10 Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaners For Animals- Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2021

Nothing compares to the joy of having pets, but it is also true that the hairs and waste they leave can become a big problem. Sure, a vacuum cleaner that cleans all that, even dust and allergens, could be the solution, but how to find the best model that fits your budget? If you have already thought about the power, filters, and accessories that your future vacuum cleaner should have, we have two highly recommended models of the best bagless vacuum cleaners for animals that might interest you.

First, the Cecotec Conga ErgoExtreme 29.6 V model, a team with a high-efficiency broom vacuum cleaner design, equipped with high power and different elements that help remove your pet’s hair from anywhere. Interestingly, the Ufesa AS5200 Optima model is a long tube alternative with a broad brush and anti-allergic HEPA filter, which guarantees a much cleaner residual air emission.


What is the best bagless vacuum cleaner for animals on the market?

Having pets at home is a real pleasure, although it also has drawbacks: hair, box sand, diverse dirt, etc. To minimize these inconveniences, you have tools specially designed for cleaning, such as vacuum cleaners without a bag for animals. If you have never heard of them, our guide to buying the best vacuum cleaner without a bag for animals shows you the main features of these products that will help you make a better choice in your future purchase.


What is the best vacuum cleaner for animals of 2020?

As much as we like animals, when we see that there are hairs in the armchairs, in the clothes and in general throughout the house, we can lack for despair. In these cases, having the best vacuum cleaner without an animal bag may be the solution.

Next, our candidates for the position of best bagless vacuum cleaner :


Recommended Products

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Rank#1: Cecotec Conga ErgoExtreme 29.6 V

A versatile tool so that cleaning your home remains simple, even if you have to fight against the dirt generated by your pet.

Main Features Explained

Operating power

This model has high operating power, thanks to the power provided by its 29.6-volt battery. A system called Ultrapower, with which to achieve the maximum possible suction power, which is essential when removing hair and other remains of your pets, including textile surfaces such as carpets, carpets or sofas.

This is not a problem for the autonomy of the device, since we are talking about a broom type product and, therefore, works with the battery. Specifically, the device is capable of achieving an autonomy of approximately 60 minutes, with a charging time reduced to half of what other models of the market need.


Another interesting aspect of this model is its possibility of dual-use. So much that it allows us to use the vacuum cleaner either in broom mode or in handheld vacuum mode, to facilitate access to the most difficult corners and achieve a comprehensive cleaning with a single product, simply separate the motor area from the body to access this new function.

Also, since we talk about a product without a bag and with a good capacity tank, the cleaning process will not be hindered by it. So the vacuum cleaner maintains the suction power efficiently at all times. Something that also facilitates the emptying of the tank when necessary, to be efficiently integrated into the main body of the vacuum cleaner.

Accessories designed for your pet

As a closing to everything that this model offers you to clean your home, we also have to talk about the included accessories. Some of them will be very useful when removing your pet’s hair from all surfaces, such as with the motorized brush mounted on the broom accessory. A brush that rotates at high speed and lifts dirt, separating it from the most complex areas.

These accessories are also present for the handheld vacuum cleaner, with an internal nozzle that makes it easy to move comfortably over dirt. An aspect in which the large handle facilitates the process of moving the product, as with the mobile arm that serves as the basis for the product in its broom mode.



  • It is one of the most powerful models in this manufacturer’s range, with accessories that remove your pet’s hair from almost any surface easier.


  • According to some users, the after-sales service does not have an efficient response when providing spare parts or technical support to the user.

Rank#2: Ufesa AS5200 Optima

 The Ufesa bagless vacuum works with a power of 700 W, which indicates that it is a model for domestic use, but that it can perform quite well. It has category A in energy consumption since it has good energy management and is more economical than other models.

One of the most striking elements of this equipment is that it works with a HEPA filter, and this is applauded by many buyers due to the quality and reputation of this system.

Thanks to the HEPA filter, you can prevent dust from the vacuum cleaner’s residual air, making it safer and more comfortable for both humans and pets.

It is equipped with a telescopic tube and a series of brushes for different surfaces, with which you can reach difficult places or concentrate the power of the vacuum cleaner. It also includes a special brush for pet hair, very useful if it is accumulated in the tissues of the sofa or carpet.




The AS5200 Optima is a vacuum cleaner with a power of 700 W so you can remove all dust, dirt, and pet hair with relative ease, as long as it is in the domestic environment.


It is equipped with a HEPA filter, which guarantees a low or almost non-existent emission of contamination in the residual air, avoiding the accumulation of dust on your floor or furniture.


