10 Best Ash Vacuum Cleaners [ 2021 Updated ]

Although having a fireplace at home is a pleasure when it comes to cleaning things change. The ash and the remains are sticky, they disperse and usually give problems when they dirty everything. Luckily, we have help with tools such as ash vacuum cleaners, which have high power and design designed to eliminate this waste without problems.

For this, nothing better than trusting, for example, in the Einhell TH-VC 1820 S model, the most valued of the moment. This best ash vacuum cleaner has a dual system that allows it to be used as a traditional or ash vacuum cleaner, offering up to 20 liters of capacity and an advanced filter system that prevents dust from spreading. Within walking distance, we find the Kärcher AD 3200 vacuum cleaner, which has 17 liters of capacity, 1200 watts of power and a double filter system that prevents clogging and reduces environmental dirt while it is being used.


10 Best Ash Vacuum Cleaners [ 2021 Updated ]

Having a fireplace is something very nice, except when you have to clean it. In these cases, having an ash vacuum nearby is the best help you can look for. So you don’t get lost looking for that help, we offer you our guide to buying the best ash vacuum cleaner on the market, making the most of your investment and looking for just what you need, according to these criteria that we now present.


Rank#1: Einhell TH-VC 1820 S

When we look for ash vacuum cleaners, we want the seal of efficiency and effectiveness. Acquiring the Einhell TH-VC 1820 S could be that answer. It has a professional design that will allow us to clean, chimneys, barbecues, stoves, where the ash disenchants the spaces. With its double deposit system, you can clean both the ash and waste that are in your home.

Main Features Explained:

Double deposit

When we look for ash vacuum cleaners in the market to help us speed up cleaning tasks at home, we focus on the product that has the greatest advantages. The Einhell TH-VC 1820 S is an artifact that will facilitate that tedious task of cleaning the waste that our chimney leaves after using it. Mainly because it has a double deposit, one to store the ash and another to store dust residues or other particles that affect the spaces of our home.

This double deposit helps not to mix the waste that is collected, which means that there will be no cross-contamination. With one of 20 liters of capacity to store garbage of traditional type and another aluminum tank for ashes the Einhell TH-VC, 1820 S then move without inconvenience thanks to its practical wheels for our comfort.


It is necessary that the ash vacuum cleaners that we find, serve for the quick cleaning of our house, the Einhell TH-VC 1820 S helps us to perform that task easier. Mainly for its power of 1250 watts to speed up the domestic activities in which we usually rely on this type of product.

There is nothing better than to undertake an efficient task of cleaning, with a vacuum cleaner, the spaces that are filled with dust, garbage or the ash that emanates from our chimney after using it to give us heating.

Steel material

When considering the purchase of ash vacuum cleaners, we check that their duration is prolonged and this is linked to their materials. This product is shown to be durable since it is made of stainless steel, which guarantees, with good care, that we will have an ash vacuum cleaner for a while, and the model ?, the Einhell TH-VC 1820 S an ideal option if we want the product for a long time.

Likewise, the additional components that make up its structure are made of materials such as paper, cellulose, and aluminum, to give optimum performance. Thanks to its flexible tube of 36 mm it sucks the waste that contaminates the spaces of our house. It has chrome areas that give it an impeccable and reliable appearance for cleaning.



  • It has two deposits, one inside and one outside that allows collecting garbage separated from the ash. This means that we are going to optimize our household chores when using it. At the same time, we contribute to separate garbage waste for a less polluted environment.


  • According to the different opinions that arise around the product, its buyers suggest a more durable vacuum bag. To avoid the fact of making a constant change to maintain it because it is a traditional vacuum cleaner. It is important that you have a bag that resists some time and responds to our needs.

Rank#2: Kärcher AD 3200

 Kärcher is a German company, which since 1935 is recognized for the excellent quality of its equipment and its ingenious technologies, therefore, when looking for the best Karcher ash vacuum cleaner we have also found the best quality-price ash vacuum cleaner on the market.

This compact and versatile AD 3200 model is an excellent dry dirt vacuum cleaner that works with 1200 W of power. It has a robust 17 L metal container and a unique double filter system.

This device has TÜV certified homologation for maximum safety in ash aspiration. For effective aspiration, it is advisable to clean the vacuum cleaner before and after each use. Includes tube and floor nozzle to be used as an integral dry vacuum cleaner.

