TOP 5 Best Bag Vacuum Cleaners [ Reviews 2021 ]

The most traditional way of vacuuming floors is using a vacuum cleaner with a bag. Still, many housewives prefer this type of power tool, especially since there is very little contact with dirt, since being full of the bag, you just have to replace it. Among the fundamental characteristics before making the purchases are the suction power and capacity.

Researching the main models of the best bag vacuum cleaners, we have found that a large number of users recommend the Electrolux SilentPerformer Green, since it has 2200 W of power, has an AAA rating of energy efficiency, incorporates a washable filter of type E12, with the capacity to hold 3.5 liters of content. Another good option is the Rowenta Silence Force Compact, a model designed to be quiet and practical. It has the Rowenta Silence Force system, which barely produces 68 decibels when it operates at maximum speed. Also, its power can be controlled from the handle or in the central panel.


TOP 5 Best Bag Vacuum Cleaners [ Reviews 2021 ]

Despite the rise of bagless vacuum cleaners, bagged models still have their defenders. Products that have evolved, improving their quality and cleaning capacity, making their operation much easier. Update your knowledge with our guide to buy the best vacuum cleaner with a bag, and you will see that it is even easier to clean with these products.


A quick, simple, and practical method of keeping your home free of any impurity, then a bagged vacuum would be ideal. Today, the product market in terms of this type of equipment is very large, unique, and different models, among them seeking to be the best vacuum cleaner with a quality price bag.

If you don’t have much knowledge about these, look at the models we have chosen and find the one that suits you best.


Rank#1: Electrolux EL4021A Silent Performer Bagless Canister Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner with the bag has an easy handling design due to its compact format. It also incorporates a base with wheels and grip handle to move the structure comfortably.

Main Features 

Power and power supply

The workforce of a team determines the efficiency of its operation. This is proof of this vacuum cleaner with a bag patented by the Electrolux house. The device has been equipped with a high-end power corresponding to 2200 watts, generating a powerful and quiet start-up with only 72 decibels. It has a maximum alternating current level of 240 volts and electrical efficiency of type A classification.

As for the power supply method, the appliance incorporates a cable with a length of 12 meters. It is responsible for providing maximum comfort when vacuuming large rooms, without having to make use of some type of extension to access the plug closest. Also, you have a storage compartment in the structure for said cable.


A particularity of this model that has made it worthy of multiple positive comments is incorporating a set of brushes and nozzles responsible for improving your experience of use with the equipment when vacuuming dirt on different surfaces. When you open the purchase package, you will find a Parketto brush for delicate wood, parquet, tile or marble floors, and a DustPro Silent brush for hard surfaces and sturdy carpets.

Also, it incorporates a pair of nozzles that are far apart in format, being the largest size suitable for everything related to upholstery, furniture, curtains, among others. For its part, the second nozzle provided with a smaller structure is intended to clean limited spaces such as cracks, books, and desks. 

Format and mobility

This vacuum cleaner with the bag has a compact and lightweight format that you can handle with comfort, being also easy to store in any closet without reducing much space. This is possible because its casing has been provided with dimensions high, wide, depth of 44 x 29 x 23 centimeters, and registers a weight of only 4.4 kilograms.

About the issue of mobility, you will need to know that you have at your disposal a lower base with a bearing system. In this way, you will enjoy a pair of wheels made of a rigid polymer and equipped with a practical turning mechanism. It also incorporates a fixed handle with an ergonomic design in the upper area of the structure, allowing you to quickly and easily move the appliance from one room to another.



  • The starting force with which the equipment was provided positions it in the high range of its category, as it offers a powerful and silent level of suction so that you get rid of dirt immediately.


  • The absence of a replacement bag has been commented on in some shopping portals as a disadvantage present when purchasing the product.

Rank#2: Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Powerline Canister Vacuum

 This is a vacuum cleaner model with an extremely silent bag, which produces just 68 decibels at maximum speed. This is due to its Silence Force system, which has a suspended motor to reduce vibrations, acoustic foam that retains noise, and a silent head that improves airflow.

On the other hand, it is a compact and manageable model, since it barely measures 48 cm long by 30 cm wide. Also, it allows us to control the power from the handle, so it is unnecessary to bend down to change it.

It also has a permanent filter and a self-closing hygienic bag that prevents the formation of dust clouds when replacing it.

