so each of us can handle it.

Possibility of sliding out: If necessary, we can independently adjust the distance of the pane from the wall to be able to freely see in the mirror.

Elegant look: Buyers think it is a smart-looking model. This was confirmed by a test of bathroom mirrors.


Not suitable for every bathroom: The chipboard, to which the sheet is attached, is available in one color (light ash). Because of this, the model may not match dark bathroom furniture.

Rank#2: ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirror

When creating the statement, we could not omit the Renewal LED Backlit Illuminated Wall Mounted Mirror product. This is a rectangular mirror with dimensions: 120 cm x 30 cm, which was made of 0.4 cm thick glass. This is a model thanks to which the interior can become optically larger.

The mirror was protected against defragmentation using a special foil. The minimalist design and lack of a frame mean that the described model can be matched to other elements of the bathroom equipment, regardless of the room’s decor.

The product is very popular among consumers. It is praised for easy installation, as well as low hassle washing. In addition, the mirror was covered with a lead-free protective layer based on ecological, water-based varnish.

The ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirror  is a good bathroom mirror up to $ 50. Its dimensions are: 120 cm x 30 cm, and the thickness of the glass is 0.4 cm.


Protection against defragmentation: The mirror was protected against defragmentation, a special film was used for this.

Versatility: The model has no frame, so it can be easily adapted to any bathroom, decorated in a classic or modern style.

Optically enlarges the interior: The mirror is suitable for installation in a small room, will optically enlarge it.

Lead-free: Lead, which is toxic, has not been used in the production of the mirror.


The shelf is missing: People who like to have a toothbrush and similar utensils on hand complain about the lack of a shelf.

Rank#3: FirsTime & Co. Mason Planks Wall Mirror

The next item in our ranking is the FirsTime & Co. Mason Planks Wall Mirror model. This is a traditional mirror that fits almost any bathroom. It is made of 4 mm thick panes, and its back layer is covered with a Teflon coating, which protects the mirror from steam and rust. Thanks to this, the product can be hung in rooms with high humidity.

The mirror has a diameter of 50 cm and weighs 1.67 kg. Its depth is 12 mm. The edges of the product are ground and polished, which means that its edges are devoid of unevenness and sharpness. This best bathroom mirrors model can be hung using the attached hangers, thanks to which it adheres completely to the wall and does not move.

This good and cheap bathroom mirror is distinguished by its simplicity, minimalism and functionality. An additional advantage of this model is its round shape, which gives the interior modernity and originality. Customers appreciate above all its attractive price and traditional look that matches every bathroom.

The FirsTime & Co. Mason Planks Wall Mirror has a diameter of 50 cm. The thickness of the glass pane is 0.4 cm. The product weighs 1.67 kg.


Teflon coating: The mirror has been coated with a Teflon coating. This solution prevents evaporation as well as corrosion.

Ground edges: The edges have been carefully ground and polished, which is why they are smooth. Since the edges are not sharp, there is no risk of injury, e.g. when hanging the mirror or correcting it.

Simple assembly: The model can be mounted on the wall without unnecessary effort. The set includes pendants needed for this.


Too small: Some buyers think that the mirror is too small. As a result, the household members complain that they can’t shave comfortably, style their hair and do makeup.

Rank#4: OOWOLF LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror

The Cozy Castle Bathroom Mirror model allows you to freely browse while shaving, doing makeup, applying hairstyle or performing skin care treatments. The mirror has a rectangular shape, its dimensions are: height – 80 cm and width – 60 cm.

The frame is made of aluminum, which is why it is light but also solid. Its width is 0.8 cm. The mirror can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on individual needs or the amount of free space on the wall.

Installation of the mirror is not too difficult, which is confirmed in their opinions by people who decided to buy it. The presented model looks nice on the wall and can be easily kept clean. Most buyers think the frame is the right width and not too thin or too thick.

Cozy Castle Bathroom Mirror is a rectangular mirror with a frame made of aluminum. Product dimensions are: 80 cm x 80 cm.



Lightness: The mirror is lightweight, which makes it easy to mount it on the wall in a selected place. We can do it ourselves.

Vertical and horizontal mounting: The model is suitable for hanging not only vertically but also horizontally.

Possible lighting installation: The mirror allows you to install lighting: one sconce in the center (just drill a hole).


