5 Best Bathroom Sconces Of 2019

Which bathroom Sconce is the best in 2019? Our analysis of consumer reviews shows that this is a Redlux Palea R10613 . He received the most positive comments, which may be influenced by, among others great protection against moisture (it is a model in IP44 protection class). The wall lamp is equipped with an energy-saving LED light source; therefore it does not consume much power. The product is covered with a chrome coating, so we can easily adapt it to the bathroom fittings.

The model looks original on the wall, and mounting it should not be difficult for us. What’s more, the wall lamp is easy to keep clean, because if necessary, just wipe it with a damp cloth to remove dust. The model is equally popular Philips Mybathroom Fit 34059/11/16 product , which also has an LED lamp in the set. The product can be mounted on the wall vertically or horizontally, depending on our needs. It is worth adding that the wall lamp fits perfectly into any bathroom (and not only), regardless of the decor.

Comparison Table Of Bathroom Sconces

Redlux Palea R10613

  • Bathroom sconce is sold with all necessary elements for assembly. As a result, we don’t have to buy anything to proceed with its installation. Due to the simple design, the model suits many interiors. The product provides white, pleasant light.
  • Some people say that cleaning the model is difficult. This is due to the fact that usually the device is mounted at a considerable height (this hinders access to it), and additionally, dust settles on it relatively quickly.
  • The product will be suitable not only for the bathroom, but also for the living room, bedroom or dining room. The model is made of scratch-resistant metal. The lamp is sold in a set with a transformer.

Mississippi I CHROME L 3978

  • The model has a CE declaration of conformity with European standards, which ensures that it meets the legal requirements. The glass used for production has high temperature resistance. So there is no risk that the lampshade will quickly destroy.
  • It should be taken into account that mounting the sconce for people who have no experience in this can be difficult. Few Internet users also indicate that the power of the light generated by the model could be slightly higher.
  • The wall lamp has IP43 protection class, which means that it is properly protected against moisture. The model is designed for installation above the bathroom mirror. The product is made of lightweight and durable materials.

Philips Mybathroom Fit 34059/11/16

  • The product is lightweight, which facilitates its safe installation. Wall lamp can be mounted vertically or horizontally, so you can adapt the lamp to the decor of our bathroom. The lampshade diffuses the light nicely guaranteeing the lighting of the entire room.
  • The bulbs included in the set are not the best quality – says a certain group of consumers who decided to buy the product. The bulbs can burn out relatively quickly, which will require replacement and incurring costs.
  • Despite some disadvantages, the Philips Mybathroom Fit 34059/11/16 model is recommended by a large number of Internet users. The lamp has a simple design, so it easily blends with the rest of the bathroom equipment.

The best bathroom wall lights in 2019

Good lighting in the bathroom is essential. This is especially important for all ladies. Performing treatments in low light does not bring good results. When buying lamps and wall lamps, pay attention to such issues as power, efficiency, convenience and resistance to water. Our ranking of bathroom wall lamps, containing the 5 best models available on the UK market, will definitely help you make a decision.

Rank#1: Redlux Palea R10613

Wall lamp Palea R10613 from Spotline is a proposal with LED technology that will work in any modern bathroom. The dimensions of the wall lamp are: 9 cm high, 50.5 cm wide and 12 cm deep. So it is a small proposition for both large and very small bathrooms. The light source is a 7 W LED bulb (included with the wall lamp), providing good interior lighting.

The light color is white and its stream is 308 lm. The color of the model is a classic chrome, which looks great in interiors decorated in various colors. The set includes necessary elements for assembly and a transformer.

The Redlux Palea R10613 model is an interesting proposition not only for the bathroom, but also for many other rooms (corridor, pantry, kitchen). This best bathroom wall lamp was made of an easy-to-clean material, distinguished by its high resistance to any pollution.

This model is also supported by very positive feedback from users who appreciated not only the high quality of the product, but also its interesting design.