If you are interested in knowing a little more about the best ash vacuum cleaner, as the Kärcher AD 3200 model is considered, then we invite you to take a look at the pros and cons that you will find about it below:




One of the advantages of this model is that it has a power of 1,200 watts, which according to users is just and necessary to vacuum all kinds of ashes and waste in general.


The best thing about this ash vacuum cleaner is that it includes two extension tubes so you can reach difficult places that you don’t normally have access to. In addition, it has a floor brush, so you can not only vacuum ashes but also your entire home if you need it.


On the other hand, thanks to the design of this equipment, the included accessories will not occupy more space than necessary, since they can be protected in the vacuum cleaner housing, giving you the possibility to use them when you need without having to move in your search through the House.


Also, you should not worry about the length of the power cable, much less that of the suction hose, because the first one is 4 meters long so you can move wherever you want without fear of not having a plug, while the second one has a length of 1.7 meters, which in addition to the extension tubes will give you greater freedom.


It is designed with a two-filter system for better and better absorption during cleaning. Thus, it should be mentioned that it is designed to aspirate both fine and coarse dirt, which will be protected in its tank of up to 17 liters.




The only drawback with this equipment is that it is necessary to clean the filters every few days to maximize its performance, however, users ensure that it is a very simple and fast activity.


Rank#3: Powerplus POWX300

 Cleaning your fireplace, barbecue or stove can be something really annoying if you don’t have a suitable tool for it.

A good ash vacuum relieves you a good part of the work while helping to keep the environment clean of dust, especially if the vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter, just like the Powerplus POWX300 model.

This vacuum cleaner has a power of 1200 watts that are more than enough to be able to clean the most hidden and hidden areas of the chimney, as well as being able to absorb not only ashes but other larger remains.

With a simple and practical design, equipped with a large handle that facilitates its movement, it facilitates the task of being able to clean your stove or fireplace, saving you time and effort, in a totally autonomous design that does not require an auxiliary vacuum to operate.



Airtight tank:

The 20-liter capacity tank is completely airtight, which prevents possible dirt leaks during the use of the machine.


With a weight that barely reaches 4 kilos, this product can move comfortably to reach the most complicated areas that need cleaning.

Hot ashes:

With this product you do not need to wait for the ashes to cool, being able to absorb remains that are up to 60 degrees.

Hepa filter:

The washable HEPA filter helps maintain adequate suction power while preventing dust and ash from returning to the environment during cleaning.




This vacuum completely lacks accessories, so cleaning certain areas of the fireplace or the stove can be more complicated, although its wide power compensates for this circumstance.


Rank#4: TecTake 401049

 Among the best ash vacuum cleaners of 2020, we also have the TecTake 401049 model, a robust but very manageable ash vacuum cleaner with a capacity of 20 liters, which works with a power of 1200 watts and does not need an additional vacuum to work for what it is Ideal for use in cleaning chimneys, ovens, and barbecues.

The container is manufactured with a steel coating, with dimensions of 31 cm in diameter and 43 cm in height, for a total weight of 4.5 Kg.

The nozzle and the suction tube are made of aluminum and the hose in metal, with 120 cm length, for maximum comfort and durability.

Thinking about environmental protection, it was ecologically designed without a dust bag, with a washable fine dust filter system and traction closures to quickly and easily empty the ash container.

So, if you are looking for the best ash vacuum cleaner for 50 euros, this could be a good option, since its price is very close to this amount. However, so that you know a little more about the product, we suggest you review the following pros and cons of it:




One of its biggest advantages is that it has a power of 1,200 watts, which is why simply aspirating ashes with this model is simply straightforward, according to user comments. Although they recommend not trying to aspire to other things with this equipment since it is not prepared for it.


On the other hand, it should be mentioned that it has a storage capacity of up to 20 liters, thanks to which there will be no need to empty it constantly, but every so often, thus facilitating the vacuuming process.


Its biggest point in favor is its filter since it not only facilitates the absorption of the ashes but is also easily washable since it is only necessary to place it under the filter and ready. It is suggested to clean it every so often to increase the performance of the equipment. Adding that includes 2 extra filters, so you should not buy them separately when you need a change.