One frame color: The frame is only available in one color (chrome). There are people who think that this element should be darker.

Delicate protective coating: The protective layer of the pane is relatively delicate, which may result in scratches due to frequent washing.

Rank#5: Kate and Laurel Colfax Round Wood Mirror

The Kate and Laurel Colfax Round Wood Mirror  is our proposition for people complaining about poor lighting in the bathroom. The presented model has dimensions: height – 60 cm and width – 80 cm, and the thickness of the glass is 0.4 cm. The edges are carefully polished and ground, so they are not sharp or prone to cracks.

This mirror has been equipped with LEDs arranged around all edges. Their durability is about 15,000 hours. This model has a touch switch installed and it allow you to quickly turn the lighting on and off.

LEDs emit white light (7000 K), which significantly facilitates, among others make-up. The mirror has received many favorable reviews because it looks effective, is solid and has relevant certificates, such as CE.

The Homeswee Oval Simple Bathroom Mirror  has a rectangular shape, its dimensions are: 60 cm x 80 cm. The thickness of the sheet is 0.4 cm.


LED lighting: The model is equipped with LEDs providing light with a color temperature of 7000 K. Their durability is about 15,000 hours. The lighting is switched on by means of a touch switch placed on the surface.

He has relevant certificates: This is a solid product, which is confirmed by certificates granted to him, such as CE or RoHS. No lead was used to make the mirror.


Too cold light: There are opinions that the light emitted by the LEDs is too cold. As a result, the bathroom may seem uncomfortable.

Difficult assembly: Mounting the mirror yourself can be a problem because of the need to connect the diode power cord.

Rank#6: Homewerks 100150 White 24”x30” LED Bathroom Mirror

Another suggestion on our list is the Homewerks 100150 White 24”x30” LED Bathroom Mirror  model. This mirror is made of the highest quality glass, and its back is covered with a Teflon layer, which protects the product against corrosion. Its edges are milled, making them perfectly clean and shiny.

The mirror is illuminated by strong LED strips attached to its upper part. The use of special covers makes the light diffuse evenly, thanks to which our face is clearly visible during everyday activities in the bathroom. The lifetime of the LED strips used is 30,000 hours. In addition, at the customer’s request, you can attach such attributes as the LED clock, magnifying mirror, socket for the machine or brightness control to the mirror.

The mirror has dimensions of 100 cm x 63 cm. Thanks to the special technology, its distance from the wall has been reduced to a minimum, which is about 2.8 cm. The lighting power is 9 W. Opinions about best bathroom mirrors from this manufacturer are very positive. Customers appreciate their modern character and design matching both traditional and modern bathrooms.

Rank#7: Decoraport Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror

Decoraport Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror is a model that came next in our ranking. It is a modern bathroom mirror, made of 4 mm thick crystal glass and black backing glass, which is a great contrast. Its surface is covered with a Teflon coating, which protects the product against corrosion and moisture in the bathroom. This model has LED lighting in the form of double rows of regular squares located on the sides of the mirror pane.

Thanks to the use of special technology, the mirror sticks out only 2.8 cm from the wall. The POWER LED system, on the other hand , produces 100% more light than models based on standard LED strips. The backlight effect lasts up to 30,000 hours.

The basic dimensions of the mirror are 50 cm x 50 cm, but it is possible to adapt them to the individual needs of customers. The manufacturer also allows the selection of additional accessories, such as Bluetooth module, LED clock, brightness controller or heating mat. The product is appreciated by buyers primarily for its modern design and convenience in use.

Rank#8: B&C 24x36 inch Super Slim Bathroom Mirror

Our ranking closes the B&C 24×36 inch Super Slim Bathroom Mirror model. It is a bathroom mirror with LED backlight and 4 mm thick pane. The product is equipped with a Teflon coating that protects it from harmful external factors. Lighting installed along the perimeter of the mirror makes it perfectly and clearly illuminates the entire face during daily care.

The technology used allows hanging this model only 2.8 cm from the wall. The edges of the product are ground and polished, which means that its edges are free of unevenness. It is mounted on two spacers. The dimensions of the mirror are 60 cm x 60 cm.