The Redlux Palea R10613 product is designed for use with an LED bulb (included in the set). The dimensions of the wall lamp are: height – 9 cm, width – 50.5 cm and depth – 12.5 cm.


Modern design: Due to the original design, the model fits perfectly with a modern bathroom. The product has a shiny chrome coating.

Warm light: The built-in LED bulb emits warm white light (color temperature is 3000 K). This ensures adequate visibility in the room.

Easy cleaning: If dust settles on the wall lamp, we can easily clean it. Just wipe the model with a damp microfiber cloth.

Universal character: It is a product that looks great not only in the bathroom, but also in other rooms in the house – a child’s bedroom, dining room, living room or hallway.

Easy assembly: Installation of the wall lamp is extremely simple, so we should handle the installation yourself (without the help of a specialist).


Troublesome disassembly: If the product needs to be disassembled, it will be necessary to use a drill. We must be careful not to damage the wall.

Rank#2: Philips Mybathroom Fit 34059/11/16

Philips Mybathroom Fit 34059/11/16 is an interesting bathroom wall lamp that uses modern LED technology. Thanks to the plastic diffuser, warm white LED light diffuses beautifully in the bathroom. The chrome effect also provides a stunning effect. The whole looks stylish and modern.

The possibility of vertical and horizontal installation gives more room for maneuver when arranging the bathroom interior. The model is made of metal and plastic. Both materials are resistant to external factors, including moisture, which is a common problem in the bathroom.

The dimensions of the lamp are 6.3 cm high, 48.3 cm long and 6.7 cm wide. This model has three light sources. The maximum power of an exchangeable, one light source is 2.5 W. Such bulbs are included in the set. The maximum lifetime of the light source is 15,000 hours.

The special surface that protects the lamp from splashing water has been appreciated by many consumers. In addition, they note that this model is distinguished by a simple, modern design that will work in any bathroom.

Wall lamp Philips Mybathroom Fit 34059/11/16 has the dimensions: length – 48.3 cm and height – 6.3 cm. This model is equipped with a built-in LED lamp.



Fully waterproof: Since it is IP44 rated, we don’t have to worry about it breaking due to accidental splashing with water. The model is also well protected against damp bathroom atmosphere and dust.

Energy efficiency: Due to the fact that the wall lamp has an LED lamp included, it is energy efficient. Even if the product shines for a long time every day, it certainly will not significantly increase electricity bills.

Vertical and horizontal installation : The model can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position, depending on individual needs.

Fits any bathroom: The wall lamp is made of plastic and has a chrome finish. This makes it suitable for any bathroom, regardless of the decor.



Too weak light: According to some people, the light emitted by the LED lamp is too dim, which makes it difficult to make makeup in front of the bathroom mirror, for example.

Rank#3: Nowodvorski Mississippi I CHROME L 3978

The third proposal in our statement is the Mississippi I CHROME L 3978 model from Nowodvorski Lighting (formerly Technolux), which has been operating on the Polish market since 1994. It guarantees a high standard of products, interesting lamp designs and full customer-oriented professionalism.

The lamp we present is an interesting, affordable proposition for every bathroom. Due to the design, it is ideal as lighting for bathroom mirrors. The wall lamp has one T5 light source with a maximum power of 21 W. The dimensions of the lamp are: width – 90.5 cm and depth – 11 cm.

The product is made of steel, glass and plastic. All materials are of the highest quality and are resistant to moisture. Due to the color – chrome – sconce will fit into a variety of interiors. This is a high quality proposal that has very good user reviews.

First of all, they note that this product is solid, and the simple, modern design makes it complement the interior design.

Nowodvorski Mississippi I CHROME L 3978 is a model with T5 21 W fluorescent lamp included in the set. The product has the dimensions: width – 90.5 cm and depth – 11 cm.



Great for illuminating the mirror: The wall lamp is wide, so you can mount it without any problems above the large mirror. The product generates bright light that illuminates the face well, which allows for quick and precise make-up or various skin care treatments.