The purchase includes a parquet brush, a switchable for hard floors and carpets, and a special turbo model for vacuuming pet hair.


It is economical since it has category A on the energy consumption scale, so it will not affect your service bill too much, even if you turn it on every day.




Some users consider that the power could be greater, given that there is a lot of hair to vacuum, the equipment must be passed several times through the same place.


Rank#3: AEG LX7 Power Animal

 The AEG model has a useful aspect because it is a vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology, keeping dirt inside the tank to prevent it from returning to the environment through residual air. This model has a power of 750 W, more than enough for daily household chores.

One of the most practical aspects of this vacuum cleaner is that it includes a series of accessories that will help you get the most out of your investment.

Among them is a Parketto Pro for delicate floors, a turbo for cleaning fabrics and carpets, a brush for upholstery and curtains, a concentrator for hard-to-reach corners, and a wide one for floors.

It also has a 1.4-liter waste container with Easy Empty technology, designed to facilitate emptying and be as hygienic as possible.




This option has a suction power of 750 W, making it easy to remove your pet’s hair from your floors, furniture, carpets, walls, curtains, etc.


It has several accessories to increase practicality and use the vacuum cleaner on floors of various materials, fabrics, upholstery, and more.


Your tank has a capacity of 1.4 liters, according to buyers’ comments, more than enough for basic daily cleaning.




It seems that its high suction power can complicate rapid passes, as it adheres strongly to surfaces, although this may be due to brush bristles.


One of the users complained because he did not find information to indicate exactly what each of the accessories and brushes is used for; however, you may find this information on the network or the same manufacturer’s page.


Rank#4: Rowenta Ergo Force

 Our second proposal is a cheaper vacuum cleaner for animals, the Ergo Force by Rowenta. If you are looking for savings in your electricity consumption, this may be a good option; With a power of 700 W, it has a performance comparable to that of a 2100 W vacuum cleaner. This you will notice at the end of the month on your electricity bill.

It has a HEPA 13 filter, which guarantees that the aspiration of your pet’s hair will be a reality and that they will not be able to escape the efficient aspiration of Rowenta. Every time you aspire, you will notice the difference by the cleanest air in the room.

It is a very compact and easy to transport model, so we recommend it for those who have little space. You can clean faster thanks to its suction power, and when you finish, emptying the tank will be as simple as pressing on a bin.

Your budget can stay within the defined limits. Ideally, you know the pros of this model, which customers have rated as the best bagless vacuum cleaner for animals, Rowenta, for 150 euros.




It belongs to the Eco A energy classification, which implies that it performs low power consumption and provides high performance, just as if it consumed more energy.


It has a HEPA filter, to achieve a better purification and cleaning of the environment where you are cleaning, preventing allergies and other complications.


Because it only produces 79 decibels of noise, we can consider it to be silent compared to other similar devices, so you can use it without disturbing you.


The handle or tube of this vacuum cleaner is quite ergonomic, which means that you can handle it comfortably and thus have a good range of motion.


Its accessories include about four pieces between brushes and nozzles for different types of vacuum, which will help you get better results when using this device.



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Rank#5: MP-1000 – Genuine

 The MP-1000 – Genuine of the Maxell Power brand is a bagless vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology, which provides adequate suction performance. It works with a power of 1000 W and has a suction force of 160 W for Easily clean all household surfaces. As a special accessory, it includes a specific nozzle to collect the hairs that pets usually release.

This vacuum cleaner has an elegant and ergonomic design, easy operation, and large and soft wheels for a comfortable and subtle sliding on any surface. At the same time, it has a compact and moderate size, lightweight, which facilitates the tiring cleaning tasks.

All dirt and dust aspirated are collected in a large capacity tank (3 liters) to reduce the need for emptying. The container is transparent so that you can check the amount of dirt accumulated, and it is easily removed to empty it with the push of a button.

To help you cope with some allergic diseases, it has an easily washable HEPA filter. It includes 3 different nozzles to cover every need: a wide brush for all types of surfaces, a small brush to collect dirt in the corners or narrow places, and, as we have already mentioned, the special turbo brush for animals. Likewise, it includes a telescopic metal tube with a 4.5 m long cable to reach the surfaces to be cleaned more comfortably.




This cyclonic vacuum cleaner is mainly designed for the removal of pet hair from furniture and upholstery.


It works with 1000 W of power and has a suction force of 160 watts to clean the home comfortably.


It has several simple coupling nozzles, and a telescopic tube, to easily fulfill all the tedious domestic cleaning tasks.