It is also made of coated steel, so it is resistant to shocks and its useful life is more durable, while the nozzle is designed in aluminum and the hose with metal.




Since the hose has a length of 1.20 meters, users consider that the suction tube is very short and that this limits the user’s freedom a little, although it performs correctly.


Rank#5: Einhell AFF 18

 The AFF 18 model of the Einhell brand is a good choice among the best cheap ash vacuum cleaners since it has a good quality fine filter, specially designed for chimney ashes, with the idea of avoiding contamination of the extra vacuum that You need to work, and with a conventional system of metal filters, all of which are perfectly washable with water.

The ash container tank has a volume of 18 liters of capacity for 2.8 kg of total unit weight. It is easily connectable to any domestic vacuum cleaner since it has a practical universal connection.

It also has a light aluminum tube and a solid metal hose 36 mm in diameter and 1 meter long, which help to realize the aspiration of cold ash or dry dirt in chimneys, ovens, barbecues or grills, even if they are demanding jobs.

On the other hand, while the best brand of ash vacuum cleaners will depend on your tastes, you can take a look at the pros and cons of this model and decide if it is what you are looking for for your home:




One of the points in favor of this model is that it has a tank capable of storing up to 18 liters of ashes so that you can vacuum everything you need before emptying it. In addition, said tank can be washed as you like, even using water.


This is the biggest advantage of this model and is that it has a metal filter that is capable of filtering even the finest ashes, but best of all, it is fully washable, thereby extending the life of the product.


On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it is very light compared to other models, since it weighs only 2.8 kilograms, being able to take it with you wherever you need, either to your kitchen, to the living room or another room even outside the home.



Vacuum cleaner:

It is important to mention that this model does not have an engine, so it is not an aspirator as such, but a filter that must be connected to an aspirator to work properly. However, it can be a common vacuum cleaner, which will not be affected thanks to this filter.


Also, since it has measures of 37 x 32 x 31.6 centimeters, it may be a bit tedious to use, even if this is only for a few minutes a day to collect ashes that exist at home.


Rank#6: Ribitech 5554

 The PRCEN006 model, code 5554 has been created by Ribitech to collect the ashes, either cold or hot up to 50 ° C, which are produced in chimneys, stoves, and heaters that work with firewood, wood, coal, pellets or granular material and represents the Best hot ash vacuum cleaner of our selection for its resistance to higher temperatures.

It works with an integrated electric motor of 950 W of power, with on / off switch above the tank, which has 18 liters capacity and is coated in lacquered steel. It has a handle and 4 wheels for easy movement.

It includes an interchangeable steel filter with protection against hot ashes up to 50 ° C with a built-in cleaning device for safety and comfort.

It also includes a flexible metal hose of 1.10 meters in length and a 20 cm metal tip suction nozzle.

Finally, although it is not one of the cheapest ash vacuum cleaners, we also invite you to review the pros and cons that we list below about the equipment so you can decide if it fits your needs:




Like most of the models already described, this vacuum cleaner has the possibility of vacuuming up to 18 liters of ashes, being able to clean the areas that you require without emptying the tank.


The best thing about this model is that it will not matter if the ashes or the area to be vacuumed is totally hot since it is designed to absorb ashes with this type of temperatures as long as the temperature of the same does not reach 40 ° C, being able to Make the most of it when making fires at home. On the other hand, it has a “fan” function.


To facilitate the transport of the equipment, it is designed with 4 wheels and also includes a handle so you can drag it as far as you like.




It has physical measures of 43 x 36 x 35.4 centimeters, and a weight of 6 kilograms, so it is a more voluptuous model and whose size should be considered before acquiring it since its shelter can be a bit cumbersome.


Similarly, it should be mentioned that it has a power of 950 watts, much lower than previous models, so it might not be as efficient as the rest.


Rank#7: Einhell TH-VC 1820 S

 Compared to other lower-level ash vacuum cleaners, the professional design and format of the Einhell TH-VC 1820 S vacuum cleaner offer you a cleaning guarantee for fireplaces, stoves, and barbecues where the ash is at your leisure.

But to offer you a really complete product, this vacuum cleaner not only serves for ash but also includes a second exterior tank that can be used to clean your entire house as you would with a traditional vacuum cleaner.