Finally, its head quickly and efficiently removes dust found in tiles, carpets, and parquet, among others. Although it is an attractive model, let’s analyze the pros and cons of this product in more detail.




This is a model specially developed to be silent while it is being used. Thus, we will disturb other people as little as possible.


The power can be controlled from the main control panel or the handle, so it is unnecessary to return to where the vacuum body is or bend down to adjust it.


Having a bag with a self-closing system prevents accidents from occurring when we have to replace it, so it is safer and more hygienic. Also, it has a permanent filter that does not need replacement and makes maintenance much easier.




Some users have commented that they would like to receive more accessories with this product, to make the most of their vacuuming capabilities. However, adapting well to a wide variety of surfaces greatly compensates for this lack of extra accessories.



If you are looking for a device with a cable up to 7 meters in length to move freely while you vacuum your home, then the Bosch BSA2101UC COMPACT VACUUM is what you are looking for. It has a tank of up to 4 liters, with a built-in PowerProtect system that guarantees optimal cleaning even when it is almost full.

Users do not consider this Bosch brand model as the best bag vacuum because it has a power of only 600W, that is, a quarter of the previous model’s power. However, it has been designed under the ecological style, so you can take more advantage of your vacuum cleaner in exchange for low power consumption.

Like the previous model, it has a hygienic filter through which the sucked air is cleaned and filtered.

If you still don’t know which vacuum cleaner to buy, the Bosch BSA2101UC COMPACT VACUUM is the cheapest on the market. Next, you can know its pros and cons.




The capacity of the bag used by this vacuum is 4 liters, so it is very efficient, and you should not replace it repeatedly.


The power can be regulated so that the energy consumption is efficient, depending on each surface suction’s needs.


It can reach a length of 10 meters, including its seven meters of cable and the suction tube.


You will know when you have to replace the bag thanks to its special indicator.




For some users, it is a bit noisy.


Rank#4: Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum

With this model, you can perform the vacuum in a convenient range of 9 meters, this being a sufficient space to clean an area quickly. To operate, it has a power of 800 W, generating an approximate noise of 76 decibels, which represents a tolerable range.

The vacuum has a fairly manageable weight of 4.2 kg, which is convenient for moving. Among its accessories, four basic elements can be identified: a DustPro Silent brush, a Parketto brush, a special upholstery brush, and a small space nozzle.

To replace the collection bag, the main structure has a 180-degree opening, which allows it to be quick and easy. The vacuum cleaner’s movement is favored with the integrated wheels, which can rotate up to 360 degrees. The vacuum cleaner has the European manufacturing seal, which supposes a level of quality and reliability of the brand.

Continuing with reviewing options, we invite you to deepen the pros and cons of this model, whose benefits have also attracted the attention of users.




The vacuum has a power of 800 W, which allows it to function properly, with a balanced consumption of energy.


This equipment incorporates a wide variety of accessories, varying between different types of brushes so that you choose the right one for each need.


To achieve the displacement, wheels have been added that have the property of rotating in 360 degrees, so that you can point the vacuum in the direction you want.


This model has a containment capacity of 3.5 liters, proving favorable for cleaning various areas without requiring frequent bag changes.




For some buyers, the brush-nozzle design is not entirely efficient, because it retains some small stones that can scratch the most delicate floors when vacuuming.


Rank#5: Veridian DeepClean Pet Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a vacuum that does not take up too much space but maintains adequate performance, you can consider this model whose power is 700 W. It provides a favorable suction power without consuming too much energy, as it belongs to the A + energy classification.

To work on several types of surfaces, it incorporates the Dual Pro Air shoe, which can perform correctly on smooth or rough floors, so you should not worry about limitations on the type of surface.

Likewise, we must mention the storage capacity, because bags of up to two liters can be placed in this vacuum, representing a standard waste collection range.

On the other hand, we must mention the integrated accessories, such as telescopic tubes and a brush-lance, which can be used to reach hard-to-reach areas. The equipment can adopt a horizontal or vertical position and incorporates two wheels and a carrying handle for its comfortable movement.

A compact design will always attract buyers’ attention, just like this model, whose specifications we have summarized below.




This model belongs to the level of energy efficiency A + so that it makes rational use of electricity.


It has a power of 700 W, which allows it to have a convenient operation to remove dirt properly and in a short time.


