8 Best Sonic Toothbrush Uk Reviews

Are you wondering which best sonic toothbrush among those available on the market can meet your expectations? We recommend you a ranking in which we describe effective equipment. You will find there a good model for yourself and your children. A suitable proposition for adults is the philips sonicare diamondclean hx9352 / 04 device , which has 5 modes to choose from. These are: clean, white, gum care, polish and sensitive. The brush automatically turns off after 2 minutes, and every 30 seconds informs you to proceed to brushing the next tooth zone. Brushbaby babysonic pro is one of the more commonly recommended models for children . Two cleaning tips included, one for younger and one for slightly older kids.

Comparison table

Philips sonicare diamondclean hx9352 / 04


  • The device has 5 modes of operation to choose from, including gum massage and teeth whitening. During brushing, the model every 30 seconds informs you of the need to move to the next tooth zone, and after 2 minutes it automatically turns off.
  • People who have used a regular brush until now do not like the fact that the equipment does not indicate too much pressure on the tooth tip.
  • The model is powered by a lithium-ion battery that, when charged, provides up to 3 weeks of operation. The diamond-shaped bristle tip guarantees gentle but effective brushing. The device has an easystart function that allows you to gradually get used to the way it works.


Brushbaby babysonic pro


  • The brush has a small head, therefore it is suitable for children. Two tips are included – one for toddlers up to 18 months old and the other for those between 18 and 36 months old.
  • Parents say the device has a poorly stable base. Children often have a problem with putting the brush safely down so that it does not fall over.
  • The equipment does not generate a lot of noise during work, so children should not be afraid of it. Thanks to the 2-minute timer, the children know when they can put the brush away. Every 30 seconds there is a signal indicating that you should proceed to brushing the next part of the dental arch. The equipment effectively removes accumulated plaque.


Xiaomi mi global

  • The device is battery powered and after charging the battery we can brush our teeth for up to 18 days. There are three different modes to choose from, so the way the brush works can be adapted to individual needs.
  • The disadvantage of the equipment is that it does not signal the need to move to the next quarter of the dental arch. For this reason, it is difficult to control whether we brush the teeth properly, even using the smartphone application.
  • The brush generates up to 31,000 vibrations per minute. The head bristles are soft, so you should not be afraid of gum irritation. Interestingly, the tip has 6 sensors that detect brushing gestures. To charge the battery, simply place the equipment on the dock.

The best sonic brushes in 2019

For people who are still wondering what equipment to choose, we have prepared a ranking of sonic brushes to compare products. Based on consumer reviews, we have created a set of products worth recommending, which are worth a closer look.

Our recommendations 8 best sonic brushes

Rank# 1: Philips sonicare diamondclean hx9352 / 04

The philips sonicare diamondclean hx9352 / 04 sonic toothbrush is characterized by exceptional durability and a unique style. A product from a reputable manufacturer removes up to 100% more plaque compared to a regular manual brush.

The model was appreciated by buyers who decided to opt out of manual tooth cleaning. The philips electric sonic brush thoroughly cleans gum lines to improve oral health in just two weeks. In addition, after a week of use, we can see that the teeth are much whiter.

For people looking for a gentle way to clean their teeth, the sensitive mode has been specially designed to gently remove dirt. The set includes a glass and travel case. Both items serve as a charging station. According to user reviews, the device works on the go.

Rank# 2: Brushbaby babysonic pro

The delicate sonic brush for children brushbaby babysonic pro was designed with the youngest in mind. Ideally suited for children up to 3 years old. Equipped with a two-minute timer, it makes cleaning teeth easier, because we know when to stop brushing.

Soft head bristles allow you to gently clean the first mollusks, which will later give way to beautiful and shiny teeth. Importantly, the gentle vibrations of the brush will not scare the child. Buying a best sonic toothbrush for a child is a great way to form a habit from a young age to regularly take care of cleanliness in the mouth.

The model has a comfortable handle that allows you to easily and precisely clean your teeth. The set comes with two tips. One is for toddlers aged 0-18 months, and the other for children aged 18-36 months. Opinions about sonic brushes for children are positive, which is why it is worth choosing such a model.