The simple form of this model allows it to easily fit into the bathroom decor. Despite its price, the product is very popular among buyers. They claim that it combines comfort and functionality, and LED lighting adds character and makes the interior appear larger. Customers like the product primarily because of the very high quality and modern style.

Which bathroom mirror should I buy?

Shopping guide

The mirror is the basic equipment of every bathroom, so it is difficult to imagine this room without this element. It is not only about the fact that the mirror facilitates our daily care, allows you to paint or shave, but also that thanks to it every bathroom looks optically larger. A well-chosen model will significantly expand the space and will be practical for all family members. Considering the fact that we will find many different products of this type on the market, choosing the right one can be a problem. Therefore, we have prepared this guide to help you find out which bathroom mirror to choose.  Type – which bathroom mirror is the best?

First of all, you need to decide what type of mirror is right for your bathroom. If you have a spacious room, certainly an interesting option is to set a standing mirror, although this is not always practical. Yes, it will work well during dressing, but it’s unlikely to make shaving or makeup easier for you.

It can only be an addition to the standard hung model. Here the question arises. Will a mirror with frames be better, one that is part of the cabinet, or maybe a large sheet for the whole wall? Models with a frame are more practical because they often have lighting in the upper part. On the other hand, it is cumbersome to care for. That is why the mirror pane is permanently mounted to the wall. We can easily find the right lighting for it, and at the same time we will get an interesting effect and significantly increase its space. However, if you have a small bathroom and you care about additional shelves, it will be a good idea to choose a mirror with cabinets.  

Mirror frame – what to remember?

If you choose a mirror with a frame, then you need to pay attention to the material from which it was made. Formerly the most popular was plastic, which available in many attractive colors, attracted our attention. In addition, it was easy to clean. We definitely decide on such a solution. We replace plastic frames with wooden ones. However, we must remember that wood does not react well to moisture, so it should be properly protected. Equally popular are metal frames, additionally resistant to rust.

Two-in-one mirror

When it comes to models with a cabinet, it will be best if you focus on practical solutions tailored to your needs. In small bathrooms we always want to save space, but usually we have excess space on the walls, because we will not put a toilet or washing machine there. Therefore, it is better to choose a larger cabinet, but not too deep so that it does not hinder us to move around the bathroom. If you have a larger bathroom, you should think about buying a compact mirror cabinet. It is a whole bookcase in which you will find cabinets for storing cosmetics, chemistry, and even a special container for dirty clothes.

Colors and decorations

When choosing, you must also take into account the interior design. White is very popular in the bathroom. Therefore, in the case of cabinet mirrors, most often we will find such models. However, if you have another idea to decorate the bathroom, you’ll easily find less standard mirrors.

Mirror pane

It is worth paying attention to the mirror pane, whether it has accidental damage and what its quality is. It would seem that the mirrors are all the same in this respect. Unfortunately, it is very easy to find models whose mirror pane is of poor quality. Over time, it is more difficult for us to wash away dirt, discoloration and scratches. Then the quality of this element becomes important. Before buying, you should look at the mirrors that interest us and see if it distorts the image. The size of the glass is equally important. It should be large enough to make the use of the mirror comfortable.

Magnifying mirror

More and more people are choosing to buy a magnifying mirror. However, it should be an addition to the traditional model. Sometimes, for wall mirrors without a frame, some have a special magnification. It is a useful solution that facilitates the performance of certain facial treatments.

Anti-vapor coating

The bathroom is a room where the humidity is quite high. In addition, bathing in hot water can make all glass elements fog. Therefore, it is worth choosing a mirror with a special vapor barrier. Thanks to this, the problem of fogged up mirror will be minimized.


Some mirror models are integrated with lighting. If the lamp is permanently attached to the mirror, it is worth checking its installation. Any holes drilled in the sheet may expand over time and unsightly cracks and scratches will occur. So if you are buying a model with integrated lighting, carefully check the installation of the lamp.

Best Bathroom mirrors at good prices

The cost of buying a mirror depends on many factors. The first is size. The larger it is, the more it costs. An important role is played by the frame and its design or its housing, in the case of cabinet models. Sometimes manufacturers offer large mirrors with decorations to enrich the look of your bathroom. You will find the cheapest mirrors for several dozen zlotys. However, if you decide on a set with lighting, its cost may increase to PLN 100 or more. Prices of some mirrors can reach up to several thousand dollars.

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