10 Best Ash Cleaner With Water Filter [ 2021 Updated ]

This equipment is a “multi-purpose” industrial vacuum cleaner, which performs significantly at the domestic level. Its power of 3000 watts (and double motor) provides a suction power that allows solid and liquid waste to be aspirated, with a vast retention capacity of 80 liters. It is maneuverable and ultra-resistant, thanks to its flexible components and its stainless steel housing.

When purchasing industrial vacuum cleaners without a bag, you must take into account the following characteristics: that the vacuum housing is robust, resistant to corrosion and its base has wheels to provide mobility and ease of use and that it has a high capacity to retain solid and liquid waste, with a filtering system that prevents the remission of micro-particles to the environment (HEPA filter).

The weight and dimensions of the product must contribute to its ease of operation, and subsequent protection, the telescopic arm, and the flexible duct must be ergonomic for the user. The heads should be removable and interchangeable.

The electric cable must have an adequate length to allow the user freedom of action, without having to use extensions that can cause overvoltage. Preferably, the product should be endorsed by a prestigious brand with manufacturer warranty and technical support.

As for the characteristic that this industrial vacuum does not need bags, there are different opinions about this particularity. The elimination of disposable vacuum bags can reduce expenses; they are also more environmentally friendly since they generate less waste. There is no bag to dump, and the possible downtime would be less if you “run out of bags” compared to a vacuum that needs bags.

Next, we analyze the outstanding product of our comparison of industrial vacuum cleaners without bags.


Rank#1: Klarstein IVC-80

The equipment has a vacuum system adjustable to three levels. Together with the brushes, nozzles, and telescopic tubes incorporated, the equipment will allow you to clean various surfaces, both wet and dry.

Main Features Explained

Suction power-adjustable

Depending on the purpose of use, this equipment allows you to choose between 3 power levels. In this way, you can clean dry and wet surfaces without sacrificing efficiency during operation and sucking water and other liquid or mixed waste.

The huge capacity of the tank allows you to work for a long time without easily overflowing it. This autonomy of use provides the opportunity to clean large areas, optimizing productivity in the vacuum cleaner’s operation through the requirement of a single operator.

Robustness and versatility of use

This multi-purpose industrial vacuum cleaner’s versatility makes it also preferred by a large segment of consumers for use in homes.

Its electric cable, with an extension of 8 meters, provides a good perimeter of the action. Its 3-wheel base provides great, effortless mobility for the user. Its telescopic arm, combined with the flexible duct, allows access to corners, corners, and cracks, allowing the absorption of water and other liquid waste.

It includes, in its factory endowment, two metal arms, a nozzle for dry floors and another for wet floors, a bristle brush for carpets and upholstery, another multi-task brush, and large retention capacity of 80 liters.

HEPA filter system

The Klarstein IVC-80 industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-efficiency HEPA filter that purifies the air. At the same time, it is being aspirated, since the micro-particles of dust and other various contaminants are intercepted and adhered to the successive meshes of internal fibers of the filter, thus avoiding its subsequent remission to the environment.

HEPA filters reduce the presence and spread of allergens, helping to preserve a clean environment, special attention to people with delicate respiratory health, and propensity to asthma or allergies. Its collapsible stainless steel container makes it very comfortable to clean, facilitating the user’s work. The fact that it does not require a bag for waste collection represents a significant saving for the owner.


  • The main advantage of this bagless industrial vacuum cleaner is its high-efficiency HEPA filter that purifies the air. At the same time, it is aspirated since the dust micro-particles are adhered to by the filter’s internal fibers, thus avoiding its remission to the environment.


  • The savings in terms of not needing a bag for waste means that you have to spend a little more time properly removing the remains and cleaning the container and other components of the equipment, each time the aspiration process is completed. All this is necessary to keep the equipment in the best conditions and preserve its useful life.

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