Rank# 3: Xiaomi mi global

The xiaomi mi global sonic brush guarantees a beautiful and healthy smile. Operating the brush is intuitive, and thanks to the included application we can control how regularly and how often we brush our teeth. Six sensors located in the head control the proper oral hygiene.

A good sonic brush has an efficient vibrating motor that will last for a few years without any failure. The model generates 31000 vibrations per minute. Positive test of sonic brushes of this brand caused that many people decided to buy it and are satisfied with their choice.

Importantly, the head was made without using metal. This means that it is safe for teeth and also environmentally friendly. The bristles are extremely soft and gentle to the enamel, it does not damage the gum surface. 

Rank# 4: Oral-B pulsonic slim 1000

The oral-b pulsonic slim 1000 brush, battery powered, is a solution for people who value comfort and practical solutions. Positive feedback testifies to the fact that more and more people are choosing it and are satisfied with the results it allows to get.

This oral Bsonic toothbrush has won the trust of consumers who have been using this brand’s products for years. The slim shape means that the device fits well in your hand. The built-in engine generates 27,000 vibrations per minute, and the technology used gently removes discoloration caused when drinking coffee or tea.

The oral b sonic toothbrush can work in two modes: daily cleaning and allowing for gentle cleaning of teeth and gums.

Rank# 5: Seysso carbon basic

The seysso carbon basic sonic brush is a good choice for those looking for a high quality product at a reasonable price. The model has been equipped with the dct system, i.e. Dynamic cleaning technology. This technology is based on the production of high frequency vibrations that set in dynamic motion the liquid penetrating interdental spaces.

The electric brush has a built-in timer that helps you determine how much time you should spend brushing your teeth. The device can work in three modes, depending on the needs: clean, soft and massage. The first is responsible for thorough cleaning of teeth and gums, the second was designed for children over 4 years of age, the third mode effectively and gently massages the gums.

The accessory is highly trouble-free, it is undeniably a purchase for years, because it is made of good quality materials. Consumers who have decided to choose this product are very satisfied because, as they note, it is easy to handle.

Rank# 6: Aeg ezs 5664

The aeg ezs 5664 is an affordable device that has been fitted with a rounded tynex dupont fiber head. It is extremely durable and delicate for enamel. The aeg ezs 5664 sonic toothbrush has wireless induction charging, which allows you to quickly charge the battery.

The equipment is equipped with five level adjustments: on, cleaning, sensitive, massage and off. The soft-touch switch and the built-in timer allow you to precisely determine the time to brush your teeth needed to maintain normal oral health.

The device has been equipped with a deep discharge protection function and a waterproof case. Model users are satisfied with the quality of the materials used, and above all the durability of the brush.

Rank# 7: Sg-508 archer

Lucznik sg-508 sonic electric toothbrush is a product appreciated by consumers. Lucznik models have enjoyed a good reputation among consumers for years. They are considered solid, and above all attractive prices, which further encourages purchase. The brush head has been designed to gently clean and whiten teeth. The model is equipped with a special program that effectively removes tartar. The device performs 34,000 movements per minute.

The material used for the production of bristles allows you to remove the coating on teeth after eating. Thanks to that the teeth are clean and the enamel is intact. The device has three modes of operation: whitening, normal and for sensitive teeth. The built-in massage function allows you to gently massage the gums, which are often exposed to damage while eating or brushing.

A good and cheap sonic brush comes with a charging base and replaceable tips that should be discarded after three months of use. Customers who have chosen this product are satisfied with its quality of workmanship and efficiency.

Rank# 8: Panasonic ew-1031-s845

The panasonic ew-1031-s845 sonic brush has gained a lot of positive consumer feedback, which confirms that special tips are able to whiten teeth. The device performs 26,000 movements per minute, which makes it possible to effectively and gently remove discoloration caused by drinking hot drinks such as tea or coffee.

The best sonic toothbrush has been equipped with a charging alarm and a control lamp that allows you to check the device’s charge level. The set includes a brush compartment in the charger and replaceable tips.