Stylish design: The material of the model is glass and chrome. Thanks to this combination, the wall lamp looks stylish and serves as an additional ornament in the bathroom. The product can be placed in a clearly visible place.

Protection of the bulb against moisture: The glass, transparent tube perfectly protects the fluorescent lamp mounted inside against moisture, as well as against dust settling on it. This model is IP43 rated.



Hardly natural light: Although the T5 fluorescent lamp emits very bright light, but some people think that it is not natural and can affect faster eye strain.

Rank#4: Markslojd Stella 234744-450712


The fourth position in the ranking is taken by a good and cheap bathroom wall lamp from Markslojd – model Stella 234744-450712. This is a proposal from a modern series of wall lamps made of metal. This product is available in two colors – stainless steel or chrome.

In addition, the lamp has a white, matte lampshade that makes the device fit into various interiors. Although the wall lamp is designed for bathrooms, it also looks beautiful in other rooms. This model has one light source – E14 bulb with a maximum power of 40 W. The dimensions of this product are height – 21 cm and width – 6 cm.

Because it is a relatively small model, it takes up little space and can be installed even in a small bathroom. This lamp is distinguished by high quality. This is also confirmed by positive reviews about the bathroom wall lamps of this Swedish manufacturer.

He focuses on modern, strong and durable solutions. At the same time, it tries to offer its customers products at low prices. This model is very popular and is often the lamp of choice in lighting stores.

The Markslojd Stella 234744-450712 product includes a 40 W E14 light bulb included. This good bathroom wall lamp up to PLN 100 has the dimensions: width – 6 cm, height – 21 cm and depth – 10 cm.



Quick washing of the lampshade: The lampshade of the model is made of glass, so it can be easily washed when dust settles on it. This operation will not take us much time.

Moisture resistance: Considering that it is a product in IP44 protection class, it is perfectly adapted for installation in rooms with high humidity.

Practicality: The model is great for use at home as well as in public buildings. Wall lamp can be adapted to any interior, regardless of the decor.



For simple design: Consumers who like original-looking, modern furniture and accessories say that the design of the sconce is not very impressive.

Difficult assembly: Mounting the model can be difficult, especially when we have no experience installing such products on the walls.

Rank#5: Rabalux Grando 6545

Our ranking closes the retro-style model – Rabalux Grando 6545. The high-quality material from which the wall lamp is made (metal and glass) is resistant to damage. In addition, it is relatively easy to care for and water resistant.

Thanks to the universal combination of colors, it suits various interiors and does not determine them at the same time. The unique form of the sconce fitting makes it have a timeless character. In addition, it works perfectly as a single lamp or part of a great installation.

This lamp has space for one light source. The light source is an E14 threaded bulb with a maximum power of 40 W. The total height is 12.5 cm, width 11 cm, and standing away from the wall – 18 cm. However, it is possible to use energy-saving or LED bulbs to get more powerful lighting in the room.

The product has a certificate of compliance and is covered by a warranty. Interesting design has gained the recognition of many users.

Wall lamp Rabalux Grando 6545 is designed for use with an E14 bulb, its maximum power should not exceed 40 W. The dimensions of the model are: height – 12.5 cm, width – 11 cm and depth – 18 cm.



Refers to the retro style: The product can be successfully installed in the bathroom, which decor refers to the retro style. The wall lamp has an original looking lampshade, some of its construction elements are made of brass.

The possibility of using an LED lamp: The model gives us the option of using an LED lamp instead of a regular fluorescent lamp. In this way, we can slightly reduce electricity consumption, and at the same time better care for the environment.



No light bulb included: The wall lamp is sold without the light bulb included, which means that we have to choose it separately. If we forget about it, we will not be able to use the product immediately after installation.

Poor moisture protection: This model is IP20 rated, so it may not be sufficiently well protected against moisture.

Which bathroom wall lamp should I buy?