It includes a HEPA filter that traps even the smallest allergy-causing particles, easily washable or replaceable.


It has a transparent tank for easy and hygienic emptying.




It produces a noise level in the order of 80 dB to be annoying during handling and use.


Users report that the power cord is very short, so they have to change the plug or use an extension frequently.


Rank#6: Dyson DC52 Animal Turbine

 The DC52 Animal Turbine is a bagless vacuum cleaner for animals that works with Dyson Cinetic cyclonic technology, 54 small terminations that rotate at high frequency to prevent obstructions at the entrance and ensure that it does not lose its suction power. It also includes a HEPA filter, ideal for people with allergies, as it is capable of retaining up to 99.99% of allergens and the smallest dust particles; However, it does not require maintenance, because thanks to the efficiency of its cyclonic power, the filters must not be washed or changed.

It is a vacuum cleaner of standard size (50.7 x 26.1 x 36.8 cm) and 7.8 kg of weight with a lot of stability. It is designed with the practical Dyson Ball technology so that you can handle it lightly and comfortably, Among all the furniture in your home.

The power cable is 6.5 m long, which added to the telescopic tube and flexible hose, which completes 10 m maximum range. It has a transparent 2-liter tank that you can empty quickly and hygienically with the push of a button.

Its practical accessories include a double position turbo brush, with carbon fiber and nylon bristles, with which it is possible to efficiently collect dust and dirt, both on hard floors and on carpets. It includes a Tangle-Free brush, special to collect hairs from carpets and upholstery, and an articulated parquet brush, with a rotation of up to 180º, to easily reach corners of difficult access.




Specially designed for the removal of pet hair and difficult cleaning.


It has Dyson Cinetic cyclonic technology that guarantees great suction power and Dyson Ball technology for convenient handling.


It works with 1300 W of power and develops a suction force of 290 W to perform all household cleaning tasks efficiently.


It has a wide range of accessories: 4 different brushes, two multifunctional nozzles, a telescopic tube, and a flexible corner to face any cleaning task, even in corners of difficult access.


It incorporates a permanent HEPA filter that does not need to be washed and helps you fight allergies, keeping the air clean during and after vacuuming.




Some users report that the hygienic emptying button of the tank is sometimes not enough to clean it completely.


How to use the animal vacuum cleaner

Pets complement the joy of home; however, it becomes tedious to clean your hair and other equal lactose debris. With the help of a good team, you can perform this task with ease; Here, we tell you how to use the animal vacuum cleaner facilitating cleaning and enjoying your pet. 

Harness the power 

When it comes to vacuuming your pet’s hair, dandruff, or debris, you should take advantage of the vacuum cleaner’s power, as this helps to suck all kinds of particles, quickly attracting dirt. The suction power is quite important since this is the force with which the animal vacuum cleaner will perform the work. 

Use the accessories 

Use the accessories properly; This will make the work more effective and simple. The different nozzles, sometimes multipurpose, the brushes, the telescopic tube, the upholstery nozzles, in short, they all help you to vacuum in the different places of your home, in those where without the accessories it would be impossible to vacuum or the aspiration would not be as effective.

Use the right one for each situation, and you will see how clean every corner of your home is. 

Constantly empty the vacuum cleaner. 

Your vacuum cleaner is always ready to be used in your home. It is convenient to empty it frequently. When emptied, the dirt collected and accumulated during the aspiration will be released, and the cliff of allergy will be reduced.

Use power levels properly. 

For better results in the cleaning activity with the animal vacuum cleaner, it is convenient to use the different power levels; This allows the suction power to be regulated. By adjusting the extraction according to need, avoid having a very soft vacuum where there is a lot of dirt or a very strong vacuum in slightly dirty places.

Clean filters frequently 

Filters, as the name implies, filter everything aspirated. When cleaning the filters, the vacuum cleaner is kept in optimal conditions to trap any dirt particles. High-tech filters even help prevent allergies, eliminate odors, which is very convenient, since the exhaust air is free of odors and dirt particles.  

Take advantage of the vacuum without cable. 

Aspirating without cable allows reaching hard-to-reach places, where aspiring can be a bit complicated. It allows being able to maneuver the vacuum cleaner better for more effective cleaning. If you have the possibility of vacuuming without cable, do not waste it, take full advantage of it to leave your home clean of hair, dandruff and other waste from your pets. 

Use it properly  

It is no secret that these vacuum cleaners are usually somewhat heavy; However, you can balance your weight using it properly and intelligently. Bring the equipment as close as possible to the place where the cleaning will take place, try to have it in an accessible place so that when it comes to vacuuming, you do not have to move it over a very long distance. If you have wheels, place it in the correct position to move smoothly.