A fully charged battery gives you the possibility of continuous operation for about 40 minutes, so you can take the brush on a trip, without having to take the charging station with you. The product was appreciated for its simplicity and materials used for production.

What Best sonic brush should I buy?

Shopping guide

Brushing your teeth every day is the key to enjoying a healthy and pretty smile. However, which brush should you choose to effectively remove plaque and prevent tooth decay? An interesting alternative to traditional and electric rotary models are sonic devices that emit vibrations and sound waves that set the bristles in motion. Find out what is most important when choosing a sonic toothbrush.


Sometimes you hear that rotary or sonic toothbrushes are only suitable for adolescents and adults. Dentists argue that this type of equipment can also be used by children with milk teeth. The devices for the youngest family members are smaller and more delicate, you don’t have to worry about being inadvertently hurt yourself. This means that each household member can replace the brush with a sonic one, because they will certainly find a model tailored to their needs. Considering the intended use, many brands offer special travel equipment. They have slightly smaller dimensions, as a result of which they do not take up much space in the travel bag.

Vibration frequency

The frequency with which vibrations are generated affects the efficiency of the equipment, and thus the effectiveness of removing accumulated plaque. The brush for people who want to remove discoloration from coffee or tea generates vibrations with a frequency of about 60,000 per minute. Models with up to 30,000 vibrations per minute work well with sensitive gums and teeth. The best sonic brush is above all tailored to individual needs. The operation of the equipment must not be too weak or too intense.

Modes of operation

Some sonic brushes have only one mode of operation, while others have several to choose from. Sometimes it is better to invest in equipment that allows you to change the frequency of vibrations to make it better suited to our needs. Several modes of operation means that all household members can use one device, while putting on their tip.

The modes that the best sonic toothbrush can be equipped with are:

This is the main, default working mode;

Gum massage – it is useful for people who have problems with bleeding, sensitive gums. By gentle massage you can improve their blood supply, and this often prevents the development of periodontitis;

Gentle – gentle brushing should be set especially during the first days of using a new brush. Thanks to it we get used to the way the equipment works. This is also the right mode for people wearing braces;

Whitening – as provided by brush manufacturers, the tooth whitening mode allows effective removal of discoloration and changing the shade of enamel, without the need to visit the dentist.

Battery life

Like rotary brushes, these sonic brushes are battery powered. The battery capacity depends on how often we have to connect the device to the charger. Normally it is one, maximum two weeks, assuming that we brush our teeth twice a day for about 2 minutes. This means that we can take the brush with us on a journey and nothing will happen if we forget about the charger (if the battery was fully charged before leaving).


Often, when brushing your teeth, we don’t focus on how long it lasts. So there may be doubts whether we spent enough time brushing. A timer can be a great help. It often makes it easier to decide which best sonic toothbrush to choose. By measuring time we gain confidence that we do not brush our teeth too short. Sometimes an audible alarm is emitted not after 2 minutes, but every 30 seconds, which signals the need to move the vibrating head to another part of the dental arch. We recommend devices equipped with a timer especially for children. Thanks to them, children will learn how long it takes to brush their teeth to clean them well.

Convenience of use

The distinguishing feature of a good brush is the ease of use. This is primarily determined by the weight of the equipment. Since it is usually several hundred grams, you do not have to worry about keeping the device in your hand. To be sure what the best sonic toothbrush is, let’s also take a look at the handle. It must be well profiled, otherwise a firm grip will not be possible, and this increases the risk of accidental fall of equipment from the hand.

Additional accessories

The basic accessories that should be included with the brush include a minimum of one tip, as well as a charger. Often, other equally useful items are included, such as a storage case. For people with sensitive gums, orthodontic appliances, implants or bridges, devices with an irrigator are intended. This is a small device that allows you to thoroughly clean the interdental spaces.

Sonic brushes at good prices

Although the sonic toothbrush is a modern device, we do not have to worry that buying it will be a big expense. There are many devices that cost less than pln 100, which applies to models for both children and adults. Usually cheaper brushes have only one mode of operation. If we want to be able to change the frequency of vibrations, we must be prepared for the fact that we will pay over pln 200 for the device.

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