This double deposit system guarantees adequate cleaning since you will have a deposit only for when you need to remove ashes, avoiding mixtures and environmental pollution.

Its high power combined with a wide range of accessories facilitates the task of cleaning of any type, while its autonomous wheels facilitate the movement of the vacuum cleaner throughout the room, to make cleaning something much more comfortable.



Double deposit:

The outer tank, with a 20-liter capacity, allows the collection of traditional-type garbage while the inner aluminum tank is used to collect ashes, thereby avoiding cross-contamination.


The wide range of accessories, which include nozzles, hoses and other components of interest, help you to reach the most complex corners of your fireplace effortlessly.


its four freewheel wheels, along with its large cable help you to move around the room comfortably and without worrying about the weight or looking for a plug.




The traditional vacuum system is based on a bag vacuum model, which means having to spend on this type of spare parts to keep it operational.


It does not include HEPA filter, but a filter made of paper and cellulose, which although it allows to obtain good results does not prevent the return of dust or ash to the room.


How to use an ash vacuum cleaner

Having a fireplace at home can be very convenient when temperatures frequently fall; This allows to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. But this brings with it a small inconvenience, its cleanliness. Ash vacuum cleaners are designed to do this simple and uncomplicated task, helping you keep your house free of ash.

Know its components 

When you think of buying an ash vacuum cleaner, you may find someone who tells you that they are the same as traditional ones, but it is not. Certainly, its components are very similar, because they have a structure, a suction tube, and nozzles, but in terms of their operation, they are very different.

Take the necessary precautions 

After using the fireplace to heat the atmosphere of your home, you may see the remains of ash around it and feel the immediate need to clean, but it is something you should not do. Cleaning a chimney is not the same as cleaning the rest of the house. To do this, you must take the precaution of waiting for the necessary time to ensure that there are no pieces of embers still lit.

Remember that the ash vacuum cleaner is made of metal in most of its parts and, when it comes into contact with heat, it can get hot and, therefore, it may cause damage to both the device and the person who handles it. Ideally, wait until long enough for the embers to completely turn off and cool. That’s when you can start cleaning the chimney.

How to perform the aspiration 

The chimney is aspirated in a similar way to cleaning the rest of the house with a traditional vacuum cleaner. However, it is recommended to start vacuuming where a greater amount of ash has accumulated so that they do not disperse when you move the suction tube around it.

When you’re done with that, continue with the corners. Keep the tube in each one for several seconds to make sure that you vacuum all the remains there. When passing to the recesses or little accessible areas, change the nozzles according to their thickness, to obtain a more efficient cleaning of the chimney.

How to empty the ash

After cleaning, the next thing is to empty the vacuum tank. This is an extremely simple task, but you must make sure that in the place where you open this compartment there are no drafts that can spread the ashes. Open the tank and carefully remove the inner container, put the ashes in a plastic bag and close it to prevent the remains from escaping from it.  

If you empty the tank in the garden, for example, you should not take so many precautions. Many people take advantage of the properties of ashes as a natural fertilizer for their plants, as they contain phosphorus and potassium; In addition, it helps absorb water better.

Cleaning improves combustion 

You must clean the chimney periodically and properly, to improve combustion, so that the entrance of the grilles is not obstructed and, therefore, the oxygen enters in greater quantity. 


The most popular brands

To help you buy the best ash vacuum cleaner we have reviewed the characteristics of some products and compared them with the opinions of users on the Internet. This time, we put the magnifying glass on the most recognized brands, among which we have Powerplus, TecTake, and Karcher.

This is one of the most important brands of the Varo company, one of the European leaders in the manufacture of electro-portable tools for various domestic and industrial uses. The company is headquartered in Belgium, and the subsidiary company in Spain is called Varo Ibérica Bricolage, from which the distribution of the Varo brands in the Iberian Peninsula is emphasized.

The Powerplus product range is very wide, including percussion drills, bench drills, cordless drills, sanders, angle grinders, bench grinders, wall graders, circular saws, miter saws, table saws, vacuum cleaners, and many more tools. The Powerplus ash vacuum cleaner has a good internet score and users comment that it cleans the ashes properly without letting the dust escape since it uses a washable HEPA filter.