The most popular brands

To help you make the best purchase decision, we have made a comparison of each product’s characteristics according to the opinions of many customers. As brands are so important in these cases, we will also review the best brands of vacuum cleaners without a bag for animals, including Dyson, Electrolux, and Rowenta.

This British company was founded in 1993 by industrial designer James Dyson, who worked on more than 5,000 prototypes of vacuum cleaners before getting the DA001, the first bagless vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology. Although in 1991 the engineer had won the prize of the Japan International Design Fair for his famous G-Force vacuum, today, this brand is recognized worldwide mainly for its vacuum cleaners, but also manufactures fans, heaters, and dryers of hands.

Dyson products reach more than 65 countries worldwide, and Dyson has more than 1,000 engineers around the world from branches as diverse as robotics, fluid dynamics, electronics, microbiology, and acoustics. As stated by its founder, the raison d’être of the brand is innovation and improvement. Their concern is to build durable machines that work better than the others available in the international market.

Many users choose this brand when buying a vacuum cleaner without an animal bag because they have excellent cyclonic technology and can collect more pet hair than other vacuum cleaners, their filters do not need to be washed or changed. If that were not enough, they are silent devices.

In the home appliance market, the Swedish Electrolux group has earned a special place, and millions of users prefer it for its high-quality products in many parts of the world. It was founded in 1919, so it is about to turn one hundred years in the market, which says a lot about its perseverance in the pursuit of excellence.

Currently, Electrolux has 22 factories in Europe. Although the home vacuum is one of its specialties, other types of electrical appliances such as ovens, hobs, extractor hoods, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and smaller appliances such as irons, mixers, are also manufactured at Electrolux, coffee makers, toasters, juicers, among other products that make household chores easier.

The bagless vacuum cleaners for the Electrolux brand’s animals offer great suction power and include highly functional accessories that collect hair from carpets and difficult surfaces. However, they also collect dust from the ground effectively without expelling allergens and mites in the air that comes back out of the vacuum cleaner.

This German brand was born in 1909 and is currently part of the French group SEB, along with other important brands such as Moulinex and Tefal. During all these years, Rowenta has proven to be very careful in the development of household products, including irons, coffee makers, toasters, and kettles.

Rowenta is currently dedicated to covering the hair care market, designing hair straighteners, dryers, and curling irons with good quality and competitive prices. Since 2001 this brand factory bagless vacuum cleaners can collect pet hair, dust, and other dirt on various types of floors.

If there is something that users stand out about, these vacuum cleaners are compact, ideal for small sites, and great power. Many also agree that Rowenta bagless vacuum cleaners have a special design that catches the eye.


Shopping guide


The power

As with traditional vacuum cleaners, when we talk about a vacuum cleaner without an animal bag, potency is a key element of your choice. Considering that animal hair tends to get caught on many surfaces, especially textiles, you must choose a product with high power and appropriate to the type of animal, hair, or waste it generates and the surfaces you want to clean.

In these models, we find two types of power: one nominal, usually around 100 or 150 watts, and another equivalent to sled models, which should never be below 2000 watts. Although you can find a cheaper model in the market, it is not advisable to opt for products that do not reach these levels, since if you do, you may not be able to remove all your hair and other waste efficiently.

The filters

Vacuum cleaners without a bag for animals do not include a bag for waste, but a deposit where everything removed from your home is stored. To ensure proper operation, the vacuum cleaner must have a suitable filter that allows it to maintain the suction power during the entire operation, without having to empty it or clean it every little time.

This filtering system is also important for your environment and the air you breathe, since, by lifting dust and hair, these can be deposited in it. To avoid this, the vacuum cleaner you have chosen must have a HEPA filter system, which guarantees that aspirated dust and dirt do not return to the environment after cleaning, maintaining an adequate retention level.

Remove from your comparison of vacuum cleaners without a bag for animals. All those products that do not have a good filter system to avoid respiratory and allergy problems.


When it comes to removing animal hair from a sofa or removing other waste from hard-to-reach spaces, the accessories included in the vacuum cleaner without an animal bag have a very important weight. Among these accessories should be those designed specifically for upholstery pieces, including brushes to comb the fabric and detach the hair. You should also have accessories that help you concentrate on the aspiration of the corners of the room and any place of difficult access.

These accessories should also include brushes for hard floors and soft floors, making it easy to collect hair and other waste easily, as well as the telescopic lance to adapt the height of the set and work more comfortably.

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