Among its accessories, it adds some telescopic tubes and a lance-brush, contributing to reaching difficult to clean spaces conventionally.


The design is compact. Hence it can be placed in various spaces without representing a remarkable volume. This also facilitates its handling in general.




Criticism of this model refers to the length of the connection cable, which has led several users to place an extension to have a greater range of action.


How to use a vacuum cleaner with a bag

At the beginning of the 20th century, a doorman tired of sweeping and, at the same time, swallowing dust, invented the first portable electric vacuum cleaner. Of course: tremendously rudimentary. By these coincidences of life, he managed to sell one of these first versions of the product to the wife of the American industrialist William Hoover, who – neither short nor lazy – bought the patent from the inventor for just a handful of dollars and managed to raise, to From there, an entire emporium of appliances, which still exists internationally. Today there are a good hundred manufacturers of electric vacuum cleaners in their various modalities for domestic and industrial use.


What a vacuum cleaner does is “suck” air and, with it, drag, in “inside,” all the dust and debris existing on the aspirated surface. In this way, the sucked air – and it’s whirlwind of impurities – is directed towards the bag.

Then, the air comes out clean again, and all the “dirty” content remains trapped in the bag. We have failed to mention, in this very brief explanation, that the sucked air passes, once it enters this cleaning device, through several filters that screen the smaller particles. Depending on the vacuum cleaner’s brand and the diversity of models, these filters can be removable and washable.


As for its components, most of the vacuum cleaners are integrated by the body of the device that contains the engine, the operating commands, some filters, and the removable bag where the dust is trapped. They also have a flexible tube of variable extension, a rigid tube, and a head that includes several removable parts (nozzles and brushes), whose design specificity corresponds to the needs of “access” during use (floors, carpets, corners, curtains, furniture, mattresses, steps, ceilings, cars, etc.).

Vacuum models with a bag

The wide range of this appliance in the market allows the user to decide on commercial brands and more or less sophisticated, more or less ergonomic models, with motors of greater or lesser power.

Every one of them fulfills its mission of cleaning the domestic, institutional, and even industrial environment; that is, vacuum and “swallow the dust” more or less quickly and effectively. By giving it the proper use according to the model, you can enjoy this cleaning device for a good time, since the programmed obsolescence of this product segment is, in general, quite extensive.


There are vacuum cleaners that must be permanently connected to the power supply flow to operate (it is recommended, as far as possible, not to use electrical extensions and, in this sense, it is appropriate to remember that they are already equipped at the factory with cables that are extremely long to access different corners).

There are also comfortable “wireless” vacuum cleaners attached to their base and recharge their internal power source while they are not in operation. A potential disadvantage is that its operating time is quite limited compared to its required “charging time.”

Dust collector bags

As for dust collection bags, we must indicate that there are disposable and reusable ones. As in everything else, here, comfort is a bit more expensive, although the effectiveness of both is quite similar. Certain brands and models of vacuum cleaners include a sensor that tells us when to change the bag. In other cases, we appeal to common sense.


The most popular brands

To help you buy the best bag vacuum cleaner on the market, we have made a model comparison and compared its characteristics with the opinions of many people on the Internet. We are going to briefly analyze some of the most important brands, including Rowenta, Dyson, and Taurus.

This renowned brand is a fundamental part of the French group SEB and other important labels such as Moulinex and Tefal. Still, its beginnings were in Germany, by the hand of the industrialist Robert Ferdinand August Weintraub, who created the Rowenta brand in Frankfurt, in 1884.

This company is known for its long experience in the market and its eagerness to manufacture household appliances and personal care. Rowenta is currently one of the most recognized brands in consumer electronics, such as irons, coffee makers, toasters, kettles, and vacuum cleaners with and without bags. It also produces small electrical appliances for personal care: hair clippers, epilators, irons, dryers, and curling irons.

These products are reputed to be good and economical, as explained by users on the Internet, which means that the Rowenta brand remains one of the most competitive. The new bag vacuum cleaners of this brand are very quiet, have a much more hygienic HEPA bag, and even have a modern electronic control panel with LED lights. It is possible to find vacuum cleaners with a power equivalent to 2000w.

Another advantage of the brand is that its products have simple functionality, which speeds up household chores. Rowenta is a good option if we want to buy an appliance.