One of the characteristics of this brand is that it has very competitive prices, which is attractive to users but also manufactures high-quality tools that are durable. It currently has offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, where many of the products sold worldwide are designed and manufactured.

TecTake GmbH was registered in Ulm, Germany, in 2011 and has become one of the most mentioned on the Internet, mainly for two reasons: first, because it has a virtual store with a range of products diverse among themselves in the branches of crafts, household products, for the car and for the care of babies and pets. And secondly, because it offers good prices to users from several European countries.

Among the products at home offered by TecTake are furniture, chairs, desks, cabinets, doors, windows, as well as comforters, pillows, among many other solutions for home and office, being an alternative for those who have small budgets.

The TecTake ash vacuum cleaner is not only economical, but it fully fulfills its function, it is robust, has a container for approximately 20 liters and includes a washable filter that facilitates its use and maintenance. Its 1200W motor is able to absorb the ashes of the chimney in a very short time. This brand is definitely one of the best in terms of value for money.

This company was created by the engineer Alfred Kärcherand still continues to be a family business. Kärcher was an engineer graduated from the Technical University of Stuttgart, Germany. In 1935 the first operations of the company began, in the beginning, the efforts were focused on creating solutions for industrial heating but currently, Kärcher is one of the most recognized companies in the manufacture of cleaning devices.

This brand is owed the invention of the hot water pressure washer, which operated with high pressure and was the first in its category. Since 1950Kärcher has not stopped creating new and better cleaning devices. Its product catalog includes manual sweepers, electric brooms, portable window cleaners, steam cleaners, the classic electric washing machines increasingly efficient, water pumps, and vacuum cleaners.

In Germany, as in other European countries, it is not uncommon to find large cleaning appliances with the Kärcher seal on the streets, as many private and public institutions prefer this brand when they purchase professional cleaning devices. Some of the high-pressure washers, steam cleaners, suction tanks, street sweepers, among other appliances used by the mayors, are of this brand.

The Kärcher ash vacuum cleaner has excellent scores in the reviews that users have made on the Net. They explain that it is very powerful, both the container and the hose are made of metal, it has two filters and includes very useful accessories.


Shopping guide


Whenever we talk about vacuum cleaners, power is one of the fundamental elements. And when talking about an ash vacuum cleaner, even more. Not only because of the dusty nature of the product we are talking about, but also because of the complexities, holes, and recesses that normally exist in chimneys and their conduits and that can lead to dust hiding in the most difficult places. Only with a vacuum that has adequate power can we guarantee an effective result, in a short time and in a simple way.

Generally, the power of a good ash vacuum cleaner starts from 1000 watts onwards, so this should be the reference you have to have before making your purchase. In any case, if your chimney has a long shot or if it has particularly rough recesses or stones where the ash can adhere or hide, it is advisable to buy higher power equipment.

Certified for ashes

Although you can clean the floor with an ash vacuum cleaner if you consider it appropriate, the truth is that with a traditional vacuum cleaner you should not clean ashes. The explanation is simple: the ash is not normal dirt such as house dust, but it has particular characteristics that require specialized equipment and specifically designed for such use.

Among the elements that distinguish a properly designed ash vacuum cleaner is the HEPA filter, which removes dust from the environment and must be specially designed for the granulometry of ash.

On the other hand, the design of the device is much simpler than in the traditional vacuum cleaner models, with a tank generally in the form of a drum, of great capacity and that guarantees the sealing of the same to be able to discard the ash in a simple way.

If you did it with a traditional vacuum cleaner, you would surely have problems with jams in the filter, dust in the environment or emptying with the consequent discomfort and dirt.


An important element when considering a comparison of ash vacuum cleaners are the included accessories. We have already commented that the chimneys have holes, corners, recesses and other hard-to-reach spaces where dirt can accumulate and cause shooting problems.

Therefore, it is important that before choosing an ash vacuum cleaner check that the included accessories meet the characteristics you need. Among these accessories, you should not miss the telescopic lance, which allows you to work comfortably, or the special brushes to release ash stuck on floors and walls. Other interesting accessories are brushes and small nozzles with which to access the most hidden corners.

In any case, some of these ash vacuum cleaners also have accessories that you can buy later, but it is always better to do everything in one purchase, especially for the savings that this entails.

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