Shopping guide

Wall lamps are a good idea for additional lighting in the bathroom. They will be very helpful when applying precise make-up or shaving. On the other hand, not very sharp light from the wall lamp can make your bath longer. You can not forget that such a sconce can be a very fashionable decoration of the room. There are many products of this type on the market, with different shapes and functions. Purchasing can turn out to be quite difficult, which is why we have created a guide on which bathroom wall sconce to choose .


Bathroom wall lights are usually made of metal and glass. They are easy to clean and, unlike other materials, also resistant to moisture. We will also find quite practical plastic sconces. When choosing a material, be guided by your needs as well as interior aesthetics. Also remember about issues related to the care of the sconce, if the material will be susceptible to dirt and at the same time difficult to clean, we will quickly regret such a purchase.

With LED lamp or bulb – which wall lamp is the best?

The LED bulbs certainly speak for their durability. Thanks to LED bulbs, our eyes do not tire quickly and it is pleasant for them. Another option is energy-saving light bulbs, which will not make our bills increase significantly. We also have a choice of modern compact fluorescent lamps that have almost the same power as LED lamps.

In addition, they are designed to save as much electricity as possible. The last suggestion are halogen bulbs, which are resistant to blackout the glass, and therefore will shine all the time with the same power. Before buying, it is worth checking what thread the sconce we are interested in and which bulbs can be used in it. Remember also about their power. If the wall lamp is to be just a decoration, you do not need intense lighting, but if it is to help you make makeup, you need to pay special attention to it.


We can mount the sconce in several ways. In the bathroom, this device usually appears directly at the mirror. This means that we get an additional portion of light that will help us in care activities, such as painting or shaving and flossing of teeth. If we have a vertical mirror in the bathroom, it is best to install two sconces on both sides. This will be the best option, because in this position the light falls evenly from each side, focusing on the center of the mirror. The second option is the longitudinal wall lamp, which we mount when we have a horizontal mirror.

It’s best to choose a device with 4 to 6 light sources. Thanks to this, it will not be eye-catching, but it will be enough to notice small details on our face. A wall lamp can also illuminate the bathing zone. No other lamps may be installed there, as there is a risk of electric shock. Wall lamp will therefore be the perfect choice. Mounting the wall lamp is not difficult, so we can easily do it ourselves. Of course, you need to be well prepared before doing so.


The light in the wall lamp should not be too sharp when it will be hard for us to relax in the bathroom. The sharp light in the bathroom is particularly unpleasant at night, when we sleepy we go to arrange your needs. On the other hand, the dim light in turn makes the morning toilet impossible. The optimal choice is from about 15 W to 20 W. As for the color of light, it’s best to choose white. There are also sconces with dimmers installed on the market. So we can freely choose the power of light depending on our needs.

We must also pay attention to the luminaire in which the wall lamp is equipped. The first type is transparent. It will make the light coming from the lamp diffused. It will be great as a light during a relaxing bath. The second type of binding is opaque. It is perfect for spotlights that will help us in activities such as shaving.


As for bathroom sconces, we can find quite a number of different shapes. However, we have less choice here than when buying lamps for the living room or hall. Their shape is usually oval, square or oblong. Bathroom wall lights usually have a raw and aesthetic appearance. We usually find them in silver or white, which blends well with many bathroom decors.


It is worth choosing a wall lamp that has IP44 protection. This will ensure that water will not damage the newly purchased product. If we want to place a wall lamp in the vicinity of a shower enclosure, it is worth choosing a device with a little more protection – IP65 class. However, if the wall lamp is located far from the sink and bathtub, we can easily choose a product without the said protection or with low protection type IP23.

Bathroom wall lights at good prices

Bathroom sconces can be found on the market for about 100 DOLLARS. The most expensive models can cost up to  1,000 DOLLARS . The price depends on what material the product is made of. Its style is important. It is worth thinking immediately about a set of two wall lamps, because very often they cost less than individual pieces.

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