Dyson is one of the best-known brands of vacuum cleaners worldwide, but also produces fans, hand dryers for bathrooms and heaters, for domestic and commercial use. Currently, their devices reach more than 70 countries around the world, with a team of a thousand scholars from branches of knowledge as diverse as electronics, microbiology, fluid dynamics, acoustics, and robotics. This has allowed him to innovate and improve his designs throughout his history.

Its founder, the English inventor James Dyson is an example of constancy for those who work today because in its beginnings he had to make 5,000 different prototypes before achieving the first bagless vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology that today is a reference for all Manufacturers

The company was founded in 1993 and soon became one of the most important not only in Britain and in general in Europe, but many other parts of the planet. Dyson has earned the respect of competing brands thanks to a track record in which quality has prevailed.

We can find several models of the sled, cordless, vertical, handheld, and special ones for allergy sufferers among the Dyson vacuum cleaners.

At present, the Spanish company Taurus Group is a business group that markets 16 brands worldwide and is specifically dedicated to creating electrical solutions for the home. Taurus appliances are known among users for having a good price and being very durable.

The company was born in Oliana, a town in the Pyrenees, north of the Iberian Peninsula, when two local entrepreneurs, Francesc Betriu and Jordi Escaler, began manufacturing small-scale coffee grinders inside a simple garage. It is easy to say, but they have been in the market for more than 50 years. It was one of the first Spanish manufacturers of household appliances and is experiencing a constant process of expansion not only in the European region but also on a global scale.

Among Taurus products, we can find food processors, choppers, blenders, blenders, coffee makers, modern coffee grinders, ovens, microwaves, heaters, fans, vacuum cleaners, etc. The Taurus brand vacuum cleaner has a good cost-benefit ratio. It is an energy-efficient device with a HEPA filter and a 3-liter bag. Also, it is easy to move from one place to another, thanks to its rubber wheels.


Shopping guide

Operating power

When cleaning our home, one of the most important aspects to consider is the equipment’s power. A key aspect is usually present in any comparison of vacuum cleaners with bags. It marks the difference between a mediocre product and another that has a great capacity for dust extraction.

The suction power is what informs us about the ability of the product to clean the floor. And although, in general, a greater electrical power implies a greater cleaning capacity, there is no linear relationship between both parameters. Therefore, in addition to looking for high-power models, depending on what you need, it is advisable to check the ability of the product to vacuum dust and clean your home.

A capacity that is shown on the energy label that the product necessarily includes and that, following the energy qualification line, varies from A to F. The closer to A, the more effective is the cleaning capacity of the vacuum cleaner, offering the label data on both hard and soft floor cleaning. A simple way to know how good the vacuum cleaner is when cleaning your floors.

Bag system

Just as in bagless vacuum cleaners, we would talk about the capacity and characteristics of the tank. In models of bagged vacuum cleaners, it is also necessary to talk about it. A bag that looks the same as always on the outside, but that has evolved on the inside so that it has a greater capacity when it comes to maintaining suction and retaining dust.

This is one of the first elements to consider when buying your future vacuum cleaner since, in some economic models, the stock market may become a problem. You should check that the bags are of quality and that the process of assembly and disassembly is not complicated so that you avoid re-fouling what you have cleaned during the previous process.

It is also important to see the price of the bags and their durability. Some bags can be reused, while others have a high capacity that also helps to give them several uses before changing them. In any case, the most important thing is precisely to have bags with ease, that has high compatibility and that you do not have to be looking everywhere for their low availability. And if the product supports compatible bags, much better.

Cleaning comfort

As the last aspect to assess, beyond those mentioned, it is necessary to take a look at the cleaning comfort offered by the product. In this case, it is convenient to verify the mobility offered by the product and the range of accessories that make cleaning the most complex corners easier. Aspects that we must value even above how much the product costs so that cleaning is easier.

Starting with mobility, the product must be light, preferably compact, and comfortable to move so that we can easily move it across the floor, without getting caught or stuck. Elements such as good wheels, a large power cord, and a rounded design make it much easier to move the vacuum cleaner throughout our home.

Regarding the accessories, they are the other key that allows us to clean comfortably. These accessories should not be missing brushes for hard or soft floors or those that make it easier for us to reach the most complicated corners of our home. These include accessories for upholstery or concentrating nozzles, which generate greater suction power, by reducing the size of the dust entry area. Check these accessories and their comfort, to see if they fit what you need.

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